About Us

Alphadrome is a non-profit making (my bank manager confirm this) site dedicated to promoting interest in, sharing and researching vintage robots and space toys from the 1930s to date. Here we store our knowledge of these fascinating space toys. Make yourself comfortable because there is a gigantic amount of information on this site. Robots, space vehicles, space rockets, space tanks, flying saucers, space plastic, spacemen figures, space helmets, rayguns and many more categories are represented here. In addition there's a lively interest in modern space toys: new and reproduction robots, home build and 3D printed items.

The site was established in the early 1990s, in the first days of the World Wide Web. It has moved home a couple of times and has now settled here. We have well over a thousand members, but the main contributors number a few score. You don't have to join to read or download, but you do need to join to post. Please do consider joining: you will be more than welcome.

If you run a site with similar interests, please consider linking to us and we will reciprocate. Use the contact form to get in touch.

Brian Hayes