Tin Robots and Space Toys
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ASTRONAUT SCREAMING MISSILE PISTOL - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDYellow plastic space gun with red plastic barrel housing and muzzle tip. Shoots a large red grenade-headed dart. The missile makes a whistling noise when fired. The gun has a traditional cowboy appearance but is transformed with a red ringed breech unit and a ribbed plastic barrel tip. Also seen in black with red trim.08/06/12 at 07:24BH: xxx
SECRET WEAPON SPACE SCOUT - HORIKAWA - JAPANA small (nine inch) brown tinplate battery operated robot with guns behind a small hinged chest plate. This is a thinly altered version of the first Mr Zerox. An astronaut head and a new box are the only changes. Based on the Engine Robot body.

See also Silver Ray Secret Weapon Space Scout. It appears in several 1966 catalogs, including the Frankonia Toy Catalog and the Simpsons-Sears catalog.
BATMAN - LUSIA - ARGENTINAAn eccentric and rarely seen tin wind up Batman figure from Argentina. Felt hood and cape. Lusia made Batman and Superman figures in the late 1960s. There is a lever on the feet that switches from forward to backward movement (ratchets in the feet are allowed to move forward or backward). The wheels in the feet are cast iron.

Lusia used a variety of Schuco pressing from the 1930s to the 1960s, though there is no Scuhco equivalent of this figure. 16cm
11/19/10 at 04:56Guest_Musttafa: Must be one of the many backyard workshop from Arg...
SUPER SPACE EXPLORER - HK STAR - HONG KONGTin battery operated robot with TV screen in chest. Reissue of the silver Horikawa Space Explorer battery op astronaut with TV screen. Spaghetti antenna or sometimes a large yellow paddle antenna. Box art depicts 5 children looking at robot.

Two versions of the robot are shown here. The top silver and blue versions have a tin chest with the slightly rounded screen.

The bottom black version is predominantly plastic with sharp angles on the screen. All use the same box, though the later black one has a safety warning. Television robot.
11/06/10 at 00:12Guest_Carl: Looking for the Black color version, had as a kid....
ZOGG ROBOT - IDEAL 1972Zogg Plastic battery op droid/Zeroid style robot. Forward and backward action.11/02/10 at 11:41Guest_errobotman: Zogg
ROTATING LUNAR SPACEMAN - MEGO JAPANBlack plastic battery operated robot with astronaut head. Cheap rotate-o-matic style with opening doors, rotating body, noise and light. Dated 1970 on the box.11/02/10 at 11:40Guest_errobotman: previous caption Should be Rotating L...
ATOM ROBOT - YOSHIYA 1964 - JAPANTin wind up/inertia crank action skirted robot. Bump and go mystery action. Loose swinging arms. There are two distinct body variations, one with a silver color and one is silver blue. In addition the are two eye colors: red eye and yellow eye. There is possibly also a green eye.
An example has been found with what looks like a possible sound clicker mechanism inside, but no working version has yet been established. The first sighting is in Western Auto Christmas Catalog for 1964.
09/02/10 at 16:42Guest_Paul Astbury: There is one working version of the Atom Robot wit...
DR WHO'S ANTI-DALEK FLUID NEUTRALISER GUNSIlver hard plastic space gun. Plastic copy of the Space Outlaw gun but with the telescopic sight removed. Unusual trigger design. Carded water pistol. 1965 BBC08/19/10 at 11:15Guest_Paul Astbury: A blue plastic version is also found in a plastic ...
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