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Flying Space Saucer - AOSHIN - JAPAN847 viewsBlue lithographed tin battery operaterd flying saucer. Circa 1950's. Advances with mystery action and a blinking light on the robot gunner's head. Beautiful litho saucer with planets and rockets. Large spring loaded gun on top with independent firing buttons. Shoots two wooden missiles with soft rubber tips. ASC
SPACE STATION, BLUE VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPAN405 viewsTin battery op space station. Advances with bump and go mystery action as lights blink, gears move, radar dish turns and a space sound is emitted. Each of the compartments is a detailed room. Red and grey plastic antennas have been seen.

Earliest sighting 1965 Pathe film. The later New Space Station dates to 1969.
X-07 SPACE SURVEILLANT - MASUDAYA - JAPAN335 viewsTeardrop shaped tin battery op saucer with non fall action and flashing lights. In this case the front of the spaceship is the pointed end, unlike the sister X-09 vehicle. This toy has a non-fall action: it senses the edge of a table and turns away.

Two box versions: the older on the right with the tin astronaut pilot head, the newer on the left with a pilot with a vinyl head.

The same toy was sold as the rarer CRAGSTAN SATELLITE OUTER SPACE SURVEY SHIP X-07 with just a change to the wording SURVEILLANT on the front.

Red tinplate flying saucer. The saucer has a central dome with a slightly oriental looking tin astronaut pilot. Behind the astronaut is a spark window crescent shaped section. At the back are two metal exhaust pipes. The saucer has a stop and go action with space noise and flashing lights. It then stops and smoke emerges from the rear jets. Twin angled antennas tipped with plastic. This is similar to FLYING SAUCER WITH SPACE PILOT but lacking the spring antenna. KO

Two box versions are known, one has the Jet Smoke wording and Cragstan logo, the other has this feature crossed out and does not have the Cragstan logo. The smoke version appears in the 1962 Cragstan Industries catalog.
ASTRO 8 FLYING SAUCER - HAJI / MARUBISHI - JAPAN317 viewsRed tin friction flying saucer. Astronaut under a shallow clear plastic dome. Single rear fin. A spinning disk produces sparks in a series of windows around the edge. The saucer and box have been seen with Haji and Marubishi logos. The concensus is that Haji were the manufacturers and Marubishi were the importer/distributor. 7.5" 19cm diameter. See also the Flying 8 Saucer.

Two versions of the saucer are known: one has a blue vinyl pilot head on tin body and shoulders; the other has a red tin pilot head. A close look at the tin head indicates that there are slight color/litho variations to be found.
KING FLYING SAUCER - YOSHIYA - JAPAN301 viewsBrightly lithographed tinplate and plastic battery operated saucer. There is an amber plastic central dome which lights up. Marked Space Patrol X-081. Rotates with bump and go combined with a "floating" action: the whole ship tilts. Flashing lights. Unusually the saucer has no astronaut pilot.

The saucer is featured in 1971-72 Victory Merchandise toy catalog, the earliest sighting to date.
SPACE ROBOT X-103 - ATC - JAPAN297 viewsA small tin friction flying saucer. Central robot pilot with large gun. The robot driver is the same as the driver of the Mercedes for Asahi (ATC). There is no maker's mark on the saucer, just "Made in Japan". The action is unique among saucers: it rolls forward as the outer edge of saucer spins.
BILLY'S FLYING SAUCER, Z-112 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN282 viewsTin friction saucer with astronaut astride. Circular ridged saucer with extension at the rear and two blue tin fins. Ribbed upper surfaces. The spark window has disappeared. Billy is a neat idea, an astronaut riding a saucer surfboard style. He dramatically alters the scale of the saucer, though the saucer retains the litho control detailing of other versions. Early style rear extension of the body. Z-101 style

Billy also appeared on a rocket. I'm not aware that a Z-112 saucer without Billy on the back was released; he's usually missing.
Z-101 FLYING SAUCER - MAKER? - ENGLAND282 viewsEarly tin friction saucer with spark window. Circular ridged saucer with early style extension at rear. In virtually all respects this is identical to the Masudaya Z-101. The only difference is that version does not have the pair of fins, nor are there signs of slots to accommodate them. The saucer is marked Made in England on the base. Possiby Wells Brimtoy or Mettoy.

The hole is intended for the spark action. Since the flint arm protrudes through the hole it is unlikely that there was a red gel cover on it. The open spark window is common on English toys.

A similar pressing with the clearly related lithographic details was used by the French SFA company. - W-902 Terre Mars, though a spark aperture has not been cut. Box?
NEW FLYING SAUCER WITH SPACE PILOT - YOSHIYA - JAPAN281 viewsA development of the earlier Flying Saucer with Space Pilot. This red tinplate battery operated flying saucer has a tin astronaut under a central plastic dome. There is a crescent shaped red spark grill behind the dome. The saucer has a bump and go action with space noise and flashing red and blue lights. The astronaut's hand moves.

The saucer has a distinctive large rear fin with a NASA logo. There are small metal antennas on either side of the dome and a small plastic rotating propeller style antenna at the front. A row of holes and a pattern of hatched litho lines around the base of the dome add to the distinctive appearance of this saucer.

KO. The New Flying Saucer by Yoshiya appears briefly in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, a low budget kid-fi movie released in 1964.
APOLLO SPACE PATROL - ALPS - JAPAN281 views"With satellite ship". Plastic battery op saucer. Bump and go action with a ring of square orange and green flashing "neon" lights. The satellite ship is the separate winged structure on top of the structure. Marked X-7 on decals either side of the dome.
FLYING SAUCER WITH SPACE PILOT - YOSHIYA - JAPAN277 viewsTin battery op saucer with bump and go action with space noise and flashing lights. The box art depicts a blue space background with a cratered moon at the bottom right. The distintive feature of this saucer is the large revolving spiral spring. Twin angled wire antennas tipped with plastic. Cragstan logo. Appeared in the 1960 Sears Christmas catalog:

"Flying Saucer. With its antenna revolving, motors screeching, saucer runs forward until it hits obstacle - then reverses. Pilot moves. 7 1/2 inch diameter. Steel. From Japan. Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.
49 N 4223 - Order 2 "D" batteries at left.......$2.79"
GE-279 ROCKET - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANY274 viewsTin friction rocket saucer. W Germany Original name. "Fliegende Untertasse" (german for : Flying Saucer)
by Technofix company / Germany

Catalog Number 279 listed in an original catalog in 1955 but is not listed in 1959. Slightly different litho designs shown.
SPACE GIANT FLYING SAUCER - MASUDAYA - JAPAN265 viewsLarge tin battery op three fin saucer. Super Sonic. Wording variation in Masudaya 1963 catalog. Non Stop action. The same pressing as the SPACE SHIP 1 - MASUDAYA
FLYING SAUCER Z-106 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN261 viewsTin friction saucer with litho details of pilot and passenger. Two side fins and a raised front wheel. MT. Carries a Cragstan logo on the underside. The fins are positioned far closer to the edges than most other saucers.

This saucer has the same pressing as the V100 Space Patrol with Suctorial Missile. This has been dated to 1954 when it was advertised in the Australian Courier Mail newspaper dated 8th December 1954.
FLYING SAUCER WITH SPACE PATROL X-326 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN261 viewsAn early tin friction flying saucer with spinner prop disk. This is a circular saucer with the ridged effect and headlight details. The saucer has an offset cockpit with litho depicting the crew. There are two tail fins. Marked X-306. Saturn surrounded by stars logo. The spinner is launched by pushing the vehicle forward. Z-101 style.

The saucer was advertised in the Courier News in October 1958.

NON FALL SPACE PATROL WITH FLOATING SATELLITE X-16 - MASUDAYA FOR AMICO - JAPAN258 viewsOne of Masudaya's large bowl shaped flying saucers. Metallic blue-green tin lithographed battery op saucer with non-fall action. Circular flat colored lights are spaced around the dome. Floating styrofoam ball and flashing lights. See also the X-17 which is a bump and go variation of this saucer in essentially the same box. The wide cup is an addition that must have helped to improved the performance of the ball blowing. Cams underneath the toy detect the edges of surfaces and prevent it from going over the edge.
SOUCOUPE A REACTION TERRE MARS W-902 - SFA PARIS - FRANCE251 viewsTimeline: First sighted in the 1954 French trade magazine Ge-Ce.. Lithographed Tin. Marked "SFA France" Soucoupe a Reaction, Paris France.

Circular ridged flying saucer with the early style rear extension of the body that serves as a control room with litho window detailing. Two rear tin fins. French flying saucer. This is a copy of the Z-101 by MT. In the 1950s France imposed restrictions on the import of foreign toys, allowing the home producers the opportunity to avoid competition. They obviously decided to use the existing Japanese design. This saucer comes in a version with spoked wheel litho detailing.

A possible manufacturer is Joustra. Slightly larger than the MT Z-101, the Terra Mars is often assumed to be a friction saucer but is a push along toy with no inner mechanism. The Terre Mars has simple thin yellow fins each with 2 tabs. Probably also found on another toy because of the hole in the left fin which has no function, the tab holes are there in the saucer for attaching the thicker fins which have 6 tabs. Slight litho variations are known: look at the detailing on the fins of the two versions shown here
FLYING SAUCER Z-101 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN249 viewsProbably one of the earliest MT saucers. It certainly has the features that seem to develop in the later toys. It's an early friction saucer with sparking action. There's a hole in the top for the sparking mechanism. The Z-101 molds appear to have been used for French and English versions of the saucer and for Japanese versions such as the X-326 an Z-112. Circular ridged saucer with the early style rear extension of the body. This extension is a control room but its windows have been removed to show the spark action. Two rear tin fins.

Two versions of this toy have been identified: light blue and dark blue. The upper and lower shells on the light blue version (lower right) are crimped together with a lipped edge around the circumference of the saucer. The top shell of the dark blue version overlaps the bottom shell and are held together with tabs.

X-80 PLANET EXPLORER - MASUDAYA - JAPAN248 viewsSilver and blue lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. Blue triangular shapes surround the central white plastic dome. Large litho detailing of astronauts space walking on the top. Bump and go mystery action with noise and lighted color dome. Marked X-80 Planet Explorer. The first sighting of the X-80 is in an unidentified wholesale catalog for 1961.
Z-26 CRAGSTAN FRICTION FLYING SAUCER WITH ASTRONAUT - YOSHIYA - JAPAN240 viewsTin lithographed friction crank action flying saucer. A boxy tin pilot pilot sits under a clear plastic dome. The pilot has Z-26 printed on his chest and this is also printed on the edge.

The Z-26 saucer is based on the X-15 pressing but with two rear tailfins and a rectangular slightly domed red plastic spark window behind the dome.

The box has an illustration of the Yoshiya X-15 saucer with simply the writing changed to Z-26. In this case the saucer now has the correct number of fins, two, shown on the box. xadded

Produced in silver-grey and a rarer light blue version, both with central a red section moving to a point at the front. The light blue has been seen with red and blue fins.

The box carries the Cragstan distributor's logo. It appears in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog, along with the X-15 Space Commander Ship.
CRAGSTAN MYSTERY ACTION SATELLITE - MASUDAYA - JAPAN240 viewsThis is one of Masudaya's large bowl shaped flying saucers. "With astronaut in orbit." Predominantly green lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. There is a ring of domed flashing colored lights around the saucer's skirt. Bump and go action and flashing lights. Pictures of the crew are projected onto a large white plastic screen. Floating styrofoam astronaut in cup. The coil on the top holds the astronaut when at rest.

This is one of Masudaya's large bowl shaped flying saucers. "With astronaut in orbit." Predominantly green lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. There is a ring of domed flashing colored lights around the saucer's skirt. Bump and go action and flashing lights. Pictures of the crew are projected onto a large white plastic screen. Floating card astronaut in a styrofoam cup. The coil on the top holds the astronaut when at rest.

This is very similar to the green Satellite X-107. This version has the wording SATELLITE on the front saucer and has litho windows with green backgrounds. The X-107 version has SATELLITE X-107 wording and windows with red backgrounds.

The X-107 version appears in the Sears catalog for 1962, so this would be a similar date.
X-7 Space Explorer Ship - Masudaya - JAPAN237 viewsX7 lithographed tin battery operated saucer MT. Pilot under a clear domed canopy. A series of six circular colored lights surround the canopy.
Bump and go action with flashing lights. There are at least five variations of the pilot.

The current first sighting is a newspaper ad in December 1963.
CRAGSTAN FLYING SAUCER, BATTERY OPERATED SAUCER - NGS - JAPAN237 viewsHere are the two box versions of this flying saucer by a little known company, NGS. Red and silver tinplate battery operated flying saucer. Bump and go action with noise and a white plastic dome illuminated with a pattern of stars.

The saucer has an opening door that lifts to reveal a plastic astronaut. White and blue color variations of the plastic astronaut exist. The design is based on Nomura saucers. The angled wire antennas with plastic tips are the style used on Yoshiya saucers.

The saucer pressing is similar to the T28 Gigantor Saucer.

The two versions of this toy are:
Battery Operated Space Ship
Cragstan Flying Saucer
Since the toy has the wording Space Ship it is likely that this is the earlier version. On sale in November 1963

UFO X05 FLYING SAUCER - MASUDAYA - JAPAN235 viewsLight blue tinplate battery operated flying saucer. The litho comprises a blue background with many small stars and red detailing around the central dome. The dome is molded into the body and is capped with a clear plastic top. A gold astronaut with a Gort style visor sits inside. A ring of colored lights surrounds the dome but they are rectangular rather than circular. Circa 1970. Bump and go action with sound and flashing lights. MT UFOX05
FORBIDDEN PLANET SPACE SHIP - CHILDS AND SMITH - ENGLAND233 viewsFlying saucer toy. Only known licensed toy from the original film. Donut saucer orbits around a central column. Came with plastic casualty in stretcher. England.

Made by Childs & Smith of Warwickshire. This little known Company trading under the "Nulli Secundus" logo produced a helicopter that flies around on a central pole. The flying saucer is a simple adaptation of the helicopter. The flying saucer itself is an anodised gold doughnut with a propeller fitted inside. It sits on the end of a long tubular arm which in turn pivots on a central pole. The operating circle has a diameter of about eight feet and the height and direction of the torus can be fine tuned, allowing for delicate manoeuvres.

The flying saucer comes complete with a little plastic figure on a stretcher. A hook can be added to the saucer, and the patient can be rescued.
X-1 SPACESHIP - MAKER? - JAPAN233 viewsAn early lithographed blue and orange tin friction flying saucer. Oval in shape with a pointed front. 9cm This small saucer is a simple half pressing with wheels set in to the open base. Two rear fins are set into the back. Crude litho windows and engine details. Marked X-1. Box? It is hard to categorise this saucer-rocket shape
SPACE COMMANDER SPACE STATION - NOMURA - JAPAN233 viewsLight blue lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. Bump and go action with rotating cockpit and flashing lights. A red plastic dome is mounted on the top.

This is effectively the Planet Y Space Station with an octagonal transparent plastic structure and red dome replacing the central portion. The box is is a very striking variation of the Planet Y artwork. The a similar beautiful space station seen from the cockpit of an approaching spaceship.

This design was alos used for the Nyarome flying saucer.
Planet Y dates to 1968.
SPACE COMMANDER SHIP X-15 - YOSHIYA - JAPAN232 viewsGreen tin friction flying saucer. Crank operated saucer advances with mystery action and spark. X15 KO Green tin pilot under a clear plastic dome.

This saucer has a single lfin though the box art shows a saucer with two fins.

It first appeared in the Yoshiya catalog for 1965 where it was described as a "Power friction flying saucer with sparks" 14cm. A newspaper ad dates this to Sept 1963.

There are two known versions: green/red and red/white.
There are two box versions (shown). The more common box is the one depicting the green saucer on a space background, though this box was used for both versions of the saucer. The red version box carries a Cragstan logo.

The same basic pressing was used for the Z-26 saucer.
SPACE PATROL SAUCER Versions - TT - JAPAN231 viewsName: Space Patrol, Space Patrol 9, Mechanical Wind Up Space Cruiser
Maker: T.T (Takatoku Gangu Co., Ltd)
Timeline: No solid dates yet
Materials: Lithographed tin with plastic dome
Actions: Wind up bump 'n go and wind up walking action

One of the most popular names for space toys is Space Patrol - nearly every Japanese toy manufacturer made some sort of Space Patrol or Space Explorer back in the 50's and 60's. In fact the only flying saucers ever made by T.T. of Japan were called Walking Wind Up Space Patrol and Wind Up Space Patrol 9. They also did a color variation of the Space Patrol 9 for the toy importer F.E White from New York called Mechanical Wind Up Space Cruiser. They all have their own box design and vary slightly from each other.

The Walking Space Patrol has a very simple yet clever mechanism that allows it to walk on four legs. It really must be seen to be fully understood but a simple crank shaft protruding from the bottom drives an s shaped linkage transferring an elliptical rotation to the legs which creates a walking action. Great play value. The walking Space Patrol comes in all red with white, silver and black details including the great floating astronaut litho that all three variations share.

The Wind Up Space Patrol 9 is the exact same pressing, litho and color scheme as the Walking Space Patrol but with a bump 'n go action (listed as mystery action on the box). The Space Patrol 9 box is the best of the three with a couple of nice planetscapes and faithful renditions of the actual astronaut pilot found at the helm of the toy. The Bump 'n go mechanism on this toy is extremely efficient so just a few winds of the key sends the saucer running around the table top for such a long time that it seems more like a battery op than a wind up.

The third variation is the Mechanical Wind Up Space Cruiser, basically a name change and color variation done for the New York importers F.E White. This toy is the same pressing and litho detail as the other two and the same bump 'n go action as the Space Patrol 9 but the predominant color has been changed to silver for the top half of the toy. This was a common practice back in those days, manufacturers would slightly alter the design of a toy they were already producing to accommodate an importer who wanted a toy they could market as their "exclusive". The managers at T.T had the foresight to depict both the all red and the red/silver variations on the Space cruiser cellophane window style box so that either color scheme could be sold in that box. Not to confuse matters further, but I think it is entirely possible that both variations of the bump 'n go saucer (the all red and the red/silver) were sold in the Space Patrol 9 box as well as the Space Cruiser box. (Fineas J. Whoopie)
FLYING SAUCER 8 - HAJI - JAPAN230 viewsTin friction saucer with sparks. Two pilot heads under a shallow clear plastic dome. Bump and go action with sparks. Single tail fin. See also the Astro 8 saucer by Marubishi/Haji. 7.5" 19cm diameter.

First sighted in 1967, though saucer was still on sale in the 1971 Haji catalog.
VX-1000 FLYING SAUCER - MAKER? - WEST GERMANY222 viewsA most unusual German flying saucer from a so-far unidentified maker. Tin flying saucer with wind up action. Red yellow and blue color scheme. Lithographed alien pilot detailing in the windows that stretch right around the saucer. There is a distinctive large red fin running from the center well beyond the back of the saucer. 13 cm (5") long and 10 cm (4") wide.

This toy has a unique movement: the wind up-mechanism is wound by turning the whole section with the wheels. The saucer moves in a "Cycloid curve" on the floor, which creates special "outer space" feeling.

Marked Made in Western Germany Box? Maker?
CRAGSTAN SATELLITE OUTER SPACE SURVEY SHIP X-07 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN221 viewsMasudaya design. Teardrop shaped tin battery op saucer with non fall action and flashing lights. In this case the front of the spaceship is the pointed end, unlike the sister X-09 vehicle. This toy has a non-fall action: it senses the edge of a table and turns away. There is also a predominantly yellow version.

The same toy was sold as the more common X-07 Space Surveillant with just a change to the wording SURVEY on the front.
UFO NOAH - PRINCE - JAPAN220 viewsAn unusual flying saucer with a cylindrical center. Details?
NEW FLYING SAUCER - GREECE219 viewsPlastic battery op saucer with crude pilots. Bump and go action. Greek. The box is the same (I believe) as the Hong Kong version of this saucer.
SPACE EXPLORER SHIP X-3 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN218 viewsA large lithographed tinplate and plastic flying saucer, 10 inch diameter, 2 inches wider than the usual Masudaya design. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing lights. Two astronauts under a clear plastic central dome. Ring of colored lights. The more usual blue lithovatiation shown here does not have the yellow band shown on the box art. Date?.

Below is the rarer yellow litho variation shoown on the box art.
Space Explorer Ship X-8 - Masudaya - JAPAN214 viewsA lager 10 inch flying saucer. X-8 tin battery op saucer MT. Bump and go action with flashing lights. The X-8 Space Explorer Ship was sighted in a 1968 Masudaya Catalog (as seen in the Broutin catalog re-print book) where a vinyl headed pilot is shown and the toy is indicated to be "new" to that year's catalog.

The box has X-8 but the saucer has X8 (no hyphen)

Masudaya Catalog #3678
SPACE SHIP X-7 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN214 viewsA pink and yellow tin and plastic battery operated saucer with a blue base. Vinyl astronaut under a clear dome. Coloured lights positioned around the dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights. English and Japanese box versions.
L-101 FLYING SAUCER - LTI? - INDIA213 viewsA variation of the Yoshiya tin X-15 flying saucer with friction crank action drive. Green tin pilot with L-101 on chest under a clear plastic dome. Bump and go action. The saucer is marginally smaller than the X-15 and there are other minor differences. Copies seen have hand painted L-101 on the pilot. This version was issued in India. The lower photo shows a modern reproduction based on the L-101. The same pilot appears in the Indian LTI Sparking Tank, so this may be by the same maker. Asia
Ucan Daire Flying Saucer - Ne-Kur - Turkey211 viewsProbably 1970's and certainly available well into the 1980s, but no solid date as yet. Lithographed tin with plastic dome and spark window. Friction flywheel with sparks U.D-012

The Turkish toy company NE-KUR made some decent space toys in the 1970's, mostly knock offs of Japanese toys from the 1960's. The Ucan Daire or UD 012 flying saucer is based on the Nomura X-505 friction saucer. The wings are different as is the spark window but there is no mistaking that cockpit layout and Asian faced pilot. The body pressing is the same as the X-505 but slightly "thicker" or "inflated" almost as if the X-505 could fit snugly inside the UD-012. The blue tint plastic dome is much more substantial than the Nomura saucers. The wheels are a bit larger than the X-505. Nekur ne Kur

The white variation (below) shares the same box .
FLYING SAUCER X-3000 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN210 viewsSilver tinplate friction flying saucer saucer with two pilots. The saucer has a clear plastic central dome containing four unusual wheel structures. The silver grey saucer has red and yellow details. There is an old style extension of the saucer body at the back which serves as a control room complete with litho window detailing. There is a tail wheel below. Two red tail fins. Marked X-3000 - Flying Saucer on the top surface. On sale in December 1958.

Better box? See also the Space Pilots version of this saucer. xadded
SATELLITE X-107 - BROWN VERSION - MASUDAYA - JAPAN210 viewsThis is one of Masudaya's large bowl shaped flying saucers "With astronaut in orbit." Predominantly red-brown lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. There is a ring of domed flashing colored lights around the saucer's skirt. Bump and go action and flashing lights. Pictures of the crew are projected onto a large white plastic screen. Bump and go action and flashing lights. Floating card astronaut in a styrofoam cup. The coil on the top holds the astronaut when at rest.

The box is the same blue style as one of the two versions used for the green X-107, though the saucer pictured has the correct brown-red color.

Is there a Cragstan version of the brown X-107 saucer?
Appears in the Sears catalog for 1962
X-505 FLYING SAUCER WITH SPARK - NOMURA - JAPAN208 viewsTimeline: 1962 Materials: Lithographed tin with plastic dome and spark windows Action: Friction flywheel with sparks TN

A combination of pilot under central dome, the rear spark windows, the two "headlights" and set of tail fins are classic design elements taken up by other Japanese companies in the early and mid sixties. Timeline dated to a 1962 toy fair catalog. Nomura saucers seem to have rather thin fragile domes compared to those made by other toy companies and they do crack easily. The astronaut at the helm has an arguably oriental look to him. The Martian Flying Saucer with Sparks (aka Red Man From Space) shares the same body pressing and there were a couple of knock-offs made by the toy company Ne-Kur in the 1970's. An Indian version is also known.
FLYING SAUCER 7 - MARUBISHI - JAPAN208 viewsTinplate friction saucer with a large red single rear fin. Tin pilot under a shallow clear plastic dome. The saucer has copious litho details of fire and smoke coming out of the "exhaust pipes". Marked Flying 7 Saucer and MAR UBISHI (with space). With Space Noise. 7.5" 19cm diameter.
SPACE PATROL 2019 SAUCER - YONEZAWA - JAPAN208 viewsToy is tin litho/hard plastic with 8" diameter and height of 6". 1960s by Yonezawa, Japan. Saucer is detailed and marked "Space Patrol 2019." A pair of plastic missiles are attached either side of the dome and under plastic canopy is spaceman with vinyl head. Works with bump and go action, blinking light, rotating rear prop and "space noise." Rear propeller inside a red or yellow fan cowling version. See also the Moon Patrol 11.

This version appears in a 1969 in a Lewis Galoob Toy Catalog
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