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ATOMIC RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN128 viewsLarge silver tin lithographed battery op space machine gun. Large blue lighted muzzle. Cylindrical rotating structure with lights on the top. Battery operated flashing colored lights and sound. TN
Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray Gun - Norton-Honer - USA125 viewsBased on the success of the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun, Norton-Honer released an upgraded SUPER version: a much larger flared barrel and a redesigned rear that replaces the telescopic sight. The plastic battery operated flashlight gun has three changeable lenses, makes buzzing sound. 7-1/2" Later guns had single non color lens. The main color is black with color accents. The gun was also made in all green. Supersonic. The gun was on sale in 1955.
BUCK ROGERS U-235 ATOMIC PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USA116 viewsThis is the fifth and last Buck Rogers space gun produced by Daisy in 1945. The name Atomic on the box and stamped into the sides and reflects the popular fascination with the new science. Uranium 235 was widely discussed in 1945. The gun was on sale in late 1946. The gun is 10.5" and was available in either a silver colored steel or a black finish steel. Yellow and black box.

The new feature of this gun was its ability to repeatedly make a loud pop and produce a spark simply by pulling the trigger. No cocking of the gun was necessary.

Function: Pop gun action with spark effect.

A patent for this version was filed as early as 1935 and published in 1937.
Pat No. 2077763. Inventor: Charles F Lefever
BUCK ROGER XZ-38 DISINTEGRATOR PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USA107 viewsThis is the third of the Daisy Buck Rogers space guns, produced in pressed steel with either a copper or a nickel finish. For the first time we see the appearance of the space styling that was to become a standard feature of most space guns. The Art Deco styling is enhanced with the flared nozzle, cooling fins, molded handle and the raised spark window. 9-3/4". The gun combines a pop gun action with sparks.

The gun was sold in stores but was also available as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939.

DR WHO'S ANTI-DALEK FLUID NEUTRALISER GUN107 viewsSIlver hard plastic space gun. Plastic copy of the Space Outlaw gun but with the telescopic sight removed. Unusual trigger design. Carded water pistol. 1965 BBC
888 CAP PISTOL RAY GUN - DIA - JAPAN107 viewsSmall blue and red tinplate space gun. The gun has a raised green revolver chamber molding on each side and has molded and lithographed detailing of a rocket on a background of stars and Saturn. Marked 888 on the sides. 3ins 7.5cm

This is probably by the DIA or Diamond company of Japan 1950s. It is the same pressing as the DIA plain cap gun. 3" embossed cap pistol. Cap firing action. Early Japan 1950s
Box? Packaging?
ZOOKA POP PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USA104 viewsThis brightly colored 7" litho steel space gun is based on the pre-war XZ-35 "Wilma" Buck Rogers design. Pop gun action shoots corks. The gun is loaded by cocking the hinged handle. Box? 1952

This gun's design is a copy of the Pyro Space Control gun. It is a blue diecast metal cap firing gun and measures 6 ¾” long (17cm). It was most likely made in 1953 either for the Australian version of the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Radio show or for the comic as some form of premium. It has a self feeding mechanism to feed the caps through each time the trigger is pulled. The only identifying mark on it is the brand name – Brentoy – which is written on the rings of Saturn underneath the word Cadet. Box? Packaging?
SPACE-OUTLAW ATOMIC PISTOL - BCM - ENGLAND99 viewsChrome plated diecast metal cap firing gun. Classic styling. The sight lifts to access the cap chamber. Dome shaped red plastic spark windows on either side. Cosmetic moving dial. The barrel recoils when the trigger is pulled. Originally issued in 1950s and the subject of many reissues. "Space Outlaw" is molded into the side.

The first version of this gun (top) has a nickel colored finish and a red front sight, the later one (middle) has a bright chrome finish and a chrome front sight. There is also a black version (bottom).

Currently the earliest sighting is in a BCM catalog for 1955. The gun appears in the Ealing film "The Long Arm" in 1956.

X-1 FLASHY-RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN96 viewsLarge metallic blue lithographed tin battery operated space machine gun. This is a realistic looking machine gun which has no distinctive space character other than the name and box artwork. Wood effect stock. Flashing lights and sound. S_No 611
Atomic Jet Water Gun - Fethalight - Australia95 viewsThis gun's design is from the Rocket Jet gun made by the US Plastic Co. It was available as a premium for those who raised 30 shillings for the ULVA charity in South Australia (see page 120 in the Blast off book for an example of the flyer). This charity drive was called “The Rocky Starr Christmas Cheer club” and was associated with the radio show “The Adventures of Rocky Starr”. The name of the show may also be the reason this gun was chosen as a premium as a version of it was produced in the U.S. for the “Captain Starr of Space” radio program and in both shows the main character was Rocky Starr even though the storylines are different. The identifying marks on it are on the rear fin with one side showing the name AtomicJet and on the other is the brand name Fethalite and a catalogue number of 67. The newspaper article is from August 1953. Box? Packaging?

ASTRORAY GUN - MAKER? - KOREA95 viewsMfg. for Coast Orient Trading Corp.-Los Angeles
Made in Korea. Comes in triangular box with space scene. A copy of the Shudo version. Advertised in 1970.

9-1/2" tin litho and plastic

Function friction cranking sound with spark.
COSMIC-RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN93 views16" blue tin lithographed space machine gun. Battery operated with noise and rotating flashing light in the clear plastic panel near the muzzle. XXX

Mfg. by TN trademark-Japan 1960s

FLASH GORDON SIGNAL PISTOL - MARX - USA91 viewsAll steel- color decal- green with red trim-gray with red trim-makes whistling siren noise and sparks. Made in three colors: green, red, and greyish-purple.

Also made in a patriotic version not Flash Gordon-Air Raid decal-blue with red trim

A patent was granted in 1935. Pat No. 94312. Inventor Louis Marx. The gun was widely on sale in 1935.


DAN DARE ATOMIC JET GUN - DCMT - ENGLAND91 viewsThere are two versions of this space water gun, both sharing the same box.

First Version (top)
Red diecast metal space water gun. The gun is a re-packaged ATOMIC JET GUN by DCMT which in turn is a reworking of the original Hiller design. The simple addition of a Dan Dare decal to the top is the only change. Dan Dare was depicted using this version of the gun in the Eagle Comic.

Second Version (bottom)
This is a substantial redesign using hard plastic components. Large DAN DARE wording printed on the top. There is a black rubber plug at the back of the reservoir.
The Atomic Jet wording is still present on the sides of the gun. The barrel position has been moved lower and is now part of the trigger. The gun's trigger has been redesigned: it is now yellow plastic and has an additional rod to improve the robustness of the action.

The gun was first announced in the Eagle comic in August 1952. DCMT also traded as Crescent Toys.
HWN GUN - HWN - WEST GERMANY87 viewsBrand: HWN Heinrich Wimmer of Nurnberg

10 inch lithographed space clicker gun. This raygun is based on the Louis Marx's FLASH GORDON ARRESTING RAY and FLASH GORDON RADIO REPEATER. It has the same clicking action and was obviously designed to appeal to both the space and cowboy markets with lightening bolts and sparking stars for the space crowd as well as a cowboy and his six shooter on the grip for those of a more western inclination. Western crossover.
ASTRO ZAPPER - KUSAN - USA86 viewsA large 11-1/2" bazooka like plastic space gun. The gun is cocked and fires light plastic ball. Came with 3 plastic balls
Available in black and white versions. The earliest version is currently dated to 1974 and later releases date as late as 1980.

Some versions have Star Wars look-alike graphics.

ALIENS/ALIEN LIQUIDATOR GUN - PARK PLASTICS - TAIWAN85 viewsPlastic water pistol. 7 1/2" 19cm Candy colored plastic gun based on the Space Outlaw design with a much shortened barrel. The dome on the side where the spark window was on the original has a stepped effect like the Moondodger gun. Park's, Made in Taiwan and Singapore

Item No 139 in the 1979 Park Plastics catalog.
ATOMIC POW'R POP GUN - GLENN - AUSTRALIA82 viewsMfr: Glenn - Australia
Size: 8 inches
Year: 1951
Material: Plastic & Brass
Function: Pop Gun

Color Variations: Red w/Blue Grip & Yellow Muzzel, Red w/Yellow Grip & Green Muzzel, Yellow w/Red Grip & Blue Muzzel, Black w/ Light Blue Grip & Muzzel. Whistle in the handle.

SPACE PILOT JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - HONG KONG81 viewsLong plastic space gun, a cross between a gun and a rifle. The gun has a pistol grip, a magazine clip and a long perforated barrel.

The versions shown here are made in Hong Kong 1970s, based on a original design, the Space Pilot Jet Ray Gun, by KO Yoshiya Taiyo.

15-1/2" gold plastic
made in other colors

Function - clicking machine gun sound with spark window
BUCK ROGERS U-238 ATOMIC PISTOL AND HOLSTER SET - DAISY MFG - USA81 viewsMfg. by Daisy 1946. A combination of a gold version of the U-235 space gun, leather holster and belt. Sold in a red and black box. This was a mail-away boxed set for Christmas 1946. 10" long gold colored steel

BUCK ROGER LIQUID HELIUM PISTOL XZ-44 (RED/YELLOW VERSION) - DAISY - USA80 viewsThis is the fourth of Daisy's Buck Rogers space guns. Produced in 1936 this 7-1/4" red and yellow lithographed steel gun is a delightfully extravagant piece.

The bulbous pressed metal gun has a vibrant yellow and red color scheme with lightning bolts. Water gun action with an internal leather bladder "25 shot repeater". The gun carries a small picture of Buck Rogers along with plenty of copyright information to ward of competitors.

The gun was also produced in a copper finish.

XZ44 cedd,cmee
ASTRORAY FLASHLIGHT TARGET GUN - OHIO ART - USA78 viewsThis is the original version of a space gun that ingeniously combined a flashlight with a dart shooting action. The bulky 10" red plastic gun has a large white lens cover and a white tail fin. The flashlight is the large top structure and the darts are fired from the lower tube. Includes metal target with 2 shooting surfaces

Pressing the trigger lights the flashight target and fires a dart.

Produced in a number of other versions, including the Japanese Lightan range. Newspaper ads date this to November 1966.
BUCK ROGERS RUBBER BAND GUN - J F DILLE - USA78 viewsThe second of the Buck Rogers paper space guns, John F. Dille Co. -1940. Offered a sales promotion for Onward School Supplies.

The 4-1/2" multi-colored paper gun card comes with with two cut out targets. Function - Punch out gun. Assemble and pull trigger to release rubber band
ATOMIC BALL GUN - M&L - USA77 viewsPlastic revolver. 9" A horse is molded into the grip, a detail that indicates its conversion from a cowboy themed original. Fires hard plastic balls when the gun is cocked with the lever on the underside of the barrel. Blue box with space graphics.
Known colors: red, yellow

Western, cowboy crossover.

Also sold as the Space Rocket Gun, a grey gun with space graphics that fires rockets.
Mfg. by M&L Toy Co., NJ - 1951 (Morris & Louis) On sale December 1952.

ATOM-BUSTER - WEBB ELECTRIC CO - USA76 viewsTubby green plastic space gun with plunger at rear that creates a blast of air. Mfr: Webb Electronic Company - USA Size: 10 inches "Mystery Gun. Invisible Blast"

Year: 1950's A patent for this Vortex Gun was filed in 1957 and issued in 1959. Patent no. 2879759

Material: Plastic

Function: Air Gun

Color Variations: Green, Yellow, Red. The box for all three is identical save for a printed indication of the color on the lid. The gun comes with a paper target comprising a picture of an atomic mushroom cloud. The target can be perched loosely and will react to the blast of air.

air blaster
SUPER ATOMIC GUN - NEW ZEALAND 195275 viewsName: Super Atomic

Manufacturer: Unknown possibly Lincoln Toys

Brand: none

Country: New Zealand

Description: This gun is a paper buster and is a copy of a Langson paper buster.

There are no indications on the gun as to where it was made or by whom. However, it has only showed up for sale on New Zealand sites so is most likely from there. A New Zealand toy collector suggested it might have been made by Lincoln toys as they were involved in making pressed steel guns. As to age it was probably made in the 1950s but no exact date exists. One thing to note is that this gun is missing the tube on the front that gives the gun a "barrel" - see top left image for reconstructed look - this part of the gun would be easy to lose as it is just a tube of steel with two small tabs holding it to the slide.
There is now a dating for this raygun. It turns up in a newspaper ad dated 17th Dec 1952
REX MARS PLANET PATROL RIFLE X-92 - MARX - USA74 viewsAt 20 inches long the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun is a fair size as rifles/machine guns go. The piece consists of a sheet of brightly lithographed tin, rolled into a semi-tube shape, and attached to a plastic butt and barrel assembly. This gun has been recycled excessively throughout the 1950's, it was used with slight litho changes for the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Gun, and the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun as well as an earlier G-Man type machine gun. Versions exist with various combinations of red, blue and yellow plastic components.

The plastic is held in place with a fragile set of pins that extend through the tin and are melted into rivets, these are almost always broken off. The barrel is a clockwork sparkler housed in a plastic casing, the key is frequently missing, while the cheap plastic, is temperature sensitive and the end of the barrel is most often badly warped into a sad droopy affair. The generating coils on top of the gun, a futuristic touch, rust easily and will crush into the gun if dropped. X-92.
RAKETAPISZTOLY SPACE GUN - MAKER? - HUNGARY73 viewsThis is another variation of the Yoshiya Space Jet pressing. Bulbous shaped light blue tin space gun with litho detailing of floating spacemen. Ribbed clear plastic barrel containing a moving "lipstick" core. Friction action with spark. 9.5" 24c Mfg. In Hungary 1970s Rocket Pistol Gun.

9-1/2" tin litho-

Function-cranking sound with moving red plastic insert. Rocket Pistol
SUPER ATOMATIC - PADJON - AUSTRALIA71 viewsName: Super Atomatic

Manufacturer: Padjon Manufacturing Company, NSW

Brand: Padjon 1953

Country: Australia

Description: This gun is a paper buster and is a copy of the LMCo Super Numatic (Langson Manufacturing Company, Chicago Illinois). Padjon is not a toy company (in fact in the 1953 Sydney telephone directory they are listed as an Engineering works company). They appear to have made a number of toys though (see ad on the right of picture which is from 1957) and may have done so as a sideline to supplement income. Usually we call these ray guns or space guns because of the way they look, though they were rarely marketed as such but this one has a name which uses the “ATOM” appellation so it possibly was marketed as a space gun in Australia.
This one we also have an earlier date. a newspaper ad dated 10th Dec 1953. Box? Packaging?
BUCK ROGERS ROCKET PISTOL - COCOMALT - USA70 viewsThis is the first of the paper Buck Rogers guns. Made for Cocomalt promotion-1934. There are no markings indicating Buck Rogers but at the time there was no risk of confusion.

9-1/2" cardboard. Came in mail away set with helmet

TWIN JET GUN - RANGER STEEL PRODUCTS - USA70 viewsThis is a hard plastic space gun based on the Ranger Cosmic Ray Gun. There are two yellow fins on the top that lift to give access to the flints: hence the "twin jet" name. Yellow trigger. Clear red plastic barrel nozzle and a second spark window in the middle. The letter R is molded into the handle. Friction sparking action from two locations. Replaceable flints. Size: 10" 25cm

The elaborate spacey design is a complex mixture of components. Two color versions are known: red with yellow components and vice versa.

The gun appears as the Twin Ray Jet Gun in a Goodrich catalog for 1953.

SPACE WATER GUN - B W MOLDED PLASTICS - USA69 viewsSmall angular wedge shaped transparent plastic space water pistol. On sale 1953 on. B. W. Molded Plastics of Pasadena CA. Space molded on the side with three rocketships and Saturn, Seen in red, green and yellow versions. Versions exist with and without the front site.

The trade box shown is marked Flex-Ware.
SPACEWAR TARGET SET - FOR ARCO - HONG KONG68 viewsA 6-1/2" blue plastic gun with a telescopic sight. Shoots darts. The gun included a metal double sided target. Also available in silver with a different target

SMOKE RAY RUN PREMIUM - KELLOGS - CANADA68 viewsSmoke Ray Gun. Unknown maufacturer for Kellogs, Canada.

This was a mail away promo for Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the 50's, offered for 25 cents and two box tops. The hard red plastic gun is 6.5 inches long and clicks when you pull the trigger.

The big selling point, as the name suggests, is the smoke effect. The Smoke Ray really doesn't have much of a reservoir.

There is a small cap on the end of the barrel, you turn and remove it to pour in your talcum powder. As you pull the trigger a plunger moves forward to expel a puff of powder.
JUPITER 4 COLOR SIGNAL GUN - REMCO - USA67 viewsPlastic battery operated space gun with light and sound. USA. This is a bulky angular gun with a big trigger guard and two part working telescopic sight. This is called style #600 with a 4 color disc selector. It has a compass (atom changer) instead of the spinning disc. It makes a buzzing noise and works on 2 C batteries.

A compass is fitted in the side. The barrel tip is a rocket-like finned structure. Red and blue versions shown. A reworking of the 1950s Electronic Space Gun. The "atom chamber" circular cutout on the left side holds a working compass.

9" plastic came in red, black, gray, yellow

Function-lights, beeps with changing light discs
NU-MATIC PAPER BUSTER GUN - NU-MATIC - USA67 viewsA 6-3/4" steel paper buster gun. The gun has strong space lines, especially the moldings on the body. The gun has a holder for a paper reel mounted on the end of the barrel. The paper feeds into the punch mechanism in the end of the barrel. The gun makes a sound through paper roll when fired. Mfg. by Langston Co., Chicago, 1936

The gun came in black and red versions.

A patent for this gun was granted in 1936.
Pat no. 102382
Inventor Otto A. Langas
Galaxia Metralleta Espacial - Gonher, Spain67 viewsGalaxy Space Submachine Gun. Made by Gonher of Spain, this gun is big, almost actual size for such a weapon, 22.5 inches long. When you pull the trigger it makes an incredibly loud noise, followed by a bright flash in the barrel. The sound device is simple, a small striker hits a diaphragm not unlike a stereo speaker, making a very effective pop. The light is provided by a simple bulb attached to a 9V battery, hidden under the red fin on the top of the gun. The box is all there, but a bit rough around the edges.
FLASH GORDON WATER PISTOL - MARX - USA66 viewsA plastic space water pistol. Classic space styling with fins and rings on the barrel, dials and streamline shapes on the sides and a small sight on the top. The water pistol does not have Marx on the gun. Flash Gordon Water Pistol is molded on the grip. The box has Marx and King Features Syndicate wording. A patent for the gun was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953.

Pat no. 168909

Louis Marx and Company USA 1950s
Came in rellow, and red, and a red version with gold paint. 7-1/2" 13cm
COSMIC WATER GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONG66 viewsA large 17" plastic water pistol. Has space graphics molded into the sides along with the COSMIC WATER GUN wording. Came in various colors including clear plastic.

Function-Unique water gun with two triggers. The one at the front is a water pistol, the one at the back is a clicker.

Mfg. in Hong Kong in the 1970s. No maker's name on the packaging. Bag with header card.
SUPER NU-MATIC JR PAPER BUSTER GUN - LANGSON MFG - USA66 viewsThe gun is 5.5" long and cast in a heavy metal. It was produced by Langson Mfg, out of Chicago. The first US patent is shown as 13 December 1949, the last one is 9 January 1951 in Canada

Futuristic (well, retro-future) styled pistol, 5 inch. It has everything.

The top fins, the tapering barrel ending in a bulbous emitter, a scalloped grip with rockets and shooting stars on it.

Sold in trad boxes. Advertised on the box as the "deadly...accurate, quick action gun"
ATLAS RUNNING SHOOT GUN - MAKER? - JAPAN64 viewsTransparent plastic water pistol. A small angular gun with Atlas molded into the sided. Details? Maker?
THREE-SHOT ROCKET GUN WITH TARGET - SUPERIOR - USA63 viewsPlastic rocket jet shaped space gun. Shoots three rubber tipped darts simultaneously. The gun requires partial assembly. Sold originally in a set comprising a metal target with a stand plus the gun. 7.5 ins, red plastic. Two versions of the target: Space Target and Super Target are known. First sighted in a Strutco catalog for 1952. Superior is the trading name of T Cohn, the TC logo on the toy. See the later Marx Triple Jet Dart Gun version. A much copied space gun.
MARTIAN TRIPLE SHOT SKY-GUN LAUNCHER - MERCURY PLASTICS - USA63 viewsPlastic satellite-shooting gun. The material is a dense polythene. There is a large plastic winder at the rear. The wording "SKY GUN" is molded on the top fin. This is wound and when the trigger is pulled a spinner is fired. The long nose allows the firing of all the missiles at once.

This is one of two versions of the gun, the difference being the size of the top and side fins. Several colors are known. Sold bagged with headed card. The version on the left has the word Martian in the title; the version on the right is called just Sky-Gun-Launcher. It was advertised in newspapers from October 1950 onwards

The gun was patented in 1951. Pat No. 164398 Inventor Joseph B Barricks.

The original Sky-Gun (without the hump) was produced by Propello Toys of Des Moines, Iowa in 1950.

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