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FLASH GORDON SPACE GUN AND FIGURE SET - MAKER? - ARGENTINA2 viewsLight green plastic space gun. Sold on a header card with three remolds of US space figures. The gun is the Atomico clicker. This is a knock off Flash Gordon carded set. 5" Possibly made by Plastikon.

The clicker gun is a copy of the Pyro Space Control gun and the figures are copies of Premier originals.
MAGIC GUN - W IN CIRCLE - HONG KONG2 viewsBlack plastic space gun with red lens housing and prominent red plastic rocket shaped sight. Battery operated with flashlight and siren. The letter W in a circle is molded in the side. USA? One version has a dial set into the bottom of the handle. No fins on the barrel.

A very similar gun without the sound was released as the PLASTIC TORCH GUN - FLOWER BRAND

Space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray. Without fins. Date?
PYROTOMIC DISINTEGRATOR PISTOL - PYRO - USA2 viewsHard plastic space gun created by the Pyro Plastics Company. The Pyrotomic Pistol has a click action: when the trigger is pulled the barrel, the ramrod and the top fins move in while the gun emits a click.

There are two authenticated versions:
1 the metallic bronze and silver combination
2 so-called candy color version combining red and yellow (or black) plastic. The red version with the black barrel is the original depicted on the box.

Note: other color combinations have been discovered but there remains doubt about the authenticity of these pieces. They show distinct evidence of having come from a sub-standard mold. See here for details:

A patent for the gun was filed in 1952 and published in 1953.
Pat No: 168972
Inventor: Grover C. Schaible
SPACE CONTROL WATER PISTOL - ALPS - JAPAN2 viewsBlue tin lithographed space gun. Early brown box with paper label 1950s. Marked Water Gun on the top. See also the friction version of this space gun.. The design of this gun clearly owes much to the Pyro Plastics Space Control Gun. It's interesting to see that they've not just copied the shape, but the name as well. A clue to the date is the box artwork which includes the Masudaya Z-106 flying saucer from 1954 (inset).
LE SIDERAL SPACE GUN - FRANCE2 viewsSimple plastic space gun shoots spinners. Sold on a blister card. Red and green versions. Also available in a boxed version.

On sale in 1961 Nos Jouets nos Jeux.

See also the Pistola Espacial by Tari.
LASER GUN X-11 - SHUDO - JAPAN2 viewsYellow tin lithographed space gun with clear red plastic barrel. Friction noise and spark action. Box? Crimped construction.
JET GUN WITH SIREN AND SPARK - TAKATOKU - JAPAN2 viewsRed tin lithographed space gun. Jet Gun wording on side. Friction noise and spark action. Bagged with plain header card. Features in a 1960 Takatoku (T.T.) catalog. Crimped construction.
REPEATING CAP PISTOL - HONG KONG2 viewsGeneric blister carded packaging for a variety of cap firing guns from a Hong Kong manufacturer. There's a hint of James Bond with no space connection, but the guns are clearly space themed. Here are two:
SUPERSONIC SPACE SHOOTER - MAKER? - AUSTRALIA2 viewsPlastic battery powered flashlight with click action. Contains color changing filters. Based on the English Pifco Zetaray/ Raydionic mold. Red metallic plastic with the words "Supersonic Space Shooter" molded on the sides. The lens cover is larger than the Zetaray but not as substantial as the Raydionic version. Color variations.

Maker? Box?
CAPTAIN ATOM PROJECTOR PISTOL - MAKER? - AUSTRALIA2 viewsMail-away space gun based on Captain Atom, the comic book that featured the Australian equivalent of Superman in the late 1940s. A metallic blue diecast pistol. The angular pistol shaped gun has a distinctive V design on the grip. Battery powered projector gun with six film strips featuring such Australian-drawn comic characters as Captain Atom, Flynn of the FBI, The Grey Domino and The Lone Wolf. Early 1950s

Sold in a fairly plain blue box. The gun is based on the American Auto-Magic Space Viewer by Stephens.

CRACKER JET SPACE GUN - METTOY - ENGLAND2 viewsAn English version of the Renwal INTERPLANETARY PLANET JET CLICKER WATER GUN. Unlike the American version this is made of metallic green plastic with yellow sight, trigger and nozzle. The toy was sold on a small backing card similar to Renwal's. Pressing the trigger pushes on an internal bladder and squirts water with a click sound. Marked Mettoy Made in England on the round boss above the trigger and Crackerjet on the handle.

Featured in the Mettoy catalog for 1954.
AVARUUS PISTOLI - LASTVAL - FINLAND2 viewsSmall red and blue plastic space gun, shoots green spinners. This version has a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the US Plastic design. The spinners have no outer ring. Finnish
Image: Finntoys
ASTRONAUT SCREAMING MISSILE PISTOL - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLAND2 viewsThis is a large hard plastic space gun with separate plastic barrel housing and muzzle tip. Shoots a large red grenade-headed dart. The missile makes a whistling noise when fired. 10"x 6"

The gun has a traditional revolver appearance but is transformed with a red ringed breech unit and a ribbed plastic barrel tip.

Color combinations: yellow/red, black/red, blue/red. Item no #6621

The grenades are the same as used on the Martian Screaming Missile Gun. See also the Ultra Dart Gun version of this space gun.
DAN DARE AQUA-JET GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLAND2 viewsEnglish copy of the Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun. Made by Lone Star, DCMT. This is a chrome silver plastic water pistol space gun with sight. Dan Dare Aqua Jet molded into the handle.

Lone Star created their own molds based on the Futuristic Products Strato Gun. The three round details on the gun are their own contribution. Featured in trade catalogs for 1954. Introduced in the Eagle 6:27 in July 1955.

Described as a Water Jet Repeater. Also available in other colors: purple
ATOM-MATIC WATER ROCKET GUN - PLAYCRAFT CO - USA2 viewsAn early and simplistic design of space gun from the 1940s. The skeletal gun has a metal reservoir handle, blue plastic barrel, brass trigger. Squirts water. The toy measures approx. 7" The handle, barrel and tip are cast aluminum. The barrel is inside a thin plastic covering, the rings are plastic and the plunger is brass.

On sale in October 1946 (Dothan Eagle December 11, 1946)
A press cutting in 1956 attributed this gun to Henry Hilinski and Steven F Woods of Detroit. The gun, apparently, did not sell well. aluminium

A patent for the gun was granted in August 1946, inventor Edgar Crumb.

ATOMIC-RAY-GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPAN2 viewsLarge metallic blue tin lithographed space machine gun with a wood effect stock. Rings on the barrel with an inset red plastic window. Small flared muzzle. Battery operated. Space graphics on the brown stock. Flashing light and sound action. Notice the hyphens in the title which appear on the box. The box and the stock have naive but entertaining space scenes. Modern Toys.

BILLY BLASTOFF BUBBLE P_OPPER WATER GUN - BANDAI? FOR) ELDON - JAPAN2 viewsPlastic space water pistol with red upper and white lower. Comes with bottle of soap solution. It's an exact replica of little Billy's signature red and gray gun. Made by Eldon in 1968, this gun has a unique selling point: it has a wand on the tip of the barrel to allow you to blow bubbles, then you can shoot them with the water gun. Blister card mounted. Two versions shown.

Probably made by Bandai, Japan.
RUBINA SPACE GUN - RUBINA TOYS INDUSTRIES - INDIA2 viewsColorful red lithographed tin friction space gun with clear green plastic barrel. Noise and spark friction action. The plastic barrel is marked Rubina Gun.

The design is based on the Japanese N in Circle Universe Space Gun, with the lithography altered to suit the Indian taste). It is, however, a different construction using tabs to hold the halves together. The Universe Gun has a crimped construction.

See also the Rekha Gun and Kranti Gun. Asia

Same pressing as the Kranti Gun and Rekha Gun
ROCKET JET WATER GUN - US PLASTIC CO - USA2 viewsSmall plastic space water gun with classic bulbous styling. Large rear fin and a small front fin. It is made of a semi transparent silver gray plastic, opaque until held up to the light. The orange plastic cap is recessed inside the barrel opening. Filler cap on the top. Rocket Jet is molded into the large rear fin. Sold in trade boxes. The earliest sighting is in the March 1952 issue of Toys and Novelties

The original US version has a trigger guard. Mexican examples have no trigger guard.
AUTOMATIC BUBBLE SHOOTING GUN - ARLISS - USA2 viewsLarge plastic bubble blowing space gun. This substantial rounded gun has a sight and three turning cosmetic dials. There is a substantial reservoir at the tip of the barrel that holds the soap solution. When the trigger is pulled a ring picks up the solution and a stream of air blows bubbles. Arliss Co Premier Plastics Division.

Two known color versions:red with yellow attachments and yellow with red attachments.

Currently the earliest sighting is in a Monroe wholesale catalog for 1954.

A patent for the design was filed in 1954 and issued in 1955. Pat no. 2700845
ATOMIC DISINTEGRATOR GUN - HUBLEY - USA2 viewsClassic art deco shape space gun. Die-cast metal with a profusion of dials, gauges and fins. Red plastic panels on a stylish molded handle. Cap firing action. Made in the 1950s, this was Hubley's only space gun.

The gun appears in a Western Auto catalog for 1953,
X-100 MYSTERY SPACE DART GUN - ARLISS - USA2 viewsStubby rounded plastic space gun with dome bulges at the front. Shoots darts. The main selling feature was the fact that the darts have darts that can be filled with talk powder. The dart suckers have perforations: when they strike a target the talk stains the surface. Available in a range of colors: Burgundy and silver shown. 1950s. See also the X-200 set.
3 COLOR SPACE RAY GUN - IDEAL - USA1 viewsPlastic raygun. Nine inches long. The space gun has a very distinctive huge flared front end with lens assembly and three blue plastic prongs at the rear. Battery powered flashlight with three color lens operated by a lever on the lens housing. Comes with display box, instructions/morse code key, bulb and bulb holder inside.

The gun is featured in an Ideal Catalog for 1952.

Colors are combinations of red, blue and black.

PISTOLA ESPACIAL - KCJ - SPAIN1 viewsAn angular yellow plastic pistol style gun that shoots both darts and spinners. This allows the spinner to become a target for the dart. The gun has a barrel pointing upward to facilitate the aiming of the dart. Sold on a card with a basic but interesting graphic. Date? Carded
CAP PISTOL ROCKET GUN F-703 - DAH YANG DY - TAIWAN1 viewsA stylish light blue plastic space gun with a brown handle insert. Cap firing. Bagged with header card. DAH YANG F703
FLYING SAUCER GUN - PW Progresswerk N├╝rnberg - WEST GERMANY1 viewsYellow hard plastic raygun design, shoots spinners. Children and teddy bear box art. This all yellow version of the small plastic spring action space gun has the Parks Planet Patrol Saucer Gun design with ribbed handle, telescopic sight and large trigger.

FOXHOLE TOMMYGUN SPACE GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN1 viewsLarge tin battery operated machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Barrel lights as gun makes a firing noise. Condor/Eagle logo on the side.

GUIDED MISSILES AND LAUNCHER - EMPIRE PLASTICS - USA1 viewsAn unusual space toy that combines a space gun with those cap bomb rockets that kids used to throw. Red plastic raygun with a relatively wide barrel. There are space moldings on the handle. The rockets are loaded with caps then pushed onto a spring in the barrel. Five darts with broad safety heads in the set. USA Date?
INTER PLANET SPACE TARGET1 viewsTarget set with plastic non-space guns shooting darts.
LASER RESCUE TEAM RIFLE - PROCESSED PLASTICS (TIM-MEE) - USA1 viewsA large plastic battery operated plastic space rifle. Chrome telescopic sight. Flashlight action. 18ins. Card mounted. Available in a range of colors. At the heart of this space rifle is the Tim Mee Laser Ray Gun; it has been extended in all directions.

Originally sold as part of the Star Patrol II Space Set in 1980
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - LIONELS - ARGENTINA1 viewsRecent plastic space gun. Friction spark action. Carded. A version of the Space Junior Jet Ray Gun, by KO. Lionel's
LOST IN SPACE SAUCER GUN - AHI - HONG KONG1 viewsPlastic raygun based on the first season "Lost in Space" laser gun The hooped barrel has a chrome plastic insert in the center. Shoots spinners. Produced in blue and black plastic versions. Authorized. Blister carded. 1977
SIGNAL FLASHER LIGHT GUN - FOR MADISON - HONG KONG1 viewsWhite plastic space gun with red telescopic sight, nozzle and panel in handle. Two versions shown, slight differences in the design and wording on the side. Battery flashlight action. Rocky and Bullwinkle merchandise.
SPACE EXPLORER GUN - PALMER PLASTICS - USA1 viewsThis red plastic space gun shoots "explosive darts", sucker tipped dats with a cap bomb head. The futuristic gun has a handle that sweeps into the barrel in a continuous line. There are rings on the barrel and a lightning strike is molded into the sides. Carded with graphics that suggest Flash Gordon. The guns are usually two tone, each side of the gun is in a different color of plastic. Produced in black/white/yellow and red combinations. 5.5 ins

Also shown (right) is the Space Gun packaging variation: the backing card doubles as a cardboard holster.

USA Size: ? Seen in a 1953 Wholesale Novelty catalog.
AUTOMATIC SPACE GUN- ALFA - GREECE1 viewsPistol style light green plastic space gun with long flared barrel. Red plastic spark window. Holes in the barrel. Friction noise and spark action. Boxed and carded versions shown. Date? This is the same molding as Space Jet Ray Gun, by KO Yoshiya Taiyo.
SUPER LIGHTAN DELUXE SPACE GUN - SYR -JAPAN1 viewsA bulky plastic raygun with a yellow lens cap. Battery operated flashlight combined with a dart shooting action. Sold in various colors: blue and green known. Japanese market, box depicts a Japanese superhero figure. Maker possibly Sanyo Raito. See also the larger box version of this gun. Date? Ghost logo.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
ULTRA 7 MAGIC FOAM RAYTHER SPACE GUN - Japan1 viewsBlack plastic raygun with bubble blowing action from Magic Foam reservoir. Header card.
ASTRORAY GUN - SHUDO - JAPAN1 viewsTin lithographed space gun with trasparent red plastic barrel. Friction sparking action and noise. Sold in individual boxes, loose from trade boxes and by various distributors in bags with header card.
RAY-W-GUN - MARUBISHI TY? - JAPAN1 viewsStubby red and yellow lithographed tin raygun. Double barrelled, both barrels are clear green plastic with red inserts. Unusually the barrels are mounted one above the other instead of the usual side by side configuration. This is the same pressing as the W-SPACE GUN by Marubishi, but the logo has the hard to read "TY? Look For Good Toy" logo.

The barrels are the same components used on the Marubishi Astro Mobil. The Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol style.

Friction action with sparking and noise. Japan. A newspaper ad dates this to November 1961.
SIREN STAN - THE SPACEMAN'S GUN - LINCOLN/MEGO - HONG KONG1 viewsBlue and white (also red and white) plastic flashlight raygun with siren. Two box versions shown: the plain window box and the space scene. Blue and red versions. See also the Pistola Spacial Luminosa Spanish version. This is a variation of the Tomy Siren raygun design.

Siren Stan was made by Mego in Hong Kong for UK release.

The first sighting so far is in a newspaper ad in November 1967 (picture box)
APOLLO RAY GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPAN1 viewsTin litho raygun with transparent red plastic barrel. A tin color spiral wheel is visible through a cutout in each side. Distinctive fan shape of three spark windows. Friction noise and spark action. Japan 1960s. There is an additional Y in a circle logo on the box, identified as Sanko. Same pressing as the Space Ray Gun. TT logo T.T. Features in a 1960s Takatoku catalog.

See also the Space Ray Gun version of this gun.
FLASHY RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN1 viewsLarge blue tinplate space rifle. This is a realistic looking machine gun with an intricate trigger area, pefroated barrel and large telescopic sight. Wood effect stock. There is little to suggest a space gun other than the name and the box art. Battery operated with sound and flashing light. TN

There is also a Moonlight version of this gun (below). It has a Moonlight Man image on the stock and a Daiya logo.

On sale in October 1957.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
LOST IN SPACE WATER GUN - MAKER?1 viewsTransparent plastic space water gun. Distinctive hoops on the body of the gun. Header bag. The original gun, based on the first season laser gun, was produced in the late 1960s as a tie-in to the "Lost in Space" series, but it was never released. This is a 1980s release using the original molds but for copyright reasons the word "Lost" has been removed from the side, leaving just "in Space" on one side. Known colors: blue, red

This is an unauthorised version and the header card makes no reference to the series. 5"
SPACE GUN S-63 - MASUDAYA - JAPAN1 viewsRed transparent plastic space gun with a long telescopic sight. Friction action with spark. Decal with "Space Gun S-63" wording. TM

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
SUPER GUN - TAIYO - JAPAN1 viewsClear plastic friction space gun. Angular, stubby design with three visible colored plastic gears. Red plastic insert in the barrel. Marked Super Gun. 7" Catalog no G-65 Supergun

Featured in the 1970 Daishin catalog.
SPACE PILOT 3-COLOUR SUPER-SONIC GUN - MERIT - ENGLAND1 viewsBlack plastic space gun with flared red plastic lens assembly. Battery operated flashlight with three color lens. The gun has a distinctive green rocket shaped telescopic sight. There are also plastic rocket shaped attachments on either side; these can be in red, yellow or green.

Plastic prongs at the back of the barrel. Two sets of fins on the barrel. The box attributes many spurious functions to various moldings on the toy. The artwork is a classic Dan Dare scene but his name is not used: it may have been produced in anticipation of a deal. The first sighting of the gun is in the Meccano Magazine for January 1954 1954. It was offered as a prize in a 1955 TV Comic, along with a set of Magic Space Glasses.

The gun was still listed in the Merit catalogue for 1977.

English space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray.

Supersonic, color
SPARKLING SIX SHOOTER SHERIFF GUN - CHEIN - USA1 viewsMuliticolored tin lithographed space gun. Despite the cowboy graphics and the sheriff badge on the toy, this is regarded as a space gun. Friction action with spark. Described on the box as "Safe and Sane" 7 1/2" 18cm

Listed in a 1950s Chein catalog as item No 66.

Western crossover.
SPACE PILOT MISSILE GUN - MERIT - ENGLAND1 viewsSilver plastic space gun. Shoots plastic "safety" darts, cocked by pulling plunger from the back. The gun has a working compass on the top. Velocity dial. The gun follows the English habit of having mock dials with elaborate but non functioning settings: one side has a green dial with planet names, the other has a blue dial with number settings. The depiction of a spaceman on the box art is deliberately similar to Dan.Dare and the gun has much in common with the Rocket Dart Gun, including the message carrying darts. English c1954.

Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
SPACE ATOMIC GUN SAG 8 - ENDOH - JAPAN1 viewsSmall red lithographed tin space gun with blue and yellow detailing and SAG 8 wording on the handle. The barrel is clear red plastic in the shape of a rocket. Three fan shape spark windows. Friction action with sparks. Box?
RAYDIONIC RESONATOR BEAM SPACE GUN - MULTUM - ENGLAND1 viewsSilver plastic space gun with large red lens housing. The Multum logo is underneath the words "space gun," and "Made In England" is on the other side. It's a battery-operated flashlight gun with a color-changing mechanism in the forward lens compartment. There's a switch on top: turn it one way and it puts a green lens in front of the bulb, turn it the other way and it turns red - centered, it remains clear. The gun is remarkably similar to the Pifco Zetaray gun, though the lens assembly is much more substantial and rear fin is distinctly longer and more pointed. Box? Packaging?
FLASH X-1 SPACE GUN - SHUDO - JAPAN1 viewsSmall red tin lithographed space gun. 4 spark slot windows by the muzzle. Friction action with spark. Crimped construction. Marked Flash X-1 on the sides. Bagged with header card marked "Friction Toy".
CAPTAIN SCARLET DART GUN - CENTURY 211 viewsWhite plastic dart shooting space gun, using the same mold as the water pistol version of the gun. Blister carded with three flat Mysteron target figures and three darts. Authorised Gerry Anderson.
METRALLETA RAYO SPACIAL DOUBLE BARREL SPACE GUN - SPAIN1 viewsLarge tin lithographed double bareed space gun. Clear plastic barrels with orange plastic cores that move when the trigger is pulled. Friction noise and flashing light action. Also sold in a SPACIAL GUN variation. Based on the Yoshiya DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN.
PISTOLA ATOMICA - MUSA - MEXICO1 viewsMexican version of the Atom Ray Gun by Hiller. Silver metal diecast water pistol with black plastic water cylinder cap and black plastic nozzle tip. Box? Date?
PISTOLA RAYO ATOMICO - NEMROD - SPAIN1 viewsSpanish version of the Atom Ray Gun by Hiller. Silver metal diecast water pistol withmetal water cylinder stopper and nozzle tip. Pistola Rayo Atomico molded on the sides. Marked Nemrod
INTERPLANETARY CLICKER WATER GUN - RENWAL - USA1 viewsThe Planet Jet Gun. Plastic water pistol space gun. The gun contains a rubber bladder. The trigger presses against the bladder to shoot water. Color versions: yellow, red and blue. The cap and trigger should be the same color.

The card on this example has the Renwal Toronto Canada address.

[Recently examples of this gun originating in Mexico have appeared on the market. The authenticity of these has yet to be established. They may have no holes in the cap and the color of the cap and trigger may not match.]

STAR GLOBE WATER PISTOL - JAPAN1 viewsEarly metallic purple tinplate space gun water pistol. There is a lithographed world globe hemiphere built into one side. A variety of designs are pressed into the sides. When the trigger is pulled a jet of water emerges and the globe spins. There is also a black version. Maker? Box? Plated metal.
SPACE PROJECTOR WITH DAN DARE FILM - MERIT - ENGLAND1 viewsBattery powered silver plastic space gun projects a 33 frame Dan Dare film strip. The unusual film strip projector gun. Merit had earlier produced 16mm filmstrips of Dan Dare and other Eagle characters. This was a new way of exploiting their strips. projection projector.

Advertised in the Meccano Magazine November 1953.
PISTOLA ATOMICA - PLASTIKON - ARGENTINA1 viewsPlastic space gun with simple clicker action. This is a copy of the Pyro Space Control Gun though it has differences, such as the much larger muzzle. Marked ATOMICO (not Atomica as the box would suggest) on one side and Industria Argentina on the other. Available in a wide range of colors. See also the Spanish version. 5" (13cm)

This gun was sold in a box originally designed for the Plastikon Revolver Interplanetario. The box, which is slightly smaller in size than the one for Revolver Interplanetario, has a picture of a 20th Century Products Super Site gun without its telescopic sight. Very confusing!
MARTIAN ROCKET LAUNCHER GUN - MERCURY PLASTICS - USA1 viewsThe Martian Guided Whistle Rocket or Bloon Gun. Jet Blast Bloon Gun is molded into the handle of this 9 inch long plastic space gun from the early 1950s. Comes with special attachment that fits to "bloons" (balloons) and allows them to be connected to the gun. They are then inflated by blowing down the back of the barrel and the trigger used to release them. Guns are usually two-color combinations of red, blue and yellow.

There are two versions:
Top: first version with a sight and a stabilizer ring. Sold on a detailed backing card.

Second version (shown) with a sight and stabilizer ring. Sold bagged with a small plainer header card.

Mercury Plastics of Des Moins, Iowa.
The patent was published in 1962
Pat No: 3025634
Invented by J B Barricks.

A version of the gun, Balloon Gun, in single color plastic was released by Lakeside in 1966.
ASTRALE SPACE WATER PISTOL - COMA - ITALY1 viewsPlastic space gun water pistol with impressive retro style detailing including a protractor elevation dial and a deco sunrise design on the handle. A whitle is built into the design. Comes with a cardboard holster. Available in several colors: silver, red. The Astrale is featured in the 1964 Co-Ma catalog as Art 197. 16.5cm

Also produced in transparent colors.

The gun is very similar to the Coma Marziana gun, but the detailing is quite different.

Co.Ma Pistola Spaziale Coma Co-Ma The gun was sold with a cardboard holster decorated with a spaceman and the wording ASTRALE.

ATOMI SADEPISTOOLI SPACE GUN - DEBOREX - FINLAND1 viewsA variation of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol from the Finnish company Deborex. Dark red or mulberry colored plastic space gun with sight. Red dials. Shoots rubber tipped darts. DEBOREX is molded in one side and ATOMI SADEPISTOOLI in the other. There may also be a black version, but colors are hard to establish from photos.

1950s Box?

ASTRO FLEET GUN - PARK PLASTICS CO - USA1 viewsYellow plastic space gun with red muzzle and trigger. Distinctive lines run along the gun's body and the barrel has a more substantial muzzle piece.. Shoots spinners with small plastic domes, each containing an astronaut figure. It calls them "manned space craft".

This gun was later released as the Sky Lab, a more topical name.
SPACE PATROL AUTO-SONIC RIFLE - US PLASTIC CO - USA1 viewsLarge yellow and red plastic space gun rifle. Two handles, fins, red handle at rear. The gun can be pumped and will fire pellets. Very few produced. The gun was used as a prop in several episodes of "Space Patrol". Box..
The gun is mentioned in a newspaper article in March 1953.
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