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SPACE AUTOMATIC PISTOL - EXELO - JAPAN4 viewsSmall black tinplate space pistol with white plastic window at base of barrel. Battery operated noise and flashing lights. 6" tin litho. Marked SPACE on one side, the other has a grille spark window.
SPACE COLT - DAIYA - JAPAN4 viewsSmall blue angular lithographed tin space gun pistol. Spark windows at base of barrel. 6.5" 15cm Marked "Space Colt" on the side. Friction tin and spark action. First sighting is currently the 1967 Daiya catalog.

CLICKER JET GUN SET - REL MF CMPANY - USA4 viewsSmall grey plastic space gun "Clicker Jet Gun". Mounted on card with goggles and whistle.

The 5-1/2" plastic clicker gun has rings on the rear of the barrel and has a distinctly angled handle. It was sold in a set with goggles and in a larger set with goggles and whistle.

Colors: grey and yellow

Made by Rel Manufacturing Corporation of NJ. Believed to date from December 1952, though the advert is vague.

ATOMIC RAY PISTOL - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLAND4 viewsPlastic space gun in bronze or silver-blue and green versions. Shoots a distinctive dart with a forked tail. An elastic band runs top to bottom inside the barrel, just behind the rings - the band actually sticks out of the gun and attaches to small pegs. The dart has that "claw" bit in the rear because it wraps around the rubber band, drawing it back, and then the dart clicks into place. When the trigger is pulled, the dart launches out of the gun. The whole dart actually slides into the barrel -- nothing sticking out, unlike most guns, which leave the front suction cup exposed. English

The gun is decorated with red plastic dials that turn, and other non-working levers. Sold on a brightly decorated backing card, in a bag with an additional header card. The graphics are intentionally similar to Dan.Dare.

A version of the gun in silver with blue control knobs is known. It does not have the Tudor Rose maker's mark. It may be an Australian release. See also the French Le Pistolet Atomic version.
COSMIC RAY GUN NO 249 - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USA3 viewsA red hard plastic raygun. The gun has a futuristic design with a rounded body divided into a number of segments ending with a clear orange cylinder from which a short barrel emerges. Sight on top. Eccentrically shaped handle. 7.5" 19cm long. Pulling the trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. Red and blue versions.

This is the same mold as used for the Clicka Bubble Shooter.

Made by the Ranger Steel Products Corporation. Widely advertised in late 1953.
FLASH GORDON SPACE GUN3 viewsGrey plastic battery operated raygun with light and sound.
LASERTIN - MONTEPLAST - SPAIN3 viewsLarge white plastic battery operated raygun with red telescopic sight. A bulky gun with a large red lens hood. Battery powered three color flashlight with buzzer sound. . Marked LASERTIN and logo M in a diamond. Two box versions shown. Spain Date? 1960s? 26cms There is no "atom chamber" on the left side though the position is marked by a circle containing the Monteplast logo.

This is a version of the Remco Electronic Spacel Gun original. The window box version has identical graphics to the 1965 Captain Buck Flash Buzz Ray Gun.
SPACE KING MACHINE GUN - EXELO - JAPAN3 viewsSilver tin battery operated space gun with light and sound. This gun has a built in magazine clip at the front and a short black barrel. The gun has a wire handle extension. The word PIONEER is printed on the side. Mummy superhero on box. Flashing light and noise. 12" 24cm
The Mummy has a star instead of a crescent in its turban, possibly a ploy to avoid licensing fees.

See also the dark green version of the gun made by PERY.

Based on the G-Man Machine Gun.

COSMIC RAY GUN - RANGER STEEL PRODUCTS - USA3 viewsMulticolored pressed steel space gun with transparent orange plastic barrel, the base of which is visible through a slot in the side of the gun. Marked "Cosmic Ray Gun" Small yellow site. Friction sparking action. 8 1/2 ins. The partially recessed nature of the barrel is reminiscent of some of the early Japan space guns.

The gun is featured in the Monygomery Ward catalog for 1952.
DOUBLE BARREL MONSTER RIFLE - HORIKAWA? - JAPAN3 viewsBattery operated tin lithographed space machine gun with noise and monster viewing screen. Double barrel. Similar to the New Space Rifle.
RAPID FIRE SPACE RIFLE - HORIKAWA - JAPAN3 viewsMetalliv blue double barrel lithographed tin friction space machine gun rifle with firing sound and lighted moving barrels. Wood effect stock. Japan. 23"

Two versions of the rifle are known, one with the magazine clip and one with a wire stand. The litho on these versions differs and the box art is significantly different, the magazine clip version having a dramatic space scene and the other, a very plain box.

Similar to the Horikawa New Space Rifle.

The magazine clip version was on sale in October 1960.

Image Smith House Toys
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TOMMY-RAY SPACE GUN - B&W PLASTICS - USA3 viewsLarge plastic tommy gun with yellow details. The gun has an unusual organic shape with a traditional drum magazine in the middle. The top of the gun has a distinct hump which is pierced by a detachable plastic sight. 22' inches long. Made by B-W Molded Plastics Co. Includes matching plastic space helmet. USA. Red and blue versions.

Widely advertised from November 1953.
ASTRO RAY DALEK GUN - BELL TOY - ENGLAND3 viewsA bulky red plastic space gun with white lens cap and tail fin. Battery operated flashlight space gun also shoots darts. The box art shows an impressive Doctor Who Dalek scene. 1960s

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
LUCKY TOMMY GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPAN3 viewsAn angular silver grey tin lithographed space gun with distinctive clear plastic covered cylinder containing a red light situated below the barrel. Battery operated noise with flashing light action.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET OFFICIAL SPACE PISTOL - MARX - USA3 viewsBrightly lithographed tin retro style clicker space gun. 9.5"" The gun has a picture of Tom Corbett on the handle and Space Cadet is printed on the barrel. Copyright Rockhill Productions. Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater Click Pistol pressin by Marx. 1952, though proof of the date is elusive.
PLANET GUN - MERIT - ENGLAND3 viewsLate picture box issue of the small plastic space gun with spinners. Green and red versions with black plastic spring assemblies. The guns still carry the Planet Gun wording and the Dan Dare wording and logo from the 1950s Dan Dare Planet Gun, long after the license had expired. It is impossible to distinguish between the old and the new guns. This version has a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the US Plastic spinner design.

Still listed in the Merit catalogue for 1977. Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
SPACE PATROL SPARKING GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPAN3 viewsSmall red tin lithographed spacegun "with see thru spark window". Friction noise and spark action. Marked "Jet Gun". Bagged with header card. Features in a 1960 Takatoku catalog (T.T.) as the Sparking Jet Gun.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
SPACE PATROL COSMIC SMOKE GUN (LARGE GREEN VERSION) - US PLASTICS CO FOR RALSTON - USA3 viewsSpace Patrol Smoke Gun. Metallic green plastic. A fine powder is inserted in the gun and gives a smoke effect. This was the second version offered by Ralston in 1953. Note the much longer barrel than the earlier version. 6.5" This was Posted in a plain mailing box.

The gun was also sold in a retail package as the SPACE PATROL CLICKER GUN
ATOMIC SPACE GUN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLAND3 viewsA plastic space gun from Tudor Rose. Gold bronze plastic body with clear red domed front. Friction action with spark. Atomic wording on fin. Has dial decoration on the side. Box?
THUNDERBIRD WATER PISTOL - JR 21 - ROSENTHAL3 viewsRed plastic water pistol space gun with a nominal 100 shots. The gun has a distinctive nozzle that can be aimed independently. A much used design manufactured in Hong Kong for JR Rosenthal. Bagged with header card. Gerry Anderson. An authorised product. Header card features Jonh. Only seen in red.
THUNDERBIRD CAP FIRING PISTOL - JR 21 - ROSENTHAL3 viewsBlue plastic space gun with cap firing action. Using the same pressing as the water pistol. Manufactured in Hong Kong for JR Rosenthal. Bagged with header card. Gerry Anderson. An authorised product. Header card features Scott. Also issued in green plastic.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN - CHINA3 viewsLarge red lithographed tin space gun. Two transparent green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. Marked "RIFLE" on one side and "MARS" on the other. There is a spaceman's head on the stock. This is a variation of the Yoshiya original. The writing on the box looks Chinese.
COSMIC RAYS GUN - SHUDO - JAPAN3 viewsRelatively small lithographed tin space rifle, more the size of a space gun. Spark window in center. Friction noise and spark action. 20cm.

There is also a Korean version of this gun which is identical except for the letter "A" on the stock. It is believed that there must be a link between Shudo and some Korean factory bexcause there are a lot of Shudo space guns produced in Korea with no differences except the logo
SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN - HONG KONG3 viewsA later release of the gold plastic retro shape space gun with missile tipped transparent red barrel. Friction noise and spark action. Gun marked SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN Bagged with header card. Clearly produced for a range of suppliers. This gun has a vertical tail fin. Two oval holes in each side.
SATELLITE LAUNCHER SPACE PISTOL - DAIYA - JAPAN3 viewsBlue tin lithographed space gun. 7.5" Friction action spinner release (rather than the more common spring release). Japan 1960s. Marked Daiya at the back.

BUBBLE GUN - EXELO DAIYA - JAPAN3 viewsBlue lithographed tin space gun. This friction action gun has a plastic reservoir at the front. The plastic wheel dips into this and passes the soap solution in front of the air blowing nozzle to produce bubbles. Comes with a small container of bubble solution.

There are two versions of this gun: the left hand one is by Exelo and has a predominantly blue color scheme; on the right is the Daiya version which has much more red. The Exelo version uses traditional tab construction while the Daiya version is crimped.

Note: the Daiya version marked SPACE is a fake.
STRATO GUN - FUTURISTIC PRODUCTS CO - USA3 viewsDie-cast metal space gun by Futuristic Products Co. 1953. 9" 22cm long. This sleek cap firing space gun opens to accept roll of caps. The wording Strato Gun is molded on the sides of the handle. Cooling fins on the base of the barrel with red paint accents. Two box versions shown.

This gun was sold in at three versions: one had a cheaper matte zinc finishes, the other was a dearer chrome finish. The third version had a nickel finish. Photos?

A patent for the gun was published in July 1953. Pat No. 169921. The inventor was S Wasserman. The gun design has been much copied. Widely on sale in late 1953.

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SPACE CONTROL FRICTION GUN - ALPS - JAPAN3 viewsBlue tin lithographed space gun. Short perforated tin barrel with red liner. A variation of the Space Control Water Gun also by Alps. The design of this gun, including the name, clearly owes much to the Pyro Plastics Space Control Gun. Friction noise and spark. Early style brown box with paper label. 1950s
SPACEMAN GUN - LIMIT - ENGLAND3 viewsCap firing gun version of the pressed metal ray gun with "Spaceman" pressed on the handle. Blue metal with red cover over the cap holding mechanism. Box? See also the pop gun version of this space gun. The gun's shape is a based on the Pyro Space Control Gun, though it is much larger. Dated to 1953 Also shown is the silver version with orange top.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET RIFLE - MARX - USA3 viewsLarge (24 inch) plastic space gun rifle with futuristic design . Silver and gold versions. Friction noise action. The panels above the trigger move to simulate firing.

A patent was published in 1952. Featured on a magazine cover dated 1953
Pat No. 169315.
Inventor Mahlon Hirsch
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL, LARGE TRIGGER VERSION - RELIABLE - CANADA3 viewsRed plastic space gun water pistol with yellow pistol. "R" in a circle branded on the sides. Made by Reliable of Ontario, Canada. This gun has a distinctive broad trigger which extends to the bottom of the handle. The gun is based on the earlier Atomic Water Pistol design

The box shown refers to a new whistle feature. There is an version without the whistle. The gun appears in an advert in the Winnipeg Tribune in March 1949.
ATOMIC MACHINE GUN - IDEAL - USA3 viewsLarge plastic space machine gun. A substantial space rifle made of the swirly plastic so color variations are the order of the day. It has a long thin barrel with rings that gives it added style. There's a substantial sight attached to the top though it's rather obstructed. Crank action cap firing mechanism.

The gun was widely advertised in November 1953.
STINGRAY CAP GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLAND3 viewsDie-cast metal space cap firing gun. Metallic green body, red barrel with saw-tooth fins. This gun uses the same mold as the Dan.Dare cap gun and other Lone Star guns. An authorised Gerry Anderson product.
ROCKET RAY GUN - DAIYA - JAPAN3 viewsAnother variation of the Daiya space gun: silver lithographed tin friction space gun with three conical structures at the base of the barrel. "Rocket Ray Gun" printed on the side. Six spark windows, blue tin telescopic sight. Friction sparking action. Shaped box. One of the many guns based on the Daiya Mars Gun. 9" 23cm
BUCK ROGERS SPACE GUN TARGET SET - FLEETWOOD - ?2 viewsWhite plastic raygun. Shoots darts. Blister carded.
CAPTAIN SCARLET SUPER ESPACIAL DART PISTOL - BALTASAR - SPAIN2 viewsBlue plastic pistol. Spring darts shooting action. Gerry Anderson. Bag with header card. Baltasar, Spain. Accurate shape, but the color is not accurate. Comes complete with a trade card. Possibly unauthorised.
COSMIC SPACE SET - US PLASTIC CO - USA2 viewsSet comprises two of the familiar spinner-shooting rayguns and a pair of microphones. This guns in this boxed set have a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger.

The spinner shooting guns are the original versions of this much copied space gun.

The walkie talkies are string type with a retractable antenna feature. Mouthpiece for siren noise. The set was being discounted in December 1953 so predates this.
FLASHING ROCKET SHIP SPACE PISTOL - IRWIN - USA2 viewsHard blue plastic rocket or bulbous shaped raygun with pilot. Open cockpit containing a red plastic pilot. There is a clear red plastic nose that lights up. Sold in a card display box. Flashight and click. Blue with red pilot and red with blue pilot versions.

On sale in February 1954.
SPACE RAY GUN - AOKI/T.T. - JAPAN2 viewsAoki 10" long lithographed tin plastic space gun with clear red plastic barrel. Friction action, spinning spiral color wheel visible through a hole in each side, siren and spark. TT

See also the itho variation marked Y in a circle and T.T. Takatoku

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LASER GUN - Hong Kong2 viewsWhite plastic battery operated raygun with light and noise.
LUNAR LAUNCHER2 viewsTarget game. Plastic pistol raygun shoots darts at targets which in turn launch spinners.
PEZ SPACE GUNS - CARDED SET - USA2 viewsPlastic candy dispensing rayguns. Various colors.
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - JUYPAL - SPAIN2 viewsGold plastic space gun with friction spark action. Spark windows on either side. Sold in an open box with plastic cover.
PISTOLA LANZA COHETE, ROCKET LAUNCH GUN - SHAMBER'S - SPAIN2 viewsLong slender plastic space gun, pistol style. The barrel has a slot in the side revealing the spring. Shoots small plastic darts. Red, blue and black versions.
SPACE ROCKET PISTOL S-58, BATTERY OP VERSION - NOMURA - JAPAN2 viewsSilver lithographed tin battery powered space gun with three conical structures at the base of the barrel. Six spark windows. Marked "Space Gun" on the sides and S-58 on the barrel. Sound and flashing lights Shaped box. This uses the same pressing as the Rocket Ray Gun. One of many versions of the Daiya gun, though Nomura have converted it for battery power.

There are two versions: one has a battery cover with a chain attached. It has a flat cover to the barrel tip light. The other has a hinged battery cover and a convex barrel tip light.

SPACE WATER GUN - HONG KONG2 viewsGreen clear plastic water pistol in bag with header card.
CAPITAN MARTE - CAPTAIN MARS GUN - SPAIN?2 viewsLarge plastic space rifle, red body, white stock, yellow barrel. XL5 decal on the sides. The unusual stock is flat in design with a battery housing in the middle. Battery operated with noise and flashing lights in the barrel.

Capitan Marte is the Spanish Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL5

This is the same design as the Tada Tommy Kick gun.
CAPTAIN SCARLET GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLAND2 viewsDiecast metal cap firing gun based on the Gerry Anderson series. An angular red metal design with yellow plastic handle inserts. The tapered barrel has concentric rings. Released in 1967.
COSMIC JET PISTOL - LONE STAR - ENGLAND2 viewsA large white plastic space water pistol. The unusual design has a large water reservoir at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins. Paper decal detailing. 12 in, 31 cm

This is essentially the same molding as the Hong Kong Space Hero 500-X Laser Gun.
METRALLETA NEUTRONICA - ARGENTINA2 viewsMulticolored plastic raygun, friction sparking action. White plastic body with a clear yellow center section, blue barrel with attached handle. Fricton spark and sound action. Argentina.
SHOT IN THE DARK ASTRORAY GUN - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLAND2 viewsA bulky red plastic space gun with white lens cover and tail fin. Combines flashlight with dart shooting action. Sold in a window box containing a circular space scene target and five darts. Red and blue versions.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
ASTRONAUT ROCKET GUN - DAIYA - JAPAN2 viewsBlue tin lithographed space gun with red telescopic sight. Three conical structures at the base of the barrel. Oval spark windows. Marked "Astronaut Rocket Gun" on the sides. Triangular box with generic artwork used on other versions of this gun. Friction noise and spark action. One of the many guns based on the Daiya Mars Gun. 9" 23cm
ATOMIC SPACE GUN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLAND2 viewsSmall red plastic space gun with red tip. Shoots spinners. A reissue of the US Space Gun with 3 Flying Disks or spinners. Display box. Based on the US Plastic Co spinner design.

Image courtesy Vectis Auctions
JET RAY GUN - HONG KONG2 viewsClear plastic gun with orange barrel. Friction sparking action. A version of the KO Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version. Also sold in a window box. Appears in the 1969 M W Kasch Company catalog.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
MARS GUN - DAIYA - JAPAN2 viewsSilver lithographed tin battery powered space gun with three conical structures at the base of the barrel. Blue telescopic sight. Marked "Mars Gun" on the side, there is a rocket on the front sight. Oval spark windows. Sound and flashing lights. Shaped box. "Friction siren & sparkling" Many other guns use this Daiya Mars Gun pressing. 9" 23cm. Dated to 1959 in the Firestone / Toys and Gifts Christmas catalog. Widely on sale in late 1959.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions

RAY GUN WITH SPARKS - MAKER? - JAPAN2 viewsDark blue tin lithographed space gun with orange markings. The gun has a distinctive blue and red cylinder shape at the tip of the barrel. The cylinder has four spark windows.

There are two versions of the gun: one has an axle emerging from the barrel and has no spark windows in the sides of the gun. The other the other has an axle emerging from the cylinder but has no side windows.

Marked "Ray Gun" on the sides. Friction action with spark. Maker?

Image: Smithhouse Auction.
SUPER JET RAY GUN - KO - JAPAN2 viewsClear transparent plastic space gun with red plastic barrel. Five small visible gears as used in Yoshiya's other toys. No 2072. This looks like an enlarged version of the Junior Jet Ray Gun. Five gear version.
SPACE GUN - HD - JAPAN2 viewsSleek blue plastic space gun with cut away barrel revealing clear red plastic core. Chrom tipped barrel and black fin. Trigger ring. Japanese superhero character box. Action?
MAGIC GUN SOUND AND LIGHT - LOWBRIDGE - HONG KONG/ENGLAND2 viewsBlack plastic space gun with a distinctive transparent red lens housing and white plastic rocket shaped sight. Battery operated flashlight action with buzzing siren noise. A belt clip hole is molded into the handle as well as a circular plastic emblem.

Despite being marked "England" on the box is it highly probable that this is a Hong Kong gun. There are no fins molded into the barrel, a feature that links it to the other Magic Gun by W in a circle, and the Flower brand Plastic Torch Gun. There is a dial set into the bottom of the handle.

Space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray. Without fins. Date?
SPARKLING SPACE GUN - MARUSAN - JAPAN2 viewsBlue lithographed space gun with red and yellow detailing. Early angular pistol design. Friction action with sparks from front. Rocket and Saturn images on the handle. Marked Space. Sold in a plain blue box with a monochrome picture of the gun. SAN logo on the side. Small 3.5"
COSMICLOUDER SMOKE GUN - JVZ FOR QUISP - USA2 viewsA 7” long soft red plastic cereal premium space gun with movable cone nozzle. Talcum powder blowing action. The gun has a very angular design with a distinctive cone shaped muzzle. Stars on grips. Quisp molded on the barrel The funnel-shaped muzzle is removable so gun can be refilled with talc.

Posted in a mail away box. 1965
BABY SPACE GUN - DAIYA - JAPAN2 viewsA small (6" 15cm) blue and red tin lithographed space gun with spark windows at base of barrel. Serial no 577001. Friction action with sound and spark. There is a large green Space Rescue spaceship printed on the side of the gun.

There are two versions of this gun:
Top: lighter blue with three long oval spark windows on each side of the barrel. Usually seen in the box with the astronaut with Z-7 on his helmet and the gun held at an angle. This is most likely the earlier version.
Bottom: darker blue with one circular spark window (and a dummy one) on each side of the barrel. Usually seen in the box with much simpler artwork and with the astronaut holding the gun horizontally.

The first sighting is currently the 1960 Eaton's Christmas catalog.

The spaceship litho on the side of the gun is a direct copy of the spaceship on a Dan Dare trading card made by Calvert.

FIREBALL XL5 SPACE GUN - FAIRYLIGHT2 viewsWhite plastic space water gun with a distinctive bulb shape at the tip of the barrel. "Steve Zodiac" wording on the handle. Fairylight commissioned toys from Hong Kong for sale in England. An authorised Gerry Anderson product. Sold in a plastic bag with a header card depicting Stev Zodiac. This mold still survives and modern versions can be found.
DALEK ROCKET GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLAND2 viewsRed plastic space gun with a distinctive silver barrel with side fins and barbs. The gun is stamped with Dalek Rocket Gun wording. Shoots yellow darts at a target that forms the backing card on which it was sold. BBC Authorised Doctor Who product.

The gun is based on the earlier Lone Star Rocket Firing Gun, though DALEK has been molded into the sides.

Featured as a new item #1183 in the 1966 Lone Star catalogue.
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