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SMOKE RING GUN - NU-AGE - USA52 viewsMfg. by NuAge Products - 1950

9" plastic and some metal - came in gray with red trim and yellow with red trim. Included pellets to make smoke

Function-pellets placed in gun chamber, gun cocked with metal section, gun fired and "smoke" expelled. The selling point was the absence of fire or fumes. On sale from June 1950.

SPACE GUN - MAKER? - KOREA52 viewsTransparent plastic gun with red plastic barrel. Visible gears. Friction action with spinning gears, knocking noise and spark. 8-1/2" Mfg. for Coast Orient Trading Corp. , Los Angeles 1970s
Made in Korea
ROCKET DART PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USA51 viewsBrightly colored steel gun in a combination red blue and yellow. This is the same pressing as used for Daisy's Zooka Pop Pistol with an inverted color combination. This in turn uses an earlier XZ-35 Buck Rogers "Wilma" gun pressing with a modification to shoot darts. 7" Came on card with darts and target. See also the twin gun set version.

On sale in late 1953.
GUN FLYING SAUCER SET - HONG KONG51 views4" orange/green plastic space gun. Includes two orange/green spinners. Based on the US Plastic spinner design.
Function - wind spinners on gun and launch with trigger
JET ACE REPEATER GUN - PALMER PLASTICS - USA51 viewsA most unusual space cap firing gun design. The hard plastic and diecast metal gun has sharp angular lines. The swept back handle is matched by an upward extension. The barrel has rings at the tip and has holes cut into the side. Size: 6 inches. Sold on a backing card.

Year: 1950's

Color Variations: Black
Mfg. in Hong Kong-1970s
Later version of boxed cap firing gun with gold barrel trim

8-1/2" plastic blue gun
Perhaps other colors

Function-cap pistol
PUZZLE GUNS48 viewsMade in Hong Kong-1960s 1970s

2-3/4" multicolored puzzles
Almost infinite color combinations

Function-take apart puzzle toy
MARS SPACE ROCKET PILOT PAPER GUN - USA46 viewsMfg. not imprinted-made in U S A 1960s

7-1/2" cardboard litho

Includes flat helmet.

Function - paper gun
MIDJET AMMO TANK - KNICKERBOCKER - USA45 viewsSmall 4" angular plastic space water gun complete with attached water tank and brass tip. The gun has no stopper and is operated by filling the separate tank. Produced in various colors.

The tank has a metal clip on back to attach to belt. This is a variation of the Knickerbocker's Space Jet Gun. The big front sight has been reduced. Item No. 627 in the Knickerbocker catalog. Sold in a bag with a header card.

A version of this gun was produced by HR Production of England as the Atomatic Junior. (Not to be confused with the Atomatic Senior)

First sighted in 1954.

PISTOL WITH WINGS ME 760 - CHINA45 viewsAn 8" (20cm) plastic battery operated space gun. Small motor in the barrel, the shaft extends out with a box-shaped plastic tip, this piece fits into the square holes in the propellers. Shoots satellite spinners. The batteries fit in the handle. Light blue, red and black versions known. ME760
SPACE GUN PISTOLA SPAZIALE - MILANI (HUMMINGBIRD LOGO) - ITALY45 viewsA 6 inch plastic space water pistol with unusual Deco styling. Elaborate trigger guard. Arched back. The gun incorporates a whistle. Red version known. This gun is reminiscent of the Coma Astale and Coma Marziana space guns, though much of the detail has been reduced. There is a hummingbird logo molded into the sides that has been identified as the Milani company from Milan. 17cm

Various colors, including bi-colored examples.

Co.Ma Pistola Spaziale Coma Co-Ma
Box? Packaging?

Mfg. in Hong Kong-1970s

6" blue gun/red trim
includes red, green, yellow spinners.

Function- wind satellites on gun, fires satellites in air spinning
PENCIL SHARPENER RAYGUN43 viewsMfg. by Admiration USA 1952

3-1/4" plastic with pencil sharpener insert
Made in green, blue, yellow, red

Function-pencil sharpener
CADET SPACE GUN - TSL - ENGLAND?25 viewsMetallic silver green painted metal space gun. Simple pistol shape with partial rings pressed into the back. CADET and TSL embossed on the handle. Clicker action. Maker? Date? Early 1950s, possibly England.
DAN DARE SPACE GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLAND12 viewsMetal diecast gun, spray pain finish. Cap firing action. The mold was used by Lone Star for a wide range of TV based space guns. The red version is associated with the 1950s box and has Dan Dare molded into the gun. Featured in trade catalogs for 1954 eg "Playthings and Hobbies 1954-55". Introduced in the Eagle 6:27 in July 1955. This is the first appearance of this much copied diecast gun.

The metallic blue version has a Dan Dare decal. The date of the blue version, and the box it came in are not yet established.
ATOM FLASH ZOOMERAY GUN - TIGRETT ENT - USA11 viewsPlastic skeletal space gun propels a coiled paper streamer from the barrel. Sold in a display box and bagged with header card. The gun has no moving parts: the streamer is fired by flicking the wrist. 7" long

The red version is most common, and the earliest version came with a metallic purple fringe attached to the front of the paper roll (which also features spacey graphics). It was sold both boxed and bagged. You can see the plainer paper roll most often found on bagged examples. These plain rolls were also sold as replacements for when the original one got torn to shreds.

Yellow, blue, gold and pink versions are also known. On sale in late 1951.

The carded version with the cowboy motif was made in Belgium: marked Gebruiksaanwijzing Z.O.Z.

THE ATOM SPLITTER REPEATING CAP PISTOL - KELO - ENGLAND9 viewsPlastic cap firing space gun with a metal cap chamber. Classic deco styling makes it look like something from a much earlier era. A variation of the Hubley Disintegrator Gun by the English Ke-Lo Company. Kelo or Ke-Lo is the manufacturer Keith Lowe of Dudley, England. The company was purchased by Wells-Brimtoy, a prolific English toy manufacturer. Though the box says "Atom Splitter" the gun has "Atom Smasher" molded on the side.
007 LINTERNA ESPACIAL RAYGUN - ROKY - ARGENTINA8 viewsHard plastic battery operated fashlight raygun. Rear fin. Detachable nose lens assembly. This gun ues the same molds and box art as the Pifco Zetaray gun. See in red and green version.

These guns are very poor quality with an irregular finish and badly fitting components.

33 REPEATER Z-Z RAY VARIATION SPACE GUN - WYANDOTTE - USA8 viewsRecent research has established that there are two versions of the Wyandotte Space Gun. This "litho tip" version is a later gun and has been dated to 1941 in an A&P Food Store advertisement. The gun was sold in the original 33 Repeater box.

This is a red painted pressed steel pop gun with rings pressed into the body. Flared muzzle with a large lithographed front sight and a small rear telescopic sight. 7" 17cm

Pop gun action Produced by All-Metal Products (1941, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA).

ELECTRONIC SPACE GUN - REMCO - USA8 viewsPlastic battery op raygun with light and buzzer sound. USA. This is a bulky angular gun with a big trigger guard and two part working telescopic sight. The barrel tip is a distinctive rocket-like finned structure. Red and blue versions shown. 1953.

The earliest version of the gun had a compass in a circular cutout on the side: later versions of this so-called "atom chamber" on the left side have a spiral decal detail.
JET JR POLICE SPACE CAP GUN - J & E STEVENS - USA8 viewsSilver die cast metal cap firing gun witha plated mirror chromed finish. 4.25" long. This heavy space gun has a flared muzzle and a series of rings molded into the top of the gun. The grips hvave cross-hatching, plus the Jet Jr. and Stevens "S" logo. Terrific early 50's design with ribbed barrel, flanged barrel tip and "rear jet blast off fins". The left grip flips down for insertion of cap roll.

The left grip swings away to reveal the cap chamber. The design of the hammer is unusual as it strikes from front to back, as opposed to the normal back to front configuration.

Handle marked Jet Junior with a S in a circle. Date?

mdd, cad,
TOM CORBETT SPACE GUN - MARX - USA8 viewsLarge 20 inch lithographed tin and plastic space rifle with multiple actions. Sparking action. This multicolore rifle has a yellow plastic front end with a red plastic muzzle and a blue plastic stock. The body of the gun is brightly lithographed tin. A spring mechanism is mounted on top. The litho includes the name Tom Corbett Space Cadet and the serial number 1507-A.

This gun was recycled throughout the 1950's, it was used with slight litho changes for the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Gun, and the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun as well as an earlier G-Man type machine gun. Two box versions are known: the official Tom Corbett box and a G-Man box with a Tom Corbett stamp crudely added. Widely advertised in 1952. Gangster crossover.

SUPERMAN FEATURE FILM GUN - DAISY - USA8 viewsMetal battery operated raygun projects film strip of a Superman story. See also the larger boxed version of this gun. projector, projection
THUNDERBIRDS ROCKET FIRING SPACE GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLAND8 viewsRed plastic dart firing space gun based on the Aqua Jet which in turn is based on the Futuristic Strato Jet Gun: notice the three round details on the gun from Lone Star's mold. An authorised Gerry Anderson Thunderbird product sold on a backing card with two darts.
SPACE PATROL ROCKET GUN - US PLASTICS CO - USA7 viewsThe US Plastics dart gun mold in hard red plastic. This is the familiar dart gun with its rounded lines. Comes with two darts, one of them was a "Captomatic" cap tip, the other one is a "Message Dart" with a secret compartment. The gun is coked by pulling the knob at the back. The gun has Space Patrol marked on the handle and the barrel. This proved a very successful design and was copied in many countries. On sale from December 1951.

Inventor: Alan Dix Tovell

The lower box is a variation with a Commander Buzz Cory theme. The box has a printed target on the back.
COSMISK STRALE MARS PISTOL - BAMBOLA - SWEDEN7 viewsGold plastic raygun with flashlite action.

The handle has a star in a circle.

This is a hard plastic classic shape space gun. The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Seen in gold. A star is molded into the handle. The gun comes with an alternative lens cover.

Battery operated. Comes in a box with a pair of space goggles. Sweden. Based on the design for the Tom Corbett Atomic Pistol and the Space Patrol Atomic Flashlite Pistol both by Marx. "Cosmic Ray Mars Gun" Swedish flashlight 8" 20cm
DAN DARE COSMIC RAY GUN - PALITOY - ENGLAND7 viewsRed plastic space gun with flashlight operation. The gun has a large chrome plastic lens housing at the fron and a long telescopic sight. Three color filters can be adjusted to alter the beam. Battery operated. A secret compartment is located in the handle. There is also a yellow version. The box insert draws attention to a number of rather fanciful features. This gun has been widely copied in a variety of guises.

On sale in Late 1953.
SPACE PILOT X RAY GUN - YOSHIYA TAIYO - JAPAN7 viewsFirst appearance of this much copied gun. Gold plastic retro shape space gun with missile tipped transparent red barrel with rings molded into the center of the body. Friction noise and spark action. Gun marked SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN. The original has the Taiyo matchstick man logo molded on the gun. This gun does not have a vertical tail fin. Three circular holes with Y inserts. 8.5" KO

Featured in the 1970 Daishin catalog.

ATOM RAY GUN - HILLER - USA6 viewsMetal water pistol raygun. Consists of a water reservoir cylinder perched on the sliding plunger and trigger. A metal screw cap allows access to fill the cylinder. The original trigger is metal. Plain silver finish. USA 1948 Hiller began life as a manufacturer of model racing car components and their expertise is evident highly effective and well-engineered raygun. Also produced in a red version. The gun appears in an advertisement in 1946.

This iconic design appears in a range of variations around the world.
SPACEMAN SPACE GUN - LIMIT - ENGLAND6 viewsPressed steel metal space gun. Side pull spring-loaded pop gun with wire trigger. Metallic blue. "Spaceman" wording embossed on handle. The gun's shape is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun, though it is much larger. Box? Packaging?

There is also another pop gun version with a short barrel.
TOMIK 6 SHOOTER SPACE GUN - THOMAS TOYS - USA6 viewsSmall (4") rocket-shaped plastic space gun. Shoots six rubber bands. Metallic blue, silver and grey versions were produced. Red and yellow versions have also been identified: these may have been produced by the Thomas Toy sister company, Poplar Playthings, in Wales.

The bands are all loaded. Pulling the trigger raises a ratchet up out of the large tail fin. After the first band goes, each successive trigger pull, lifts the remaining bands up one notch, until all have fired. Sold on a target card with rubber bands.

The gun appears as Item No 291 in the Thomas Toys catalog for 1956.
ARROW LAUNCHER SPACE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPAN5 viewsSilver plastic raygun. Shoots darts and spinners. 10" plastic gun with white metallic finish that was inspired by the 1960s Japanese Captain Ultra show. It's also somewhat similar to the French Le Pistolet de l'Annee. it has an internal slanted hole with a spring for the dart. You have to depress the trigger to raise the saucer rod to wind the saucer, then push the saucer down to catch, then push the dart all the way inside the gun. You depress the trigger once to launch the saucer, then again to release the dart.

The gun is made by the same manufacturer as the Jet Laucher Lost In Space knock-off gun.

The logo is a T inside an M - MATSUSHIRO. There is a link to T.T. Takatoku TT
SPACE GUN EAGLE 8 - NOMURA - JAPAN5 viewsBlack lithographed tin raygun with battery operated flashlight action. 20cm. Distinctive globe with a red and blue plastic lens at the tip of the barrel. Trigger guard. The gun's barrel moves in and out when the trigger is pulled, and there's a noise. So called because of the eagle design and number 8 on the side. Japan. TN

There are slight box variations: some have the TN logo, others have the Rosco distributor logo. Advertisements date this to October 1959. it was widely advertised as the "Red Ray Gun".
REX MARS PLANET PATROL SPARKLING PISTOL - MARX - USA5 viewsA hard transparent plastic space gun. The gun has a classic shape with with rings on the barrel, fins on the muzzle and lines on the body. A small telescopic sight is mounted at the back. The gun has a wind up key fitted to the side. Wind up friction spark and noise action. Colors: blue, green and red.

On sale December 1953.
PISTOL ZUMBADOR - LEMSSA - SPAIN5 viewsAngular pistol style blue plastic space gun. Large chrome plastic telescopic sight. Perforated barrel. Shoots large-headed darts that whistle. Minimal space content to either the gun or the box, but the missiles are like those found on the Screaming Missile gun. Spain.
VOYAGEUR INTERPLANETAIRE - GPM (G. PASCAL MOSSE) - FRANCE5 viewsClassic shaped diecast metal space gun with a long, thin telescopic sight, fins on the barrel and a glass lens at the tip. Battery operated flashlight action. The gun has been seen in green, gold, blue, yellow and red versions. 7.5"

The basic version of the gun has just two wires that connect directly to a battery. Pressing the trigger operates the flashlight. The white button at the side switches the light on permanently.

The more complex version has four wires. A battery held in a leather pouch powers the control box. The gun attaches by wire to the control box. The box has a gold dial with the wording ATOMIC LILLIPUT. There are seven electrical connection points. Two marked RECEPTION go to the battery, three marked PISTOLET go to the gun, and two marked EMISSION go to the helmet.

There are at least four sets:
1 Gun, battery holder and Morse card.
2 The above plus a leather holster, belt and wooden target.
3 As 2 with additional metal control box and a white leather harness to allow it to attach to the chest.
4 The largest set includes a lighted helmet and white gloves. leather vest, wrist and ankle cuffs and a space map. This set would include all the items shown in the box artwork. The helmet was probably packed separately.

The set is made of white leather with contrasting trim. Red, blue and green are known with matching helmets. There may be yellow and gold examples.

The box artwork shows a gun which is unlike the one currently known. It may suggest an earlier unknown version. Only diecast guns have been located so far. The gun and spacesuit feature on the cover of a 1954 French toy trade magazine.
FIREBALL XL5 ROCKET GUN - MERIT - ENGLAND5 viewsBlack plastic raygun shoots darts. This is based on the Dan Dare Rocket Gun (which in turn is based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun) though the wording embossed on the gun is Fireball XL5. The handle retains its Dan Dare badge logo. Two red plastic message-carrying darts are included.

The gun is featured in the 1966 Austin Davis of Sheffield Christmas Gifts catalogue. Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
DAN DARE ROCKET GUN - MERIT - ENGLAND5 viewsBlack plastic raygun embossed with Dan Dare wording. Rounded design with oval side moldings. Flared barrel tip. Shoots darts. Produced in black silver and gold - red has also been seen.

Based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Dart Gun. Introduced in the Eagle 3:35 in December 1952, available exclusively from Marks & Spencer.

Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL - AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL CO - USA5 viewsRegarded as a space gun because of the distinctive retro style fins on the barrel. This space gun has a unique action: It originally fired a unique pink-white ping pong ball up to 70 feet or more utilizing a gas created in the firing chamber and ignited by a spark from a flint when the trigger was pulled. The gun uses calcium carbonate (carbide) crystals to generate acetylene gas. The gun was on sale in 1949. It was banned in a number of cities.
BELL GUN - BEE-VO - USA5 viewsRed plastic space gun. Made of hard plastic measuring about 6.5" by 4" and containing a glass marble Pull the trigger and the guns shoots a marble up a clear plastic tube into a bell that is in the honeycomb end of the gun. This rings the bell in the barrel tip. Boxed and bagged version shown.

The earliest sighting is in an Xmas photo dated Dec 1956.
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL - CRESCENT? - ENGLAND5 viewsSmall plastic space squirt gun with rubber bulb, water pistol. A retro shape with rings at the back, a slender barrel and rings around the nozzle. Available in several colors including swirl color plastic. Card mounted. "Guaranteed to Atomise All Space Invaders". Reputedly English, possibly Crescent, but unconfirmed. The alien on the card resembles a Treen.
SPARKLING COLT 455 - KO - JAPAN5 viewsSmall blue and red tin lithographed space gun with friction sparking action. Colt 455 and Sparkling wording. Three horizontal spark windows in the barrel. 5" 13cm The box art does not quite match the toy. Box serial No 2118. Yoshiya

SPACE SUPER JET GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPAN5 viewsBlue lithographed tin space gun with clear plastic barrel containing an orange "lipstick" core. Friction noise and spark action. Marked Space Jet. Yoshiya KO 9.5" 24cm

This gun had a very long run and several variations exist. The silver version with the space landscape has also been seen in the same box.

Two barrel versions are known: smooth and ribbed. Some versions have a sight, others do not.

Three litho variations shown.

Three box verions:
1 Space landscape, including a Japanese language version. cdd,
2 Red box with torn-paper effect space scene. mbe,cad
3 Triangular red box version.

Advertised in the Albuquerque Times, October 1960.
SUPER SONIC GUN - DAIYA - JAPAN5 viewsSilver grey lithographed tinplate space gun. 7" Bulbous shape with a moonlight space scene inside an oval window. The gun has an additional control room style molding on the top with a large rear fin. Marked "Space Gun" on the sides. Spark windows at the base of the barrel. Friction noise and spark action. "Friction Siren & Sparks" Supersonic. See the wind up Space Gun version.

Featured in the 1967 Daiya catalog.

mdd, crd
ATOMIC FLASH GUN - CHEIN - USA5 viewsLithographed tinplate blue and yellow space gun with simple telescopic sight and low profile rear fin.. Red spark window at the front of the barrel. Friction action with sound and spark. Replaceable flint. This gun appears to have started life as a Mar_x prototype but at some stage it was adopted by Chein and released with slight modifications. 7 1/2" 18cm

The gun has the same shape as the Sparkling Six Shooter.

Listed in a Chein catalog as item No 96.

A patent was published in 1953. Pat No. 169039. Inventor Samuel Hoffman.
WATER GUN TWO RING VERSION - PALMER PLASTICS - USA5 viewsGrey plastic water pistol space gun with telescopic sight. Stars and Saturn molded in the sides. Bagged with header card. Various colors. Similar to the Palmer Planeteer Gun but with just two rings at the base of the barrel. Various colors.
2 Ring
TOMMY KICK SPACE RAY GUN RIFLE - TADA - JAPAN5 viewsLarge multicolored plastic rifle. Battery operated with noise and flashing light in the barrel.

This is the same design as the CAPITAN MARTE - CAPTAIN MARS GUN.

Featured in the 1970 Daishin catalog.

RYMDPISTOL ATOMIC GUN - HAJI - JAPAN5 viewsRed and silver lithographed tin space gun with Atomic Gun wording. There is a characteristic rear top fin that arcs backward. Clear red plastic barrel. Friction sparking action. RYMD is the Swedish for "space". Bagged with header card.

This is the same gun as the RO? Atomic Gun
HAMILTON'S INVADERS GRENADE PISTOL - REMCO - USA4 viewsSilver chrome and black raygun pistol. Shoots "grenades", darts with large yellow globular tips.

The basic design is the same as used for the Star Trek Rocket Pistol and version of the gun and for the Spanish Lanzallamas Pistol by Bernabeu Gisbert. It also appeared as a prop gun in Lost in Space.
PATRULHA DE ESPACIO - BRAZIL4 viewsHeavily lithographed tin friction double-barrel space machine gun. Clear blue and pink plastic barrels. Friction spark and noise action. The distinctive feature of this gun is the drum magazine mounted on the top. Brazil. Based on the Yoshiya DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN.
SPACE HERO 500-X LASER GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONG4 viewsA large blue plastic space pistol. The unusual design has a large housing at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins. Paper decal detailing. 12 in, 31 cm. The raygun can be extended with a handle. Battery powered light and space sound. The gun has the same molding as the Lone Star Cosmic Jet Pistol.
BATTERY POWERED SPACE PISTOL - ROSKO/NOMURA - JAPAN4 viewsMetallic blue lithographed tin battery operated pistol raygun Light and sound. Clear angular plastic window bay at front. Japan. Rosko importer logo. White star. Atomic wording. With Flashing Light and Noise.

The similarity to the Battery Powered Space Pistol by Nomura would suggest that Nomura is the maker.
SPACE SIGNAL GUN - HONG KONG4 viewsYellow plastic raygun with click and flashlight action. Comes with a plastic missile attached to a lanyard. Hong Kong, 5-1/2" long
SUPER SPACE SHOOTER ROCKET GUN - HONG KONG4 viewsClear plastic water pistol raygun.
SUPERMAN KRYPTO RAYGUN - DAISY - USA4 viewsTin battery operated pistol raygun projects miniature Superman slides. This is a variation of the other Superman gun with a flying Superman figure pressed into the side, a new disk shaped muzzle and a much more colorful box art. projector, projection.

The advert shows the gun on sale in All Stars Comic #3 Winter 1940.
ACE HART SPACE SQUADRON SONIC BEAM GUN - LONE STAR TOYS DCMT - ENGLAND4 viewsSpace Squadron Sonic Beam Gun. Black plastic raygun with red lens and green or red telescopic sight. Two sets of jagged fins are molded into the barrel. Battery operated flashlight action. Based on the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun. Two sets of fins on the barrel. One example has an additional circular insert in the handle. It hasn't been positively identified.

On sale in December 1952 and featured in trade catalogs for 1952. English. A clip hole is molded into the handle.

English space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray.
ATOMIC ORBETOR-X - GHERZI - ITALY4 viewsHard plastic space gun shoots plastic darts by gas propellant. CO2 cannister inserts into underside of the gun. The gun is based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Palitoy with considerable and imaginative changes.

Red and black versions. The silver chrome version was used in the two gun set.
ATOMIC ORBETOR-X TWO GUN SET - GHERZI - ITALY4 viewsA pair of chrome silver space guns shooting plastic darts by means of gas propulsion from the cannisters. Based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Palitoy.
ATOMIC 5 PISTOL - NEWELL - USA4 viewsRed plastic space gun. This odd shaped gun is big at the back, reducing in diameter towards the front of the stubby barrel. This shape allows the pre-loading of a number of balls. There are small sights on top. The gun shoots table tennis balls, red ones are provided: the plunger at the rear is pulled back to cock the gun.

The first sighting is in the Gray Hardware and Miles Kimball catalogs for 1950.
REX MARS PLANET PATROL ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE - MARX - USA4 viewsThis is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun.
The handle is marked Planet Patrol.

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. Available in a range of colors. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm

A patent for the design was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953. Pat no. 169440
SPACE RANGER GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLAND4 viewsMetallic blue and red painted diecast cap firing gun. Telescopic sight on the top. Fins on the sides and jagged teeth on the barrel. This design was used for a wide range of Lone Star space guns. England 1960s Date?
DETONADOR AIRE COMPRIMIDO, SUPERMAN GUN - GEYPER - SPAIN4 viewsPlastic space gun with a distinctive curved handle. Superman images emboseed in white plastic panels on the grips. Pop gun action with pull plunger. The name translates as Compressed Air Detonator.6" 15cm Blue and red colors known. 1950s.

Cowboy/western theme on the back of the box. Crossover.
ATOMIC JET GUN - DCMT CRESCENT TOYS - ENGLAND4 viewsRed aluminium version of the Hiller Ray Gun. DCMT have reworked the Hiller. The most obvious difference is the much longer cylinder reservoir that gave many more shots for a fill of water. The gun has been provided with a separate barrel nozzle: it extends directly from the water reservoir. The trigger is now a separate and much shorter structure. The reasons for the change are unclear but it is characteristic of English toy companies that they reworked space guns, they did not just reuse molds.

Two box versions, one with DCMT label, the other with a Crescent Toys lable. Date: mentioned in 1949 Lincolnshire Echo 22/9/1949 P4

FLASH GORDON RADIO REPEATER CLICK PISTOL - MARX - USA4 viewsLithographed tinplate clicker space gun. Retro deco styling. 9.5" litho tin-makes clicking sound. Mfg. by Louis Marx for King Features Syndicate. The box has a KFS 1935 copyright date. Widely on sale in 1935.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
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