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SPACE CAR, RED ROBBY - YONEZAWA - JAPAN484 viewsMetallic blue lithographed tin space car. This large space car has a red tin lithographed Robby robot driver sitting at the wheel. Behind him is a raised circular metal basket structure. The car has springs and small antennas fixed to the top edge, giving the impression of complex mechanism.Battery operated with a stop and go action. A jet of air supports a styrene ball. 9.5" 25cm

There are two versions of this space car:
Early version (top), with a darker blue body and a circular basket that does not have a paddle. Robby's head is fixed in place.

Later version (bottom) which has a lighter blue body and has a long paddle structure inserted in the ball blowing structure. Robby's head moves.

The boxes for both versions are the same: they do not show the paddle addition. Boxes usually have the Yonezawa logo but some have an ACE logo.

This space car uses the same pressing as the Space Car with red Robby driver.

Date? c1955.
TRACTOR WITH VISIBLE LIGHTED PISTON MOVEMENT 1200 - NOMURA SHOWA - JAPAN393 viewsTin battery op tractor with robot driver. Colour versions include fawn and blue.
MOBILE SPACE TV UNIT WITH TRAILER, LATER VERSION - NOMURA - JAPAN393 viewsAn impressive metallic blue lithographed space toy. The Mobile Space Unit consists of a large tracked vehicle with a TV camera mounted on top. The camera has three lenses on a rotating plate and a TV screen in mounted in the side. A silber tin astronaut with a distinctive cone on his head sits at the camera. The vehicle tows a trailer that holds the two D cell batteries that power the toy. A rotating plastic antenna is attached to the trailer.

Battery operated action: the vehicle advances with mystery action as the lenses on the TV camera rotate, the screens on each side illuminate with a revolving space scene and the antenna on the trailer spins. Rosko distributor. 26cm

This is the later, more common version of this space toy. The main differentiating features are:
There is a trailer. The driver is a silver astronaut with a cone on his head, the camera support is much thinner , the tracked base is shallow.

BULLDOZER WITH HORN & LIGHT, ROBOTRAC - LINEMAR - JAPAN324 viewsName on box: Bulldozer with horn and light!
Manufacturer: Linemar, Japan
Dimensions: Length - 9.5" Width - 5.75" Height - 6.5"
Timeline date: 1957
Actions: Bulldozer moves in bump and go fashion as steering levers move back and forth creating the impression that robot driver is controlling the direction. The rear rubber tread wheels roll along the ground, which in turn cause the front tread wheels to turn, creating the impression that the bulldozer is being propelled by the rubber treads. Intermittently, the horn will sound and the light atop the robot's head will light.
Additional info.: Photo above depicts the yellow color variation. There is also a blue color variation. Variations to the lithography of the robot operator also exist. Stamped into the center of the bump and go plate on the bottom of the toy is the Linemar Toys logo and the word JAPAN.
bulldozer tractor with robot driver. Back and forward action.

Also shown (bottom) is the BULLDOZER WHICH A ROBOT OPERATES version which has the maker's logo KKS in a diamond (Komoda Shoten)
SPACE SCOUT S-17, WHITE DOME - YANOMAN - JAPAN318 viewsA light blue lithographed tinplate battery operated space vehicle. The vehicle resembles an inflated mattress with long tin fins mounted on the rounded side sections. A yellow tin astronaut pilot sits under a large clear plastic dome and controls a clear plastic lighted gun. At the front is a white dome over a rotating light. Space Scout wording on the sides. There is a metal ring antenna at the back that rotates.

This is the most common version of the toy. A red dome version has been recorded (below). First sighted May Co California, Toy Treasures newspaper supplement, Nov. 24, 1963

There is evidently a connection between Yanoman and Yonezawa. The body of the S-17 is the same pressing as that found on the Rendezvous 7 8.
MOON CAR, MOON SPACE SHIP - NOMURA - JAPAN314 viewsNamed Moon Car on the box, but Moon Space Ship on the toy. This is a reworking of the Robbt Space Patrol chariot or sled. Tin battery op with bump and go action. Robby has been replaced by a transparent plastic lighting dome inside which is a tin litho globe with space graphics. Note that this version does not have a driver.

Name on toy: Moon Space Ship
Name on box: Moon Car
Globe type on toy and box: white globe with stars, saucer & rockets
Pilots: none
ATLAS MISSILE LAUNCHER - ISI - JAPAN312 viewsMetallic blue lithographed tin battery operated A-198 rocket launcher. This boxy tank-like tracked vehicle has a red launching structure containing a yellow tube which holds the wooden rubber tipped missile. The missiles are stored in clips along the side. Marked ATLAS on one side, A-198 on the door. Radar screen lights and launcher raises and fires missile as vehicle advances. Date?
MARS EXPLORER CAR - KDP EXELO - JAPAN 305 viewsTin battery operated space car with lithographed details. The car's windows and driver are lithographed. The car has a simple forward motion with a flashing rear light that also moves in and out. The front wheels are manually adjusted for steering. The box and toy carry the KDP logo. The toy also has the Exelo logo.
MOBILE SATELLITE TRACKING STATION, CAPE CANAVERAL - YONEZAWA - JAPAN305 viewsBattery Operated. Lighted Screen with Moving Scenery.
Cragstan logo.
MOON CAR, MOON PATROL SPACE DIVISION NO. 3 - NOMURA - JAPAN300 viewsTin battery op Circa 1955. Advances with mystery action as the inner celluloid dome with tin space ships and a planet spins while the illuminated satellite inside the dome circles in the opposite direction. TN sled chariot

Despite having a tin astronaut pilot, the artwork on the box still depicts the driverless Moon Car version of the toy.

Name on toy: Moon Patrol Space Division No 3
Name on box: Moon Car
Globe type on toy and box: white globe with stars, saucer & rockets
Pilots: one on toy, none on box

Image Smith House Auctions
FRICTION SPACE PATROL - CRAGSTAN BY ICHIKO - JAPAN298 viewsTin friction open top space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing. Open top car with windshield. Tin stronaut driver holding a gun.

Friction and battery operated versions of this brightly lithoed tin space car are known.
ROBERT THE ROBOT DRIVES HIS MECHANICAL BULLDOZER (WIND UP VERSION) - IDEAL - USA293 viewsName on box: Robert the Robot Bulldozer Dozer No 4063
Name on toy: Ideal Diesel Tractor
Nickname: (Wind up version)*
Manufacturer: Ideal Toy Corporation, U.S.A.
Dimensions: Length - 9.5", Width - 6.5", Height - 6.5"
Timeline date: 1956 (Milway of Milwaukee Wholesale catalog)
Power source: Wind up motor/1 "AA" battery
Actions: Vehicle moves forward with a whistling sound, then backs up. Robert's hands sit atop the steering levers which move back and forth as the dozer changes direction, giving the impression that the robot is actually operating the controls. The robot's head lights up by means of a "AA" battery inside the driver's body. The shovel can either sit up off the ground, resting on the front lip of the bulldozer, or it can scrape along the ground to actually move objects.
Additional info.: *There is also a remote control/hand crank version. It uses the same remote controller and cable unit that Robert the Robot came with. Permanently attached, metal wind up key. Battery fits beneath hat.
ALPHA 7 SPACE VEHICLE 3500 - GAMA - WEST GERMANY290 viewsPlastic battery op remote control lunar explorer. West Germany. One in related series of space vehicles. 1970s
MARSMAN - MASUDAYA - JAPAN279 viewsAn unusual blue lithographed tin friction space vehicle. The small vehicle has an open cockpit with a tin astronaut behind a windshield. The back of the car is raised up in a tin hump that is covered in space related litho: Saturn, stars, rockets. MARSMAN wording on the top rear.

The box art is primitive but attractive, with a very limited palette of browns and blues. The same pressing was used for other non-space toys. Date?
MECHANIZED ROBOT, ROBBY SPACE PATROL - NOMURA - JAPAN277 viewsA large lithographed tinplate space sled or chariot. The metallic blue vehicle has tweo unoccupied seats. The top half of a Nomura Piston Avtion or Pug Robby sits on top of the front, looking as though his bottom half is enclosed in the sled. Battery operated mystery action with flashing lights. The mechanism is designed so that Robby turns in the direction that the chariot is moving.
Advances with mystery action as Robby turns, his dome lights and the red/green disc lights blink.

This remarkable space toy is a direct copy of the space chariot in the 1956 MGM film "The Forbidden Planet", though it is a unlicensed product.

Name on toy: Space Patrol
Name on box: Mechanized Robot
Globe type on toy and box: na
Pilots: none on toy, none on box
INTERPLANETARY SPACE FIGHTER, SUPER JET V-7 - NOMURA - JAPAN275 viewsTin battery op vehicle with bump and go action. Astronaut with large gun.
BATTERY OPERATED BULLDOZER - YOSHIYA - JAPAN265 viewsOrange/yellow tinplate battery operated bulldozer with a blue-grey tin robot driver. ther bulldozer has working rubber tracks and a litho engine panel in the side. Shovel at the front. Marked KO. Forward and backward movement "With automatic shovel action". The robot's eyes light and he works the levers. 7" long. tractor
MOON CAR, MOON SPACE SHIP - NOMURA - JAPAN261 viewsTin battery op space car chariot/sled. Advances with mystery bump and go action as the dome turns, the two yellow dishes rotate, light flashes and the engine pistons move. No driver included.

Name on toy: Moon Space Ship
Name on box: Moon Car
Globe type: clear dome with electronic equipment
Pilots: none
SPACE SCOOTER - MASUDAYA - JAPAN259 viewsA large metallic blue lithographed tin and plastic battery operated space scooter. The scooter is ridden by a large tin boy astronaut with helmet and backpack.

Bump and go mystery action. Later released by Amico. Inspiration for the design came from the Fireball XL5 Jetmobile.

MARVELOUS MIKE BULLDOZER - SAUNDERS - USA254 viewsPressed steel battery op bulldozer tractor withot driver. USA
MOON EXPLORER M-27 - YONEZAWA - JAPAN252 viewsTin battery op vehicle - a tin can on its side - with four legs. Remote control. The remote is in the shape of a plastic rocket. One button makes the vehicle walk and antenna turn. The second button makes the door open and a plastic astronaut with camera emerges. Similar to Moon Detector - Mond Detektor .

Marked M-27. There is a variation with the Cragstan importer's logo on the side. Many boxes carry the Farylight importer's sticker.

Currently the first sighting of the Moon Explorer X-27 (Bean tin) is in Wards catalogue for 1963.
Image Smith House Auctions
SPACE RANGER - MARX - USA251 viewsPlastic battery op remote control orbiting spaceship. Tethered flying action.
ROBOT BULLDOZER WITH BLINKING LIGHT - FLARE - JAPAN250 viewsTin battery op bulldozer tractor with robot. Blinking lights. When you push the lever on the right forward, the tractor moves forward, the pistons move up and down and the light on top of the robots head flashes on and off. Pushing the lever backwards reverses the action. The pistons have a distinctive design: they are tin rockers that emerge from the side of the lithographed engine. The robot has a rounded shape

Marked "United Pioneer Company No 115" on the back and "United" on the front.

ROCKET LAUNCHER TRUCK - S&E - JAPAN250 viewsTin friction truck with rocket on elevating trailer gantry. A lithographed tin operator sits at a control panel on the trailer. Detachable rocket has a separate friction mechanism. Suzuki and Edwards Japan Super N-62 N 62
SONAR SPACE PATROL - YONEZAWA - JAPAN248 viewsThis is a large tin battery operated space ship. The silver and blue rocket has a boxy shape with a rounded nose. A clear plastic dome at the front contains colored flashing lights. At the back are two fins with a long domed engine cover between them. There is a long metal on-off switch. The box art depicts a slightly different vehicle: a more slender shape with opening doors in the base.

This toy employs a Sonicon-style whistle steering action, a copy of the Masudaya original.

Other space toys use this pressing:
Nomura Mars 107 Super Space Patrol
Nomura Sky Patrol
ATOMIC BULLDOZER - PMC - HONG KONG247 viewsPlastic battery op space tank with articulated robot driver. Spiral pattern spinner under clear dome. Bump and go action. Hong Kong. See also the Space Controlled Tractor
ARCTIC EXPLORER SLED - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPAN247 viewsA large blue painted catamaran style pressed steel vehicle. with wings and propellers. This unusual vehicle has two long pontoons joined by a red central platform and topped with a futuristic wing-like bridge structure. Engines with propellers are fixed on either side of this wing. The ship carries a helicopter fitted with floats. 19" 47cm.

The scale of the toy is designed to create the impression of a massive vehicle. It is a borderline space piece but has a futuristic appearance that appeals to space collectors.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.
SATELLITE LAUNCHING TRUCK XS-126 - YONEZAWA - JAPAN246 viewsTin battery operated truck with tin astronaut driver under a clear plastic dome at the front. Screen at rear. Round radar dish. Shoots spinners from a central unit that can be directed. X5-126 on front turret. Spinners carried on a rear wire extension.
SPACE PIONEER - MASUDAYA - JAPAN243 viewsA metallic blue and silver lithographed tin battery op space ship. The space ship has large tubular side engines topped with fins. A pilot sits under a clear plastic canopy. Bump and go mystery action. The toy has a fan powered siren which changes in tone, swannee whistle style. "Super Sonic". It is featured in the 1963 Masudaya catalog.
FRICTION SPACE EXPLORER S-3 - USAGIYA for LINEMAR - JAPAN239 viewsTin friction space car with large red astronaut pilot. The pilot's hands move. Imitation tracks at rear. Also sold in a boxed set with the robot headed version. No J-4333

The box art is essentially the same as for the Usagiya Space Patrol version.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
Z-MAN THE BRAIN238 viewsFirst seen in the Sears Christmas Book for 1956.

Plastic battery op vehicle with oversize driver. shoots missiles. Comes with four cardboard targets. Four variations are shown including the 1957 Holiday Distributing Co. version which showing a differently styled toy called "Z-Brain rocket Launcher".
ROAD CONSTRUCTION ROLLER - DAIYA - JAPAN235 viewsTin battery op road roller with tin Robby driver. Forward and backward action with flashing lights. Road roller in metallic green with a maroon Robby at the controls. Visible moving pistons. 25cm
MOON PATROL XT-878 - TPS - JAPAN235 viewsToplay. Blue lithographed tin battery op space hovercraft style vehicle with dome with gun and antenna. Bump and go action. See Luna Hovercraft. Reputedly there are two versions: one with gun (shown), one without. 20cm 1970
BATTERY OPERATED SPACE SHIP ME-102 - CHINA234 viewsTin battery operated styrofoam ball blowing vehicle. The flat car shaped vehicle has a rear tail fin and a clear plastic canopy containing a pilot. A tube emerges from the top and a stream of air supports the styrofoam ball. 32cm Red and blue litho versions. This is a copy of the Holdauto design.

Early box and later window box versions shown.

ME 102 ME102
SUPER MOON PATROLER - JUNIOR TOY - JAPAN233 viewsTin and plastic battery op vehicle Circa 1970's. Advances with mystery action and engine sound as lights flash . It stops, the doors pop open, and the top part of the patroler spins.
Image Smith House Auctions
INDIAN SCOUT AT_11 - AMARTOY - INDIA 232 viewsLight blue lithographed tinplate battery operated vehicle. Bump and go action with astronaut sitting at a large green gun with clear plastic barrel. Magic white color dome at the front. The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back. This is an Indian knock-off version of the Yanoman Space Scout S-17. The serial AT_11 is printed on the inner sides. AT-11. Made by Amartoy of Dehli.

Closer examination has shown that this has not been produced from the same mold but has been designed to resemble the original Japanese piece. The Indian version is slightly smaller and it does not have the rotating antenna. The fins stand vertical, the litho detailing is different and the battery box is plastic rather than tin. Date? Asia
SPACE ROBOT CAR, GOLD ROBBY- YONEZAWA - JAPAN232 viewsMetallic blue lithographed tin space car. This large space car has a gold tin lithographed Robby robot driver sitting at the wheel. Behind him is a cylindrical turret covered with a clear green plastic dome. The gun turret pans from side to side as the gun tips move in and out as a firing sound is emitted with flashing lights. Battery operated with a stop and go action. 9.5" 25cm

This space car uses the same pressing as the Space Car with the red Robby driver. The box carries a FLARE importer's logo.

Date? c1955

MOON EXPLORER - GAKKEN - JAPAN231 viewsTin battery op vehicle. Bump and go action. Dome at front. See also the Moon Patrol radio controlled version that uses the same pressing.
CRAGSTAN SPACE MOBILE, LUNAR PATROL - CRAGSTAN - JAPAN229 viewsRed tinplate battery operated vehicle. This is a flat vehicle with a large square plastic canopy containing a tin pilot. Behind the canopy is a circular disc with colored gel divisions. The ship has two rear fins and a rotating metal oval antenna on a wire. The pace Mobile is marked Lunar Patrol on the sides. 10" 25cm long

Bump and go action with flashing lights and Roar R R noise. There is no obvious manufacturer's mark though the box has a Cragstan distributor's logo.
SUPER RADAR TRACTOR T-27 - ICHICO? - JAPAN229 viewsSeal logo. Tin battery op with robot driver and dish antenna.
GIANT ROBOT BULLDOZER - TOMY - JAPAN228 viewsA large (19" 45cm) plastic battery operated radio controlled tractor with robot driver. Silver engine. The tractor is marked DIESEL at the front and GIANT BULLDOZER at the back.

Forward and reverse action with lifting shovel.

Red and yellow versions shown. Japanese language boxes. Is there an English box?

Image Smith House Auctions
X-9 SPACE ROBOT CAR - MASUDAYA - JAPAN224 viewsTin battery op vehicle Circa 1955. 19cm Advances with mystery action as robot driver steers as the lighted popcorn popper tosses around the multicolor balls.
Image Smith House Auctions
MOON MOBILE SCOUT WAGON EXPLORER - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPAN223 viewsLarge blue painted pressed steel space vehicle. This moving platform has a large yellow crane structure at the back and lifts a silver Explorer airplane. Small figures stand behind railings. The scale of the toy is designed to create the impression of a massive vehicle. 12" 30cm

Battery operated forward and backward motion.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.
MOON-DETECTOR - YONEZAWA - JAPAN223 viewsBlue lithographed tin battery operated moon exploration vehicle. Cylindrical body with tracks, resembling a tin can on its side. The front and back have clear plastic domes covering the ends. Inside the forward control area is a grey plastic astronaut driver. Forward and reverse movement with rotating plastic antenna and lighting feelers. The vehicle has two long arms or feelers at the front. They have lighted tips.

There is also a Mond Detektor German market version. This is a variation of the remote control Moon Explorer M-27 vehicle.

First sighting currently 1964.
SUPER RADAR TRACTOR T-27 - ICHIKO - JAPAN222 viewsA red and silver tin battery operated tractor with a silver metal robot driver. Bump and go. Distinctive circular rotating metal antenna dish at the back. Marked T-27 Seal logo.
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