Toy Robots and Space Toys
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JOURNEY INTO SPACE - SUBBUTEO - ENGLANDA large space board game. The game is based around a "Model World", a spiral track leads to the center. Plastic "rotator spacecraft fleet" spin along the track. The inspiration for the game was a BBC radio programme "Journey into Space".

On sale in 1955.
Jul 05, 2016
FLUG ZUM MOND - MAKER? - W GERMANYFlight to the Moon. Space board game. Details? Jul 05, 2016
ORBIT - PARKER - USASpace board game. The object of Orbit is to be the first player to move each one of his/her space ships from Earth to a different planet. This game is for 2, 3, or 4 players and includes a game board, two spinners, and tiny wooden discs in four different colors representing space ships. 1959
Jul 05, 2016
COSMOS - RUMAIRE - FRANCEA highly-hyped space board game. A small plastic device is attached to an arm extending from a globe of the world. Details? Jul 05, 2016
SPACE GAME - DOYUSHA - JAPANA simple space board game, Ludo style. Jul 05, 2016
LUNA - SPIKA - DDRMoon. Space board game. Details? East GermanyJul 05, 2016
FLUG ZU DEN PLANETEN - ASRO SPIELE - W GERMANYFlight to the Planets space board game. Details? Jul 05, 2016
SPACE GAME - PARKER - USAA space board game with comical alien bandits. Date?Jul 05, 2016
MEN INTO SPACE - MILTON BRADLEY - USASpace board game. A spinner is used to determine takeoff and flight speed of 4 ships along two crossing orbital paths from the earth to the moon.

Dated to December 1960
Jul 05, 2016
TINTIN AND MILOU VERS LA LUNE - HERGE MONTBRISON - FRANCETintin and Snowy to the Moon: a space board game based on Hergé's TinTin. The game uses graphics from "Destination Moon", the graphic novel from the early 1950s. The game dates to 1969.Jul 05, 2016
WELTRAUMFLUG - SPIKA - DDRSpace Flight board game. East Germany. Details?Jul 05, 2016
JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE - CODEG - ENGLANDA space board game. Details? 1950s?Jul 05, 2016
EARTH SATELLITE GAME - GABRIEL - USASatellite themed space game. The game contains four plastic 3-stage rockets.

Dated to December 1956.
Jul 05, 2016
VIAGGI NELLO SPAZIO - MAKER? - ITALYTravel In Space board game. The box art features interesting and authentic skeletal rockets.Jul 05, 2016
COUNTDOWN SPACE GAME - TRANSOGRAM - USASpace board game. Spinner. The pieces are cardboard rockets on stands. First sighted in October 1961. Jul 05, 2016
SPAN-IT No 102 SPACE MAZE GAME - SUDBURY - USASpace board game. The "spanner" is a small red plastic device which fits into the holes in the board and determines the player's progress. One of a range of Span-It games. Dated to 1948.Jul 05, 2016
SKY RIDERS - PARKER - USASpace board game. Details?Jul 05, 2016
MOON SHOT - CADACO - USASpace board game. No. #269. Rotating the disk alters the obstacles in the player's path. 1967Jul 05, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - MAKER? _ USAA space board game with Apollo themed artwork. Details?Jul 05, 2016
SPACE FLIGHT - THOMAS SALTER LTD - SCOTLANDSpace board game. Spin a Win feature replaces the dice. Comprises: 2 plastic spinners; 1 integral card spinning surface; 1 instructions leaflet. A very basic game. 1970s?

Jul 05, 2016
RAMO RAKETENFLUG ZUM MOND - STOCKINGER & MORSACK - W GERMANYRocket Flight to the Moon. Space board game. Stomo. Details? Jul 05, 2016
GUERRA A MARTE - ARCO-FALC - SPAINWar On Mars. Space shooting game. A wood and metal spring loaded gun is used to shoot missiles at a colorful space target divided into a number of scoring squares. 1950s. Jul 05, 2016
ELEKTRO MENSCH! - MAKER? - W GERMANYElectro Man. An electronic question and answer game with a space robot theme. Lights on the robot illuminate to reveal the answers to questions on the left. Several different question cards supplied. Date? Jul 05, 2016
TIRO AL ESPACIO - AIRGAM - SPAINSpace Shoot. A shooting game. The target is a space scene with a rotating disk. Each time the target in the window is hit it moves to show another target. Wire frame dart gun with rubber tipped darts is provided. Jul 05, 2016
TARGETS IN SPACE - SPEARS - ENGLANDSpace shooting game. A key wind mechanism allows hinged card targets to appear against a space landscape. A dart gun with rubber tipped darts is provided. Jul 05, 2016
J-15 ESTACION ASTRAL DE AERONAVES - GEYPER - SPAINSpace Aircraft Station. A variation on a space shooting game. Bombs are loaded into a red plastic J-15 spaceship and dropped onto a target board. Jul 05, 2016
SPACE FLEET SET - HANDI-CRAFT - USASpaceship casting set. Comprises six hard plastic molds to make casts of spaceships and planes. Comes with tin of "Handi-Craft Casting Powder," brush, airplane parts and paint discs. Jul 05, 2016
WELTRAUM STATION NO 1 - ABEL-KLINGER - W GERMANYSpace Station board game. No. 1771. The playing pieces are wooden pegs shaped like astronauts. The board rotates to alter the obstacles. Jul 05, 2016
STATION FX-2 - HAUSSER - W GERMANYSpace station themed board game. Details?Jul 05, 2016
CONQUISTA DO ESPACO - ESTRELA - BRAZILConquest of Space board game. No #613. Details? Jul 05, 2016
ROCKET SATELLITE ACTION GAME - TARCO - USASpace game. A remote control dexterity game. A lever is used to guide spaceships around a course. Magnetic.

On sale August 1963.
Jul 05, 2016
SPACESHIP JOURNEY TO JUPITER - FAIRCHILD - USASpace board game by All-Fair. Date?Jul 05, 2016
VIAGGIO SPAZIALE - MAKER? - ITALYSpace Voyage. Space board game. Trading game includes banknotes. Jul 04, 2016
DE LA TERRE A LA LUNE - CAPIEPA - FRANCEFrom the Earth to the Moon. Space board game c1970. Jul 04, 2016
RAKETEN WETTFAHRT - SPEAR SPIEL - W GERMANYSpace board game with a Sputnik theme. c1957 Green plastic pieces and a plastic Sputnik. Jul 04, 2016
WELTRAUMFAHRT - SPIELE SCHMIDT - W GERMANYSpace Travel. A space board game. Small plastic astronaut playing pieces. See also the French Voyage Interplanetaire version. Jul 04, 2016
TREFFPUNCT MARS - NURBURG - GERMANYMeeting Point Mars. A space board game with eight small plastic rockets. 1958Jul 04, 2016
LA FIN DU MONDE - MAKER? - FRANCEThe End of the World. A small boxed dexterity game with a glass cover. The object is to attach a comet, a thin sheet of metal, to a ball representing the Earth. The graphics have a distinct Jules Verne theme. Jul 04, 2016
ROCKETS - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDA target game with a space themed box. Balls are flipped onto a target board using spring-loaded wooden tubes. The basis of the later Dan Dare Roll-A-Ball game.

Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956.
Jul 04, 2016
DIE REISE ZUM MOND - KLEE - GERMANYA space board game with box art inspired by the George Melies film, A Trip to the Moon. Dated c1921 and produced by Klee for a margarine factory Eidelsted. Modern copies are available. Jul 04, 2016
AUJOURD'HUI DANS L'ESPACE UN VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE - LA TOUR ST DENIS - FRANCEToday in Space, a Voyage to the Moon. Space board game using a roulette wheel to determine the throw value. Jul 04, 2016
COLOQUE UN SATELITA EN ORBITA - VICTORIA - BRAZILPut A Satellite in Orbit. Space game, plastic satellites are flipped onto the board. Jul 04, 2016
APOLLO - MULDER - W GERMANYSpace board game. Four large plastic rockets for counters. Dice. Jul 04, 2016
BASE LUNA - ARCO-FALC - ITALYMoon Base space target game. Darts are fired at the printed targets. Mailan. 1950sJul 04, 2016
SPACE PILOT - CITATION PRODUCTS - USASpace board game. Spinning tops have to be guided into the center. Jul 04, 2016
ROCKET PATROL, PLANET PATROL - MILTON BRADLEY - USA"An Inter Space Game". Two versions of the space battleship game. 1950sJul 04, 2016
RESAN TILL MANEN - MAKER? - SWEDENFLIGHT TO THE MOON. Space board game with a Zodiac theme. Jul 04, 2016
DER FLUG INS WELTALL - BUROBEDARF - DDRFLIGHT INTO OUTER SPACE board game. East Germany. 1956. 4 spaceships. Dice. Jul 04, 2016
IM JAHRE 2000 - MAKER? - W GERMANYIn the Year 2000. Space board game with plastic spaceman figure. This is probably the original version, later released as Sputnik.

Jul 04, 2016
ASTRONAUT - MAKER? - SWEDENSpace board game with plastic spaceman figure. This is a Swedish release of the German IM JAHRE 2000 version. 1950sJul 04, 2016
DESTINO MARTE - JUGUETES CEFA - SPAINDestination Mars board game. 1950s Juguetes Cefe, ZaragozaJul 04, 2016
ROCKET TRAIN RAKETENBAHN GE-271 - TECHNOFIX - W GERMANYA lithographed tinplate monorail train. The wind up futuristic train straddles a highly decorated oval tinplate track. Dated 1953 in the Technofix archive. Jul 04, 2016
MECHANICAL WALKING SILVER ROBOT - ESTRELA - BRAZILMechanical Walking Silver Robot, chrome plastic wind up robot. Stepover legs. Spark window in chest. This is a copy of the Aoki original. Box? Jul 03, 2016
ROBOT - MAKER? - ARGENTINAA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet. Wind up hopping action. Marked Industria Argentina.

A copy of the Yone Jumping Robot, but with its own Juguete Mecanico (mechanical toy) box and with no antenna.
Jul 03, 2016
JUMPING ROBOT - YONE - JAPANA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet and a small white antenna. Wind up hopping action. Sold in trade boxes of six.

Silver and red variations. Two litho variations of the red version shown.
Jul 03, 2016
SPACEMEN BAGGED SET - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAAn unusual bagged set of Ajax spacemen and others sold with a Premier header card. An indication of the complex relationship betwwen these early producers.Jul 01, 2016
DIME STORE SPACEMEN - PREMIER PLASTICS - USABagged combinations of Premier rockets and spacemen.Jul 01, 2016
ROCKET GUNNER WITH SPACE RANGER - BEST - USAIdentified in this newspaper ad, a carded two-piece set comprising a spaceman and rocket launcher. Hard plastic. Set No #302. March 1953.Jul 01, 2016
FIGHTING SPACE RANGERS - BEST - USACurrently identified only in this newspaper ad: a boxed set of four hard plastic spacemen and one rocket launcher. Set No #303, the largest of the Best space sets. March 1953.Jul 01, 2016
STAR TROOPER - MAKER? - USBagged set of glow in the dark plastic spacemen, 3". Ajax copies.
Jul 01, 2016
FLASH GORDON SET - TORGANO - ITALYLarge 8 cm figures made of a Bakelite-type hard plastic. Hand painted. Collectors refer to this rare set as Torgano Flash Gordon spacemen because of a similarity to the characters in the Flash Gordon serials. The top two figures are both Flash Gordon, one holding a ray gun in each hand while the other, a clear helmeted figure, holds a space rifle. At his feet you can just make out a dead alien. Torgano of Sarona.

The two other figures are Prince Thun, the Lion Man of Mongo and a Mechanical Man. There are at least two paint versions of each figure. Date? Probably 1950s.
Jun 30, 2016
SPACEMEN - JIM - FRANCEWhite plastic Apollo spacemen with dark space helmet visors. Each holds a piece of equipment. Marked JIM. Details?
Jun 30, 2016
SPACEMEN - MP - FRANCEA set of at lease seven 54mm plastic spacemen with clear helmets and with distinctive hosepipes running from backpacks to helmets. These are made of hard plastic and hve either flat or raised bases. Underneath each flat base are the letters MP and the words Model Deposé.

The flat base figures have a number between 500-507. There are no markings underneath these figures. The MP figures appear in orange and yellow color variations.

Many of these poses have been seen in the semi-translucent Cyrnos range, though the coloring and plastic of the MP range is different.
Jun 30, 2016
SPACEMEN - REX FOR BONUX - FRANCE Slender translucent hard plastic spacemen with clear plastic helmets. An earlier premiums with Bonux washing powder. Marked Bonux on the thigh and Rex Depose on the back. Rex also released these figures separately. Date?Jun 30, 2016
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