Tin Robots and Space Toys
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SOUND-O-POWER ASTRO-GUN - MARX - USAA huge bulky red battery operated plastic space gun that emits a range of electronic sounds. Featured in a TV commercial in 1968
Mar 30, 2013
SPARKLING SPACE GUN, SPACEJET GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANSmall tin lithographed space gun with short barrel. Wind up action with noise and spark. Wood effect stock. Marked Spacejet, Comet marked on the handle. Oddly the box shows just Space Gun wording on the toy. Mar 30, 2013
ROCKET SHIP - MAKER?Futuristic silver lithographed tin push toy of a space rocket. This tear drop shaped rocket has four porthole windows on each side with litho detailing of two astronauts in each. Three rear fins. Hollow metal wheels. The front has a large litho window at the front with pilot and instrument panel being shown. The front is rounded with a Zeppelin like airship style. Date and maker unknown. Maker? Box?

Image courtesy Bergin Toys
Mar 29, 2013
GALAXY GUN SET - HONG KONGSmall plastic spring loaded space gun shoots a combination of "saucers" spinners or a whistling top. This is a reissue of the Park Plastics Astro Fleet gun. Blister packed on card. 1970s.Mar 28, 2013
SLING-SHOT ROCKET PISTOL - PLAZA PRODUCTS - USAMetallic bronze space gun. 7" Rubber band powered gun shoots red balls. Manufactured by the Platz Products Company, Minneapolis. 1960s

Mar 28, 2013
SPACE GUN - SHUDO - JAPANSmall (5.5") blue tin lithographed space gun. Single large rectangular red spark window on either side. Friction action with spark. See MMC gun. Trade box of a dozen. 1960sMar 27, 2013
SUPER SPACE GUN - JAPANBlue lithographed tin space gun. Uniquely a set of long horizontal spark windows extend from the body in to the barrel. The barrel tip has a series of holes. Marked Super Space. Friction noise and spark action. Maker? Box?Mar 27, 2013
ATOM GUN 73 - YONEYA - JAPAN SY Logo. A relatively small (13") tinplate friction space gun, highly lithographed. Number 73 on the stock. Lever cocking attachment. Spark window set into the top of the barrel. The box has particularly attractive space scene illustrations. SY Logo. Cowboy western styling. Box?

The toy appears in a 1964 Japanese exporter's catalog.
Mar 27, 2013
PATRULLA ESTELAR - AIRGAM - SPAINBlue plastic space gun, angular pistol style. Shoots 25 disks in quick succession. LanzaMar 26, 2013
GALAXY ROBOT - CHINALater multicolored plastic battery op robot with doors in chest, rotating body and shooting guns. Light blue plastic body, orange head and arms, pink hands and feet. Large clear red plastic face. This is a variation of the Cosmos Robot by Kamco.Mar 26, 2013
SPACE 1999 TARGET SET - HONG KONGSimple white plastic gun shoots yellow bullets held in an assembly on the gun. Card targets are printed on the backing card. Blister packed on card.Mar 26, 2013
OFFICIAL SPACE 1999 EAGLE WATER GUN A plastic space water gun in the shape of the Eagle spacecraft in Space:1999. Green side pods and a red tail engine. Blister carded. Yellow and white body versions known.Mar 26, 2013
SPACE 1999 STUN SAUCER GUN - AHI - HONG KONGSilver plastic space gun shoots yellow spinners. This gun has odd the odd angular styling of the Space 1999 Stun Gun with no barrel. It has four colored buttons on the handle. Blister carded.Mar 26, 2013
SPACE 1999 OFFICIAL STUN GUN - AHI - HONG KONGAnother version of the unusual Space 1999 stun gun. Silver plastic with a battery operated flashlight action with click sound. Four colored buttons on the handle.Mar 26, 2013
SPACE 1999 OFFICIAL STUN GUN - RENWAL - USAThe Space 1999 space gun has an unusual shape, essentially three sides of a square with electronic operation: in this example a white plastic battery operated three colored light version with sound. The gun also has a flashlight feature that projects a target, and the colored lights flash in sequence.Mar 26, 2013
SPACE 1999 OFFICIAL STUN GUN- BBRB 1975The Space 1999 space gun has an unusual shape, essentially three sides of a square with electronic operation: in this example a white plastic battery operated four colored light version with sound. The British TV show had notoriously low production values.Mar 26, 2013
IRONMAN ROBOT - LUCKY - CHINAA re-release of the Kamco Saturn Robot. 13 inch plastic battery op robot. Walks with TV screen in the chest showing a space scene. Lighted eyes. Decal detailing on an angled panel below the chest. Mar 26, 2013
PERRY-NAUTA SPACE GUN - SPAINLarge black plastic space rifle with angled wood-effect stock. A large flashlight is mounted on top. Day-Glo yellow spark windows. Friction action with sound and spark. The gun is essentially a space pistol with an added stock: the gun is also available in the smaller pistol format (inset).Mar 24, 2013
ROCKET CARBINE GUN ASTRO BOY - SHIMADEN - JAPANPlastic rocket shaped space gun shoots white rocket shaped darts. The fins have an unusual mirrored style, extending above and below the main body. Blister carded. Date?Mar 24, 2013
CAPTAIN VIDEO SECRET RAY GUN PREMIUM - POWERHOUSE CANDY - USAMail away premium. Red plastic gun, battery operated flashlight action. Based on the popular radio series, the gun was sold as a premium by Power House candy. 4 ins long battery operated gun. Came in a plain box with a "Luma-Glo" card that produced glowing messages when the gun was pointed at it.Mar 22, 2013
CAPTAIN SPACE SOLAR SCOUT RIFLE - MARX - USALarge 26 inch hard plastic furturistic battery operated space rifle with telescopic sight. The sleek gun's principal feature is the large flashlight mounted on top of the barrel: it has a color changing action activated by a switch. When the trigger is pressed the gun makes a sound and the light shines.

The rifle was produced in a wide range of colors including red, blue, silver, gold, white and maroon. The gun has a colored nozzle tip in various colors.

First sighted in a 1955 George Worthington catalog where it is shown as a two-tone version called Space Ray Gun. No such two-tone version is known. The technical drawing is dated 1954.
Mar 22, 2013
SPACE RAY GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANAngular tin lithographed space gun, pistol style with magazine and large red plastic nozzle. This is based on the body of the TAKOTOKU Sparking Silver Ray Gun with the addition of the magazine and the tapered barrel with red plastic nozzle. Friction spark and noise. TT logo T.T. Bagged with header card: two packaging variations shown.Mar 22, 2013
ULTRAMAN SPACE GUN - SUPERSOL - ARGENTINAGrey plastic space rifle with angled stock and long telescopic sight. Ultraman wording and the character is molded into the handle. Action? Sold in bag with header card. Supersol has a seal logo. Date?Mar 22, 2013
JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - BULGARIAThree gear clear plastic pistol style space gun with visible gears. Friction action with spark. Green plastic nozzle. A version of the Yoshiya original Junior Jet Gun.Mar 22, 2013
JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - HONG KONGTransparent plastic space water gun, angular pistol shape with a stubby nozzle. Possibly by Telsalda. 1970s Bagged with header card depicting a lunar lander.Mar 22, 2013
BUBBLE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLithographed tin friction bubble blowing space gun. The gun has a stocky shape with a liquid reservoir and bubble mechanism at the front. Pulling the trigger produces the air flow for bubbles. The gun has no space litho but the box art depicts a space landscape. Marked Bubblegun on the handle Date?Mar 22, 2013
SPACE PILOT JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - TAIYO - JAPANPlastic friction space gun, machine pistol style with a short barrel tipped with fins. Magazine. Spark window at the base of the barrel. Taiyo logo on the handle. Dinosaur graphics on the box. Friction spark and noise action. Gold and blue versions shown.Mar 22, 2013
FLASH GORDON CLICK RAY PISTOL - MARX - USALithographed 10 inch tin space gun. Retro styling with simple click action. A reissue of the earlier Marx clicker gun pressing. Marked Flash Gordon Arresting Ray 1950sMar 17, 2013
REX MARS ARRESTING RAY SPACE PISTOL - MARX - ENGLANDLithographed 10 inch tin space clicker gun. Retro styling with simple click action. A reworking of the Marx Flash Gordon pressing to create a Rex Mars variation. Little more than the wording has been altered. Marked Arresting Ray Great Britain on the barrel. 1950s Box?Mar 17, 2013
SILVER EAGLE MACHINE GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge 24 inch machine space gun, silver blue litho. Battery operated. Barrel lights and clip moves as gun makes a firing noise. Red plastic end piece. Silver Eagle written on the sides and a small eagle logo on the wood effects stock. Space graphics on the box.Mar 17, 2013
DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANThe non-Cragstan version of the tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. This is a red gun with the word ATOMIC in large lettering on the side. Copious litho detailing. Double-barreled gun: two clear green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Condor logo and elaborate heraldic styled detailing. Same pressing as the Cragstan version and the Jetter Space Gun. Green box with a picture of the gun in a white oval.

Also shown is the cowboy version of this gun. The bizarre combination of cowboy graphics and a space machine gun is characteristic of the guns produced during this crossover period. Manufacturers were keen to serve these two interests.
Mar 15, 2013
CRAGSTAN DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANRed tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. Copious litho detailing. Double-barreled gun: two clear green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Condor logo and elaborate heraldic styled detailing. Same pressing as the Super Jetter Space Gun and the non-Cragstan Atomic Gun. Plain white box with a picture of the gun.Mar 15, 2013
SPACE GUN - HAJI - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin space gun with crimped construction. Three vertical spark windows on either side with the wording SPACE GUN. Rocket 207 litho on the side and an astronaut's head on the handle. Marked Haji on the handle. Box? May have been sold in trade boxes. The gun appears in the 1971 Haji catalog.

A second silver litho version marked Japan is also shown. It has a picture of a space capsule on the side and an astronaut making a space walk on the handle.
Mar 15, 2013
SPACE RAY GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANAngular tin lithographed space gun, pistol style. Rectangular spark window. Automatic wording on the side and SPACE RAY GUN on the top. A slight variation appears in a 1960s TAKOTOKU catalog where it is called the Sparking Silver Ray Gun. Friction spark and noise. TT logo T.T. Many litho variations are known.Mar 14, 2013
ROB-ONIC SEE THRU ROBOT ROBOT - KAO SHEK - CHINARecent clear plastic battery operated robot with visible gears. Clear plastic body, blue arms, squat domed head with large eyes. Bump ang go action with flashing lights. Modern window box. Robonic Date?Mar 12, 2013
SPACE CAP GUN - HONG KONGRetro styled plastic space gun. Fins on the barrel. Space wording on the handle. Cap firing action. Seen in blue and green versions. 1960s. Bagged with header card. This gun has been attributed to Castle. Mar 12, 2013
RADAR RAIDER TOMMY GUN - ARLISS - USAHard plastic space Tommy Gun, 18 inches with Radar Raider molded in the side. Two versions shown: the top version is a cap firing gun, the lower is a water gun. 1950s. Mar 12, 2013
FLASH-O-MATIC GUN - ROYAL PLASTICS - USABorderline space gun. Angular hard plastic space flashlight. The makers claim that the gun claims that the gun makes a bang but apparently it doesnn't. Small sight at tip of barrel. 6 1/2 inches long with a yellow plastic hammer that moves. Available in a range of colors.Mar 12, 2013
FRICTION SPACE GUN - YONEYA - JAPANBrightly lithographed multicolored tin friction space gun; angular shape with a short red plastic barrel and small spark windows. Litho bullet detailing on the sides. Friction action with noise and spark. SY Logo. Mar 10, 2013
SUPER RAYO DEL ESPACIO GUN - SPAINClear transparent plastic fricton space gun with red plastic barrel. Five small visible plastic gears. No 2072. A reworking of the Japanese Space Jet Ray Gun original. Friction spark and noise. Five gear version. Maker?Mar 10, 2013
MARS RATTAN AIR X-300 SPACESHIP - INDIAThis is an spaceship with an interesting pedigree. The original spaceship that it is based on is the hard plastic Pyro Space Scout X-100. Alps copied it in tin as the Mars Dream Jet, and finally it has been manufactured in India as the Mars X-300, Rattan Air. Asia

This is a yellow and red lithographed space rocket, a cross between a spaceship and a jet plane. Litho pilot cockpit detailing. A simple hollow pressing with a friction mechanism positioned under the front end.

Mars Dream Jet
Space Jet X100
Mars X-300 Rattan Air

Image Smith House Auctions
Mar 10, 2013
PISTOLA ATOMICA - MADEL - SPAINA clear plastic space water gun with short telescopic sight and various space moldings in the design. Six rings at the base of the barrel. Based on the Palmer 6 Ring space gun, though the front sight fin is much larger. Available in transparent and opaque plastic versions. Two box versions known. Boxes have card inserts. Date?Mar 08, 2013
ROCKET GUN - HONG KONGBlack plastic space gun with a large gold plastic barbed barrel and breech. Shoots darts. The gun has two plastic mounts on the top which will hold a spare dart. "Rocket Gun" molded into the sides. A reissue of the Lone Star Rocket Firing Gun. c1970?
Feb 25, 2013
STRATOBLASTER - RENWAL USA 1954A large plastic cap firing space gun, rifle shape. Made of a Bakelite looking brown streaked plastic. The rifle has space graphics molded into the stock and there are cooling fins around the barrel tip. The distinctive slaes feature was the use of a telescopic sight with real optics. The English version appeared in 1954, and would indicate a similar date for this gun.Feb 15, 2013
STRATOBLASTER - METTOY - ENGLANDLarge metallic blue plastic rifle shaped space gun with real telescopic sight. Space molding on the handle and a suggestion of space cooling fins on the barrel tip. Box? Featured in the Mettoy catalog for 1954. On sale Nov 1954.

Also shown is the black version of the Stratoblaster with a crank handle on the side. This is the sparking version of the toy with the red spark windows visible at the back of the barrel. Strato-Blaster

Feb 11, 2013
SPACE JET WATER GUN - METTOYClear red hard plastic space gun. Water pistol with large reservoir. Embossed detailing. Space Jet molded into the barrel. This is an English release of the Renwal gun of the same name. Box? First seen July 1955. Box?
Feb 11, 2013
SPACE PLATFORM with Realistic Spaceman - LINEMAR - JAPANCylindrical shaped vehicle. Spaceman pilot, spinning radar dish. Tin bump and go battery op. USAF 113251 . Based on the Pawnee flying platform first flown in 1958. A futuristic jeep. See also the Flying Jeep. Marked Army. Picture of toy?Feb 07, 2013
F105 Shape Gun - Chien Hsin - TaiwanA retro style plastic cap firing gun. This long space gun has few molded design elements with the exception of a roaring rocket on the grips, a ring of stars in front of the maker's name and a planet after it. Copper barrel tip.
Jan 23, 2013
MAJESTIC COSMIC GUN - HONG KONGA large plastic space gun, cap firing and dart gun. The front grip has the dart trigger, while the standard trigger fires the caps. This 17 inch gun marked "Empire Made No. 102" with the maker's mark "MM". It has a copper tipped barrel that connects it with the Hsin designs. Jan 23, 2013
RAY GUN - HSIN? ZEE INTERNATIONAL - HONG KONGA plastic space cap gun with the retro styling reminiscent of the Lone Star diecast gun. Egg shaped back, sleek barrel with rings and a characteristic copper tip. Imported by Zee International and the gun is maked Ray Gun. See Hsin guns Jan 23, 2013
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