Toy Robots and Space Toys
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URAN - BANDAI - JAPANTin and vinyl wind up Uran ( Atom Boy’s sister). Bandai. Same production as N°2, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY TRACK TOY - TPS - JAPANLithographed tinplate track toy consisting of a tinplate wind up Atom Boy travelling around a tinplate track., wind up, TPS, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - TADA - JAPANAtom Boy, friction action with wheels in the chest. Tin body, vinyl head. Tada logo on box and Atom Boy’s chest (1963), Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY SWIMMING - TADA /AOKI - JAPANAtom Boy swimming. Vinyl rotating arms. Wind up action. Tada logo on toy and box and Aoki logo on box. Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
FLYING ASTRO BOY - ATD ASAKUSA - JAPANAtom Boy, flying wind up fixed by a wire. Celluloid probellor attached to the feet. ATD marking on feet, ATD logo on box and ATD logo and Asakusa logo on later production, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom

Note: the English version of the box has the ASAKUSA maker's logo and has the typo "FLYING ASTORO BOY".
Nov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - BANDAI - JAPANWheeled Atom Boy friction toy, Bandai. Flying posture. Red spark windows in the feet. Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - BANDAI - JAPANAtom Boy, battery operated with remote fly on a wire, back and head light up, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - BANDAI - JAPANAtom Boy, Battery operated (in legs), Bandai (This one has been reproduced by Osaka Tin Toy logo Osaka on belt) tin with plastic head, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - BANDA - JAPANAtom Boy, Battery op remote, Bandai (made in japan on leg) head light up tin with plastic head, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - BANDAI - JAPANAtom Boy, wind up, Bandai (made in japan on leg) tin with plastic head, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ASTRO BOY - ATD - JAPANAtom Boy, wind up, ATD (ATD made in japan on belt), Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty AtomNov 17, 2014
ROTOR ROBOT - MORTOYS - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated robot, multicolored plastic. "The Walking Giant". 14 inches tall. Hypnotic spiral eyes and spinning barber pole legs make this a distinctive robot. Semicircular discs in the feet give this robot a waddling action. Window box.

This is the Hong Kong version of the original Cragstan version. The Cragstan version has a stylised C logo molded into the chest while the Mortoys version has a paper decal in the chest. There are three color versions of this robot: blue, orange and brown.

Appears in a newspaper ad dated 1970 and the box has a 1970 date.
Nov 09, 2014
PEZ KNOCKOFF GUN - HONG KONGA clear red hard plastic water pistol, clearly based on the early Pez design. The barrel has been elongated and the back of the gun simplified, otherwise it's the same. The stock has the same molded rocket design though the Pez wording has been removed. Packaging?Nov 03, 2014
LANCIA RAZZA - ARCO FALC - ITALYA space shooting game, the name translates as "Rocket Launcher". The target is a spring loaded rocket fixed to a tripod. Hitting a target disk launches the rocket. A blue hard plastic space gun shoots plastic darts . The gun by Gherzi is based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Palitoy.

Oct 26, 2014
LASERPHON 4005 - MSB - EAST GERMANYLithographed tin and plastic space flashlight gun. This unusual gun has a conical tinplate body with a plastic handle and an assortment of other plastic components: small rocket sight, ribbed barrel etc. There is a tin panel on the handle. The design on the gun is a striking abstract blue, white and red pattern. Battery operated flashlight action with a buzzer noise. 7" 17cm long. Takes two AA (R6) batteries. Made in the GDR. 1970s. Oct 25, 2014
SKULL SPARKLING MACHINE GUN - N IN CIRCLE - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate wind up space machine gun. Blue with red and white details. Telescopic sight. Perforated red barrel. Litho bullets on the magazine. Skull logo forward handle and a condor on the stock. Wind up action with noise and spark. 1950s.

See also:
Nomura Sparkling 8 Machine Gun
Nomura Sparkling Machine Gun
N in Circle Skull Machine Gun
Oct 25, 2014
SPARKLING 8 MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate wind up space machine gun. Blue with red and white details. Perforated blue barrel. Litho bullets on the magazine. 8 in Wings logo on the stock. Wind up action with noise and spark. 1950s.

See also:
Nomura Sparkling 8 Machine Gun
Nomura Sparkling Machine Gun
N in Circle Skull Machine Gun
Oct 25, 2014
SPARKLING MACHINE GUN NO 5 - NOMURA - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate wind up space machine gun. Blue with red and white details. Perforated black barrel. Litho bullets on the magazine. A western crossover piece: the box depicts cowboys and policemen. Wind up action with noise and spark. 1950s.

See also:
Nomura Sparkling 8 Machine Gun
Nomura Sparkling Machine Gun
N in Circle Skull Machine Gun
Oct 25, 2014
ATOMIC GUN - SHUDO? - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed tinplate angular space gun. Marked ATOMIC GUN with an electronic component on the sides and atomic symbol on the stock. The gun has a single raised rectangular red corrugated plastic spark window on each side. Friction action with spark. Maker? This has the same shape as Shudo guns.

There is also a silver version with red detailing. Box?
Oct 24, 2014
ROBOT CHARLY, BLACK VERSION - RE-EL 45 - ITALYBlack and red plastic battery operated remote control pedestal robot. The top half of the head is clear plastic, the bottom half is red plastic, as are the arms. Paper decal with the wording CHARLY on the chest. Moves, flashing lights and talking function. Dated to later than 1983.

See also the Logo Robot version. RE-EL is an Italian company, though it sold most of its robots in France.
Oct 03, 2014
LOGO ROBOT - RE-EL 45 - ITALYSilver plastic battery operated remote control pedestal robot. Colorful space graphic decal on the chest. Moves, flashing lights and talking function. This is a variation of the more common Robot Charly. Dated to later than 1983.

RE-EL is an Italian company, though it sold most of its robots in France.
Oct 03, 2014
METRALETTA SPACIAL-6 MACHINE GUN - MONTEPLAST - SPAINLarge clear plastic see-thru space machine gun. Blue plastic stock and barrel tip. The gun has a raised area on top containing visible plastic gears. Paper decal with Spacial 6 wording. Friction action with rotating gears, noise and spark. See also the pistol version of the gun.Sep 29, 2014
BATMAN POP GUN - AOSHIN - JAPANA lithographed tinplate revolver with Batman graphics. Also shown is the holster for the gun. Pop gun action. 8" 20cm c1966. A crossover western-cowboy item repurposed. Image courtesy Hake's. ASCSep 28, 2014
BATMAN FRICTION RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate machine pistol. The gun has a angular shape with a tinplate magazine. There is a red red plastic barrel with a yellow plastic tip. Batman graphics on the stock and on the side. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?Sep 28, 2014
BATMAN FRICTION MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPAA large brightly lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The red stock has a large Batman scene and is set at an angle. The gun has a blue barrel with a red spark window at the join with the body. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?

The same pressing as:
Sep 28, 2014
TETSUWAN ATOM MIGHTY GUN - TAKARA - JAPANAn silver plastic space gun with the handle, support and sights all set at a sharp angle. Shoots bothspinners and darts. Card targets of Tetsuwan Atom characters included. 12" 30cm Superhero.

Image courtesy Smith House.
Sep 28, 2014
SUPER DELUXE ASTROBOY MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANA large lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The gun has a wood-effect stock, a large silver blue body with Astroboy graphics, and a small red barrel. On top is a very long clear green window. Battery operated with noise and flashing lights. 21" 52cm The box art has a Mexican bandit scene.

The same pressing as the Electric Wave Gun
Sep 28, 2014
RED FOX MISSILE GUN - HUBLEY - USAA large angular blue plastic space gun with a large silver telescopic sight. The gun has a distinctive exaggerated trigger guard that gives the toy a rectanglular appearance. Circular wire trigger. Shoots large plastic rocket darts. 19" 46cm

Described as new in the 1962 Hubley catalog. Image courtesy Smith House auctions.
Sep 28, 2014
DOUBLE BARREL BATMAN PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANBatman superhero blue tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. 8" 20cm Copious litho detailing with Batman wording on the sides and Batman graphics on the handle. Double barreled gun: two transparent green clear plastic barrels with red "lipstic" inserts. Friction noise and spark. Same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol. 1960s

Sep 19, 2014
SPACE WATER RIFLE - SANZ - ARGENTINAA marbled plastic machine pistol. Water pistol action. 24cm The gun is a copy of an earlier German design and is the same as the Maks Tommy Gun. Barbarella style. Date? Box?Sep 17, 2014
TOMMY GUN WATER RIFLE, BARBARELLA - MAKS - HONG KONGA plastic machine pistol. Water pistol action. 24cm Sold in a bag with header card and called "Tommy Gun". Despite the military connection the gun has space lines, particularly the ring sections on the top. This is a copy of an earlier German design. Mak's

The main space connection is the fact that the gun, probably the German version, was used in the movie "Barbarella".
Sep 17, 2014
SPACE WATER PISTOL - IDEAL JGS - GERMANYA plastic machine pistol with a distinctive trigger guard that extends to enclose the whole underside of the gun. Water pistol. 26cm Date? Box. Note: this company is not connected with the US Ideal toy company but is J.G. Schrödel of Nuremberg. Colors include black and transparent red with sparkles.Sep 17, 2014
MR ROBOT, RED VERSION - YONEZAWA/NGS - JAPANRed painted tin battery operated skirted robot.Clear plastic domed head containing springs and a rotating light. Chest panel with Mr Robot wording. Advances with mystery bump and go action as the head lights and interior spins. "Revolving Color Dome Lights". Some versions have a fixed (always on) light in the dome and some flash on and off. The white version has been dated to November 1961.

There are two versions shown, one with Cragstan on the chest plate and one without. The Cragstan version comes in a box that carries the Cragstan importer logo and also has an NGS manufacturer's logo.
Sep 07, 2014
JINGANG SPACE GUN - MAKER? - CHINABlue and red lithographed tinplate space gun with a superhero style robot graphic on the side. Lightning bolt on the stock. Three small holes set into either side of the barrel. Flint adjustment screw. Friction noise and spark action. Box marked Pen Huo Qiang. The gun has similarities to MF-116 Date?Sep 06, 2014
SPACE CONTROL GUN - NOMURA - JAPANSmall early blue tin lithographed space gun with red detailing. Rounded bulbous shape with a picture of a spaceman on the handle. Rear red fin with a picture of Saturn, small forward site. Marked SPACE CONTROL on the sides though the box has the wording Space Gun and depicts the gun with the Space Control wording. Friction noise and spark. TN

The box has been widely reproduced with the image altered to suit the contents. The reproduction boxes have a Y in a Circle logo.
Sep 04, 2014
LION STAR MACHINE GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate machine gun. The brightly colored gun has a rifle stock with a large lion printed on the side and the wording Lion Star. In the center a crank is attached to the side; turning it produces a firing noise. Slender black barrel. 1950s.

The gun dismantles for storage: the wood-effect stock separates from the body.
Sep 03, 2014
Stubby red, blue and white lithographed tin raygun. Double barrelled, both barrels are clear red plastic with red inserts. Unusually the barrels are mounted one above the other instead of the usual side by side configuration. This is the same pressing as the RAY-W-GUN by Marubishi.

The barrels are the same components used on the Marubishi Astro Mobil.

Friction action with sparking and noise. Japan.
Sep 03, 2014
BLAKE'S 7 NEUTRON SPACE RIFLE - JOYSTAR - HONG KONGAn unusual gold plastic space gun. The angular pistol design has a long site addirion on the top. It also has a black arc shaped support. Ball shooting action with a spring loaded arm at the side. Copyright 1978.

The gun has a paper decal with POP-O-MATIC RIFLE wording. It is unclear if this was on the specific Blake's 7 gun or on an unlicensed version.
Sep 02, 2014
SPACE MACHINE GUN - DAIYA? - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed space rifle. The narrow gun has a rifle stock and a short perforated barrel. Bullet detail printed on the sides. Trigger guard. Key wind up mechanism with noise and spark. Believed to be Daiya. Date? Box? Sep 02, 2014
UNIVERSAL MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA serious looking military-style lithographed tin space machine pistol. The silver grey gun has a brown stock and an extendible wire attachment at the back. Its most distinctive feature is a clip of tin simulated bullets that fit into an arc shaped magazine. There is little of space interest on the gun except for an atom pattern and the wording Universal Machine Gun. The rather plain box has slightly more of a space theme with an astronaut standing by a rocket launch pad. Date? Sep 02, 2014
ASTRO RAY GUN - N LOGO - JAPANA brightly lithographed tin friction space gun in a mixture of blue, red, yellow and orange colors. Clear red plastic barrel with rings. The elaborate space litho includes Saturn, Earth, planets and stars. "ASTRO RAY GUN" printed on the top. Noise and spark friction action. 22cm

This is the same pressing as the Universe Gun. The identity of the N in a Circle logo has not yet been established. Date? Box?
Sep 02, 2014
SPACE ROBOT TROOPER, RED VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANA rare color variation of the Electric Power Remote Control Space Robot Trooper. Red painted tin battery operated remote control Robby. The battery remote is a small light C-cell two-button version: red and white versions are known. 6.5" 16cm

Travels forward as the dome lights and the antenna inside the dome spins. TN Date?
Sep 02, 2014
PETER FLINTH SPACE GUN - MOLTO - SPAINA blue plastic pistol-like space gun with a magazine at the front and a full trigger guard. Shoots plastic disks from a spring fed magazine. See also the Lampis Plast version. Blister carded.

This release copies the packaging of Star Trek tracer guns. Lanza discos.
Sep 01, 2014
PETER FLINTH SPACE GUN / GALAXIAS - LAMPIS PLAST - SPAINA red plastic pistol-like space gun with a magazine at the front and a full trigger guard. Shoots plastic disks from a spring fed magazine. See also the Molto version. Blister carded.

This is the same design as the Planet Blaster and the Star Trek tracer guns. Lanza discos.

This gun was also sold as GALAXIAS. Lanza discos.
Sep 01, 2014
PETER FLINTH SPACE RIFLE / GALAXIAS - LAMPIS PLAST - SPAINA large (18" 45cm) red plastic space rifle. The gun has sweeping lines from the stock to the bottom of the barrel. Short telescopic sight. Shoots 20 plastic disks from a spring loaded magazine. Blister carded. Panda logo.

This gun was also sold as GALAXIAS. Metralleta Lanza discos.
Sep 01, 2014
REKHA GUN - REKHA TOYS - INDIAColorful lithographed tin friction space gun with clear green plastic barrel. Noise and spark friction action. The plastic barrel is marked Rubina Gun. Red and green versions. 22cm

The design is based on the Japanese N in Circle Universe Space Gun, with the lithography altered to suit the Indian taste). It is, however, a different construction using tabs to hold the halves together. The Universe Gun has a crimped construction. See also the Kranti Gun and Rubina Gun. Asia
Sep 01, 2014
DIE CAST SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA small die cast lead? space squirt gun with a colorful yellow rubber bulb. The bulb has a fish (ray?) logo. The actual gun barrel is very thin. Metal. Maker? Date?Aug 31, 2014
DIE CAST LEAD ROCKET SQUIRT GUN - JOHILLCO? - ENGLANDA small lead space squirt gun with a distinctive rocket shape. 3" 7cm Rubber bulb. Metal. Johillco made similar lead squirt guns and this is possibly the maker.

Two slight variations shown. There is a third version.
Aug 31, 2014
SUPER MACHINE GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin space machine gun. A rather serious looking gun with perforated double barrels and a wood effect stock. Super Gun, ATOM wording and an eagle on the stock. The box art has a lively space scene of Space Patrol astronauts. Friction action with noise and spark. Date?Aug 31, 2014
X-2 AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA black or dark blue lithographed tinplate machine gun. The battery operated gun has a detachable cylindrical clear plastic magazine on top which light up when in action. The stock has the wording Automatic Ray Gun. Noise and flashing lights. A rather serious gun with little space detail, though the box has a dramatic space combat scene. Date? Aug 31, 2014
PLANET GUN - TOHO - JAPANSmall plastic space gun with three spinners. An interesting Japanese release of the Park Plastics Planet Patrol Saucer Gun (notice the ribs on the side and the telescopic sight) but the box is an unlicensed copy of the Merit Dan Dare Planet Gun box. (no telescopic sight and humps on the sides). Date?

This is the only Toho space toy that I am aware of.

Aug 31, 2014
YU DO DAN - MAKER? - JAPANAn early Japanese black tinplate space gun. The poor photo hides much of the detail of this cap firing gun. It does have a trigger guard. The box has the picture of a Thunderbird 1 style rocket flying over the ocean in a Midway style battle with an aircraft carrier. Maker? better photo?

Aug 31, 2014
WATER PISTOL - MAKER - JAPANAn early Japanese lithographed tinplate water pistol. The little blue space gun has an angular pistol shape with a trigger guard and a large yellow star on the handle. On the sides are a lightning bolt, a spaceman floating in space, Saturn and the wording "WATER PISTOL". Box? Date? Details?Aug 31, 2014
COWBOY SPACE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANThe shape is clearly a space gun, but the litho is serving the western market. A typical crossover item in the same range as the Space Navigator Gun.

Small early blue, red and yellow tin lithographed space gun. Angular pistol shape with a picture of a cowboy on the handle, COW BOY wording. Friction noise and spark. 3.5" 9cm Box?
Aug 31, 2014
SPACE WATER PISTOL - COIBEL - SPAINA bizarre shaped plastic space water gun with sweeping fins at the front that converge on a plastic cylinder carying a paper decal SPACE. In fact, at the heart of this gun is a Park Plastics Squirt Ray the Outer Space gun (no trigger guard) which has been given the extravagant makeover. Pistola De Agua. Name? Packaging? Date?Aug 31, 2014
LUNAR JET RIFLE - DAISY - USAA space toy in name only. The large red and white metal pop gun has Lunar Jet printed on the stock. Red plastic stock, red cocking lever and red perforated silencer. Model #1011. The 1011 was also the Thunder Bird rifle.Aug 30, 2014
RADAR FLASH SPACE RIFLE - RICHARD MURRAY - USAA lager (25" 62cm) metal machine gun style rifle. Red painted body with forward grip and long telescopic sight. Also produced in black. Silver metal perforated cover on the barrel. Radar Flash decal on the sides. The gun has a crank on the right side which produces a shooting noise when turned. Noisemaker. Advertised as "The only gun with an automatic recoil".

Advertised in newspapers in December 1947. Box?
Aug 30, 2014
SPACE GUN WITH CODE WHISTLE - MAKER? - USA?A hard plastic clicker gun. Angular design with rings on the barrel. A rocket is molded in the sides and a spaceman on the stock. The gun incorporates a whistle. 5" 12cm. Available in a wide range of colors. Maker?

American Juniors shoes company offered the gun as a premium in March 1954 though this is likely to have been a bin toy.
Aug 30, 2014
SPACE CLICKER GUN 555 - MAKER? - HONG KONGHong Kong copy of the American hard plastic clicker space gun that in turn is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun but significantly different; the breech is cylindrical, there's a large telescopic sight on the top and the molded details include a rocket. Marked 555 on the side. 5in 14cm. Aug 30, 2014
SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER?A small hard plastic space water squirt gun with rubber bulb. 8.2cm long. The gun has a design based on the Rex Mars Planet Patrol by Marx. Details?Aug 29, 2014
DIE CAST LEAD SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER? - USAA small lead space squirt gun with a distinctive hoops around the barrel. 5" 12cm Rubber bulb. Trigger guard. Metal. Maker? Date? Aug 29, 2014
DIE CAST LEAD SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER?A small die cast lead space squirt gun with a distinctive arched fin on the top. Rubber bulb. Metal. Maker? Date? 9cm Aug 29, 2014
SPACE CAPTAIN DART GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGA blue bulbous plastic space gun with a retro styled rear fin. Two ribbed red plastic barrels, similar to those on Japanese rayguns. Unusually the gun has a double barrel that shoot rubber tipped darts. The two darts are fired simultaneously. The gun has yellow plastic panels with molded space scenes in the stock. Also shown is the bagged Space Gun version. Aug 29, 2014
ROCKET DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RIFLE - MAKER? - JAPAN?This early double barrel rifle is predominantly wood with tin barrels and colorful decorative tin panels with space graphics on either side. The word ROCKET and an image of a rocket appear on the sides of the barrels. There is a lever on each side which is pulled back to cock the mechanism. 12.5" 32cm Box? Maker? (There is a B logo on the side which resembles the Bandai logo.)Aug 28, 2014
BATTERY OPERATED HIGH-WHEEL ROBOT - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue tin battery operated remote control robot series 5023. 10" 25cm Walks with lighted chest and head. Six visible turning plastic gears. Plastic hands. A wire antenna with a loop slides through the backpack.

The legs and hands are the same as used on the Planet Robot. KO logo and Made in Japan on backpack, the same as the black versions High-wheel Robot.

The remote control battery holder is a rather flimsy blue plastic which often loses the small molded catches that keep it closed.

This 6 gear, battery operated remote control, blue color variation of this robot was produced by Yoshiya and released in 1965 (it features in a 1965 Yoshiya Catalog). The same gear configuration was used for one of the wind up versions.

Aug 27, 2014
ALIENI SPAZIALE- CHROMOPLASTO - ITALYA set of seven plastic spacemen. These brightly painted figures all have full face helmets or gas masks giving them an alien appearance. Painted in a combination of blue, red and yellow. Most figures carry futuristic space weapons.

The figures were sold in a cylindrical clear plastic display case. A larger hooded central figure was also included.
Aug 25, 2014
LEGION SPAZIALE - MAKER? - ITALYA carded set of 45mm hard plastic figures in four poses. The cards contain a random selection of five figures from the four Archer-Premier poses. The quality of these figures is rather variable. The plastic varies enormously in color and definition. They are the specific Tudor Rose combination of poses. The angle of the pistol carrying figure has been altered. Maker and source are unknown but these have appeared in some quantity recently. The name, Space Legion, suggests an Italian origin. The best feature of this set is the backing card with a well drawn space landscape.Aug 25, 2014
COSMIC ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANSo far only an entry in the 1979 Horikawa catalog, this probably was not produced. This unusual light blue plastic battery operated robot has Sharpshooter style feet with an orange domed squat body. Panel with three windows in the chest. 8.5"Aug 25, 2014
COMANDOS DEL ESPACIO - REAMSA - SPAINFour plastic figures, a combination of Archer and Premier poses. 4.8cm. Each figure has a clear plastic helmet. These figures do not have bases, unlike an earlier Reamsa set. Items #39 #40 #41 and #42 in the Reamsa catalog. Sold with header card.

Note: the rifle held by #39 does not extend above the shoulder.
Aug 25, 2014
DESTINATION MOON SET - LIDO - USAA bagged set of space figures and spaceships. The set comprises four Lido spacemen, three spacecraft two large rocket launchers with rocket missiles and other equipment.

The set references the 1950 film Destination Moon, though there is no suggestion that this is authorised merchandise.
Aug 18, 2014
VIDEO SPACE FLASH RAY BUZZER GUN - MAKER? - USAIt is possible that this gun was never released, but it appears in the 1952 Blackwell-Wielandy catalog. The bronze colored plastic battery operated space flashlight gun has several unusual features: a wheel-like structure at the back, a series of coils or springs around the barrel, a a telescopic sight in the shape of a jet rocket mounted on top and a sliding device in the lens housing. 9"

Box? Photo?
Aug 18, 2014
ROCKET SHIP KIT - ARCHER - USAA winged V-2 style plastic rocket ship kit comprising nine pieces. The box back includes a cut-out of a launching platform. Window box 7"x15". The cut-out accounts for the destruction of many of the boxes. The similarity of the rocket to the one in the 1950 film Destination Moon is perhaps no coincidence. The ROCKET SHIP AND SPACE MEN SET is featured in the Blackwell Wielandy catalog for 1952.

The rocket was offered in other elusive combinations with Archer figures.
SPACE MEN AND ROCKET SHIP KIT - the seven original Archer figures plus rocket in a window box.
ROCKET SHIP AND SPACE MEN - five figures and rocket in a window box.
Aug 18, 2014
MEN OF MARS - ARCHER - USAArcher redesigned their original six figures (not including the robot) to create the Men of Mars set. The figures now have ridges on the helmets, exaggerated shoulder and elbow pads, and wide topped boots. The figures have no helmets. They are molded in hard plastic. Each figure comes with a red vinyl weapon and a yellow vinyl Astro-pac.

Apart from the styling the main innovation is the redesign of the figures with a slot hand, to allow the hands to hold separate weapons.

There were three sizes of set:
#719 One figure, two weapons and two Astro-Pacs. Bagged with header card
#749 Three figures, three weapons and three Astro-Pacs. Window box.
#798 Six figures, six weapons and six Astro-Pacs. Window box.

Note: high quality examples are emerging from Mexico. It is still unclear whether these are genuine old examples or re-issues.
Aug 18, 2014
SATELLITE MEN - ARCHER - USAA re-mold of the Men of Mars figures in soft plastic. (the empty handed figure is not pictured). The set is bagged with a header card entitled "The Satellite Men". These are the figures with the helmet crests, the exaggerated shoulder and elbow pads and the wide topped boots. The open hands allow the fitting of the weapons.

Red, green and light blue colors rather than the metallic colors of the earlier figures. All come with black vinyl Astro-pacs and "the latest scientific weapons", also in black vinyl. The figures do not have helmets.

There were eight figures per bag: that added up to 24 separate items.

R-500 1954-1955
Aug 18, 2014
LAZER-BLAZER - MATTEL - USAA very large (26", 65cm) plastic bazooka gun. This is a life-size version of the Mat Mason Chemical Gun. Battery operated light action; a crank on the side generates the sound. This gun did not go into production and was only released in small numbers to test the market. 1965Aug 18, 2014
SPACE GUN - MAKER? - SPAINA hard plastic space gun with eccentric curved styling. One side is red and the other is yellow. There is a lightning bolt on both sides. It measures 5" 12cm long, and has a red transparent trigger. The short barrel widens considerably at the end and is tipped with a relatively large sight.

This "Zoomeray" style gun fires a transparent celluloid coil. When the trigger is pulled it pushes a firing rod out the back of the gun. When it reaches a certain point, it releases the spring loaded rod, which hits a similar plastic tack, with a wide head, attached to the center of the coil. The coil ejects about 2 inches from the barrel then returns instantly. I gives the impression of a red flash from the barrel.

Pistola espacial
Aug 17, 2014
SMALL SPACEMEN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDTudor Rose produced this set in three sizes. This is the small size set. The figures are based on Archer poses with one Premier pose (the spaceman holding the gun up). Hard plastic in a range of metallic colors. The figures came with clear plastic helmets. Sold lose as bin toys.

This specific combination of poses, three Archer, one Premier, is much copied. This is most probably the origin of the group.

Empty arms held out, looking right (Archer)
Rifle held upright in right arm - rifle does not extend above shoulder (Archer)
Empty arms held out, looking forward (Archer)
Pistol held upright in right hand (Premier)
Aug 15, 2014
CRACKER JACK SPACEMEN - NOSCO - USAA set of nine flat soft plastic spacemen and alien figures. These spacemen are 1 3/4 ins tall and were produced in a range of colors. The figures were first produced in 1958-9 and released as premiums in boxes of Cracker Jack candy coated popcorn. Marked C and J Co with a mold no.

Figures - top row:
Short gun at waist
Arm waving
Running to the left
Arms at sides

Bottom row:
Arm shorter than other
Long rifle
Helmet under arm
Sailor Jack and Bingo
Aug 15, 2014
FERRIOT SPACEMEN MASTERS - FOR THOMAS TOYS - USAA series of masters designed to form the hollow mold for production of the finished plastic models. Here are the seven planned Thomas Toys spacemen. Six made it into production but the seventh, the spaceman with the chest dial and rocket pack, was not made. The rocket is the master for the Tomic band shooting gun. It's stand was not produced.

These figures were sculpted in 1952, though the rocket man was sculpted in 1955.
Aug 15, 2014
SPACEMEN - CO-MA - ITALYA set of six hard plastic spacemen, the material is often called bakelite, though it is not. These larger 3" figures are unique poses and have been sculpted well. They were produced in a wide range of metallic colors. All figures came with clear plastic helmets.

The six poses are:
1 Spaceman with handgun, angled arm, shorter hose
2 Spaceman with hip pistol, other hand tucked in
3 Spaceman with rifle to breast
4 Spaceman with handgun, upright arm, longer hose
5 Spaceman with pistol, open arms
6 Spaceman with instrument held up

Aug 12, 2014
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