Toy Robots and Space Toys
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SPACE RANGER GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGRed plastic space gun with finned barrel and telescopic sight. Space Ranger molded into the side. Dart firing action. Based on the Lone Star diecast space gun. Box? Packaging?Apr 29, 2016
URANIA SPACE WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - ITALY?A bulbous clear yellow plastic space water pistol with rotating plastic aliens inside. This is a version of the Astronaut Rocket Ray Gun gun produced by Ideal toy company, J.G. Schrödel of Nuremberg. This is smaller than the German design. 15cm It has URANIA molded on the rear fin. Possibly Italian. Box?

Apr 29, 2016
OHGON BAT AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANSuperhero Ohgon Bat version of the tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. 8" 20cm Copious litho detailing. Double barrelled gun: two green and red clear plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Bat logo on the sides. This has the same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol.

Ogon Golden
Apr 26, 2016
COSMIC COP - WICKE - WEST GERMANYA large purple plastic space water pistol. The unusual design has a large water reservoir at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins. In addition this version has a detachable, long thin plastic sight at the front of the barrel. The gun also has a dart shooting action. 12 in, 31 cm. Made in Germany under license from Lone Star.

This is essentially the same molding as the Hong Kong Space Hero 500-X Laser Gun.
Apr 26, 2016
GOLDEN SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANHeader card only. Details?Apr 25, 2016
ВЕЗДЕХОД (ATV) - MAKER? - USSRLarge red plastic tracked vehicle with a plastic covered cockpit at the front with two blue plastic pilots inside. At the rear is a large red oval plastic dish antenna. Remote control battery operated. Name? Made in Moscow. 1984.

A variation of the PLANETARY-3 design.
Apr 17, 2016
ПЛАИЕТОХОД-3 PLANETOKHOD 3 - MAKER? - USSRYellow plastic boat shaped space vehicle with a green base. Two distinctive large jet engines on fins. Clear canopy at the front with a pilot underneath. Wire antenna in the middle. Battery operated bump and go action.

Russia, USSR
Apr 17, 2016
CREATURES OF SPACE - CHERILEA - ENGLANDA carded set of three hollow cast lead space creatures: the Ant Man, Giant Worm and the Giant Lizard. The card does not have the Cherilea name but the artwork is identical to other three-piece Cherilea sets, only the title changes. 1950s.Apr 15, 2016
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRWhite plastic futuristic car with red fins and a red plastic base. The sedan style cockpit lifts to reveal two astronaut pilots. A small screen is fitted inside the canopy. Two small plastic antennas on the hood. Battery operated (4.5v) bump and go action. The screen lights and the antennas spin. 9" 22cm. CCCP wording on the front. Box? Name? Apr 14, 2016
LASER RESCUE TEAM SET - PROCESSED PLASTICS (TIM-MEE) - USALarge boxed set comprising later version (soft plastic) Laser Flashlight Ray Gun, Laser Rescue Team rifle, plastic rocket and space figure set. Box marked Planet Wars. 1970s.
Apr 14, 2016
ANIMAL ROCKET - KTI - INDIASmall lithographed tin space rocket. Red plastic cockpit dome. Cartoon animal graphics, Mickey Mouse style. Rubber nose tip. Marked KTI on the tailfin. Friction with spark action. 9.5"
Apr 13, 2016
WIND UP SPACE ROBOT (BLUE) - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic wind up stepover robot. Red arms. feet and ears. Yellow plastic chest details. This robot has a distinct Shogun or Japanese vappearance.

The box was used for two distinct robot styles; these are pictured.
Apr 06, 2016
ASTRO RAY GUN - SHUDO - JAPANA metallic silver lithographed tinplate angular space gun. Marked ASTRO RAY GUN. The gun has a single rectangular red plastic spark window on each side. Friction action with spark.

Featured in the 1973 Ichimura catalog. Item #8111
Apr 05, 2016
SG SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANBrightly lithographed tinplate space gun with a substantial graphic of a Lunar landscape with rocket flying across. Three part spark window. Red plastic barrel. Friction action with spark. Marked SG on the stock. The Y in a circle logo is possibly Sanko. 7.5"

Note: the long barrel version is the original version. Short barrel versions are new reproductions. The short barrel is a much later reissue in an old style card box with paper label.

This gun appears in the 1973 Ichimura catalog. Item #8117
Apr 05, 2016
RAY GUIDE SPACE SHIP X-2 - RAY-O-MATIC - HONG KONGA blue plastic Thunderbird 2 knock-off spaceship with a transparent green hatch on the top. The box depicts a traditional green Thunderbird 2 spaceship but the toy in the box is bright blue. Battery operated action with flashing lights in the rear engines. The toy can also be strated by shining a torch (provided) onto the light sensor in the nose. 25cm Possibly 1970s.

Gerry Anderson
Apr 05, 2016
JET SPECIAL (COWBOY VERSION) - YOSHIYA - JAPANFeatured in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog but not confirmed in circulation. A lithographed tinplate space machine gun with litho bullet detailing on the magazine. This gun has a distinctive circular structure in the center. Short green clear plastic barrel without the usual red extension. In addition this gun has three plastic gears inside a clear plastic housing on the top. Cowboy image of Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp, on the stock. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?

There are at least three versions of this design, Patrol Gun 45, Automatic Gun and Jet Special Gun all featured in the 1966 Yoshiya catalog. Box? Size?
Apr 05, 2016
AUTOMATIC GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANA dark blue lithographed tinplate space machine gun with litho bullet detailing on the magazine. This gun has a distinctive circular structure in the center. Green and red clear plastic barrel. Spaceman logo on the stock. Friction action with noise and spark.

There are at least three versions of this design, Patrol Gun 45, Automatic Gun and Jet Special Gun all featured in the 1966 Yoshiya catalog. Size?
Apr 05, 2016
MINIROBOT - TOMY - JAPANThis is the original version of a much copied robot. The small wind up robot has a single piece head and body with little arms attached. Grey stepover feet. Several color variations. Mini Robot

See also the Geeta-Man, Rays Miniature Robot and Mighty Midget versions.

The yellow version is marked KENT and has a bigger box.
Apr 04, 2016
MIGHTY MIDGET ROBOT - TELSALDA/KENT - HONG KONGHong Kong releases of the original Tomy Minirobot design The small wind up robot has a single piece head and body with little arms attached. Black stepover feet. Several color variations. Box variations include the Geeta-Man and the Rays Miniature Robot. See also the Geeta-Man Miniature Robot.

The yellow version is marked KENT and has a bigger box.
Apr 04, 2016
SPACE GUN DOUBLE BARREL MF-229 - MAKER? - CHINALarge painted tinplate, plastic and wood double-barrelled space machine gun. Black body with a red and yellow plastic barrel structure. The gun has a plain wood stock. The distinctive feature of this gun is the clear plastic dome at the top that holds colored balls. These bounce when the gun is fired. There are clear plastic panels on either side with moving color wheels inside. Friction action, reciprocating barrels with noise and spark. 23" long. MF229Apr 03, 2016
EL SATELITE, SPUTNIK - RICO - SPAINSilver plastic R-630 rocket with a metal Sputnik spinning top. The green and white Sputnik fits into the rocket and the plunger in the base of the rocket is pressed several times to set it spinning. 1950s. Apr 02, 2016
PATROL GUN 45 - YOSHIYA - JAPANA silver and black lithographed tinplate space machine gun with litho bullet detailing on the magazine. This gun has a distinctive circular structure in the center. Green and red clear plastic barrel. Spaceman logo and 45 on the stock. Friction action with noise and spark.

There are at least three versions of this design, Patrol Gun 45, Automatic Gun and Jet Special Gun all featured in the 1966 Yoshiya catalog. Box? Size?
Apr 01, 2016
SPACE TANK - MARX - USAPrototype space tank based on a Marx tractor chassis with rubber tracks. Large steel wind up toy with turret, gun and an additional forward turret. Hand painted. 14" This did not enter production. Possibly 1930sMar 29, 2016
MS 882 TANK, GUN SWIVELS WITH SIREN - MAKER? - CHINATin and plastic tank with a distinctive triple barrelled clear plastic gun and yellow plastic turret. Wind up action with spark and noise. 13cm The tank has three wheels, the front one set at an angle.
MS-882 MS882
Mar 26, 2016
CHAR LUNAIRE - FJ FRANCE JOUETS - FRANCEA French packaging variation of the Hungarian Holdauto Space Car. Tin battery operated styrofoam ball blowing vehicle with non stop action. The flat car shaped vehicle has a rear tail fin and a clear plastic canopy containing a pilot. A tube emerges from the middle and a stream of air supports the styrofoam ball. 32cm
Mar 24, 2016
DREAM GUN - DREAM - JAPANBlue plastic disk-shooting space gun. Stubby design with a detachable cylindrical magazine that holds plastic disks. The magazine slots into a hole on the side. Made by a company called Dream. 15cm Date?Mar 24, 2016
FAT STAR BUBBLE GUN - KILGORE - USAAn unusually-shaped plastic bubble blowing space gun. The yellow plastic gun has a central reservoir with an elaborate nozzle and trigger guard. Pressing the trigger produces a stream of air. Sold on a backing card with a jar of soap solution. 20cm. 1980Mar 18, 2016
MARS SATELLITE SPACE GUN - JEAN - W GERMANYYellow plastic space gun, rather angular in design. Shoots spinners. The main feature of this gun is that the launch point is set at a 45 degree angle at the tip of the gun. The spinners are wound to load the gun and the trigger releases them. Blister carded. Jean Hofler. Mar 18, 2016
JATO ESPACO (SPACE JET) - ESTRELA - BRAZILBrazilian version of the Double Barrel Mars Gun. Large lithographed tin space gun, grey with elaborate scroll work and a wood effect stock. Two transparent green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action.

See the A'S DO ESPACO version. Very similar to the Metralleta Rayo Spacial.
Mar 18, 2016
BATMAN FRICTION MACHINE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA large brightly lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The yellow stock has a large graphic of Batman and Robin. The gun has red spark window and long black barrel. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
Mar 18, 2016
ROBOT APOLO - SANZ - ARGENTINA Small plastic robot, 5" tall. Chrome purple body with an clear orange plastic dome. This unusual robot has a large spring attaching the legs to the body. The arms are long springs with plastic hands. Pressing the robot makes it bounce with shaking arms. Art 4273 ApolloMar 18, 2016
COSMIC RAY - STEVENS - USASilver painted diecast space gun. The gun has a combination of battery operated flashlight and a cap firing action. The gun has red capped windows on either side that light up when the trigger is pulled. Batteries fit into the rear of the gun, accounting for the gun's 11" length. It has the distinctive forward sweeping front sight of the Neutron Blaster and has a jet plane molded in the handle.

The gun was not released by the company before its closure, but a tiny number of examples were manufactured for evaluation.
Mar 17, 2016
TOMMY Z GUN - MAKER? - JAPANAnother release of the Tommy Z space gun. "Flashing Missile Real Scope" Large plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, silver body and stock with blue plastic panels. Boxy blue telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Visible bullet in the side. 47cm The box does not have any space graphics.

Mar 16, 2016
TOMMY Z GUN - MIURA - JAPANLarge plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, silver body and stock with blue plastic panels. Boxy blue telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Visible bullet in the side. The box is marked TOMMY Z though the gun has no marking. 47cm The box does not have any space graphics.

See the Flash Gordon Stun Gun version.
Mar 16, 2016
MOON ROCKET MF-069 - MAKER? - CHINASilver lithographed tin rocket with blue and red trim. Two spark windows at the rear. Friction action with spark. Two rear fins (no upright tail fin) and two smaller forward fins. The rocket has a hinged tin canopy with a printed picture of a dog. The cockpit cover raises when the front nose spike hits an object. Inside the cockpit is a small plush dog. There is a clear connection with Laika, the Russian space dog. MF069

Mar 14, 2016
TRIPLE GUN H3 MACHINE GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin space rifle / machine gun. Drum magazine. Unusually the gun has three barrels. Friction action with rotating ammunition drum and moving barrels. The box has minimal space graphics of a rocket ready to launch. Eagle logo on the stock.

Also shown is a silver grey litho variation.
Mar 14, 2016
FLASH GORDON STUN GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGLarge plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, black body and stock with yellow plastic panels. Boxy yellow telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Marked TOMMY Z on the sides. 47cm 1979

No obvious maker's name on the box.
Mar 01, 2016
ВЕздеход ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE - MAKER? - USSRLarge tin and plastic eight-wheeled buggy or crawler vehicle. Orange and yellow tin top, red plastic base. Bubble canopy at the front with no pilot inside. The wheels are attached in two independent groups of four. Two angled plastic antennas emerging from the either side of the canopy. Battery operated Name? Maker?

ВЕздеход translates as All Terrain Vehicle. This is one of several variations of this design. Marked Moscow. "Souvenir Kremlin Tower" 1975.
Feb 25, 2016
SPACE ROCKET - ICIHIMURA - JAPANWhite and silver tinplate space rocket. Friction motor attached to the back. Spark windows in the tail. Marked US AIR FORCE. No maker's logo. 12"

Featured on the cover of the 1964 Ichimura catalog, item #20199 Indian Head Logo. Name? Box? Details?
Feb 25, 2016
FLULMINE LIGHTNING SPACE MACHINE GUN - LAC - ITALYThis is an Italian version of the Nomura Foxhole Tommygun. Fucile Mitragliatore

Large tin battery operated machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Barrel lights as gun makes a firing noise. Condor/Eagle logo on the side. The box art has excellent space graphics and depicts a red gun. The actual toy is metallic blue. Date? 1960s 19" 47cm

LAC is Leonida Alemanni Casalpusterlengo.
Feb 25, 2016
SPACE JET GUN - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAHard plastic clicker gun with distinctive futuristic styling. The wording SPACE JET is molded into the side along with stars and Saturn. This is based on the Pyro Space Control gun but there is a name change and there are slight differences in the details: fin, trigger etc. Packaging? Date? 5.5" 14cmFeb 24, 2016
SPACE CONTROL CLICKER PISTOL - MAKER? - AUSTRALIASmall, hard plastic space gun. Standard automatic design with three distinctive angled louvres around the barrel tip. Small fin on top. Clicker action. Marked Space Control on the sides. Seen in semi-transparent metallic maroon and green colors. Hoop on the bottom of the handle. Box? Packaging? 4.5" 11cm

Advertised in Morning Bulletin, Queensland in November 1953
Feb 24, 2016
РОБОТ ROBOT - ZVEZDA - USSRA small lemon yellow wind up robot with stepover feet. 8cm Four distinctive circular dials in the chest. This is a Russian release of the TPS Mini Walking Robot. Dated 1985 on the box.

Often referred to as a pogot.

Zvezda, ЗВезд translates as "Stars".
Feb 22, 2016
BUBBL-MATIC - KENNER - USAPlastic bubble blowing space gun. This is the later vrsion of Kenner's gun of the name. This version is plastic with a cone shaped nozzle and long trigger built into the handle. The main feature of the gun is the no-mess use of soap tablets to create the bubbles. Blister packed on card. Red and blue versions.

Advertised in the Arizona Republic July 1965.
Feb 20, 2016
ПОЛЁT, FLIGHT SPACE GUN - MOSCOW - USSRPlastic spring driven space gun, Planet Gun variant shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. See the Dan Dare Planet Gun. Produced in Moscow. A very plain box with Russian Cyrillic script. Dated 1975. Black body, red muzzle. Probably in other colors. The box name is ПОЛЁT or "FLIGHT".

Based on the Park Plastics design.
Feb 19, 2016
MR AMAZE-A-MATIC - HASBRO - USAA most unusual plastic battery operated robot. The robot has a clear plastic cylindrical body with a large circular black head perched on a slender tapering neck. The body contains odd hoop shaped plastic rods in a variety of colors. Long plastic arms reach down to the ground. A set of tracks allow it to move. The movement is controlled by plastic punch cards. It is possible to program a sequence of manoeuvres including running an obstacle course and retrieving various plastic objects. Dated 1970 on the box.

The same control punch card mechanism was used on Hasbro's Amaze-A-Matic cars.
Feb 18, 2016
ATOMATIC SPACE RIFLE - HR PRODUCTION - ENGLANDThis is a large (17" 43cm) hard dense plastic space water gun. The space gun has a white plastic core with of a two handled design. Around it is a red cover that forms a kind of streamlined rocket body that holds the gun, almost like a pair of folded wings. A rocket-shaped red rifle stock is also attached to the white core.

Two examples of the gun are known: white body with red surround and black body with red surround. The gun has a Registered Design No 872586 DSN which tentatively suggests a date Nov 1953-Jan 1954. Little is known about the manufacturer: HR Production produced two other Atomatic space water guns.
Feb 17, 2016
SPACE WATER GUN - SAMCO? - ITALYA long gold hard plastic water space gun. 13" 34cm Distinctive straight edge along the top, coiled effect trigger guard and curved lines. Rings around the barrel tip. The gun has an unusual second tip with hole placed above the main one. Name? Box?

This is an opaque version of the Samco Mitra Marziano and may be by the same manufacturer.

Similarities exist with the Reliable Space Patrol Water Pistol. See also the Atlantic version of this gun.
Feb 17, 2016
MITRA MARZIANO, MARTIAN MACHINE GUN - SAMCO - ITALYA long, thin clear green plastic space water pistol with rotating plastic aliens inside. Brass nozzle. The exterior design predates the Atlantic dart gun while the internal design is the same as that of the German Ideal brand, J.G. Schrödel. The box has impressive space graphics which are also similar to those of the German water pistols. 12" 24cm

Feb 16, 2016
BATMAN WATER BLASTER - MARX - USABlack plastic machine pistol water gun. Telescopic sight. Paper decal decorations on the sides. Card mounted. This is a prototype superhero gun.

Picture courtesy Hakes.
Feb 16, 2016
FLYING SAUCER X-7 - MASUDAYA for RETHEL - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate battery operated saucer MT. Pilot under a clear domed canopy. A series of six circular colored lights surround the canopy. Bump and go action with flashing lights. This is an "exclusive" version of the Space Explorer Ship X-7 released by Rethel in the 1960s. It differs in that the wording on both toy and box has been altered to FLYING SAUCER X-7.

Feb 10, 2016
LONE STAR AQUA-JET GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDThis transparent orange plastic space water gun is a later release of the Dan Dare Aqua-Jet without the Dan Dare licensing. The wording Dan Dare has been removed from the stock and replaced with Lone Star. It is a copy Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun. Made by Lone Star, DCMT. This is a chrome silver plastic water pistol space gun with sight.

Lone Star created their own molds based on the Futuristic Products Strato Gun. The three round details on the gun are their own contribution.

Box? Packaging? Date?
Feb 08, 2016
DAN DARE WATER JEEP - PALITOY/PALICRAFT - ENGLANDPrinted plastic inflatable ring. Blue and white. 20" Introduced in the Eagle 6:22 in June 1955.

Palitoy was formerly Cascelloid Ltd.
Jan 26, 2016
VISIONMASTER TELESCOPE - SELCOL - ENGLANDA three-draw plastic telescope with plastic lens cap. Extends to 12". £xmagnification. On sale in 1951.
Jan 26, 2016
MEKON MASK - MAKER? - ENGLANDA green papier maché face mask of the Mekon character. Packaging? Maker? Date? 1950sJan 25, 2016
SPACE KING MACHING GUN METRALLETA ELECTRICA - PERY - SPAINA green plastic battery operated space gun with light and sound. This gun has a built in magazine clip at the front and a short black barrel. The gun has a wire handle extension. This is a copy of the Exelo tin gun of the same name. Flashing light and noise. 12" 24cm Juguete No 100.

Based on the G-Man Machine Gun.
Jan 24, 2016
DAN DARE STATIONERY SETS - MAKER? - ENGLANDBoxed sets of stationery.

1: Dan Dare and Digby in space suits on the lid. No makers name on the box. 8" x 5"

2: Dan Dare and Digby in RAF uniform studying rockets. 8" x 5"

3 Eagle set of stationery with small picture of Dan Dare on the box

1950s Date?
Jan 23, 2016
LUNA EXPEDITION Nr 331 - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYApollo themed Moon landing scene. A plastic four-legged lander vehicle sits astride a Moon landscape with a figure of eight track. A wind up tin and plastic Lunar vehicle travels around the track. Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE STAMP ALBUMS - /RICHARDS - ENGLANDConventional stamp albums. The Dan Dare interest is largely confined to the cover graphics.

Bottom: Richards of Worthing
Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE PICTURE CARD ALBUM - CALVERT - ENGLANDThe album for the 25 card set given away in Calvert's Dan Dare tooth powder. The tooth powder box contained a voucher for purchasing the album. Paper.Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE TOOTHPOWDER - CALVERT - ENGLANDRed tin can containing toothpowder. Dan Dare spaceman graphic on the front. Came in a card box with a similar graphic. Each tin contained 3 of a set of 25 Calver Dan Dare trade cards.Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE SECRET INK - WYVERN - ENGLANDA small metal tin of secret Ink for the Wyvern fountain pen. Yellow with a white rocket graphic. Jan 21, 2016
OMEGA 2 SPACE VEHICLE, CATERPILLAR (RAUPE) - MS WEIMAR - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle. Rounded lines with a plastic domed cockpit on top. Plastic windshield with pilot inside. Two chrome silver rocket motors on stalks at the rear. Large rectangular rotating plastic antenna. Battery operated remote control. 25cm. Several color combinations. Mondfahrt. DDR
Jan 20, 2016
PLANET ORBITAL 1 CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - MS BRANDENBURG - EAST GERMANYA tin and plastic construction toy comprising a series of tin rocket sections and plastic nose cones, etc. Battery operated remote control with rotation of the upper sections and flashing lights. Parts marked KXB 70. No 5020. DDRJan 20, 2016
JUPITER - ANKER - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle with a large clear plastic canopy with pilot inside. Attached to the back and lying across the canopy is a large missile launcher with rocket. Battery operated remote control. See also the rocketless version, the Saturn by Anker. Date? Red and blue versions. DDRJan 20, 2016
SATURN - ANKER - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle with a large clear plastic canopy with pilot inside. Battery operated remote control. Rotating plastic antenna and a small spring antenna. This is a rocketless version of the Piko Jupiter spacecraft. Date? Red and blue versions. Jan 20, 2016
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - BULGARIAPlastic space car with a metal base. Streamlined shape with side engines tipped with plastic covers. Two rear fins. Low slung plastic cockpit in the center. No pilot. Friction action. The styling is closer to Western space cars than most Russian cars. Also in green. Maker? Box? One version has МЭМЭИ or MEMEY stamped into the base.

Possibly Bulgarian.
Jan 20, 2016
НЕПТУН PLANETOKHOD NEPTUNE - MLADOST - BULGARIAUnusual eight-legged plastic space vehicle. Brightly colored plastic: red body, yellow "head" with two lights and a perforated white cap hinged on top of a blue disk. Three large antennas. Battery operated walking action with rotating antenna. Insect. Made by Mechanized Toys Ltd of Silistra, Bulgaria.Jan 20, 2016
KOSMOS SPACE ROCKET - MAKER? - USSRA stubby lithographed tinplate rocket. Silver with four red rocket motors and a large window in one side in which an astronaut can be seen. Marked KOSMOS. A triangular hook device and a cylindrical base are also included.

The base is probably heavily weighted. It most likely has a self-winding spring and a reel inside; when let go the rocket climbs to the top of the line.

Details? Maker?
Jan 19, 2016
SPACE ROCKET PLANE - MAKER? - USSRA lithographed tin space vehicle, jet plane styling. Rectangular yellow body with orange delta wings. Blue tin canopy and blue tailplane. Distinctive metal handles at the back. Lever on the side. Name? Maker? Details? Box?Jan 19, 2016
ZABAWKA POJAZD KOSMICZNY SPACESHIP - MAKER? - POLANDA unique plastic flying saucer consisting of light blue saucer perched on top of a larger red domed plastic base unit. Colored disks around the top section and white discs around the lower section. Plastic antenna on the top. Action? Details? Made in Katowice, Poland.Jan 19, 2016
UTOPISCHE FAHRZEUG OMEGA, UTOPIAN SPACE CAR - VEB, WEIMAR - EAST GERMANYUtopian space car, by VEB (K) Metallspielwaren, of Weimar, East Germany. Light brown plastic tracked vehicle with a domed canopy at the front containing a pilot. Rotating yellow plastic antenna at the back. Two plastic exhaust-like pipes rise vertically from the back. Battery operated. Date? DDR GDR Several color variations: tan, grey, light blue. Box variations shown.Jan 19, 2016
ROCKET TARGET GAME - MASUDAYA - JAPANBoxed shooting game comprising a card space landscape and rocket. A conventional grey plastic revolver shoots rubber tipped darts. Hitting the button launches the rocket. The principal feature of this set is the high quality of the space graphics on the box and target. 1960s. Modern Toys. Jan 19, 2016
1008 UTOPISCHES FAHRZEUG UTIOPIAN VEHICLE SPACE CAR - PIKO - DDRThe second plastic space car in the Utopian series. More rounded design with an egg-shaped clear plastic canopy and pilot inside. Distinctive wite plastic grid pattern on the top. Rear spring antenna. Battery operated bump and go action. The great feature of this toy is the beautiful, imaginative artwork depicting a Dali-like scene. East GermanyJan 18, 2016
LUNOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRGrey plastic space car. Angular design with sharp headlight faring and tailfins. Large dome cockpit with a distinctive bulge in the hood in front, pilot inside. Details? Box? Name? RussiaJan 18, 2016
LUNOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSR Red plastic space car. Boxy design but with two open cockpits, each with two pilots and a clear plastic windscreen. Large wire at the rear with a plastic dish antenna at the end. 20 cm. Details? Box? Name? RussiaJan 18, 2016
AX2 - PIKO - DDRBlue plastic space car. Angular design with sloping sides and a yellow plastic top. Small clear cockpit with pilot. Rectangular rotating chrome antenna, red plastic rod antenna and a silver box structure to one side. 29cm Battery operated bump and go action. 1960s. Date? GDR Mondauto.Jan 18, 2016
LUNOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRWhite plastic space saloon car with red base and tail fins. Pilots inside with a screen on the dashboard. Distinctive forked black plastic antenna on the hood. Marked CCCP on the hood. Battery operated with lights and rotating antenna. The roof hinges up. Uses 4.5v batteries. 23cmJan 18, 2016
ВЕздеход MARS - MAKER? - USSRTracked vehicle, buggy or crawler. The entire top of the vehicle is covered with a clear plastic canopy. A stalk with a light on the end is fitted to the top of the canopy and a rotating plastic antenna is set in the center. Marked Mapc, MARS at the front. ВЕздеход translates as All Terrain Vehicle. ATV. Phote? Details? Maker?Jan 16, 2016
PLANETOKHOD SPACE SHIP - MAKER? - USSR?Yellow plastic boat-shaped space ship. Clear canopy at the front with a pilot inside. Two large lighted rocket motors mounted at the back. Recessed headlights at the front. Battery operated. Name? Action? Box? Maker? Details?Jan 16, 2016
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