Toy Robots and Space Toys
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SPACE PHONES - SELCOL - ENGLANDBoxed set of blue plastic walkie talkies. String type. Distinctive louvres on the mouthpieces and cylindrical protrusions - siren possibly?. Antennas with two crosspieces. 1950s. Jul 10, 2016
RADIOTELEFONO SPAZIALE LAIKA - MAKER? - ITALYA very basic dime store plastic walkie talkie set. String style. The name Laika suggests a 1956-7 Sputnik date. Jul 10, 2016
BUCK ROGERS ELECTRONIC WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USABoxed set of rectangular black walkie talkies. Magnetically operated. Dated to 1951.

Also available as a promotional gift from various outlets.
Jul 10, 2016
SPACE MODEL QX-2 ELECTRONIC WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USABoxed set of metallic blue plastic walkie talkies. Compact with small antennas. Magnetic action. QX-2 Design.

The current earliest sighting is 1953.
Jul 10, 2016
RADARPHON - GEOBRA - W GERMANYMetallic silver blue plastic walkie talkie set with detachable disk antennas. Boxed set. String type. Date?Jul 10, 2016
SPACE PHONE - MAKER? - JAPANA very basic circular plastic walkie talkie set. Dime store bagged with header card. String type.Jul 10, 2016
TELEPHONE SPACE SET - LONE STAR - ENGLANDMetallic purple plastic electronic walkie talkie set. Handset with separate mouthpiece and earpiece. String type, with two strings for two-way communication. Advertised in the Meccano Magazine May 1955. Jul 10, 2016
SPACE PATROL SPACE-O-PHONES PREMIUM - RALSTON - USABlue and yellow plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Plain cardboard packaging. Second Space Patrol design. Date?Jul 10, 2016
SPACE PATROL SPACE-A-PHONES SET - SPACE PATROL TOYS - USABoxed plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Official Space Patrol design. Variou colors. Date?Jul 10, 2016
SPACE PATROL SPACE-A-PHONES MAIL AWAY - SPACE PATROL TOYS - USA FOR RALSTONPlastic walkie talkie set. String type. Illustrated basic cardboard packaging. First Space Patrol design. Date? Ralston cereal premium. Jul 10, 2016
SPACE PHONE - HONG KONGPlastic walkie talkie set with a whistle built into the handle. String type. Various packaging: boxad and bagged with header card. Lone Star design. Date? 1960s.Jul 10, 2016
SPACE ACE SPACE PHONE - LONE STAR FOR QUAKER - ENGLANDRed and yellow walkie talkie set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Offered as a mail away cereal premium by Quaker Sugar Puffs in 1959. Lone Star design. Jul 10, 2016
SPACE PATROL WALKIE TALKIE MERIT - ENGLANDA late release. Boxed blue and red plastic walkie talkie set. Apollo moon landing themed. String. Based on the Remco design. On sale in 1974.Jul 10, 2016
TELEFONO INTERPLANETARIO WALKI-TALKI - GEYPER - SPAINGreen and yellow plastic walkie talkie set with string. Boxed set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. Christmas 1954. Also shown is a simpler carded set, and an early advertisement.

Available in a wide range of colors.
Jul 10, 2016
COSMO PHONE TELEPHONO SPAZIALE - MAKER? - ITALYRed and yellow plastic walkie talkie set. Boxed set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. Date?Jul 10, 2016
WALKIE TALKIE - GRACE - HONG KONGRed and white plastic walkie talkie set with string. Blister carded. Based on the Remco design. 1960sJul 10, 2016
SPACE ACE SPACE PHONES - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA boxed metallic red/burgundy walkie talkie set. String type "Alimag Vibrator". Whistle in the handle. Also in red/yellow. Lone Star design.

Advertised in the Meccano Magazine December 1953.

walki talki
Jul 09, 2016
GREEN HORNET WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USAGreen and black walkie talkie set. String. Blister carded. Remco design. 1966Jul 09, 2016
STAR TREK INTER-SPACE COMMUNICATOR - LONE STAR - ENGLANDBoxed yellow and black plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. c1968Jul 09, 2016
SPACE PATROL INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed blue and silver plastic walkie talkie set. String. Based on the Remco design. Also in red/black.Jul 09, 2016
SUPERCAR INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed red and black plastic walkie talkie set. String. A copy of the Remco design. Gerry Anderson.Jul 09, 2016
THUNDERBIRDS INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed red and black plastic walkie talkie set. String. A copy of the Remco design. Gerry AndersonJul 09, 2016
BATTLE OF THE PLANETS INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed blue and red plastic walkie talkie set. String. Also in red/silver.

A copy of the Remco design.
Jul 09, 2016
SPACE TELEPHONE - HONG KONGRed and blueplastic walkie talkie set. bagged with header card. Remco design.Jul 09, 2016
TELECOMUNICADOR DEL ESPACIO - ATLAS - SPAINSpace Telecommunicator. An unusual pair of communication devices linked by wires. Function not clear. Details. The set comes with two Sel-Mac plastic robots. Walkie Talkie style. 1950sJul 09, 2016
BIMBO'S MONDFAHRT - CARY SPIELE DD - W GERMANYBimbo's Journey to the Moon. Space board game.Jul 09, 2016
MIT DEN SPUTNIKS UM DEN ERDE - SPIKA - DDRWith Sputnik Around the Earth. Space board game with a Sputnik theme. Comes with two plastic rockets and a Sputnik. East Germany. 1958Jul 09, 2016
CARRERA ESPACIAL - LADE - SPAINSpace Race game. Space capsule theme.Jul 09, 2016
BLAST-OFF! - WADDINGTON - USASpace board game. 1969. Apollo Moon landing scene. Jul 09, 2016
AUS DEM WELTRAUM ZURUCK - ERNST SCHUTZ - W GERMANYBack From Space. Apollo themed space board game. c1970Jul 09, 2016
X-2 SPACE TANK - LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate space tank. Turret marked X-2. 500317 A plastic spinner attaches to an lug extending from the turret; forward motion allows it to fly off. Friction action with flying spinner. Box? Date?

See the similar X-8 Space Tank
Jul 09, 2016
RACE-THRU-SPACE - E-Z TOY - USASpace board game. Includes 4 plastic rocket.Jul 09, 2016
COUNT DOWN, THE ADVENTURE IN SPACE - LEON STIEF - USASpace board game with a spiritual tone. 1960.Jul 09, 2016
WAR IN SPACE - MAKER? - GREECEΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΣΤΟ ΔΙΑΣΤΗΜΑ. Space board game. Details? Jul 08, 2016
PISTOLA ATOMICA - MAKER? - SPAINA bulbous red hard plastic space water guns. Rings around the nozzle. Fins at the front and back. Marked Atomica on the side. Date? Box?Jul 08, 2016
SPACE RACE - BERWICK - ENGLANDSpace board game. Dice and counters race. 1950s. Jul 08, 2016
SPACE SHIP DISCOVERER XX-3 - NOMURA - JAPANThis white and red lithographed tin friction rocket has three very long fins running down most of the length of the rocket. There are litho portholes with passenger detailing. Marked XX-3, though the box carries an XX-2 logo. A spinning red plastic engine device is attached to the rear. Friction action with spark and plastic rotating tail assembly. (tAIL ASSEMBLY MISSING IN THIS EXAMPLE)

See also the Atomic Spaceship with Sparks XX-2 version of this rocket. The XX-3 has slighly different porthole litho.

An advertisement dates this to October 1960 TN

Jul 08, 2016
ROCKET RACE TO SATURN - LIDO - USASpace board game. 1950s. Jul 07, 2016
VOYAGE INTERPLANETAIRE - SPIELE SCHMIDT - W GERMANY FOR FRANCESpace board game. Dice throw game with rewards and penalties. This is a French language version of the German Weltraumfahrt game. 1950sJul 07, 2016
SATELLITE PATROL DART GAME - MAKER? - USASpace themed target with three darts. Sold bagged.

On sale in 1959.
Jul 07, 2016
SPAZIO:1999 - CLEMENTONI - ITALYAn Italian release of the Anderson Space:1999 board game. The set includes four plastic Eagle transporters.Jul 07, 2016
АСТРОНАВТЫ ASTRONAUT - MAKER? - USSRAn unusual space game in which the Zodiac constellations and classic Greek mythology feature. Details? DateJul 07, 2016
FLIEG MIT ZUM MOND! ABENTEUER IM WETRAUM - HAUSSER - W GERMANYFlight to the Moon Space Adventure. Space board game with an Apollo Saturn theme. Includes plastic rocket playing pieces. Jul 07, 2016
SPACE TARGET GAME - MAKER? - USATin lithographed space scen target. Details? Box? No maker's name. Came with dart gun and rubber tipped darts.

On sale in December 1952.
Jul 07, 2016
ROCKET RACE - EDUCATIONAL FUN - USASpace board game. Includes compass and space chart. Date?Jul 07, 2016
AUF DEM MOND! ABENTEUER IM WETRAUM - HAUSSER - W GERMANYOn the Moon Space Adventure. Space board game with an Apollo Moon landing theme. Includes plastic astronaut playing pieces. 1970Jul 06, 2016
SPACE PILOT - CADACO ELLIS - USAThe objective of the game is for players to land on five planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The game is played on the Inter-Planetary Flying Field with its self-contained Ship Dial, Mileage Chart, four Space-O-Meters with plastic indicators to record mileage traveled, and 20 wooded pegs. 1951
Jul 06, 2016
THE RACE TO SATURN - WHITMAN - USAOne of two games in the Wolf Hunt / The Race to Saturn box. The box art depicts a wolf attack. The space game is a simple dice throw game with penalties and rewards. Jul 06, 2016
BLAST OFF! No. 57 - SELCHOW & RIGHTER - USASpace board game. "The moving planet space game" No 57. The idea is for players to land on moving planets. 1954Jul 06, 2016
SATELLITE PATROL - BRYAN - USAA space board game. Rocket ship and satellite revolve around globe. Bryan, Ohio.

On sale December 1958.
Jul 06, 2016
STRATOSPHERE - WHITMAN - USA"A Journey Through Space with a Catapult". A ball rolling game. The game assembles to form a target. Balls are fired from small spring loaded projectiles.Jul 06, 2016
DESTINATION MOON - HOLDSON - NEW ZEALANDSpace board game with simple counters. 1950s Box and board are separate. Thos Holdsworth and Sons Ltd.Jul 06, 2016
FAHRT INS ALL - HUGO GRAFE - W GERMANYJourney Into Space: board game. Two stage play: training then the flight. Includes a four part board, 6 astronaut figures inside two-piece plastic rockets. Jul 06, 2016
MIT DER APOLLO ZUM MOND - MAKER? - W GERMANYWith Apollo to the Moon. Apollo Moon landing themed space game. A "hat" game in which cone shaped pieces are flicked on to a playing surface covered in holes. 1970Jul 05, 2016
START INS WELT-ALL - SALACA - W GERMANYTakeoff Universe. A space board game. 1965. Details? Jul 05, 2016
ZIEL MARS - SI-SI - DDRObjective Mars. Space board game. The pieces are elaborate plastic spaceships. East Germany. 1963Jul 05, 2016
TOMORROWLAND ROCKET TO THE MOON - PARKER - USAA space board game. A combination of spin and move with dexterity. Wooden "spaceships" are flicked towards a target. Disney authorised. 1956 Two box variations.Jul 05, 2016
CAPTAIN VIDEO AN EXCITING SPACE GAME - MILTON BRADLEY - USACaptain Video themed space board game. In the game players move their four markers through the solar system using a spinner.
The game includes a fold-out cockpit. 1952
Jul 05, 2016
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET GAME - PEERLESS PLAYTHINGS - USASpace board game based on Tom Corbett. Comprises playing board with"Blast Off Control" spinner at center, "Spaceship Hangars - Launching Platform" and four small plastic spaceship playing pieces. 1953Jul 05, 2016
STEVE SCOTT SPACE SCOUT - TRANSOGRAM - USAA space board game. Players select a color for their rockets and then go on a mission to explore the solar system. A unique feature is the sliding rocket speed indicator. 1952. On sale March 1953
Jul 05, 2016
SPOT-A-SATELLITE - MAKER? - USASatellite themed space board game. A complex-looking game. Created by a convict while serving his sentence. 1957. Jul 05, 2016
SPACO ...THE GAME OF FLYING SAUCERS - SPACO.CO GAMES - USAA flying saucer themed space board game. Details? 1955Jul 05, 2016
ROCKET SHIP CONTROL BOARD - BAXTER - USAA plastic rocket control board mock-up with a variety of knobs, Morse code key, levers etc. At the center is a Zodiac panel. A Disneyland authorised toy. Date? Jul 05, 2016
TEK-NO-KRAZY - REILLY & LEE - USAA small boxed peg game notable for the eccentric robot mice on the box art. Comes with 35 metal pegs. Chicago.
Jul 05, 2016
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