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MOON SHOT - LIDO - USAA carded set of soft plastic Lido spaceman. There should also be a plastic pop gun but it is missing. Aug 10, 2014
CAPTAIN VIDEO INTERPLANETARY SPACEMEN - LIDO - USAA boxed set of 18 Lido spacemen. The set comprises three sets of six hard plastic spacemen in an assortment of primary colors. Window box set with a display card header with elaborate space graphics.

Sets containing a number of chromed plastic figures are known.

Listed in the 1952 Blackwell Weilandy catalog.
Aug 10, 2014
CAPTAIN SPACE SET - AJAX - USAA boxed set of ten Ajax hard plastic spacemen. "With removable solar antenna hlemets". The figures are in bronze, matallic green and metallic purple, the original Ajax colors. Set 345Aug 10, 2014
DAN DARE SET - CRESCENT TOYS - ENGLANDA boxed set of seven spacemen and pieces of equipment. The figures are hollow cast lead and are hand painted. This can lead to some variation in the colors of individual items. The equipment is a rocket and rocket launcher. (The top set probably has a missing rocket replaced with a figure).

The sets can vary in their composition and I have shown four combinations. All sets feature Dan Dare in either his space suit or RAF uniform or both. A Treen or Meekon green alien also appears.

All come in the same card box with a graphic display of a rocket launch site with Dan Dare. One or two of the figures are prone to metal fatigue, particularly the rocket launcher.

Aug 10, 2014
SPACE-MEN - CHERILEA - ENGLANDA set of six soft white plastic spacemen. Hand painted. These figures were moulded using the same moulds designed for the lead hollow cast set of spacemen. The result was figures slightly smaller than the lead figures. Unfortunately this range is particularly susceptible to damage: it is rare to find a figure with its paintwork intact and the figures are prone to become brittle.

54 mm Plastic Spacemen
chrl/035...... Spacemen head turned to side, space gun across waist.
chrl/036...... Kneeling with instruments.
chrl/037...... Robot with raised arms.
chrl/038...... Walking with raised weapon, carrying instruments.
chrl/039...... Walking with no weapons.
chrl/040...... Standing both arms raised, with instruments.

Better picture? I have no information on how these were sold. Box? Packaging.

The six figures ultimately derive from the Archer poses. The plastic used was white and the figures are often marked Cherilea. I have a pink version marked "England".
Aug 10, 2014
SPACE-MEN - CHERILEA - ENGLANDA carded set of three hollow cast lead spacemen. Silver painted with red details. The figures are a random selection from the Cherilea range, which is ultimately based on the Archer poses.

Two backing cards are known, both with the identical space station graphic. One is marked Cherilea Products but the other does not have the name.
Aug 10, 2014
SPACEMEN - FOR LINDE - W GERMANYA set of six soft plastic spacemen, includes a spacewoman. The figures all have clear blue space helmets. A copy of the Plasticraft originals. These were offered as premiums in coffee sold by the Autrian Linde company. The figures were probably made in Germany. Available in the silver grey color shown and in a wide range of primary colors.

The gold set with the clear green helmets was sold in a box with a backing card with a stylized background. The name of the set or maker have not been established.
Aug 10, 2014
SPACEMEN: WOMEN - GLENCOE MODELS - USAReissues of early Archer spacemen and spacewomen using the original molds. These figures are made in hard plastic and in the same color range as the original. The result is that they are very difficult to distinguish from originals. 1991.

To check whether you have original Archer or Glenco figures visit here: http://danefield.com/alpha/forums/topic/8789-archer-spacemen-vs-glencoe-re-issues/?hl=glenco
Aug 10, 2014
A-OK ASTRONAUT TO THE MOON - A-0K - USACopies of the Ajax spacemen. Grey plastic with clear plastic helmet. hard plastic, but not the brittle type. Individually packaged in bags with header cards. MPC has been suggested as the manufacturer.Aug 10, 2014
SPACE EXPEDITION SET - PLASTICRAFT - USAA carded set of three plastic spacemen. There are six space figures in the Plasticraft range, including a space woman, and this set comprises a random selection.

There is a distinct collar on each of the figures and this may have been designed for a clear plastic helmet. The carded sets, however, could easily lose these helmets. European copies of the figures do come with plastic helmets.

Various colors.
Aug 09, 2014
THE MOON MEN - ARCHER - USAThe original Archer spacemen but in soft plastic.

Archer released this set of seven figures: six spacemen and one robot in soft plastic. (the empty handed figure is not pictured) They have the usual Archer poses. Red, green and light blue colors rather than the metallic colors of the earlier figures. All have clear plastic helmets and black vinyl Astro-pacs. They do not have separate weapons.

These were sold in bags with header cards. R-600

Aug 09, 2014
SPACE MEN TRADE BOX - ARCHER - USATrade box of two dozen Archer hard plastic spacemen. Metallic green, silver and bronze. Counter display box. Aug 09, 2014
SPACE PEOPLE, SET OF THREE FIGURES - ARCHER - USASmall boxed set of three hard plastic spacemen. The set comprises a space woman with a baby, a space boy and a spaceman. Window box, 5.5x8.5x1.5". Set No 129 1953 Aug 09, 2014
SPACE PEOPLE, ELEVEN FIGURE SET - ARCHER - USALarger boxed set of eleven hard plastic spacemen. The set comprises three spacewomen, one holding baby, three robots and five spacemen with helmets. Window box, 11.25x13.5x1.5"Aug 09, 2014
SPACE MEN SET - ARCHER - USABoxed set of seven hard plastic Archer figures, six spacemen and a robot. Removable clear plastic helmets. Various colors. Window box.Aug 09, 2014
STAR WARRIORS - JOY TOY - USABagged set of plastic spacemen, 3". Ajax copies. 1973. The title graphics have a suggestion of Star Wars. Aug 09, 2014
SPACEMEN - AJAX - USAA range of six hard plastic spacemen. The 3" figures are readily identifiable by their space suits which have exaggerated concertina joints at the knees and the elbows.

There are six poses. All figures have clear plastic helmets.

It is very difficult to be sure about Ajax figures. The company produced them in vast numbers and they were copied by other companies. They carry no identifications marks.

There are, however, some clues about the original versions.
First, they are made of the hard, brittle plastic that clinks.
Secondly, the early colors are bronze, metallic purple, and metallic green. Ajax released a boxed set of these colors.
Third, the quality of the molding is very sharp.

Ajax produced a set of seventeen figures as the Captain of Space Set.
Aug 09, 2014
ROCKET GUN SPACE RANGER - BEST - USABest produced a range of four hard plastic spacemen. Three of the figures are usually found on cards, the fourth figure was sold loose.

The two carded sets are both called Rovket Gun Space Ranger.
The smaller set consists just of one rocket firing spaceman, the much copied guy with the big bazooka that shoots plastic pellets.
The larger set has three figures, the rocket firing spaceman and two others

The fourth figure holds a distinctive shield, and does not feature in any of the sets. Colors are bright primary red, yellow, blue silver etc.
Aug 09, 2014
EXPLORADORES DEL ESPACIO - TROVADOR - ARGENTINASpace Explorers. A series of plastic space figures, copies of the Lido originals. I am not sure of the extent of the range or the colors. marked Trovador on the base. Aug 09, 2014
LOS SELENITAS - TROVADOR - ARGENTINATranslates as Moon Men. This is a range of strange little bug-eye plastic aliens molded in white, yellow, red and green with gold paint detailing. The parts such as heads, helmets, windmills and odd wheel components are interchangeable, so there are many possible combinations. 1960s?Aug 09, 2014
SPACEMEN - MAKER? - ARGENTINAA series of plastic spacemen very similar to the Manurba range with the distinctive texture on the space suits. All have clear plastic helmets. Available in a range of colors.

These figures have bases, unlike the Manurba figures. Maker?
Aug 09, 2014
SPACEMEN - MUNECA? - ARGENTINAA series of plastic spacemen, copies of the Premier originals. The quality of the molding is rather poor. These figures appear in various sets, including one by Animart.Aug 09, 2014
EXPLORADORES DEL ESPACIO - ANIMART - ARGENTINAA large carded set of three plastic spacemen and a variety of minor space rockets and oddities such as buckets and spades. The figures may be by Muneco and are copies of Premier figures.

Blister carded with a colorful space background.
Aug 09, 2014
SOLDADOS DEL ESPACIO - BIRMANIA - ARGENTINAA boxed set of four cream plastic child-like astronauts. Each has a distinctive large round helmet.
Aug 09, 2014
SATELLITE PATROL RAUMFAHRER ASTRONAUTEN - PLAY PLASTIC - W GERMANYSemi flat plastic spacemen. Copies of Spanish originals. Bagged with header card. Possibly by Manurba.Aug 09, 2014
ELASTOLIN SPACEMEN - HAUSSER - W GERMANYSet of four plastic space figure. Boxed set with a space scene background.

Plastic Space Series, comprising:
Model No. 8310 - Spaceman with Removable Transparent Helmet,
Model No. 8302 - "Jupiter Gorilla"
Model No. 8303 - "Saurus Saturn"
Model No. 8304 - "Venus Amazonia" [the only figures released].

The figures are made of polystyrene. The light blue of the spaceman has a shimmer of nacre.
The scale is 1:25, the spaceman has a size of 7cm. The group only appeared in Hausser´s Elastolin catalogue from 1960. The space figures were a flop.
Around 1980 a short while before Hausser went out of business, they were sold in toy shops again. It was the dead stock from 1960s.

Note: The clawed spaceman: back in the 1950's it was unclear if space suit gloves were even possible. Some suit designers took a tip from deep sea diving suits and postulated mechanical pincers instead of gloves.

Aug 09, 2014
PLOMBELIANOS - PLOMBEL - ARGENTINAPlastic spacemen in a combination of Archer and Premier poses. Four types of figure, each with a plastic helmet, clear or colored. Produced in a range of colors. Bagged with header card

This is the Tudor Rose set of four poses: three Archer one Premier (pistol held vertical).
Aug 09, 2014
COSMOS 2000 - JEM NOREV - FRANCE Boxed set of ten plastic astronauts with detachable equipment. Window box with a Moon landscape scene. Set No 202. CosmonautesAug 09, 2014
ROCKET CAR - IDEAL - USAHard plastic space car with long rocket tubes on either side. Unusual tail fin. 4" Assorted colors.

Sold loose as part of the Novelty Car Assortment. Dated to 1953
Aug 08, 2014
THUNDERBOLT SPECIAL, SPACE CAR - CALIFORNIA MOULDERS - USAThis is probably the first plastic spaceship, dating to 1948.
"Rocket Car of the Future". Hard plastic spaceship. 7.5" A futuristic vehicle with small side wings and a large dorsal fin. A gun is mounted on the top. Produced in combinations of red, blue and yellow components. Push along.

The boxed version is in three color combinations. The bagged version came in just two colors.

First produced in 1948: CM-600
In the early 1950s the toy was renamed "Space Car" CM-160
Aug 08, 2014
SUPERSONIC ACES SET - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAA boxed set of five smaller Premier hard plastic spaceships and one hard plastic spaceman figure. Mounted on a Premier Airport backing card. Window box.

Various color and figure combinations.
Aug 08, 2014
COSMIC SPACE SET - MAKER? - USAThese sets of dime store space toys turn up fairly regularly and yet the maker remains a mystery. The simple space toys are made of thin plastic, and have no moving parts. The feature that sets the apart is the imaginative design of the backing cards and the wonderful early space graphics on them. The spaceships and space cars are unique in design, but the spacemen are small, roughly modelled figures based on Archer poses.

There are at least six sets, each with five units:

Cosmic Space Set: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spaceships, space car, space cannon and spacemen.

Space Men: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spacemen.

Space Cannon: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small plastic space weapons. These all have stands.

Rocket Space Cars: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spaceships.

Space Ships: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spaceships.

Space Train: backing card with a space city theme. The card holds a small five-piece plastic train set: two engines and three carriages.
Aug 07, 2014
ROCKET SPACE SHIPS - MAKER? - HONG KONGFour simple plastic spaceships on a backing card. These are soft plastic copies of the Greyshaw Space Raider Squadron spaceships. Crown Colony. 1960s

Aug 07, 2014
SPACE CAR - TAT - HONG KONGThis is a copy of the Wold's Champion Race Car by Renwal. The gently tapering space car has a clear plastic dome containing a pilot and a long detachable rear fin maked CHAMPION. 55 is molded into the front. Boxed. Produced in a range of colors. Friction drive. Box? 1960sAug 07, 2014
WORLD'S CHAMPION RACER - RENWAL - USADespite its name this looks like a futuristic space car. The gently tapering space car has a clear plastic dome containing a pilot and a long detachable rear fin maked CHAMPION. 36 is molded into the front. Boxed. Produced in a range of colors. Friction drive.
Aug 07, 2014
X-400 SPACE EXPLORER - ALPIA - ITALYGrey hard plastic spaceship. This is clearly a X-400 spaceship manufactured by Alpia in Italy in the 1950s. This is a copy of the Pyro original, though it may be derived from the English molds. There is no name on the spaceship, though the Alpia logo and Bergamo are shown on the top of the ship. This is a friction drive mechanism, though it does not have the large box structure usually used for the motor (Tudor Rose style)Aug 07, 2014
FUTURE CAR - MOLDEX? - AUSTRALIAThis car is based on the Marx Future Car. There are some differences - the wheels are cast metal which had a thin layer of rubber to provide traction. The car has rubber. There is also a white cap placed at the top of the car, also the driver doesn't appear to be a "space" driver but rather a figure out of a racing car.

The car has an interesting friction mechanism: when you psch the car forward a small triangular cog rotates and flicks a little brass strip which acts as a drum stick against piece of cardboard?. At the same time a crudely cut tinplate cog rotates against a worm gear which turns a large horizontally mounted flywheel which has a rough underside. This strikes against a flint which sends sparks out the back of the car.
Aug 07, 2014
SPACESHIP - FETHALITE - AUSTRALIAA small three-hulled spaceship. Hard plastic. Silver with bronze engine and bronze, blue wheels.

The silver color suggests that is based on the English Poplar spaceship which in turn is a copy of the Gilmark Supersonic Jetmobile.
Aug 07, 2014
ROCKETSHIP - MAKER? - ARGENTINAGrey hard plastic spaceship. A copy of the Pyro Rocketship original. Marked Industria Argentina. Maker?Aug 07, 2014
AUTO ESPACIAL GERATOMIC - MIRIM - ARGENTINASilver hard plastic space car with gold painted details, a copy of the Pyro Pyrotomic Energiser. GERATOMIC molded into the sides.

Sold in a box. Date?

One of two Argentinian Pyro copy space cars
Aug 07, 2014
AUTO ESPACIAL SUPER BOMBEIRO - MIRIM - ARGENTINASilver hard plastic space car with gold painted details, a copy of the Pyro Fire Control Vehicle. Sold in a box. Date?

One of two Argentinian Pyro copy space cars
Aug 07, 2014
X-300 SPACE CRUISER - MAKER? - ARGENTINANot much known about this copy of the Pyro X-300. Black and white two tone hard plastic spaceship. Aug 07, 2014
SUPER ASTRONAUT - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated rotate-o-matic robot with rotating action, opening doors and shooting guns. A later style robot with hollow arms and a silver chrome plastic face plate with large eyes. 12"

Black and red versions. Slight litho panel variations. Also released by SJM of Taiwan. The red version is new in the 1977 SH catalog art 5031. There is as yet no info for the two brown versions.
Aug 07, 2014
STAR STRIDER - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated Attacking Martiaan style robot. This is probably the last Horikawa-Marumiya robot. The box has a SH Logo and says "Tin Toy ProjectPproduct of Horikawa Planning by Task Force". Under it iss written "Directed by K . Yamazaki , designed by Cheech Asami."

Possibly a 1986 robot though it is not in the SH catalog before 1989 when Marumiya changed its name to Metal House.

This can be considered the first robot designed for collectors. It was very expensive and found in gift tores. The robot was then produced by Metal House until the end of 90’s in a limited edition box.
Aug 07, 2014
CAPTAIN VIDEO SPACE SET - TECHNI-PLASTE - FRANCEAmn unusual carded set consisting of a Lido spaceship along with four hard plastic copies of Lido spacemen and aliens. The spaceship is the standard Captain Video Troop Transport with only one accessory. (There is only space for one accessory on the card.) It's marked Lido so it is a Lido repackaging. The figures are metallic hard plastic. It dates from the early 1950s. Aug 05, 2014
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