Tin Robots and Space Toys
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ROCKET GUN - DIA? - JAPANEarly light blue painted pistol style tinplate space gun. The gun has revolver chamber molded in the sides; stars and rocket molded in the handle. Cap firing. Name? Maker? Identical pressing to the Dia 888 space gun. Dia is the Diamond company. 1950sMay 17, 2013
STREAMLINE SIREN SPARKLING PISTOL AIR RAID WARNING SIREN - MARX - USABased on the Flash Gordon Signal Pistol. A blue metal bulbous space gun. The all steel gun is blue with a red fin and muzzle. The gun has a decal "Air Raid Signal Gun" indicating its war time association. The box is the same as the later Celebration version of the gun. Pulling the trigger generates a siren sound. Sparking action.May 16, 2013
SPACE GUN HF 901 - CHINALight blue tinplate lithographed space gun with small red dome on top. This has a unique rounded shape with the red plastic barrel conained entirely inside the body and visible through slots in the side. Black cat with a gun graphic. Marked FOREST SECURITY on the stock. 6.5" tin litho. Function - friction action with spark. Flint adjustment screw. May 13, 2013
PATRULLERO DEL ESPACIO - SPACE PATROL ROCKET GUN - ARGENTINAPlastic space gun. Shoots plastic darts which can contain messages. This is a version from Argentian based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Dart Gun. Maker? Picture of actual gun? Marked Patrulla Del Espacio ZP 581May 13, 2013
DAN DARE ATOMIC JET GUN - METAL VERSION - CRESCENT TOYS - ENGLANDThe first version of this Dan Dare water gun (probably!). The gun is a re-badged ATOMIC JET GUN by DCMT. The simple addition of a Dan Dare decal to the top is the only change. Dan Dare was depicted using this version of the gun in the Eagle Comic. Red diecast metal space water gun. The gun was, presumably, later redesigned in plastic. Box? Based on the Hiller design.May 13, 2013
AIR GUN - KANG YUAN - CHINABrightly lithographed tinplate space gun. Blue, red and yellow angular pistol style. Integrated sight. Friction spark action with noise. ? The box indicates an air powered missile shooting action. Earth and capsule graphics on the handle. Kang Yuan, ShanghaiMay 13, 2013
ROCKET DART GUN - NEMROD - SPAINA red plastic classic rounded space gun. Shoots darts. This is a Spanish version of the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun. The molding details remain unclear but the gun is structurally identical to the original. 1950s. Box?May 11, 2013
SPACE WATER GUN, POSWERHOUSE - HONG KONGClear plastic bulbous space water gun with bulbous retro styling. Telescopic sight. Bagged with header card. Distributed by Elvin. Various colors. 1960s?May 10, 2013
SUPER JET WATER GUN No 210 - MAKS - HONG KONGMetallic plastic space water gun in the shape of a rocket jet plane. Clear plastic canopy, wing tips side panels and rear cap. 9 ins. "Double squirt" action. Available in blue, green and red versions. Also produced in a smaller 6 ins version as the "Jet No 211". mak'sMay 10, 2013
NEW SPACE WATER GUN No 292 - MAKS - HONG KONGSmall bulbous transparent plastic water pistol with retro styling. Upper fin, enclosed trigger. Lightning flash molded on the side. 4ins Various transparent colors. Mak'sMay 10, 2013
VENUS NO 231 SPACE WATER GUN - MAKS - HONG KONGMetallic plastic space water gun. Blue and red versions only. Futuristic styling with rings molded into the barrel and geometric shapes in the body. Packaging? Date? mak'sMay 10, 2013
STAR TREK PHASER ROCKET GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDBlack plastic space gun with a large yellow plastic barbed barrel and breech. Shoots darts. This is based on the earlier Lone Star Rocket Gun design. 1974. Window box.May 09, 2013
FLASH GORDON SPACE WATER PISTOL - NI - HONG KONGGold plastic space water gun. Angular design with a cylindrical barrel. Blister carded. 1980s. Nasta IndustriesMay 09, 2013
FLASH GORDON ROCKET RANGE GUN - JAN-RU - HONG KONGLong blue rocket shaped plastic space gun. The back of the guns has fins at the top and bottom. Spring loaded dart shooting action. Shoots white rocket shaped darts. Blister carded. 1981May 09, 2013
SPACE PATROL ROCKET GUN - US PLASTIC - USAThe bagged version of the hard plastic dart gun with a rounded streamlined design. Comes with two darts, one of them was a "Captomatic" cap tip, the other one is a "Message Dart" with a secret compartment. Bagged with backing card and header card. This is merchandising based on the successful TV series "Space Patrol" which first aired in March 1950. The first sighting of the gun is 1953. Colors: red, black.May 09, 2013
LASER GUN - DAIYA - JAPANSmall 16cm silver angular lithographed tin space gun pistol. Spark windows at base of barrel. Rocket graphic on the side with "Laser Gun" wording. Friction tin and spark action. This is the same pressing as the Daiya Space Colt. Box?May 08, 2013
SPACE GUN DOUBLE BARREL MF 861 - CHINAMetallic blue tinplate lithographed double-barrel space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine effect. Clear red plastic barrels. Marked Space Gun Double Barrel on one side and with Chinese characters on the other. Friction noise and spark action. This is based on a Nomura design used on guns such as the Ogon Bat Space Gun.
MF-861 MF861
May 08, 2013
SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANAnother version of the Taiyo original. A blue plastic space gun with a breen barrel with rings molded into the center of the body. The gun has a disctinctive red circular disk muzzle. Friction noise and spark action. Gun marked SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN. This gun does not have a vertical tail fin. Three circular holes. Blister carded. KOMay 07, 2013
G-MEN POP GUN - JAPANAn early tinplate lithographed space gun, angular pistol design with black metal barrel. A lever on the barrel is pulled back to cock the gun. Attached cork on string. Marked G-Men on the side but the handle has a rocket design. This is a space-gangster crossover gun. Box? Maker?May 07, 2013
TIGER W. MISSILE SPACE GUN - JAPAN?Grey plastic space water gun with an unusual design consisting of a series of three pear shaped bulbous moldings. Rocket design molded into the handle. Maker? Date? Possibly Japanese.May 07, 2013
CINE COLT - KOSEISHA - JAPANBlue plastic battery operated angular space gun. This is a projector gun designed to accept film strips and project them on flat surfaces. Japan 1950s? projector projectionMay 07, 2013
SPACE PATROL ROCKET - JAPANA little simple red, orange and blue lithographed tinplate rocket. Pilot litho. Marked Space Scout. Crimped construction. Friction action with noise.
Possibly sold in trade boxes. Maker?

Image Smith House Auctions
May 04, 2013
SPACE PATROL - LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate friction space car with large square robot pilot. Coiled antenna. Marked Space Explorer S-3. Imitation tracks at rear. This space car was also sold in a boxed set with the astronaut version of the toy.May 04, 2013
SPACE EXPLORER SET - LINEMAR - JAPANA boxed set of two Linemar space cars, the astronaut Space Explorer S-3 and the robot version also marked Space Explorer S-3.May 04, 2013
WALKING ROBOT SHAKING STYLE - UNIDENTIFIED - AOKI? - JAPANA blue plastic version of the AOKI shaking action robot. Name? Box? Details?May 03, 2013
MECHANICAL WALKING GOLDEN ROBOT - AOKI? - JAPANA golden colored version of the Mechanical Walking Silver Robot, chrome plastic wind up robot. Red stepover legs, black arms and a distinctive decal chest panel. Name? Packaging?May 03, 2013
ATOMIC ROCKET GUN - JAPANClear plastic space water pistol. Bulbous retro shape with large rear fin. Distinctive white ring at the back which is used to fill the gun. Available in several colors. Bagged with header card. Maker? Date?May 02, 2013
FLYING SAUCER X-7 - Raja Toy Company RTC - IndiaLithographed tinplate battery operated flying saucer with astronaut pilot under a clear plastic dome . Bump and go action with flashing lights. Distinctive tall red vinyl pilot with tin arms. This is a copy of the Masudaya original. Box?
May 01, 2013
ROTATOR ROBOT - MAKER?Later multicolored plastic battery op robot with doors in chest, rotating body and shooting guns. Light blue plastic body, orange head and arms, pink hands and feet. Large clear red plastic face. This is a variation of the Cosmos Robot by Kamco and was also released as the Galaxy Robot.May 01, 2013
OUTER SPACE GUN - HONG KONGTransparent plastic space gun with a distinctive hump at the back. Friction spark with noise action. Blister carded. No 681May 01, 2013
ATOMIC ROCKET - DSK - JAPANA simple small blue and red (3.5in) tinplate lithographed space rocket. Marked Atomic Rocket. Pilot in cockpit litho on top, with Saturn and satrs on the front. Unusual fin design. Fiction action with noise. DSK 1950s. Crimped construction. Box? Possibly sold in trade boxes.Apr 30, 2013
MISSILE ROBOT - LATER VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPAN 1981Black plastic battery operated robot with a red and yellow tinplate chest panel. Walks with sound, stops and then rotates with gun firing and flashing lighted eyes. The head has a large red lighted plastic visor. Missiles on either side of the head, replacing the ears. This robot is featured as a new item, No 5063, in the 1981 Horikawa catalog. There is a Japanese version of the box.

Apr 30, 2013
SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN - SOLPA - GREECEGreen plastic retro shape space gun with missile tipped transparent red barrel with rings molded into the center of the body. Three circular holes at the back. Friction noise and spark action. Gun marked SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN. This is based on the Taiyo original but it has the unusual semicircular extension added to the top. Date? BPackaging? GreekApr 24, 2013
SPACE GUN MF 603 - CHINABlack tin space gun with pattern molded white plastic panels in the side and handle. Clear plastic spark window in the side. Clear plastic barrel with red reciprocating insert. Friction noise and spark action. Flint adjustment screw. MF603Apr 24, 2013
FRICTION SPARKING PISTOL MF 116 - CHINABlue and silver tinplate space gun with a simple litho design. Red plastic spark window set into the barrel. Flint adjustment screw. Friction noise and spark action. MF116Apr 24, 2013
FRICTION SPACE PISTOL MF 232- CHINATinplate purple painted space gun based on the Taiyo Razer Ray Gun shape. 30 cms. Clear plastic ringed barrel with red insert and barbed nozzle tip. Friction action with spark. The flint mechanism has an adjusting screw. Three visible gears. MF232Apr 24, 2013
SPACE GUN WATER SQUIRT - HONG KONGSoft plastic water squirt gun based on the Space Outlaw design. No moving parts. Bagged with header card. Various colors. 1970sApr 23, 2013
SPARKING SPACE PISTOL - HONG KONGClear red plastic retro shape space gun with missile tipped barrel with rings molded into the center of the body. Friction noise and spark action. This gun does not have a vertical tail fin. Based on the SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN by KO. Blister carded. 1960sApr 21, 2013
SPACE PILOT JET RAY GUN - DAY FRAM - HONG KONGA version of the Yoshiya Space Pilot Jet Ray GunApr 21, 2013
ATOMATIC JUNIOR SPACE GUN - HR Productions - EnglandSmall 4" clear red plastic angular space water gun complete with attached water tank and brass tip. The gun has no stopper and is operated by filling the separate tank.

The tank has a metal clip on back to attach to belt. This is based on the of Knickerbocker MidJet Ammo-Tank or Space Jet Gun. Marked Atomatic on the side, rocket logo molded into the side. HR Productions also produced the large retro-styled Atomatic gun which they caaled the Senior to distinguish from this version. Packaging?
Apr 20, 2013
SPACE JET GUN - KNICKERBOCKER - USASmall 4" angular plastic space water pistol. Simple self-contained water pistol marked 2 Space Jet. The gun has a distinctive raised front sight. This is one version of the Knickerbocker range of guns produced in the 1950s (inset). Catalog No. 606. Sold in trade boxes.Apr 19, 2013
FLIGHT SPACE GUN - VEB - EAST GERMANYPlastic spring driven space gun, Planet Gun variant shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. Produced in Annaberg-Buchholz in Saxony, East Germany. A very plain box with Russian Cyrillic script. Produced 1973-1975. Black body, yellow muzzle. Probably in other colors. The box name is ПОЛЁT.

Based on the Park Plastics design.
Apr 17, 2013
ROCKET - ANANIADES PRIFTIS? - GREECELithographed tinplate space rocket, 20 cms. A bulbous design with two tailfins but no upright tail fin. Large celar red plastic dome in the middle. Blure plastic wheels. Lithographed detailing shows astronauts inside a window. Friction action with spark. Marked Rocket. Greek. Date? Box? The same pressing with different litho was used by Priftis. Pi logoApr 17, 2013
TRI AIR GAM SPACE GUN - AIRGAM - SPAINUnusual angular grey plastic space gun comprising several flat plastic pieces that form a triple dart shooting gun. Shoots three sucker tipped darts. Decal detailing. Lanza 3 Ventosas. Apr 15, 2013
SPACIAL-6 - MONTEPLAST - SPAINLight blue clear plastic friction space gun with visible gears. Blue plastic flared nozzle. Spacial-6 decal on the side. Friction action with noise and spark. This has the same internal four gears as the Yoshiya based guns but the gun shape is quite different. La Pistola Magica Del Futuro. Cartoon graphics box. Apr 15, 2013
MONDFAHRT MOON-FLIGHT FAIRGROUND RIDE - ZJG SCH - WEST GERMANYRed, blue and yellow lithographed plastic and tinplate wind up fairground ride. Circular base with station and space scene. Five space cars orbit with a rising and falling action. Maker: Z J G SCH (Western Germany)Apr 14, 2013
AIR CAR - TOY MASTER - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate borderline space car, hovercraft style. Low profile with four fans set in the corners of the car. Green plastic canopy. Pegasus wording on the side. Friction action, fans turns with noise.Apr 08, 2013
ATOMIC GUN - JAPANSmall gold lithographed tinplate space gun with red and blue detailing. Very small spark windows at the tip of the barrel. Crimped construction. Marked Atomic Gun. Friction spark and noise action. Maker? Possible trade box sales.Apr 08, 2013
SPACE GUN 7 - JAPANSmall 15cms silver and red lithographed tin space gun. Crimped construction. Two spark windows with chrome frames. Cratered planet or moon logo. Number 7 on the handle. Friction spark and noise action. Maker? Possible trade box sale item.Apr 08, 2013
SUPER SONIC GUN - MARUBISHI - JAPANBulbous lithographed blue tin friction space gun with long slender red plastic double barrel. 8" long. Lightning flash on the side with three horizontal spark windows. Supersonic. The gun is marked Endoh on one side and Made in Japan on the other.Mar 30, 2013
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