Toy Robots and Space Toys
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POWDER SPACE GUN - MAKER? An unidentified red plastic space gun. Rounded futuristic design with rings on the barrel and a similar configuration on the telescopic sight. The sight is set into an arched fin at the back of the gun. Flared barrel tip. Powder shooting action. Probably 1950s USA. Details? Packaging? 6 1/2" by 5 1/4".Jan 26, 2015
BATMAN ROCKET GUN - BARAVELLI - ITALYA red plastic battery operated space machine gun. The barrel lights up and gun makes noise via trigger at rear grip. Shoots rockets via a spring loaded mechanism and the trigger is on the front grip. "Batman" wording in gold lettering. There is a large folding site on the top. Approx. 22" long.

The toy was distributed by Baravelli of Italy though it may not have been made there,
Jan 18, 2015
AIR-FIRING SHOULDER GUN - AIDS INC - USAThis is a variation of Aids Incs Outer Space Air Ray Gun. A silver plastic air blaster space gun. This is basically the Air-Firing Hip Gun with an extended barrel. Marked Supersonic on the top rear fin. Also advertised as the Supersonic Defender Gun.

This is one of the second generation of such guns and is a reworking of the design first used by Budson in the 1940s.

The advert appeared in a 1957-1958 Toy Fair catalog. Picture? Box? Packaging?
Jan 11, 2015
SONIC WAVE GUN - KELLOGS - USAA red plastic space air blaster gun. 6" x 3.5". The gun has a hammer that strike a vinyl diaphragm, producing a "sonic" pulse wave. Four cardboard space themed targets were included. Offered as a premium with Sugar Smacks and Frosted Flakes. 1963 The gun is largley the same as the Wham-O SUPER AIR ZAPPER.Jan 09, 2015
SPACE PATROL CAR - ICHIKO/ROYAL - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing on the hood, Space Patrol on the trunk. Saturn graphic on the roof. 5.5" long. Much of the litho detailing is identical to that on other Ichiko space cars.

At least two variations are known: one has two divisions in side windows, the other has four; the litho also varies slightly.

Marked Japan. There is a license plate 2884 on the back.

Possibly sold as a bin toy. Sold as part of the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal, a group of space toys in October 1959.
Jan 04, 2015
SPACE JET RAY GUN - W IN CIRCLE - HONG KONGBlue plastic space gun with a long detachable barrel. The gun has a pistol grip, a magazine clip and a perforated barrel. There is a detachable telescopic sight on the top. Friction action clicking machine gun sound with spark. The gun dismantles for storage in the box. 15-1/2" fully assembled. 1960s.

The barrel is based on that of the Space Pilot Jet Ray Gun, by KO.
Jan 04, 2015
AIR CONTROL TOWER - ASAHI ATC - JAPANTin lever action carousel ride with three space planes named Moon, Mars and and Venus. The planes have celluloid propeller spinners attached. Bell. Red base, central girder tower and a tin canopy. Based on the ATC carousel chassis with different rides to suit the latest developments. Asahi Toy Company Japan Date?Dec 31, 2014
BEST WATER PISTOL - BEST BRAND - JAPANTinplate space water pistol. This early gold nickel plated metal space gun has a crimped construction. There is a small tailfin and a jet plane/rocket is pressed into the handle. Best wording on the side. 8cm Sold in trade boxes of twelve guns. 1950s
Dec 31, 2014
COLT "PARACHUTISTE" - MAKER? - FRANCEGold colored diecast pistol. Not strictly a space gun but it has futuristic lines and a distinctive angled sight on the top. Cap gun action. The gun has elaborate scrolling detail molded into the sides. Box?Dec 19, 2014
THUNDERBIRDS SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANA stock space gun released in a Thunderbirds themed window box. This is a variation of the Siren Stan raygun design. Blue and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren. There is a red light at the top front of the gun and a cord attached to the handle. 7.5" 19cm One of several packaging variations of the Tomy siren gun. Date?
Dec 19, 2014
TV SCREEN SPACE ROBOT - MAKER? - KOREAThis is thee companion piece to the Space Robot Super Machine. This Lambda based robot has the TV screen with space scene fitted into the head. In addition it has a rotating chrome antenna and twin pairs of shooting missiles set on either side of the head.

Plastic battery operated robot with TV screen in the head. Blue body, yellow arms, black legs. An instrument panel decal is set in the chest. Walking action, moving arms and space scene on the screen.

Dec 18, 2014
SPACE ROBOT SUPER MACHINE - MAKER? - KOREAThis is essentially a Horikawa Lambda-II robot with the addition of a rotating chrome plastic antenna and two pairs of shooting missiles, one on each side of the head.

Plastic battery operated robot. Red body, yellow arms, black legs. Moves with natural walking action, arms and legs move. The head of the robot has a clear plastic window. This compartment lights up showing moving pistons and an astronaut sitting at cockpit controls. The astronaut slowly bounces up and down. The robot's chest has an instrument panel decal. 24cm
Dec 18, 2014
ULTRA-SONIC BEAM GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDBlack hard plastic battery operated flashlight space gun. The gun has a large red plastic lens housing that contains the color filters. Large red plastic rocket shaped sight. The barrel has distinctive barb like fins on the side. White knob for the buzzer action on the side. "Geiger Counter Indicator" dial set into the handle. 1950s

See also the Flower Logo Magic Gun version of this space gun. Picture?

Space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray. This is one of two versions of this gun produced by Lone Star.
Dec 17, 2014
MAGIC GUN TRI-COLOUR - FLOWER BRAND - HONG KONGBlack hard plastic battery operated flashlight space gun. The distinctive feature of this version is the large red plastic lens housing that contains the color filters. Large white plastic rocket shaped sight. White knob on side. Buzzer action. "Geiger Counter Indicator" dial set into the handle.

This gun is closely modeled on the Lone Star Ultra-Sonic Beam Gun, though there are minor differences.

Space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray.
Dec 02, 2014
GUN FLYING SAUCER - MAKER? - JAPANA copy of the Parks Plastic original design: a small plastic spring action space gun with a ribbed handle. Blue plastic body with a green barrel assembly. Shoots a spinner with central cover and a spinning top with an astronaut mounted on top. 8" 20cm.Dec 01, 2014
FLYING TETSUJIN28 ON TRACK - TPS - JAPANA small lithographed tinplate Tetsujin robot. The wind up robot rolls arounfd a figure of eight tinplate track with elaborate Tetsujin graphics. Toplay.Nov 21, 2014
FLYING TETSUJIN 28 – NOMURA - JAPAN A metallic blue lithographed tinplate flying Tetsujin robot. This Tetsujin has a rather angular or boxy design. Battery operated remote control with wheels set underneath the body. The robot can be made to "fly" backward and forward with flashing lights in the clear red plastic rocket backpack.Nov 21, 2014
FLYING TETSUJIN 28 – BANDAI - JAPAN A metallic blue lithographed tinplate flying Tetsujin robot. The friction action robot has wheels set into the chest. Clear red plastic rocket backpack. Nov 21, 2014
FLYING TETSUJIN 28 – BANDAI - JAPAN A metallic blue lithographed tinplate Tetsujin robot. The robot has a complex pulley system attached to its back. The battery operated remote control robot attaches to a fixed wire and can be made to "fly" backward and forward with flashing lights in the clear red rocket backpace. Nov 21, 2014
VISION CONTROL TETSUJIN 28 - POPY - JAPANVision Control is a blue lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. Tin body, legs and feet. Plastic head and arms. Note that the fist can be propelled by a spring

Battery operated remote control robot. The remote wire from the plastic remote must be inserted into a jack in the back of the robot.

The robot has NTV copyright indicating that it has was produced when new T28 anime cartoons were released on NTV in 1980-1981)

Popy is a division of Bandai (1971-1983) and produced many tin toys and diecast based on anime series.
Nov 21, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 - NOMURA - JAPAN N°5 Metallic blue lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. Battery operated remote control 24cm 1965

This is essentially the same robot as N°3 but with an electric remote. Black elbows and the eye litho different. Same function as N°3: walk with sparks in the clear red plastic rocket backpack. (The picture here is based on the Osaka copy.)
Nov 21, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 N°1 - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. Wind up action. 1963 19.5 cm

Two versions:
Top row - first version with black vinyl hands, pictured in the 1962 catalog of the 1st Japan International Toy Fair.

Bottom row - later version with integral tin hands, 1966
Nov 21, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 - NOMURA – JAPAN Silver grey metallic lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. Wind up action. 19 cm 1961 Nov 21, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 - NOMURA - JAPAN Black lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. Battery operated, remote. Flame foot yellow belt. 1961 2nd version 19.5 cm. Eyes light up. arms swing. roars and walks. The roaring noise is produced by a resonator inside. The rocket backpack contains a bellows mechanism that houses a tin cylinder. A tin arm pumps air.

This was also a low production prototype (25) offered as a prize in the magazine ”Shonen”

This toy was reportedly judged too expensive to produce.

Nov 21, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 - NOMURA - JAPAN Brown lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. Wind up 1960 19.5 cm. Some examples look black.Nov 21, 2014
GIGANTOR ROBOT, FLYING TETSUJIN 28 - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue in wind up flying Tetsujin T28. All metal. The schoolboy character Shotaro is set into his back. Green celluloid propeller at rear. Wind up action: the toy is suspended from a string and rotates. 10"Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN TRAIN - MAKER? - JAPAN Old style blue tinplate train. Tetsujin graphics on the boiler side panel. Action? Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 GUNS GREY AND BLUE – MATSUSHIRO - JAPAN Plastic space water pistols in the shape of a flying Tetsujin. Two colors shown: blue and grey. Packaging?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BANK - MAKER? - JAPAN Red vinyl Tetsujin bank with lockable tinplate door in the base. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SHOES - MAKER? - JAPAN Tetsujin canvas shoes with graphics. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 KOMA ROULETTE- JAPANSimple plastic roulette spinner. Tetsujin graphics.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BOARD GAME - MAKER? - JAPANBoard game, 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 INFLATABLE PLASTIC BOAT - BANDAI - JAPANVinyl inflatable boat. Tetsujin graphics. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 PLASTIC GUN - MAKER? - JAPAN Blow mold plastic gun with concertina center section. Propels red plastic Tetsujin figure. Bagged with header card.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TV TOY - MAKER? - JAPAN Old style plastic TV set with Tetsujin graphics. Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 PLASTIC - MAKER? - JAPANBlue plastic Tetsujin figure in flying pose. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 CLOCK - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin and plastic clock. Tetsujin graphics on the dial, though the box does not have a Tetsujin theme. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TELEPHONE - MAKER? – JAPAN Red and silver telephone hand set. Tetsujin on the dial. Wind up action. Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANThis is a variation of the Tomy Siren raygun design. Black and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren. Tetsujin grpahics.

Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 PENCIL BOX Lithographed tinplate pencil box with Tetsujin graphice. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SANDPAIL - JAPAN Lithographed tinplate sandpail bucket. 1965Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BICYCLE LIGHT - MITSUBA - JAPAN Distorted plastic Tetsujin bicycle light. Switch on rear tanks. Marked Mitsuba.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SPACE RIFLE - MATSUSHIRO - JAPAN Conventional rifle with telescopic sight. Various villains as targets. pop gun cork shooting action.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 CAR - NOMURA - JAPAN Red tinplate automobile with white roof. Tetsujin graphics on the roof, sides, hood and trunk. Friction action. Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 CAR - NOMURA - JAPAN Red tinplate automobile with white roof. Tetsujin graphics on the roof, hood and trunk. Friction action. Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 CAR - NOMURA - JAPAN Red tinplate automobile with yellow roof. Tetsujin graphic on the roof, hood and trunk. Friction action. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TANK - MAKER? - JAPAN Conventional tank in military green. Tetsujin character graphics. Box? friction action. 1963Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 WATERING CAN - MAKER? - JAPANTinplate watering can with Tetsujin graphics. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRAIN - NOMURA - JAPANOld style steam locomotive with cowcatcher and large funnel. Red lithographed tin. Tetsujing grahics on the side. Action?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRAIN - MAKER? - JAPAN Lithographed tinplate sigle coach train. Tetsujin graphic on roof. Friction action. Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BOAT 5 - MAKER? - JAPAN Blue lithographed speedboat with a red Tetsujin graphic on the top. Crank action. Box? 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BOAT - YONEZAWA - JAPAN Brighly lithographed tinplate tugboat. Tetsujin graphics. Crank action: the crank is set into the funnel. Box? 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BAGATELLE - TOMY - JAPAN Tin and plastic bagatelle. 1966Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SPACE GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN Large blue tinplate rifle machine gun. Tetsujin graphics on the wood effect stock. Action? Box? Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SUPER TRAIN - YONEZAWA - JAPAN Red and blue three part train comprising two engines and a central carriage. Reversible direction. Friction action. Gigantor characters printed in the windows. Size 30" Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SHINKASEN TRAIN - NOMURA - JAPAN Train set comprising track sections and a white, red and blue tinplate engine. Tetsujin graphic on the roof. Battery operated. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 RIFLE - MATSUSHIRO - JAPAN Two versions of a conventional tinplate rifle, one with telescopic sight. Tetsujin graphics on the sides. Pop gun cork firing action. The box lids both have a particularly large image of Tetsujin. 1964-1965Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SPACE REVOLVER CORK GUN - TT TAKATOKU - JAPAN Black and silver traditional revolver with Gigantor graphics on panels in the handle. cork firing action. Matching holsters. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 CRANE TRUCK - BANDAI - JAPAN Orange tinplate crane truck with working chain drive bucket grabber. Friction action. 1965Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRUCK - NOMURA - JAPAN Red tinplate dumper truck with a yellow tipper on the back. Small Tetsujin graphic on the hood. Friction drive with tipping action.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 FIRE TRUCK - MIURA - JAPAN Red lithographed tinplate fire engine with flat tin firemen. Ladder on the roof. The ladder has no rungs and displays a substantial Tetsujin graphic. Friction action.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BUS - MIURA - JAPAN Stubby pink lithographed tinplate bus with blue roof and base. Red Tetsujin graphics on the roof. Friction action.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BUS - ASAKUSA - JAPAN Blue and pink lithographed tinplate bus with large Tetsujin graphic on the roof. Friction action.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 BOAT BANDAI - JAPAN Brightly lithographed red, white and blue tinplate boat. Tetsujin graphics. Crank action. The cabin raises to give access to the crank.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRAIN - TT TAKATOKU - JAPAN A simple light blue tinplate train with three coaches. There is no track. Tetsujin graphics on the side. Wind up action. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRAIN - YONEZAWA - JAPAN A tinplate train set comprising a circular track, locomotive, passenger coach, level crossing and a rising barrier. The engine has a plastic Tetsujin mounted on top and the coach has Tetsujin graphics. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 ROCKET - YONEZAWA - JAPAN A large orange tinplate rocket based on the MOON ROCKET XM-12 design. Lithographed canopy and other details. A vinyl plastic Tetsujin figure is fixed to a rod emerging from the center. When tin rocket is rolled forward, sparks are emitted from back and side gels while armature on top moves back and forth. Size 14". Friction action with spark.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 FIGHTING TOY - BANDAI - JAPAN A vinyl Tetsujin is mounted on wheels facing a red villain with horns. A flexible rod connects them. The wind up toy simulates a fight between the two. Size 6" 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 HELICOPTER - TT TAKATOKU - JAPAN Red tinplate helicopter with Shotaro pilot in the cockpit. Tetsujin graphics on the side. Friction action. Gigantor. 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SKY ROCKET PLANE - BANDAI - JAPAN A red and white tinplate jet plane style rocket. Tetsujin cjharater under the cockpit canopy. Tetsujin graphics on the side. Friction action with noise and spark. 1965. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TANK - NOMURA - JAPAN Dark grey tinplate space tank with Tetsujin head and shoulders under a clear plastic dome. Friction action. 1965 Box?Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SAUCER - NOMURA - JAPAN Metallic blue lithographed tinplate flying saucer. Central dome with Tetsujin head and shoulders beneath. Two angled antennas on either side. Friction action. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SHOTARO ON SCOOTER - DAITO - JAPAN Brighly lithiographed three wheeled friction action tinplate scooter with a tinplate Shotaro schoolboy character riding. Vinyl head. Tetsujin graphics on the side.Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 AIRCRAFT CARRIER - ASC AOSHIN SHOTEN CO - JAPAN Brightly lithographed tinplate aircraft carrier with Tetsujin graphics. A plastic Tetsujin figure flies around on a wire as the ship is pushed. Friction action. Size 14" 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRAIN (ROUND BASE) - YONEZAWA - JAPAN Second version of the Honeymoon Express style toy. This has a circular tinplate base with a circulating train and flying Tetsujin figure. Wind up. Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 TRAIN (SQUARE BASE) - YONEZAWA - JAPAN Honeymoon Express style toy. A small train revolves on a tinplate base while a vinyl Tetsujin figure flies around on a wire. Wind up. 14cm Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 MOTORCYCLE - TT TAKATOKU - JAPAN Metallic blue lithographed tinplate motorbike with Tetsujin riding. Tetsujin is part of the bike pressing, not separate. Friction action. 12cmNov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 SPACE BOAT - ATD ASAKUSA - JAPAN Red and white tinplate boat with Tetsujin driving. Tin shoulders, vinyl head. Two fins at rear. Size 10" Crank action boat marked 28 on the sides. 1964Nov 20, 2014
TETSUJIN 28 CYCLING - MIURA - JAPAN Vinyl silver grey Tetsujin riding a tinplate tricycle. Wind up action. A variation of a common toy. Nov 20, 2014
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