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STAR TREK USS ENTERPRISE WATER GUN - AHI AZRAK HAMWAY - HONG KONGAn unusual design of space water pistol in the shape of the USS Enterprise spaceship: the body of the spaceship forms the reservoir and a handle has been incorporated beneath it. White plastic with red plastic engines. Star Trek lettering molded into the handle. Dated 1975. Licensed. Blister carded.Jun 16, 2014
SPACE RIFLE - AIRGAM? - SPAINA long bazooka style space rifle that shoots balls. The long silver plastic tubes has ribbed red plastic components at the front, middle and rear. These components are the same as those used on the Airgam Pistola Especial - the "wireframe" gun. Probably mad by Airgam. Box? Packaging?Jun 14, 2014
PISTOLA ESPACIAL "WIREFRAME" - EVERLINDO - ARGENTINAThe name is unconfirmed. An unusual blue hard plastic space gun consisting of a ribbed "wireframe" structure of rings surrounding a central plastic core. The handle has a similar open stucture. Spring action, shoots rubber tipped plastic darts. Box? Packaging?

This is the same design as the Pistola Espacial by Airgam of Spain
Jun 14, 2014
PISTOLA ESPACIAL WIRERAME GUN - AIRGAM - SPAINAn unusual hard plastic space gun consisting of a ribbed "wireframe" structure of rings surrounding a central plastic core. The handle has a similar open stucture. Spring action, shoots plastic darts. Produced in various colors: red-white, chrome-green. 9 ins 22 cms.

There is a similar blue version made by Everlinda of Argentina.
Jun 14, 2014
SCOUT SPACE PISTOL - MERCURY - ITALYA small (4.5in 12cm) sleek clear plastic space gun with a flared barrel tip and a small rear fin. Dart shooting action. Marked Scout on the side. Available in various colors. Box? Packaging? Date? Jun 13, 2014
STAR TREK ROCKET PISTOL - REMCO - USAAn angular space gun. Blue plastic with paper decals on the sides. Shoots a large bulb headed plastic dart. The same design can be seen on the Hamilton's Invaders Grenade Pistol. There are also similarities to be seen on the Spanish Lanzallamos Pistol.Jun 12, 2014
LANZALLAMAS SPACE PISTOL - BERNABEU GISBERT - SPAINA plastic space gun. An angular pistol design, friction action with spark. Large telescopic sight, and extensive red plastic spark windows on the top and sides. Produced in chrome-silver and black versions.

Lanzallamas translates as Flamethrower. Despite the box art which appeals to a James Bond audience, the basic design of the space gun is the same as used for a Star Trek gun and for the Hamilton's Invaders Grenade Pistol. It also appeared as a prop gun in Lost in Space.
Jun 12, 2014
JET LAUCHER SPACE GUN -MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA knock-off look-alike version of the Lost in Space Roto-Jet Gun. This is large silver plastic modular space gun. Though very similar to the Mattel original there are significant differences: a glossy silver finish, a much longer telescopic sight, a spark panel in place of the paper decal, a larger trigger guard etc. Date?

Made by the manufacturer of the Arrow Launcher Space Gun. The logo is a T inside an M - MATSUSHIRO. There is a link to T.T. Takatoku TT

Jun 12, 2014
LOST IN SPACE ROTO-JET GUN MAIL AWAY VERSION - MATTELL FOR SEARS - USAThe Sears mail away version of the large silver plastic modular space gun. It consists of two main hard plastic pieces which can be assembled into a larger rifle or used as stand-alone weapons. The gun has a telescopic sight, a whistle attachment and shoots two Roto-Missiles spinner saucers. The gun produces a loud pop when the trigger is pulled. When the smaller unit is connected to the front of the larger unit, it forms a sub-carbine and when reversed, forms a rifle. Jun 12, 2014
LOST IN SPACE ROTO-JET GUN - MATTELL - USAThis large silver plastic modular space gun consists of two main hard plastic pieces which can be assembled into a larger rifle or used as stand-alone weapons. The gun has a telescopic sight, a whistle attachment and shoots two Roto-Missiles spinner saucers. The gun produces a loud pop when the trigger is pulled. When the smaller unit is connected to the front of the larger unit, it forms a sub-carbine and when reversed, forms a rifle. The box indicates four configurations.

The gun was also sold in a plain mail-away box by Sears. There is also an unlicensed Japanese version which does not reference Lost in Space. (CMDDD)
Jun 12, 2014
X-12 MOON ROCKET - YONEZAWA - JAPANThis is a rarer version of the Yonezawa XM-12 Moon rocket; the main difference is the red litho on the tail fins. Very large metallic blue tin battery operated rocket. 38cm. Two pilots under a clear plastic canopy. The rocket can be steered via the nose wheel. Hatches in the front and rear give access to replace the light bulbs, a possibly unique feature. Lighted spinning engine. The fins are detachable for storage.

There is also a silver-grey bodied version of the rocket with the same red tailfins.
Jun 11, 2014
SPACE WATER PISTOL - COMA - ITALYA hard plastic space water gun with pronounced ribs on the handle. Rings at the base of the barrel. Unusually the large telescopic sight at the back is fitted with clear plastic though it is cosmetic. The gun has a plastic collar attached to the barrel: it slides up and down though its function is unclear. A small vent tube emerges from the bottom of the handle.

The design of part of the gun (the handle and the pattern on the body) are very similar to a Maks water pistol.

8 ins 20 cm. Box? Packaging? Date? Light blue plastic.

Jun 10, 2014
SPACE-GUN - BCM - ENGLANDA later release of the Space-Outlaw Atomic Pistol. qvJun 09, 2014
BC 63 SPACESHIP - MAKER? - COUNTRY?Tin lithographed wind up spaceship. This is an unusual cross between a jet plane and a spaceship, The deep sided red metal body is capped with a brightly lithographed jet plane top. The plane has two rear wings, two smaller front fins and a tail fin with Saturn graphics. . At the front is a large clear canopy containing a yellow-green tin astronaut driver, similar to the Yoshiya astronauts. The wings are marked B.C. 63 Bump and go action with noise and spark. BC63

Maker unknown. Box? Date? Probably 1960s.
Jun 09, 2014
G-MEN RAY GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPANEarly Japan. A stubby tin lithographed space gun, a cross between a gun and a rifle. This is very similar to the Masudaya Ray Gun complete with the Native American Indian chief's head on the wood effect stock. The gun combines G Men, space and western themes. Wind up mechanism , the gun makes a noise and sparks when the trigger is bulled. The plain card box with paper label. Western crossover. Gangster crossover.Jun 08, 2014
APOLLO A-1 CELL CONTROL TOY - ASAKUSA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tinplate spaceship. The spaceship has a rounded design with a large clear canopy on the top surmounted by a blue plastic structure incorporating a tail fin. Two other angled fins are fitted at the rear. The vehicle is controlled by using a cine camera-like remote control to shine a light at the sensor emerging from the cockpit. Marked Space Patrol Apollo A-1.

Image courtesy Morphys Auction.

Size 16.5 ins 40cm
Jun 06, 2014
A-1 CAR SPACE PATROL - ASAKUSA - JAPANThis is a very large low profile, rectangular tin lithographed space vehicle. The red and cream car has two rear fins at the sides and a tail fin. At the front is a clear plastic dome containing a tin astronaut. The astronaut sits behind a cylindrical red plastic cockpit light. A small chrome front bumper contains two amber lights. Marked A-1 Car at the front and Space Patrol on the sides. Battery operated bump and go action with a flashing red light in the cockpit.

An early example carried the Emperors date 40-9-8 which is eight of September 1965.

Jun 05, 2014
SPAZIALE PISTOL - COMA - ITALYA rounded retro styled space water gun. The hard metallic plastic gun has a rounded body with a slender barrel tflared at the end. A low profile telescopic sight sits on top. The gun is has a rocket molding on the handle and the worrding Spaziale Pistol on the sides. The gun came with a cardboard holster with a space scene. 6ins 15cm. Image:

Box? Packaging?
Jun 04, 2014
JOHNNY APOLLO SPACE PISTOL - MARX - USAA repackaging of a M-40 machine pistol on an Apollo themed backing card. Friction plastic gun with noise. Very much an attempt to cash in on the Apollo space program without much investment. 1970May 26, 2014
JET PISTOL - KS or SK - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate space gun with red and yellow detailing including a rocket and Saturn. This distinctive space gun has a flared barrel containing spark windows on either side. At the back is a blue plastic rotating three finned tail assembly. Marked Jetpistol on the handle. Friction action with noise, spark and rotating tail.

The maker KS/SK is not known for manufacturing space toys and this perhaps accounts for the uniqueness of this design.

Japan. 6 ins (15cm) long

May 23, 2014
SPACE WATER PISTOL - LILPA - ITALYA hard plastic space water squirt gun. Transparent plastic with a ball shaped muzzle. A plastic spaceman or alien is visible inside at the back of the barrel, similar to the German Ideal design. Made by Lilpa of Milan. Name? Date? Box? Packaging?May 21, 2014
PISTOLA INTERPLANETARIA - MAKER? - SPAIN?This is a Spanish version of the American Super-Site Magic Bullet space gun. Hard plastic space gun with a telescopic sight running the full length of the gun. Click action with a captive reciprocating bullet that peeps out of the barrel when the trigger is pulled. Marked Interplanetario Automatico Telescopio. The telescopic sight is just a tube and there is no whistle built into the handle, though the mouthpiece is still evident. Gold plastic. Maker?

Also shown (below) is a version of the gun with a different firing mechanism. It would appear that the gun is cocked by pulling the plunger at the back of the gun. Details? Name?
May 19, 2014
ASTRO SPECIAL SUPER-JET - MAKER? - USAPlastic space water gun. Angular design with distinctive angled fins at the front of the barrel. Green and yellow versions known. Box? Packaging?May 03, 2014
GALASSIA SPACE GUN - BFG - ITALYA red plastic space gun, though the styling is not obviously space based. This gun is designed to blow bubbles, The box, however, establishes this as a space gun with a depiction of the Italian version of the Phantom in a red costume. (l'Uomo Mascherato). Made by B.F.G. International Plastics S.p.A. MilanoMar 24, 2014
CLICK-FEU MARTIEN SPACE GUN - RJ - FRANCEThis green plastic space gun is a close copy of the American Ranger Steel Cosmic Ray Gun.

7 1/2 ins long. Trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. In this case there is a metal flint holder instead of the US plastic version. In addition the nose assembly is clear red plastic.
Mar 24, 2014
HYDRO-JET PISTLO - NU-DELL - USARed plastic angular space water pistol with muzzle rings ana a small rocket shaped sight. Hydro Jet Pistol molded in the sides. 7 ins. There are two distinct version: one with the water tank attached by a tube (the yellow tank has a shoulder strap) and a later tankless version which holds its own water supply.

Made in the 1950's by Nu-Dell Plastics Corp. Chicago, Ill, USA
Mar 24, 2014
UFO 4 SPITFIRE GUN - MUPI - ITALYLight blue plastic space gun with an open plastic stock. Visible plastic gears. Small red telescopic sight. Perforated barrel. Paper decals. Friction action with noise and spark. 1970s.Mar 24, 2014
PATRULLA ESTELAR LANZA DISCOS - AIRGAM - SPAINGrey plastic space gun. Angular skeletal design. Shoots 25 small plastic disks from a cylindrical magazine. Date?Mar 24, 2014
SPACE CAR 135700 - MAKER? - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate space car with pilot head behind an open windscreen. There is a rotating machine gun attached to the hood. Marked USA at the rear and NO135700 at the sides. Mar 24, 2014
X NO 2 CAR - ISHIZUKA? - JAPANA small blue lithographed tinplate space car with a driver's head behind an open windscreen. Marked X Car X.2

Wind up non fall action provided by a third wheel at right angles to the driving wheels. Box? Date?
Mar 24, 2014
SPACE PATROL CAR - YOSHIYA - JAPANRed tinplate space car with a large clear plastic dome containing a light blue tinplate astronaut driver. The pilot has the female looking face of other Yoshiya toys. Inertia friction drive, a crank is wound underneath the car. A metal four armed spinning antenna protrudes from the dome. The automobile is a reworking of a much used design with distinctive futuristic wings at the back. KO Box? Early 1960s. Mar 24, 2014
JET ROCKET V-7 - K LOGO - JAPANA large (47cm) lithographed tin friction space rocket. Red, white and blue litho with Jet Rocket V-7 wording on the sides. Very similar to the Space Fighter. The version shown here is lacking horizontal rear tail wings. Box?

Jan 25, 2014
COSMONAUT 6 SET SPACE GUN - HONG KONGAn unlicensed copy of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol. The blister carded plastic space gun shoots darts. The gun has a plastic molding instead of the red control knobs of the original. In addition the telescopic sight has been reversed. The backing card includes artwork taken from the box of the Lone Star Space Ranger gun; the gun depicted bears no resemblance to the toy in the packaging.

Jan 13, 2014
GUARDIANES DEL ESPACIO - GONZALES - SPAINSpanish version of the Thunderbirds series. Plastic space gun finished in gold chrome. There is a prominent red plastic cap on the muzzle. Cap firing action. 22cm long. Packaging? Box?
Dec 24, 2013
ZETARAY SPACE GUN - PIFCO - ENGLANDPlastic battery operated fashlight space gun. Rounded shape with rear fins and a knurled molding at the back. Seen in metallic gold and metallic blue. Some examples reveal "ghost" traces of the Raydionic Resonator Beam Space Gun wording indicating that it is an adaptation of the Raydionic mold. Date still uncertain.

Dec 19, 2013
EXPLORER SPACE GUN - MOLGORA - ITALYThis is an angular pistol-like space gun made of metal and tin. The barrel is tipped with two nozzle and a distinctive trigger guard bar connects the stock to the muzzle. The muzzle has a small red sight at the tip. The 23 cm long gun has a silver bare metal finish with red panels. The action is primitive but ingenious: pulling the trigger (a lever along the handle) turns a plastic gear whose teeth snap a thin plate of plywood making a “pop” noise. Explorer Pistola Spaziale. Believed to date from the 1950s. Box?Dec 12, 2013
MSMG Martian Screaming Missile Gun - Tudor Rose - EnglandA large plastic bazooka style gun. Multi-function: shoots spinners and a whistling grenade missile. The spinners act as targets. Elevating sight on the top. Two color combinations are known, black-blue and black-red. The design formed the basis of the Dalek gun. 31" c late 1950sNov 17, 2013
MASTER GUN - GEYPER - SPAINPlastic spring driven space gun, Planet Gun variant shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. The gun has Master Gun molded on the sides and has a distinctive finned muzzle. The box art and name are similar to the Geyper Master Flying Gun.

Based on the Park Plastics design.
Nov 03, 2013
ZIRO-ZIP SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANThis is a variation of the Siren Stan for the Japanese market. Red and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren - the box shows a blue and white version. The Tomy trademark is molded into the side of the gun. There is a red light at the top front of the gun. 7.5" 19cm Tomy also released the Ultra Space Gun version of this gun.Oct 26, 2013
NEVADA SPACE GUN - COMA - ITALYA transparent plastic space water gun. The gun has futuristic styling with a slightly bulbous body ringed barrel. Nevada is molded into the sides. The most interesting feature of this gun is the rear dome which contains a small spaceman. Date? Box? Co-MaOct 16, 2013
AUTOMATIC GUN - TADA - JAPANA 23" long tin litho space rifle made in Japan by Tada. 1950s. Metallic blue, battery operated. Holes in barrel with translucent red plastic backing light when fired and gun produces noise. "Automatic" name on sides, but no space graphics. The box, however, has a most impressive space battle scene. Inside the box is a paper label with a scene slightly different from the one on the box lid

Oct 09, 2013
PONG REPEATER PISTOL - PONG REPEATER PISTOL CO - USAThe Pong Repeater Pistol is a painted pressed metal space gun which shoots up to five table tennis balls housed in the upper section. 10" long 7" high. Seen in silver and red versions. Dated to 1950 Box?

Generally considered a space gun because of its unusual styling.

A patent for the gun was filed in 1949 and published in 1953.
Pat No: 2652822
Inventor: Glenn I Griffith
Oct 06, 2013
ATOMIC JET GUN - STEVENS - USAThe full title of this gun is Atomic Jet New Space Police Fully Automatic Repeater Cap Gun

Silver die-cast metal cap firing gun. Marked SPACE POLICE on one side, ATOMIC JET on the other. A letter S is marked on the handle. There is a small telescopic sight mounted on the top.

The barrel has distinctive rings around the barrel and vertical moldings on the body that continue this ringed effect. There is a front sight that curves backward. Despite its space design Stevens still felt safer emphasizing the fact that this is a police gun. It is also claimed that the gun produces smoke rings.

The patent for this gun was published in 1953, Pat No. 170023. The inventor was F. J. Maywald.


Oct 06, 2013
PYROTOMIC DISINTEGRATOR RIFLE - SIROLITE - PORTUGALThis is a Portugese version of the Pyrotomic Disintegrator Rifle originally made by Pyro. Large (20 inch) hard plastic space rifle, classic futuristic styling in a rather cheap two colored plastic. A number of the moldings have been created as individual components and glued in place. There are three vents near the front, unlike the four vents of the Pyro original. (Examples with four vents have been seen.) Numerous color combinations are known. Turning the crank causes the reciprocating barrel to recoil with a loud noise. Shipped in plain cardboard boxes.

The Pyro original featured in the May 1953 issue of "Chain Store Magazine".
Sep 30, 2013
SPACE ADVENTURE - YOSHIYA - JAPANSilver tinplate friction Robby. Black arms with red claw tin hands. Clear plastic dome revealing a spinner beneath. This is a version of the Space Trooper, distinctive because of its silver color. It's rarity suggests that it may have been a salesman's sample with a first design box. Certainly the name "Space Adventure" is unique. Circa 1955. Crank operated robot travels forward as the antenna inside the dome turns. Wheels in the base allow the robot to move but they are not eccentric and do not give the robot the waddling walk of the regular Space Trooper.Sep 25, 2013
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