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FLYING SAUCER X-7 - MASUDAYA for RETHEL - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate battery operated saucer MT. Pilot under a clear domed canopy. A series of six circular colored lights surround the canopy. Bump and go action with flashing lights. This is an "exclusive" version of the Space Explorer Ship X-7 released by Rethel in the 1960s. It differs in that the wording on both toy and box has been altered to FLYING SAUCER X-7.

Feb 10, 2016
LONE STAR AQUA-JET GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDThis transparent orange plastic space water gun is a later release of the Dan Dare Aqua-Jet without the Dan Dare licensing. The wording Dan Dare has been removed from the stock and replaced with Lone Star. It is a copy Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun. Made by Lone Star, DCMT. This is a chrome silver plastic water pistol space gun with sight.

Lone Star created their own molds based on the Futuristic Products Strato Gun. The three round details on the gun are their own contribution.

Box? Packaging? Date?
Feb 08, 2016
DAN DARE WATER JEEP - PALITOY/PALICRAFT - ENGLANDPrinted plastic inflatable ring. Blue and white. 20" Introduced in the Eagle 6:22 in June 1955.

There is a connection with Cascelloid
Jan 26, 2016
VISIONMASTER TELESCOPE - SELCOL - ENGLANDA three-draw plastic telescope with plastic lens cap. Extends to 12". £xmagnification. On sale in 1951.
Jan 26, 2016
MEKON MASK - MAKER? - ENGLANDA green papier maché face mask of the Mekon character. Packaging? Maker? Date? 1950sJan 25, 2016
SPACE KING MACHING GUN METRALLETA ELECTRICA - PERY - SPAINA green plastic battery operated space gun with light and sound. This gun has a built in magazine clip at the front and a short black barrel. The gun has a wire handle extension. This is a copy of the Exelo tin gun of the same name. Flashing light and noise. 12" 24cm Juguete No 100.

Based on the G-Man Machine Gun.
Jan 24, 2016
DAN DARE STATIONERY SETS - MAKER? - ENGLANDBoxed sets of stationery.

1: Dan Dare and Digby in space suits on the lid. No makers name on the box. 8" x 5"

2: Dan Dare and Digby in RAF uniform studying rockets. 8" x 5"

3 Eagle set of stationery with small picture of Dan Dare on the box

1950s Date?
Jan 23, 2016
LUNA EXPEDITION Nr 331 - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYApollo themed Moon landing scene. A plastic four-legged lander vehicle sits astride a Moon landscape with a figure of eight track. A wind up tin and plastic Lunar vehicle travels around the track. Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE STAMP ALBUMS - /RICHARDS - ENGLANDConventional stamp albums. The Dan Dare interest is largely confined to the cover graphics.

Bottom: Richards of Worthing
Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE PICTURE CARD ALBUM - CALVERT - ENGLANDThe album for the 25 card set given away in Calvert's Dan Dare tooth powder. The tooth powder box contained a voucher for purchasing the album. Paper.Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE TOOTHPOWDER - CALVERT - ENGLANDRed tin can containing toothpowder. Dan Dare spaceman graphic on the front. Came in a card box with a similar graphic. Each tin contained 3 of a set of 25 Calver Dan Dare trade cards.Jan 21, 2016
DAN DARE SECRET INK - WYVERN - ENGLANDA small metal tin of secret Ink for the Wyvern fountain pen. Yellow with a white rocket graphic. Jan 21, 2016
OMEGA 2 SPACE VEHICLE, CATERPILLAR (RAUPE) - MS WEIMAR - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle. Rounded lines with a plastic domed cockpit on top. Plastic windshield with pilot inside. Two chrome silver rocket motors on stalks at the rear. Large rectangular rotating plastic antenna. Battery operated remote control. 25cm. Several color combinations. Mondfahrt. DDR
Jan 20, 2016
PLANET ORBITAL 1 CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - MS BRANDENBURG - EAST GERMANYA tin and plastic construction toy comprising a series of tin rocket sections and plastic nose cones, etc. Battery operated remote control with rotation of the upper sections and flashing lights. Parts marked KXB 70. No 5020. DDRJan 20, 2016
JUPITER - ANKER - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle with a large clear plastic canopy with pilot inside. Attached to the back and lying across the canopy is a large missile launcher with rocket. Battery operated remote control. See also the rocketless version, the Saturn by Anker. Date? Red and blue versions. DDRJan 20, 2016
SATURN - ANKER - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle with a large clear plastic canopy with pilot inside. Battery operated remote control. Rotating plastic antenna and a small spring antenna. This is a rocketless version of the Piko Jupiter spacecraft. Date? Red and blue versions. Jan 20, 2016
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - BULGARIAPlastic space car with a metal base. Streamlined shape with side engines tipped with plastic covers. Two rear fins. Low slung plastic cockpit in the center. No pilot. Friction action. The styling is closer to Western space cars than most Russian cars. Also in green. Maker? Box? One version has МЭМЭИ or MEMEY stamped into the base.

Possibly Bulgarian.
Jan 20, 2016
НЕПТУН PLANETOKHOD NEPTUNE - MAKER? - USSRUnusual eight-legged plastic space vehicle. Brightly colored plastic: red body, yellow "head" with two lights and a perforated white cap hinged on top of a blue disk. Three large antennas. Battery operated walking action with rotating antenna. Insect. Jan 20, 2016
KOSMOS SPACE ROCKET - MAKER? - USSRA stubby lithographed tinplate rocket. Silver with four red rocket motors and a large window in one side in which an astronaut can be seen. Marked KOSMOS. A triangular hook device and a cylindrical base are also included.

The base is probably heavily weighted. It most likely has a self-winding spring and a reel inside; when let go the rocket climbs to the top of the line.

Details? Maker?
Jan 19, 2016
SPACE ROCKET PLANE - MAKER? - USSRA lithographed tin space vehicle, jet plane styling. Rectangular yellow body with orange delta wings. Blue tin canopy and blue tailplane. Distinctive metal handles at the back. Lever on the side. Name? Maker? Details? Box?Jan 19, 2016
ZABAWKA POJAZD KOSMICZNY SPACESHIP - MAKER? - POLANDA unique plastic flying saucer consisting of light blue saucer perched on top of a larger red domed plastic base unit. Colored disks around the top section and white discs around the lower section. Plastic antenna on the top. Action? Details? Made in Katowice, Poland.Jan 19, 2016
UTOPISCHE FAHRZEUG OMEGA, UTOPIAN SPACE CAR - VEB, WEIMAR - EAST GERMANYUtopian space car, by VEB (K) Metallspielwaren, of Weimar, East Germany. Light brown plastic tracked vehicle with a domed canopy at the front containing a pilot. Rotating yellow plastic antenna at the back. Two plastic exhaust-like pipes rise vertically from the back. Battery operated. Date? DDR GDR Several color variations: tan, grey, light blue. Box variations shown.Jan 19, 2016
ROCKET TARGET GAME - MASUDAYA - JAPANBoxed shooting game comprising a card space landscape and rocket. A conventional grey plastic revolver shoots rubber tipped darts. Hitting the button launches the rocket. The principal feature of this set is the high quality of the space graphics on the box and target. 1960s. Modern Toys. Jan 19, 2016
1008 UTOPISCHES FAHRZEUG UTIOPIAN VEHICLE SPACE CAR - PIKO - DDRThe second plastic space car in the Utopian series. More rounded design with an egg-shaped clear plastic canopy and pilot inside. Distinctive wite plastic grid pattern on the top. Rear spring antenna. Battery operated bump and go action. The great feature of this toy is the beautiful, imaginative artwork depicting a Dali-like scene. East GermanyJan 18, 2016
PLANETOKHOD SPACE TANK - MAKER? - USSRYellow plastic space tank with a distinctive red dome. Large rectangular rotating plastic antenna. Red headlights and a blue grill ornament. The red plastic battery cover has a molded large red star. CCCP molded in the hood. Battery operated bump and go action with magic light display in the dome. Jan 18, 2016
LUNOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRGrey plastic space car. Angular design with sharp headlight faring and tailfins. Large dome cockpit with a distinctive bulge in the hood in front, pilot inside. Details? Box? Name? RussiaJan 18, 2016
LUNOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSR Red plastic space car. Boxy design but with two open cockpits, each with two pilots and a clear plastic windscreen. Large wire at the rear with a plastic dish antenna at the end. 20 cm. Details? Box? Name? RussiaJan 18, 2016
AX2 - PIKO - DDRBlue plastic space car. Angular design with sloping sides and a yellow plastic top. Small clear cockpit with pilot. Rectangular rotating chrome antenna, red plastic rod antenna and a silver box structure to one side. 29cm Battery operated bump and go action. 1960s. Date? GDR Mondauto.Jan 18, 2016
LUNOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRWhite plastic space saloon car with red base and tail fins. Pilots inside with a screen on the dashboard. Distinctive forked black plastic antenna on the hood. Marked CCCP on the hood. Battery operated. 23cmJan 18, 2016
ВЕздеход MARS - MAKER? - USSRTracked vehicle, buggy or crawler. The entire top of the vehicle is covered with a clear plastic canopy. A stalk with a light on the end is fitted to the top of the canopy and a rotating plastic antenna is set in the center. Marked Mapc, MARS at the front. ВЕздеход translates as All Terrain Vehicle. ATV. Phote? Details? Maker?Jan 16, 2016
PLANETOKHOD SPACE SHIP - MAKER? - USSR?Yellow plastic boat-shaped space ship. Clear canopy at the front with a pilot inside. Two large lighted rocket motors mounted at the back. Recessed headlights at the front. Battery operated. Name? Action? Box? Maker? Details?Jan 16, 2016
NORTH POLAR SPACE EXPLORER - MAKER? - USSR?TRACTOR A large blue tin and plastic tracked vehicle. At the front is a cab with several seats inside. The back comprises a box shaped cover with abstract patterning and a polar bear image. Rotating red plastic antenna on the top. Remote control battery operated. Marked сеBеп or "North"and "Тягач" Tractor Maker?Jan 16, 2016
GLOBE WITH CONEA box shaped platform with a globe of the Earth fixed on top. To the side of the globe is a tall blue conical structure with a curved wire emerging from the middle. One end of the wire has a Sputnik attached and the other has a rocket. The two space craft hover over the Earth. Details of this toy? Material? Name? Box?

Please send info to
Jan 16, 2016
ВЕздеход B4 - MAKER? - USSRLarge orange tin and plastic eight-wheeled buggy or crawler vehicle. The wheels are attached in two independent groups of four. Blue canopy. Hook at the back. Two angled plastic antennas emerging from the hood. Battery operated Name? Maker? ВЕздеход translates as All Terrain Vehicle. Jan 16, 2016
LUNOXHOD - LENINGRAD METALWARE - USSRLarge plastic eight-wheeled buggy or crawler vehicle. The wheels are attached in two independent groups of four. White plastic pilot under a clear canopy. Red light at the front. Distinctive plastic antenna with disks. Drill-like attachment at the rear. A plastic spinner sits on top and can be launched. Leningradskij Metaloizdeli Zavod. 26cm x 13cmJan 16, 2016
MOON ROVER WITH SPACE EXPLORER LAB - MAKER? - USSRBlue plastic tracked space vehicle. Angular design with a row of windows down the side, behind them are scientists at work. Details? Name? Battery operated remote control. Box? Action?Jan 15, 2016
SPACE EXPLORER - MAKER? - USSR?Red and white plastic tracked space vehicle. There is a large clear plastic dome in the center, this is hinged at the back and opens up. Working headlights at the front. Details? Name? Battery operated remote control. Box?Jan 15, 2016
MARS PLANETOKHOD - MAKER? - USSRPlastic tracked vehicle. Large clear plastic canopy with two pilots inside, one is holding a large camera. Rotating red plastic antenna. Battery operated remote control. 25cm CCCP decal. MAPC

One version of the box (top) shows the vehicle with engines on pods at the rear: the toy did not have them.
Jan 15, 2016
SPACE ROCKET - MAKER? - USSRHemispherical globe with a gold plastic rocket attached to a wire rotating around the center. A rectangular plastic antenna is attached at the top. The rocket has a red light in the tail. Battery operated remote control action: the light in the rocket illuminates as it moves. 18cm tall. Date? Box? Name?Jan 15, 2016
PLANETOKHOD CCCP SPACE TANK - MAKER? - USSRAngular yellow plastic space tanks with a large red plastic dome and a large rotating plastic antenna. The space tank has a battery panel at the back with a large red Soviet star molded in the top, The letters CCCP are molded into the front. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing lights. Box? Maker? Jan 15, 2016
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSR?An orange plastic space car. Clear plastic dome at the front with a pilot head inside. Distinctive red light mounted behind the dome. Large rectangular blue plastic rotating antenna. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing light and rotating antenna. Box? Name? Colors? Jan 15, 2016
PLANETARNI VOZIDLO PLANETARY SHIP - ITES? - CZECHOSLOVAKIACircular light blue plastic flying saucer with eight panels surrounding a shallow central clear yellow plastic dome. Each of the panels contains a yellow light or a colored transparent panel. Alternate panels have a small wire antenna. Under the dome are two small plastic pilots. Emerging from the center of the dome is a rectangular plastic rotating antenna. Battery operated bump and go action with noise and flashing lights. The window box has an ITES logo and Koh-I-NoorJan 15, 2016
PLANETOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSR?Red plastic space car with a relatively large clear blue plastic cockpit containing two pilots, one behind the other. Totating yellow plastic dish antenna. The naive box artwork carries CCCP wording. Battery operated forward and backward motion. Jan 15, 2016
LUNNIK SPACE CAR - KNIB - USSRA small plastic space car. Very simple in design with a blue body and a central red turret with a clear plastic dome on top. Head and shoulder plastic pilot inside. At the back are three small white plastic fins. The box has a 1975 date, though this may be the date of production rather than the date of origin. Action? Jan 15, 2016
1001 UTOPISCHES FAHRZEUG UTIOPIAN VEHICLE SPACE CAR - PIKO - DDRPlastic space car. Angular design with a cylindrical top. Cockpit and driver at the front of the cylinder. Two prominent streamlined headlight farings on the hood. Battery operated bump and go action. Marked CCCP on the side, though the toy was manufactured in the DDR (GDR). The great feature of this toy is the beautiful, imaginative artwork depicting a Dali-like scene. The space toy is one of a so-called UTOPIAN series of space vehicles. East Germany

A second box with carrying handle variation is shown below

Several color combinations. 23cm
Jan 15, 2016
THUNDERBIRDS ZERO-X SPACE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANBlack plastic space gun with a red barrel. The rounded bodied space gun has a slender clear red barrel with a solid plastic end. Detachable large silver telescopic sight. It also has a characteristic small white plastic antenna. Friction action with noise and spark.

This is based on the much copied Takatoku pistol design.
Jan 15, 2016
GALAXY GUN / SPARKING SPACE PISTOL - MAKER?Plastic space gun. The rounded bodied space pistol has a slender clear barrel with a solid plastic end. Detachable large telescopic sight. Spark windows in the sides. Friction action with noise and spark.

These guns do not have the small white antenna.

These are variations of the Japanese Takatoku original design.
Jan 15, 2016
ULTRA 09 ULTRAMAN SPACE GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANSpeckled blue plastic space gun with a red barrel. The rounded bodied space gun has a slender clear red barrel with a solid plastic end. Detachable large telescopic sight. It also has a characteristic small white plastic antenna. Friction action with noise and spark. Supehero monster theme. Window box. TT T.T. Jan 15, 2016
LUNNIK - STRAUME - USSRAn unusual yellow plastic spaceship consisting of an angular body with two large segmented wheels and a red plastic tail. The spaceship has a single circular window at the front with the maker's name inside. On top is a clear plastic disk. The lunokhod moves with its tail resting on the ground. Battery operated remote control: forward and backward movement with flashing lights. Marked Lunnik. 40cm. Date?

A second version is shown with tail wheels and an additional rotating plastic antenna.
Jan 15, 2016
COSMOS - MAKER? - RUSSIAPlastic battery operated space car. Clear plastic dome with a red plastic pilot lying inside. Distinctive small red plastic light on the hood. Simple bump and go action with flashing red light. 23cm. Colors: orange. Name? Box?Jan 15, 2016
FANTASIA 1 SPACE ROVER - MAKER? - USSRPlastic space vehicle that resembles a space bug. фантазия The vehicle has a yellow top and pink base. The top has an open area and a clear plastic dome with a multicolored spinner inside. The front has two eyes, two antennas and the sides have structures that resemble insect legs. Action? RussiaJan 14, 2016
KOSMOKHOD - MAKER? - USSRA three-wheeled plastic buggy type space vehicle with a pilot under a round plastic dome. A hook-like device is attached to the front. Two small side antennas and a lrger rotating silver antenna. Friction action. Various colors: red, blue. RussiaJan 14, 2016
INTERCOSMOS PLANETOHOD-2 - MAKER - USSRA deluxe radio control version of the smaller Planetohod. This is a large plastic tracked vehicle with a plastic covered cockpit at the front with four silver pilots inside. At the rear is a large plastic dish antenna. Decal marked INTERCOSMOS on the sides. Radio control battery operated. Box? Maker? Date? Length 27 cm.
Jan 14, 2016
PLANETARY-3 PLANETOKHOD - MAKER? - USSRLarge plastic tracked vehicle with a plastic covered cockpit at the front with two silver pilots inside. At the rear is a large plastic dish antenna. Marked INTERCOSMOS. Remote control battery operated. Name? Box? Maker? Date? Colors: yellow

Jan 14, 2016
INTEPKOCMOC, INTERCOSMOS - MAKER? - USSRLarge plastic tracked vehicle with a large clear blue dome at the front with two pilots inside. At the rear is a large silver plastic dish antenna. Marked INTEPKOCMOC. Remote control battery operated. Action? Maker? Date? Russia

Also shown is the radio control version.
Jan 14, 2016
SPACE MARS KOSMICHEKAY - MAKER? - USSRRed plastic space car with white pilot head under a clear plastic canopy. Silver conical motor with light at the rear. Marked MARS on the sides. Two antennas. Battery operated. Acton? Date? RussiaJan 14, 2016
PLANETOKHOD ИKAР-7E, ICARUS-7E - MAKER? - USSRA tin and plastic space car, square with rounded corners. Clear plastic dome at the back with a pilot inside. In front of the pilot is a raised red structure with a clear plastic lighted gun, an illuminated panel is set in the top. The hood has a circular white plastic lighted disk. A small antenna pierces the dome. Battery operated bump and go with lights. Marked ИKAР-7E CCCP Several color versions: blue, green. The box carries a 1975 date.

This is a variation of the D-shaped PLANETOKHOD.
Jan 14, 2016
KOSMICKÝ PLANETOKHOD - MAKER? - USSRLarge, elaborate tin and plastic space vehicle. Battery operated remote control. The ten-wheel tracked space vehicle has a large clear plastic canopy covering a three-man crew. At the back is a raised plastic area with two large searchlights and a clear plastic dome containing a small rotating antenna. Two long wire antennas run down either side. Possibly by Pasak

Forward and backward motion, steering, lighted lamps and rotating antenna. 26cm 10" Several color variations: blue/yellow, red/yellow Russia
Jan 14, 2016
PLANETOKHOD SPACE TANK - MAKER? - USSRA white plastic space tank with a red base incorporating simulated tracks. There is a large blue plastic dome in the center. Rotating white plastic antenna. Battery operated bump and go action with lights in the dome. Date?

Jan 14, 2016
SPUTNIK 3 AND GLOBE - MAKER - UKRAINEA tin globe mounted on an oval blue lithographed tin base with space star graphics. A red and white rocket stands to one side with a small plastic Sputnik 3 model attached to a wire. The Sputnik is positioned over the Earth. Battery operated, the globe rotates and the Sputnik moves. Action? Maker? This is probably a prototype space toy.Jan 13, 2016
PLANETOKHOD - STRAUME - LATVIAPlastic boat shaped space vehicle. Two rear fins. Angular canopy at the back with two red pilots underneath. In the center is a flat white disc that gives a magic color dome display. Battery operated bump and go action. 12" Small plastic antenna.

Made at the Straume factory, Riga, Latvian SSR in 1970’s. Various colors: yellow body, green or red trim.

Russia, USSR
Jan 12, 2016
AYHHNK-1 - META - CZECHOSLOVAKIARed hemispherical plastic Sputnic style satellite with three small dome windows. A pilot sits behind each bubble. Large plastic antenna on the top. Friction action? Marked CCCPJan 12, 2016
LOKAATOR ЛОКАТОР - NORMA - USSRWhite and red painted tin and plastic space tank. Rectangular design with an angular cockpit at the rear. In the middle is an unusual rotating antenna "reflector" structure. Two simple astronaut heads inside the cockpit. Battery operated. Action?Jan 12, 2016
DAN DARE TRANSFERS - RAPHAEL TUCK - ENGLANDA book of water slide transfers (decaks). Dan Dare space themed transfers. Also included is a small booklet. No 5029. 4"x6" 1951Jan 11, 2016
DAN DARE ROTO - METTOY - ENGLANDPlastic spinner launching toy. Pulling a string attached to the hand set launched the large plastic spinner. Item No 8125 in the 1955 Mettoy catalogue. Sold on a header card. Photo?Jan 11, 2016
DAN DARE INTERPLANETARY STAMPS - HORLICKS - ENGLANDCinderella stamps depicting Dan Dare related scenes. In March 1953 Lifebuoy Soap ran an advert in the Eagle offering the first of a series of Dan Dare stamps. Each month they issued another set, four in total, and the offer ended in about July. An "Interplanetary Stamp Folder" album was provided to hold the collection.

Stamp collectors call novelty stamps "Cinderellas".

Leonard True designed the stamps and the album. In this thread I'd like to pull together much of the material connected with these stamps. Shown are two of the four packets. They were color coded and packed in colored envelopes to distinguish the four sets.
Jan 10, 2016
DAN DARE SCRAPS - MAMELOCK PRESS - ENGLANDA beautifully printed and cut-out set of scraps depicting scenes from the Eagle comic. Prominent are Dan Dare related graphics. Details? The delicate set carries repeated MP initials and the No 1227. The scraps were available for 6d a sheet and a scrapbook for 2/6. Introduced in the Eagle 5:3 in January 1954.Jan 10, 2016
DAN DARE BANK OF UNITED PLANETS MONEY - MAKER? - ENGLANDThree Dan Dare banknotes, Issued by the Bank of United Planets in values of 200, 500 and 1000 Novas. The money was included in the Dan Dare pyjamas set. This dates the money to the Eagle 3:34 for November 1952 when the "Sleeping Suit" was introduced. The ad is from March 1953.

These notes have Leonard True's signature at the bottom. He was responsible for several Dan Dare items including the Interplanetary stamps and the Horlicks spaceship cutout.
Jan 10, 2016
DAN DARE CODE WRITER AND FOUNTAIN PEN - MAKER? - ENGLANDFountain pen with ability to write in invisible ink or normal ink. Identified in a 1955 Dyson & Horsfall catalog. Picture? date?Jan 10, 2016
HOPPING ROSEY - MARX - JAPANLithographed tinplate wind up robot. Rosey is the mechanical maid in The Jetsons cartoon. Wind up hopping action. Dated 1963 on the back. Though this toy has the Marx logo it still has the earlier Linemar "Do you have all of them?" 4" 10cm.

Jan 09, 2016
DAN DARE SET - PLAYLAND PRODUCTS - ENGLANDDan Dare plastic figure set circa 1954. Produced by the English company, M. G. Southall Ltd. treading as Playland Products.

The larger than usual set of hand-painted figures comprises:
Dan Dare yellow spacesuit
Digby (the fat guy) in red spacesuit
Sir Hubert Guest in green spacesuit
Sondar ( a Treen-like alien) in gold suit with red shoulders
A Treen with white shoulders
Jan 09, 2016
DAN DARE PERISCOPE - HORLICKS - ENGLANDA premium obtainable from the makers of Horlicks, a malted drink. The printed card can be assembled into a working periscope with mirrors ready attached at correct positions. This was available to members of the Horlicks Spaceman's Club. Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE PLYWOOD JIGSAW PUZZLES - VALENTINE - ENGLANDA series of large plywood jigsaw puzzles featuring Dan Dare graphics.

Better picture? More in the series?

In the series are: (not the correct names)
A Fleet of Rocketships Towing a Space Vehicle
Dan Dare Rescuing a Man on a Rope

Incomplete entry.
Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE PILOT OF THE FUTURE JIGSAWS - PETER PAN - ENGLANDA set of large 150 piece jigsaws with Dan Dare themed scenes. The 150 piece jigsaws come ready assembled in the boxes. The box covers are cleverly designed with a picture of Dan Dare and friends watching a large TV monitor: the particular jigsaw is featured on the monitor.

In the series are:
Dan Dare Repels the Venusians
Dan Dare Approaches Venus

Incomplete entry.
Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE JIGSAWS - THEYDON - ENGLANDA 200 piece boxed jigsaw puzzle with a Dan Dare themed graphic. There are four titles in the series but only the first two relate to Dan Dare:

1. Rescue in Space (Eagle design E21)
2. The Venusian Embassy Reception (Eagle design E22)
Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE ROCKET BALL - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDThe Rocket Ball game consists of a box base subdivided into a grid of four by four cells, each wih a Dan Dare graphic and a score value. A small tube is used to launch balls at the box and the player scores the value of the cell that the ball lands in. Dan Dare in RAF uniform against a space background. 1950s. Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956. Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE JIGSAWS - WADDINGTONS - ENGLANDA set of four 200 piece jigsaws depicting Dan Dare in space. Each box measures

The four titles in the series are:
Design No 601 Space Repairs to the Anastasia
Design No 602 Call to Action
Design No 603 Dan Dare Defies Volta
Design No 604 Dan Dare and Tharl Fight It Out

These were announced in June 1955, Eagle 6:23 Price 1/9
Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE JIGSAWS - MAKER? - ENGLANDA set of four 200 piece jigsaws. No maker's name is printed on the boxes but these are sometimes referred to as the Woolworths series because they were sold in their stores in the 1950s.

The titles are:
The Anastasia Approaches a Space Station
Dan and Sondar Capture a Space Ship
Interplanetary Space Fleet Headquarters
Dan Dare and his Friends on Mercury
Jan 08, 2016
DAN DARE OIL PAINTING BY NUMBERS SET - METTOY - ENGLANDDan Dare lends his RAF image to this rather exploitative marketing. Boxed set of pre-drawn, numbered canvases with oil paints. Scenes from the Eagle comic.Jan 07, 2016
DAN DARE WOKY TOKY - HARBERT ITALIANO - ITALYItalian box version of the Dan Dare Walkie-Talkie set. Jan 07, 2016
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