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ATOM MACHINE GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin space machine gun. A rather serious looking gun with perforated double barrels and a wood effect stock. ATOM wording and an eagle on the stock. The box art has a lively space scene of Space Patrol astronauts. Friction action with noise and spark. This is essentially the same as the Yonezawa Super Machine Gun.

Jun 28, 2016
SUPER MACHINE GUN DOUBLE BARRELLED - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate space machine gun. Double barrelled. The gun has a distinctive red plastic drum shaped magazine on the top. Wood effect stock. Marked Super Machine Gun. Friction action with noise and spark.Jun 28, 2016
AMETRALLADORA DE COMBAT, TIGER MACHINE GUN - DELL TOYS - ARGENTINABlack and grey tinplate space machine gun with red and yellow details. Cylindrical red plastic drum on the top. Short red barrel. Tiger wording on the side and a tiger head graphic on the stock. Friction action with noise.

A second litho variation is shown below.

See also the Halcon version. There is a strong resemblance to the Sankei Tracer Machine Gun.
Jun 28, 2016
LUNAR EXPLORATION - ANANAIDES - GREECEA tin and plastic space transport vehicle. The boxy vehicle has a blue metal base and a large square plastic cover. Inside are four seated astronauts. In the centre is a set of interconnected colored plastic gears that link to the antenna. Two lights are situated on the dashboard. Battery operated with flashing lights and rotating circular silver plastic antenna. 8.5" 21cm.

This is Greek version of the Masudaya original but does not have the remote control, and the antenna is different.
Jun 27, 2016
LUNAR TRANSPORT - MASUDAYA _ JAPANA tin and plastic space transport vehicle. The boxy vehicle has a blue metal base and a large square plastic cover. Inside are four seated astronauts. In the centre is a set of interconnected colored plastic gears that link to the antenna. Two lights are situated on the dashboard. Battery operated remote control with flashing lights and rotating grey plastic antenna. 8.5" 21cm.

First sighted in the 1970 Asahi catalog.

Jun 27, 2016
COMANDOS DEL ESPACIO 76 - EGE - SPAINA large lithographed tinplate and plastic space vehicle. 35cm. Pilot inside a square plastic canopy. The truck-like tracked vehicle has two large orange plastic doors on the top. These open to reveal a pair of red plastic guns. Battery operated bump and go action with lighted firing gun. This appears in the 1977 Ege catalog, though the name clearly suggests a 1976 date. Jun 27, 2016
SUPER JUGUETTES - PLOMBEL - ARGENTIMAEvidence from this 1957 advertisement of the existence of Plombel Argentinian copies of the Tudor Rose Space Rocket, Space Clipper and Space Patrol. Also shown are Plombel releases of the Plombelianos Tudor Rose hard plastic spacemen.

Bomb V-2 Alcancia Rocket Bank
Space Clipper
Patrulleros del Espacio (Space Patrol)

Molds for these piece were still in use by other Argentine companies well after the 1950s.

If you have any information, photos or actual examples please email
Jun 26, 2016
JET-O-CAR - THOMAS TOYS - USAHard plastic space car with a clear plastic dome at the front containing a pilot. A wire is inserted into the end of the car and this depresses a spring: when released the car shoots forward. Also produced by Poplar Playthings, their sister company in Wales. Various colors: maroon, blue. See also the PW Raketenauto version of this space car.Jun 25, 2016
SPACE CAR FUTURE COUPE - MARX - GERMANYRed hard plastic space car with friction drive. Believed to be a German version of the Marx space car.Jun 25, 2016
SPACE CAR SALOON - MARX - GERMANYSilver grey hard plastic space car with friction drive. Smaller than the US original. A German version of the Marx space car. Date?Jun 25, 2016
SPACE CAR COUPE - MARX - W GERMANYSilver grey hard plastic space car with friction drive. Smaller than the US original. A German version of the Marx space car. Date?Jun 25, 2016
A-WING FRICTION VERSION - MARX - W GERMANYSilver grey hard plasticA-Wing spaceship with friction drive. Smaller than the original US version and with distinctive window cut-outs.

A German Marx variation. Date?
Jun 25, 2016
SOLAR ROCKET - MARX - USAA large RED plastic rocket with a fluted tail and small side wings. A plastic spinner fits on top. Friction action sends the spinner flying. Jun 25, 2016
MOBILE SATELLITE LAUNCHER - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDA rather basic red plastic truck with a satellite spinner launcher built into the back. Jun 25, 2016
SPACE VEHICLES - LMR - HONG KONGBlister carded set of five plastic space cars with clear plastic canopies. Various slight variations. Cars of the Future.

Also offered as party favors.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACE EXPLORATION - LP - HONG KONGBlister carded set of the space vehicles found in various LP boxed sets. Four vehicles and a selection of small plastic spacemen. Various combinations exist.Jun 25, 2016
NEPTUNE AQUA GUN - PALITOY - ENGLANDKnown only from this 1959 Palitoy and Vogue catalog. A transparent plastic water space gun. Similar to the Mitra Marziano by Simca of Spain. Details?Jun 25, 2016
A metallic blue hard plastic spaceship with two fuselage cockpits set into the wing.. This is a copy of the Marx original.

Marked MIP N645. This was on sale with the Twin Gun Spaceship and was distributed by Pierwood.

Moldex bought Pierwood in July 1954.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACESHIP - MOLDEX - AUSTRALIAAn Australian copy of the Premier spaceship. Silver grey hard plastic. Marked Moldex number 1 in a circle. The mold also carries the serial I 333 - i.

Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - TOLTOYS - AUSTRALIAIt is believed that these are Australian hard plastic versions of Archer spacemen. Produced in Australia by Toltoys. A box of figures with a Toltoys label has been identified. Notice the gun in the hand of the top right figure. The poses may also be related to Tudor Rose versions. The figures ahave no maker's mark. Each comes with a clear plastic helmet.

Details? Information?

Toltoys was founded by Alex Tolmer in the 1950s.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - MAKER? - HUNGARYSoft plastic copies of Co-Ma spacemen. Each figure is slightly samller than the Co-Ma and has a helmet with a spike. Various colors. Jun 25, 2016
PATTUGLIA MARZIANI (MARTIAN PATROL) - CO-MA - ITALYA carded set of six small 1.5 inch hard plastic spacemen with helmets. The figures on these cards tend to get mixed, but they were intended to be spacemen rather than the goggle-eyed aliens of the Pattuglia Selenita set. Jun 25, 2016
PATTUGLIA SELENITA (MOON PATROL) - CO-MA - ITALYA carded set of six small 1.5 inch hard plastic space aliens. The figures on these cards tend to get mixed, but they were intended to be the goggle-eyed aliens. The astronaut is out of place. See the Pattuglia Marziana set. Jun 25, 2016
SPACE ADVENTURE - AEROGIOCATTOLI - ITALYA blue blown-plastic astronaut with attached parachute. The backing card has particularly attractive space graphics. Torino. Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - NARDI? - ITALYWhite plastic space aliens with odd pumpkin-like heads, capes and separate weapons. Swoppet take-apert. Possibly by Nardi? Details? Name?Jun 25, 2016
MARTE SPACEMAN - CO-MA - ITALYA boxed set of Co-Ma hard plastic spacemen. Box with paper label. Marked MARTE Art 179. 1950s. COMAJun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - MAKER? - ITALYA range of unidentified small hard plastic spacemen. These quaintly old-styled astronauts are about 1.4 inches tall. A maker has yet to be identified, as has the sales method. They may have been premiums with sweets, but nothing has yet been confirmed. The plastic used does vary slightly and the details of the sculpting suggest that they were re-issued from different molds. Details?Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMAN - MAKER? - ITALYUnidentified white or light grey plastic semi-flat spacemen. Some have poses that resemble the Thomas/Poplar spacemen. There are three poses. Blister carded in various combinations, sometimes with guns.

The figures turn up regularly but there is no indication of a maker. Possibly Torgano.

Jun 25, 2016
LOST IN SPACE FIGURE - REMCO - USASoft plastic spaceman figure as provided in the Lost in Space 3D Action game. Four figures, all the same, in red, yellow, blue and white.Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - REMCO - CHINADistinctive blue plastic spacemen with silver helmet visors. 60mm. There are two know poses though the bases are numbered and suggest that there is a third pose. It is not clear how these were sold Some examples are marked Remco China. Details?Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - BONUX - FRANCESilver grey and black plastic spacemen. Premiums with Bonux washing powder. Twelve poses. 3"Jun 24, 2016
UNIDENTIFIED SPACEMAN - NEW ZEALAND?A solid lead spaceman. This turned up in New Zealand. It is a solid lead copy of a Thomas/Poplar spaceman. Modern copies are known but this has all the signs of age. Any details?Jun 24, 2016
UNIDENTIFIED SPACEMAN - NEW ZEALAND?A solid lead spaceman. This turned up in New Zealand. Any details?Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - STARLUX - FRANCEA range of semi-hard plastic spacemen and aliens. All are unique in their styling. The underlying plastic is either bronze or silver, and the figures are hand painted. The figures were on sale in the 1980s. Jun 24, 2016
GUERREROS ATOMICOS - MAKER? - MEXICOA set of 6 boxy hard plastic robot figures, each one with a strange weapon. The box measures 19"x19". Jun 24, 2016
SPACE SHIP SET - PREMIER PLASTICS - USAKnown only from this advertisement in November 1952. A large, 46 piece space set from Premier. Consists of 16 spacemen and 30 space ships of various sizes. Photo? Confirmation? Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN, COPIES OF MARX - VARIOUS MAKERS - HONG KONG/CHINAA variety of blister carded set of copies of Marx swoppet style spacemen with interchangeable parts. Some sets include vehicles and equipment.

Space Explorer Set
Moon Base Alpha
US Space Warriors
Men On Space Encounters
Spacemen #206
Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - MARX - HONG KONGA number of blister carded set of Marx swoppet style spacemen with interchangeable parts.

Apollo Space Station

Jun 24, 2016
SPACE EXPLORER SET - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlister carded space set comprising blue plastic space rocket, friction action with rotating antenna. Four chrome silver astronauts.

The space rocket would appear to be the X-30 but with a reduced tail to allow packing under the blister.
Jun 24, 2016
SPACE MAN - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlister carded set of 8 dark silver grey astronauts and two jet planes. Jun 24, 2016
SPACE BRIGADE - MAKER? - HONG KONGCarded set of small soft plastic silver grey spacemen and various take-apart equipment. Giant style. Better picture?Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN 49 PIECE SET - MAKER - HONG KONGCarded set of 49 small silver grey plastic spacemen. Giant style. Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN 49 PIECE SET - MAKER - HONG KONGCarded set of 49 small silver grey plastic spacemen. Giant style. Jun 24, 2016
THE COSMONAUT'S SET - MAKER - HONG KONGA carded ste comprising four large blue blown-plastic spacemen and a small dart firing machine gun. The set reuses a card previously used for a space gun. Jun 24, 2016
SPACE MAN SET - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlister carded set comprising an orange Apollo Eagle moon lander and two orange plastic spacemen.Jun 24, 2016
SPACE SET - LP _ HONG KONGA blister carded set of semi-flat white plastic spacemen and equipment. The pieces are clearly inspired by the Billy Blastoff range of toys. Jun 24, 2016
SPACE EXPLORING SET -MAKER? - HONG KONGWindow boxed set of plastic spacemen, space capsule and rocket/ LP?Jun 24, 2016
LUNAR EXPLORATION SET - MARX - HONG KONGA window box display set of plastic spacemen, plastic craters and various equipment. Hand painted. Jun 24, 2016
MOON BASE SPACE GLIDER - HOVER - HONG KONGA window box display set of chrome silver plastic spacemen and various equipment. This box is titled Space Glider. Jun 24, 2016
ASTRONAUT, SPACEMAN, DEEP DIVER - MAKER? - HONG KONGAn unusual three window display box set of space figures. The windows contain plastic spacemen, silver chrome aliens described as astronauts, and deep sea divers.Jun 24, 2016
SPACE SET - LP - HONG KONGA large, three window boxed set of space vehicles and spacemen. Each of the box windows depicts a space scene with rockets, equipment and spacemen.
Jun 24, 2016
LUNAR EXPLORATION SET - DELMARE - HONG KONGA large, three window boxed set of space vehicles and spacemen. Each of the box windows depicts a Moon scene with rockets, tracked vehicles and spacemen.Jun 24, 2016
FOUR SUPERMEN CONQUER THE MOON - MAKER - HONG KONGA blister carded set of four rather leggy blue plastic spacemen with distinctive clear circular helmet visors. The figures are holding ropes and other equipment.

Coiled rope.
Jun 24, 2016
ROCKET LAUNCHING SET - DELAMARE - HONG KONGBoxed display set comprising a plastic rocket, lauching pad, missiles and silver spacemen. Jun 24, 2016
ALIENS - NOVELTY HEADQUARTERS - USAA set of six small comical plastic alien figures. Bagged in the USA but the origin is still unclear. Some of the designs have Hong Kong connections. These have been described as Giant figures.Jun 24, 2016
LUNAR EXPEDITION SET - AHI AZRAK HAMWAY - HONG KONGPlastic Apollo Eagle Command Vehicle and Moon Lander.

Also shown is the Clifford version of the Apollo 11 set.
Jun 24, 2016
SPACE EXPLORERS SET - AHI AZRAK HAMWAY - HONG KONGA boxed set of white plastic Apollo spacemen and equipment. see also the Lunar Expedition set.Jun 24, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - TWOWAY - HONG KONGFour rather squat silver grey spacemen, 4.5 cm, with red detailing, each holding equipment. Three accessories: rock, tripod and transmitter. Bagged set with header card. 1970s or later.Jun 24, 2016
SERIE ASTRONAUTI - HARBERT - ITALYA bagged set of soft plastic later style astronauts with familiar Hong Kong poses. Made by Harbert of Milan. Jun 24, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - MANURBA - W GERMANYPremium spacemen figures initially available with Linde coffee and later sold separately. They were manufactured by Manurba, Manfred Urban of Bamberg in the 1950s. These are very static, arguably unattractive figures with unusual retro styling.

There are 10 different poses. Each figure has an antenna and helmet. Unusually the antenna was cast as part of the leg and has to be detached.

Linde premium versions were packed in plastic bags and had "Linde" marked or burned at some location. Non-Linde versions have no mark and were sold on blister cards and possibly in other unidentified packaging. The blister carded set contains 6 Manurba/Linde spacemen, all hand painted. The card carries no name and no indication of the maker. Also shown is an unpainted carded set of figures.

Available in a wide range of colors. The catalog image is from 1965.
Jun 24, 2016
MOON MEN - ELASTOLIN, HAUSSER - GERMANYThese figures are considered to be the first spacemen. They are bright pink composite pink figures running forward with bayonets. The figures have frock coats and yellow socks. The round heads have large eyes and a strange curl emerging from the top. The composite material is a mixture of sawdust and glue. These figures have been dated to 1926-7 Jun 24, 2016
SPACE ALIENS - GULLIVER - ARGENTINAPlastic space figures based on the bodies of Britains Starguard spacemen with bizarre heads and complex equipment. Details? Date?Jun 24, 2016
MEN FROM THE MOON SET - SELCOL - ENGLANDTwo bazooka firing spacemen and ammunition mounted on a header card. The figures are based on the Best figure. 1950s.

The Selcol Bazooka Man is a direct copy of the Best Company’s figure that was made in the U.S. There is a trademark stamp on the back of the figure that says, “Selcol – Made in England.”
Jun 23, 2016
TIMPO SUPERHEROES - TIMPO - ENGLANDHollow cast lead figures of early superheroes. Left to right: Captain Marvel, his twin sister, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, Icky in baseball cap and Captain Midnight. Early 1950s.

Captain Marvel was at the height of its popularity in 1950-1951, and tailed off rapidly.
Jun 23, 2016
ALIENS - ALPIA - ITALYAlpia produced four alien figures. They have round bases and each base is inscribed with a large A and the inscription “Alpia, Made in Italy.” Each alien has a different antenna on his head, and carries a different weapon. All have large protruding eyes, and chunky bodies. The unique feature of these figures is the large propeller that is either located on their backs or as part of their weapon. The propellers actually rotate.Jun 23, 2016
MP SPACEMEN - MP - FRANCEA series of 54 mm figures. They are made of hard plastic and come on flat and raised base variations. Underneath each flat base are the letters MP and the words Model Deposé (registered or copyrighted). Each flat base figure is numbered beginning with 500. The raised bases are hollowed out and are meant to be rock formations on which the figures stand. There are no markings underneath these figures. I have seen the MP figures in orange and yellow color variations. An distinctive feature of these figures is the small detachable air hoses that connect the helmet and the oxygen tank on each figure’s back.Jun 23, 2016
SPACEMEN - CYRNOS - FRANCEA range of hard plastic spacemen with helmets. The figures are made of an unusual slightly transparent material. The figures all wear ribbed pressure suits. Six figures shown. Details?
Jun 23, 2016
COSMONAUTES - COFALU - FRANCEA boxed set of five white plastic spacemen with helmets and backpacks. The spacemen have multiple hosepipes attached to their suits. Details? See also the Cosmos/Cibon sets.Jun 23, 2016
COSMOS 2000 - NOREV - FRANCEA large set of the cosmonaut figures in a display box. Approximately 10 articulated figures, mailnly white, all with distinctive tubes affixed to all parts of their suits. Jun 23, 2016
20000 LIEUES SOUS LES MERS - MAKER? - FRANCEThis Disney inspired 20000 Leagues Under the Sea is significant for the inclusion of the small style Co-Ma spacemen with helmets. The undersea world is seen as a parallel with space. 1950sJun 23, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - JIM - FRANCEWhite plastic spacemen all with blacked out faces inside helmets. Apollo style. Each spaceman is busily occupied using equipment. Details? Name? Jun 23, 2016
COSMONAUTES - NOREV? - FRANCEA boxed set of six white plastic spacemen with helmets and backpacks. The spacemen have multiple hosepipes attached to their suits. Details? See also the Cofalu set.Jun 23, 2016
SPACEMEN - CASABLANCA GULLIVER - BRAZILRelatively recent spacemen with a bright chrome finish. These are based on the later Britains spacemen designs. Jun 23, 2016
REX MARS FIGURES - MAKER? - ARGENTINASolid lead painted figures. Marx Rex Marsposes. Maker? Details?Jun 23, 2016
TOM CORBETT LEAD FIGURES - PLOMBEL? - ARGENTINASolid metal painted lead figures. Details?Jun 23, 2016
TOM CORBETT SPACEMEN - TROVADOR? - ARGENTINATom Corbett figures. Details?Jun 23, 2016
TWO SPEED OUTER SPACE ROCKET - PETER PAN - ENGLANDA red soft plastic rocket with a yellow satellite on the tip. The top is a push fit and gradually works loose until the satellite shoots loose. Carded. 1950s. Jun 23, 2016
MARTE SPACE ROCKET - DENIA - SPAINA large painted wood rocket with side wings, a forward gun turret and rear antenna. The central well contains three large hard rubber spacemen with helmets.

The Marte Space Ship was made in Spain in the 50's. The mostly wood toy measures approx. 22. The mechanisms work as follows: when the front wheels turn the gun swivels and the rear wheels turn the antenna.

Featured in "Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain" by Juan Hermida. The caption reads "Friction space ship in wood, equipped with cannon and rotating radar, made by the craftsmen of Denia, Valencia, Juan Forner Font, late 1950s."
Jun 23, 2016
SPACE SCOUT - MAKER? - MEXICOHard plastic copies of the Pyro X-100 Space Scout. Date and maker remain vague.Jun 23, 2016
A hard plastic spaceship. A copy of the Marx original. Details of the manufacturer and date remain vague.
Jun 23, 2016
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