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SPACE STATION X-2 - YONEZAWA - JAPANYonezawa did not make many flying saucers and this is one of their few examples, a battery operated tin and plastic saucer with a central white plastic color dome. Around the edges are four clear plastic windows revealing plastic spacemen and engines. Bump and go action with flashing lights and noise. 8" 16cm diameter. Marked 3507. Yonezawa were never much good at creating flying saucers and it has to be said that this is a pale imitation of the Horikawa classic. Aug 06, 2013
PLANET EXPLORER X-80 - RTC RAJA TOY COMPANY - INDIA This is a copy of the Masudaya X-80 original. Silver and blue lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. Blue triangular shapes surround the central white plastic dome. Large litho detailing of astronauts space walking on the top. Bump and go mystery action with noise and lighted color dome. Marked X-80 Planet Explorer. The box is predominantly blue rather than the green of the original, and there are a few details that differ. Date? AsiaJun 07, 2013
TINA FLYING SAUCER X-7 - TINA - INDIALithographed tinplate battery operated flying saucer with a distinctive ribbed plastic dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Bump and go action with sound and flashing ring of colored lights, and color effect under the dome. This is a copy of the Masudaya original. Marked Tina Flying Saucer. AsiaJun 07, 2013
SATELLITE X-107 GREEN VERSION - MASUDAYA - JAPANThis is one of Masudaya's large bowl shaped flying saucers. "With astronaut in orbit." Predominantly green lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. There is a ring of domed flashing colored lights around the saucer's skirt. Bump and go action and flashing lights. Pictures of the crew are projected onto a large white plastic screen. Floating card astronaut in a styroform cup. The coil on the top holds the astronaut when at rest.

This is very similar to the green Cragstan Mystery Action Satellite. This version has the wording SATELLITE X-107 on the front saucer and has litho windows with red backgrounds. The Cragstan version has just SATELLITE wording and windows with green backgrounds.

May 27, 2013
X-505 FLYING SAUCER - INDIAA red lithographed tinplate flying saucer based on Nomura's earlier saucer of the same name. The friction saucer has a set of wheels below, two angled side fins, a red spark panel at the back and an astronaut pilot sitting under a clear plastic dome. The number X-505 is marked on each side. The dome is appreciably taller than the Nomura. Friction action with spark. The construction of the saucers reveal much cost-cutting and reuse of material. Asia

Two versions are known, one (top) with a Yoshiya style square bodied astronaut marked K-8 on the chest. The other (bottom) has the squat rounded Nomura style. The two versions have slight litho differences. Maker? Box?

The same design is also used for later Ne-Kur saucers.
May 21, 2013
FLYING SAUCER X-7 - Raja Toy Company RTC - IndiaLithographed tinplate battery operated flying saucer with astronaut pilot under a clear plastic dome . Bump and go action with flashing lights. Distinctive tall red vinyl pilot with tin arms. This is a copy of the Masudaya original. Box?
May 01, 2013
FLYING SAUCER KOSMICKE VOZIDLO - ITES - CZECHOSLOVAKIAFlat oval orlozenge shaped space vehicle. Light wheel at front. Large antenna, flashing lights, sound. Bump and go action. Slight box variations: boxes marked IGLA (not IGRA) or KOH-I-NOOR. Shown in Ites catalog. Jan 03, 2013
FLYING SAUCER - OMNIA - CZECHOSLOVAKIAMarked Leatajuci Tanier UFO Saucer. Light blue tinplate flying saucer with a simple plastic pilot under a clear plastic central dome. Large rear fin with distinctive white plastic twin engine assembly attached to the top. Simple space graphics. Battery operated bump and go action. CSSR c1970Jan 03, 2013
M2 Flying Saucer - Nino Feliz? - ArgentinaTin lithographed wind up flying saucer (nave esapcial) from Argentina. This little saucer is marked Industria Argentina. It's about 10cms in diameter and has alien graphics and an unusual pair of mushroom antennas. The top structure appears to turn independently. The maker may be Nino Feliz (Happy Child). M 2Dec 14, 2012
SPACE SAUCER - MAKER? - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated flying saucer with a pilot under clear central plastic dome. Bump and go action. Rotating dish antenna. Two rear fins. Usually seen with one more flag decals, Union Jack, Stars and Stripes. The box art is reminscent of other Rosenthal Hong Kong saucers. 1960sAug 03, 2012
SPACE SHIP POP POP FLYING SAUCER BOAT - KT - JAPANTin lithographed space ship designed to float on water. The saucer is candle powered using the old pop pop boat technique of heating a metal tube. Water is expelled from the tube by the heat of the candle, it then cools and the water is drawn back in. The cycle repeats with a distinctive popping noise. Made by KT which is probably Komatsudo Toy. Sold in a bag with a header card. Date?Jul 31, 2012
FLYING SAUCER - JYESA - SPAINPlastic battery operated space ship. Gold top, blue plastic base. Central dome cockpit with pilot. Surrounded by a ring of 8 lights. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Marked JYE. Box?Feb 27, 2012
THE FLYING STAR F5 - MP - GREECELarge (40cm) yellow plastic flying saucer with two engines at the rear joined by a spoiler. Decal detailing of three pilots sitting at the window. Rotating square white antenna. Battery operated radio control with movement and flashing lights.Feb 24, 2012
SPACE BOAT ME-780 NEF COSMIQUE - CHINATin battery operated saucer. Brightly colored lithographed flying saucer, deep sided with plastic pilot under a clear central dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights in the saucer side wall. Chinese. ME 780Nov 29, 2011
SPACE SHIP - KOREA?Tin battery operated flying saucer. Lilac blue with eccentric comic graphics. Pink child under a clear central dome. Ring of flashing colored lights. Bump and go action. Korea? Date? Name? Box?Nov 13, 2011
SPACE PATROL MERCURY REDSTONE - RICO - SPAINThe plastic flying saucer has a bright metallic finish. The battery operated flying saucer has a red astronaut under central clear plastic dome. A ring of flashing colored lights surrounds the dome in the Masudaya style. . Bump and go action. Plain red box with Rico name. Silver and blue versions shown. 20cm x 12cm

Redstone was the rocket that carried Alan Shepard's Mercury 3 capsule into space in 1961. Sold in a plain red box with Rico name.
Nov 13, 2011
SPACE SQUAD X-7 - GLASSLITE - BRAZILTin and plastic battery op saucer. Mystery action. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Ring of flashing colored lights. Identical to the Masudaya original except for the pace Squad wording. X7 Nave EspacialNov 02, 2011
FLYING SAUCER - RTC RAJA TOY COMPANY - INDIAYellow tin battery operated flying saucer has non-fall action, pins on bottom prevent it from falling off table. Runs along with lights shooting forward and backward through red lenses accompanied by a loud pling-pling sound. Indian copy of the Space Surveillant saucer by Masudaya. The lithography has a hand made quality more like screen printing. Date?
Oct 22, 2011
SPACE RANGER FLYING SAUCER - GLASSLITE - BRAZILWhite tin battery op flying saucer. Ring of lights around a pilot under a clear plastic dome. Yellow plastic antenna under the dome. United States wording. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Very similar to the Taiwan Space Ranger 7. Oct 21, 2011
NAVE ESPACIAL X-17 - ESTRELA - BRAZILTin battery op flying saucer. Bright lithography, ring of lights around a pilot under a clear plastic dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights. X17Oct 21, 2011
AUTO LUNAR XP-121 - ESTRELA - BRAZILTin and plastic battery operated flying saucer. Bump and go action with lighted white color dome. White plastic dish antenna. Pilot under clear plastic canopy at front. Lithographed guns at front. 1970s A reworking of the SPACE SAUCER MERCURY M-164 by Yonezawa.Oct 20, 2011
AIRPORT SAUCER - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery operated flying saucer with litho depicting world tourist attractions. Airport scene with plastic airplane under clear plastic dome. Borderline spaceOct 16, 2011
NAVE ESPACIAL X-3 - ESTRELA - BRAZILTin battery op flying saucer. Bright individual lithography, ring of lights around a pilot under a clear plastic dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights. X3Oct 21, 2011
ACTION SPACE SHIP SX-802 - WOOLBRO - HONG KONGWhite plastic battery op flying saucer. Bump n go action, flashing lights, space sound. Orang plastic windows surround cetral peak with orange light at the top. Silver chrome door opens and disks shoot from it. 1980sOct 16, 2011
JUPITER JYRO - TOMYGyroscopic plastic flying saucer with orange plastic dome. Sits on plastic tower. Oct 09, 2011
X-7 Flying Saucer - Masudaya - JAPANLater tin and plastic battery op saucer. Mystery action. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Ring of flashing colored lights. Japanese box version 2. Sep 22, 2011
THUNDERBIRDS 5 - JR 21TOY, ROSENTHAL - HONG KONGGold plastic battery op International Rescue space station. Moving pilot under plastic dome. Two detachable antennas. Bump and go action, flashing lights.Sep 22, 2011
SPACE SHIP X711 - SOMA - HONG KONGWhite plastic battery op space station. Moving astronaut under blue plastic dome. A reworking of the Rosenthal Thunderbird 5 Space Station. Bump and go action, flashing lights. Appears in Aldens Christmas Catalog for1978 Sep 22, 2011
SPECTREMAN X-15 FLYING SAUCER - MASUDAYA - JAPANA white lithographed tinplate flying saucer based on the Masudaya large bowl shaped flying saucers. Size? Same design pressing as the X-11 saucer, with half of the dome removed to create a cockpit. The cockpit contains a large red and gold vinyl figure of the Japanese superhero Spectreman inside an open cockpit. The saucer has impressive litho of Spectreman fighting a dinosaur.

Friction action. Japanese box. The size of the figure dramatically alters the scale of the saucer.
Sep 10, 2011
FLYING SAUCER WITH NYAROME - MASUDAYA - JAPANLight blue lithographed tin battery operated flying saucer. Bump and go action with rotating cockpit and flashing lights. Under the clear plastic central dome is a pink vinyl Japanese cat character.

This is the same body as used in the Nomura Space Commander station. It is effectively the Planet Y Space Station with an octagonal transparent plastic structure replacing the central portion: the size of the pilot alters the scale of the whole piece.

See also the Keroyon version.
Sep 10, 2011
X-3 SONIC CONTROL FLYING SAUCER - Maker?White plastic battery op remote contol flying saucer. Wireless remote control. Cockpit light flashes. Yellow and white versions. Hong Kong 1980sSep 09, 2011
ROTO-BOLIDE INTERPLANETAIRE - MAKER? - FRANCEThis is a substantial box containing a board game. It consists of a plastic flying saucer orbiting a model of the Eiffel Tower mounted on a cardboard litho hemisphere of the world. Game mat depicts various countries. Fly Around the World. France 1950s. There is a second version of this game with a rocket and Sputnik rather than a flying saucer.Sep 05, 2011
X-1 SPACE EXPLORER SHIP - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery op flying saucer with flashing lights and mystery action. Pilot under central cear plastic dome. Ring of colored lights. JapanSep 03, 2011
FLYING SAUCER - YONEZAWA - JAPANGrey textured plastic battery operated flying saucer with bump and go action. Lighted cockpit. Space Noise. White plastic with elaborate gold plastic trim and twin tail fins. Central pitted clear plastic dome with colored light effect. Box depicts blue version. No 37003Jul 15, 2011
SELENIUM - MAKER? - SPAINPlastic battery op bump and go flying saucer with styrene ball blowing action. White plastic with red plastic dome and circular windows. Flashing lights. Box depicts a different shape saucer in red plastic. Nave exploradora del espacio. Spain Possibly Jefe 1980sJul 15, 2011
OVNI - JEFE - SPAINPlastic battery op remote control flying saucer. White plastic saucer with central orange plastic dome. Remote control allows steering. Fires a missiles from torpedo tubes. Spain Articulo No 800 Date?Jul 15, 2011
STAR SHIP - MAKER?Simple little tin saucer with plastic base. Small plastic rotor. Sold in trade packes. 1970s-80s Maker?Apr 10, 2011

Predominantly plastic battery operated flying saucer with robot driver space toy. Bump and go action with flashing lights. "Meteor" wording embossed on the top. Spring antenna. Made by Palart, Warsaw, Poland.
When is turned on, the flying saucer starts exploring the space, turns in circle, lights up in red and green and makes a noise. It has an on/off button on down side and works with a 2x 4.5V batteries. Also available in red plastic with a white lower, the astronaut is blue. The red version has plastic side antennas, the green version has wire antennas.
Feb 27, 2011
SPACE LAB M-50 - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin and plastic battery op single channel radio controlled flying saucer. Japan 1980s. Red and white tin upper, blue plastic base. A shallow central plastic dome houses a small plastic pilot is a control room, giving the impression of a large saucer. There is a long radio antenna attached. The box and instructions are in Japanese. see also the M-50 Space Ship which uses the same pressing.Feb 11, 2011
M-50 SPACE SHIP - MASUDAYA - JAPANGreen litho tin and plastic battery op flying saucer with bump and go action. Spin Turn. Tin upper, plastic lower. Orange plastic robot pilot under a shallow central plastic dome. Red light on robot's head. A variation of the M-50 Space Lab saucer. The earliest sighting so far is in the "Japan 1981" Catalog.Feb 11, 2011
FRICTION SPACE BOAT MF 878 - CHINAChinese friction flying saucer with pilot under central dome. Two pistons, each under a clear plastic cover, one either side of the dome. There should be an antenna. Featured in Boogaerts book but rarely seen. Three tail fins. Similar to the S.S. AP FLYING SAUCER which also has pistons. MF-878 Boat is the translation of ship, as in space ship. MF878Jan 15, 2011
PATRULHA DO ESPACO FLYING SAUCER (SPACE PATROL) - METALMA - BRAZILBlue and red tin battery op flying saucer. Bright geometric lithography. This saucer does not have the ring of lights around the rim, though the lithography includes appropriate circles; this made for a cheaper toy. Light show under a white plastic color dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Dec 22, 2009
SPACE STATION, RED VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery op Circa 1969. Advances with mystery action as lights blink, gears move, dish turns and a space sound is emitted. Also in blue.Nov 06, 2009
SPACE COMMANDER SHIP X-15 - YOSHIYA - JAPANGreen tin friction flying saucer. Crank operated saucer advances with mystery action and spark. X15 KO Green tin pilot under a clear plastic dome. Single tailfin. It first appeared in the Yoshiya catalog for 1965 where it was described as a "Power friction flying saucer with sparks" 14cm.

There are two known versions: green/red and red/white.
There are two box versions (shown). The more common box is the one depicting the green saucer on a space background, though this box was used for both versions of the saucer. The red version box carries a Cragstan logo.

The same basic pressing was used for th Z-26 saucer.
Sep 30, 2009
FLYING SAUCER 8 - HAJI - JAPANTin friction saucer with sparks. Two pilot heads under a shallow clear plastic dome. Bump and go action with sparks. Single tail fin. See also the Astro 8 saucer by Marubishi/Haji. 7.5" 19cm diameter.

First sighted in 1967, though saucer was still on sale in the 1971 Haji catalog.
Sep 28, 2009
ASTRO 8 FLYING SAUCER - HAJI / MARUBISHI - JAPANRed tin friction flying saucer. Astronaut under a shallow clear plastic dome. Single rear fin. A spinning disk produces sparks in a series of windows around the edge. The saucer and box have been seen with Haji and Marubishi logos. The concensus is that Haji were the manufacturers and Marubishi were the importer/distributor. 7.5" 19cm diameter. See also the Flying 8 Saucer.

Two versions of the saucer are known: one has a blue vinyl pilot head on tin body and shoulders; the other has a red tin pilot head. A close look at the tin head indicates that there are slight color/litho variations to be found.
Sep 28, 2009
SPACE PATROL WITH SUCTORIAL MISSILE V100 - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin friction flying saucer with missile firing gun. Two side fins and a raised front wheel. Litho pilot details. The oddly named "Suctorial" refers to the suction missile that is fired from the large gun at the front. Clips on either side allow for the storage of the wooden darts. The toy comes with an inner box that depicts a space scene featuring the V100 saucer and is designed to be the target. There are two known variations: silver and silver-blue. V-100

The saucer has the same body pressing as the Z-106.
Sep 27, 2009
L-101 FLYING SAUCER - LTI? - INDIAA variation of the Yoshiya tin X-15 flying saucer with friction crank action drive. Green tin pilot with L-101 on chest under a clear plastic dome. Bump and go action. The saucer is marginally smaller than the X-15 and there are other minor differences. Copies seen have hand painted L-101 on the pilot. This version was issued in India. The lower photo shows a modern reproduction based on the L-101. The same pilot appears in the Indian LTI Sparking Tank, so this may be by the same maker. AsiaSep 27, 2009
MK 250 FLYING SAUCER - MARCHESINI - ITALYTin and plastic friction flying saucer with green vinyl pilot head under a clear dome.Sep 23, 2009
FRICTION MOTOR SPACE SHIP WITH SPARK - S.S. AP FLYING SAUCER - JAPANLithographed tinplate friction flying saucer 12cm. The saucer has a gry top, red base and a blue band around the middle. The upper surface has litho rocket details.
REhite vinyl pilot head under a clear plastic dome. The unusual feature of this saucer is the pair of green metal pistons that move up and down on either side. There is an old style rear extension of the saucer with a red plastic spark window. The initials NASA are printed on the rear.

Versions with red and green pistons are shown.

Friction action with moving pistons and sparks. Maker? SS AP SSAP See the MF-878 which also has pistons.
Sep 22, 2009
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