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Moldex Spacemen - AustraliaLargely copies of the Premier and Archer spacemen, though there are clear differences in the molding detail. Certain poses (top right and top left) however, look to be unique. The figures are available in hard and soft plastic versions and in a wide range of colors. A set of ten soft green figures were apparently available as the cereal premium Under the Sea set. The figures have a letter M molded in the back. Produced by Moldex of Melbourne Australia. 1950sSep 09, 2012
CAPTAIN VIDEO POST CEREAL SET - LIDOSet of twelve figures. Soft plastic with no bases. The figures are slightly smaller than usual. Available in a wide range of colors.Sep 03, 2012
MARCIANOS - OSUL - PORTUGALCarded set of Martians based on the American Archer molds. Painted plastic. c1950sAug 18, 2012
DAN DARE SPACE MEN - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed set of hard plastic spacemen based on the Tudor Rose copies of the Archer originals. Window boxed set. 1950sApr 08, 2012
JOHILLCO BOXED SPACEMEN - SET OF 8 - JOHILLCO ENGLANDBoxed set of 8 space figures in metallic paint colors. The box label is a generic label used on other Johillco space items such as the space station.Apr 08, 2012
SATELLITE EXPLORERS SPACEMEN - AJAX? - WSNYSoft plastic spacemen from the Ajax range. Unpainted. Bagged with header card. Set No 73 marked W.S.N.Y.Apr 08, 2012
LANTOY SPACEMEN - HONG KONGHand painted copies of the Ajax spacemen. Card mounted. 1960s.Apr 08, 2012
Johillco Space Station Advertisement 1953From the 1953 "Games and Toys trade publication. Jul 20, 2011
Interplanetary Space Station X/47 - JohillcoWood and card space station by Johillco, England 1950s. Bright paper lithographed colors as opposed to the plainer paint finish of other versions.Jul 20, 2011
Johillco Space Station 3Large space station made from wood, card and wire. Johillco England 1950sJul 20, 2011
Johillco Space Station 2Larger Johillco space station made from wood, card and wire. England 1950sJul 20, 2011
Johillco Satellite Space StationSpace station made of wood, cardboard and wire. Has a lead ladder. The scale does not seem to fit with the usual Johillco spacemen. 1950s.Jul 19, 2011
JOHILLCO SPACEMEN BOXED SET OF 24 -JOHILLCO- ENGLANDBoxed set of 24 space figures. The box label is a generic label used on other Johillco space items such as the space station.

The John Hill Co of England. John Hill as a former employee of Britains and set up as a rival in Islington, London. After the war they moved to Burnley, Lancashire. Johillco frequently sold their figures loose rather than in boxed sets. The early figures are hollow cast lead. In 1956 they started producing plastic figures under the name Hillco. Due to the cheapness of the figures and the individuality of their poses, Johillco figues were found more in working class homes than the expensive Britiains that came in boxes of rigid identical poses. The company probably used a variety of sculptors leading to various grades of quality of Johillco figures, that have been called "the good, the bad, and the ugly".
Chief figure designer for Johillco, Wilfred Cherrington, in conjunction with a Mr Leaver started his own company called Cherilea.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 12 - England12 Spaceman standing, bending forward with pole device in right hand resting on his thigh, instrument in left hand. Clear plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 11 - England11 Spaceman standing with long rocket pole held aloft in left hand, instrument held at waist level in right hand. Clear plastic helmet.*
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 10 - England10 Spaceman standing with long space rifle held at his waist aiming to his left. Clear plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 9 - England9 Spaceman standing with legs spread and arms held out by his waist. Empty handed. Clear plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 8 - England8 Official (Intelligent Alien) spaceman standing with feet together and hands on hips, Pointed hat and cape. No plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 7 - England7 Spaceman walking froward with body turned right, knees bent, arms down, holding device in right hand. Crest on helmet. No plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 6 - England6 Spaceman standing with legs spread, holding space rifle across his chest. Complex space helmet with balls. No plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 5 - England5 Robot with large rectangular body and short legs. Hands by his sides. Suitcase Robot. No plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 4 - England4 Robot standing with both hands held up. The Archer robot. No plastic helmet.

Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 3 - England3 Spaceman standing, right hand by his side, the left hand aloft holding two ball equipment. Clear plastic helmet.

Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 2 - England2 Spaceman walking with hands by his sides, trailing a ball on wire in right hand. Clear plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
Johillco Spaceman 1 - England1 Spaceman standing with arms held up. Device with hose attached to waist in right hand. Clear plastic helmet.
Jul 19, 2011
6 Kentoys Sir Hubert Guest.6 Kentoys Sir Hubert Guest. Officer in green airforce uniform holding a space rifle at waist. Dan Dare SetJul 16, 2011
5 Kentoys Cadet 'Flamer' Spry.5 Kentoys Cadet 'Flamer' Spry. Boy in blue suit racing along, perched on one leg with pistol in oustretched arm. Dan Dare SetJul 16, 2011
4 Kentoys Commander Lex O'Malley4 Kentoys Commander Lex O'Malley. Bearded man in blue naval uniform holding rifle in left hand and bomb in raised right arm. Dan Dare SetJul 16, 2011
3 Kentoys Professor Jocelyn Peabody3 Kentoys Professor Jocelyn Peabody. Blonde woman in yellow top, brown pants, kneeling and holding equipment. Dan Dare SetJul 16, 2011
2 Kentoys Digby2 Kentoys Digby. Fat man in yellow space suit with silver helmet and large ray gun. Dan Dare SetJul 16, 2011
1 Kentoys Dan Dare1 Kentoys Dan Dare. Spaceman in red space suit and silver helmet, holding small space gun in articulated armJul 16, 2011
Alpia SpacemenA set of at least six plastic spacemen with clear plastic helmets. Versions in light green, dark grey, bronze and white are known. Alpia Italy 1960s?Jul 16, 2011
6 Alpia spaceman6 Alpia spaceman holding gun on hose in right hand
Jul 16, 2011
5 Alpia spaceman5 Alpia spaceman with empty hands held outJul 16, 2011
4 Alpia spaceman4 Alpia spaceman holding pistol pointing up in raised right handJul 16, 2011
3 Alpia spaceman3 Alpia spaceman holding pistol level in right handJul 16, 2011
2 Alpia spaceman2 Alpia spaceman holding complex space rifle at waist with both handsJul 16, 2011
Alpia spaceman1 Alpia spaceman holding rifle in right hand, left hand at waistJul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spacemen AdvertisementA set of six spacemen made for Kellogs by Crescent of England. These were given away in packets of Rice Krispies in the 1960s. In 1960 there was a TV ad for Rice Krispies featuring spacemen - see the BFI website.

Available in red, orange, yellow green, blue and light blue.

1 Standing with camera
2 Standing with Spanner (wrench)
3 Kneeling with cutting torch
4 Standing with pick and rope
5 Standing with sample hose
6 Standing with round flag
Jul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spaceman 66 Spaceman standing with round flag Jul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spaceman 55 Spaceman standing with sample hoseJul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spaceman 44 Spaceman standing with pick and rope Jul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spaceman 33 Spaceman kneeling with cutting torch
Jul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spaceman 22 Spaceman standing with Spanner (wrench) Jul 16, 2011
Kellogs Spaceman 11 Spaceman standing with camera
Jul 16, 2011
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