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OFFICIAL SPACE PATROL ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE - MARX - USA This is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun. Space Patrol Super Beam Signal Gun Plastic flashlight space gun with sight.

The handle is marked Official Space Patrol. This authorised version of the popular Marx flashlight gun was clearly intended to cash in on the popularity of the Space Patrol TV series.

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm

A patent for the design was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953. Pat no. 169440
Jul 22, 2014
MARTIAN WATER-BUG GUN - MERCURY PLASTICS - USAAn unusual plastic water pistol. The V-shaped gun consists of a series of connected spheres and a pair of plastic antennas giving it a bug or caterpillar appearance. By moving a lever at the back it is possible to alter the direction of the water jet. Various colors including red and light blue.

There are two package versions. The first is bagged with a large backing card. The later version is bagged with a smaller and simpler header card.

Patented filed in 1954 and published in 1955.
Pat No: 174731
Inventor: Joseph B Barricks
Jul 18, 2014
ROBOT RAIDERS SPACE ACTION TARGET SET - RAYLINE - USAA plastic pistol style gun with black panels on the handles. Shoots 20 small plastic disks which are loaded into a magazine. Available in various colors: silver, blue green. Date? Blister carded set comes with a Batman-style parachute figure as a target.
Jul 05, 2014
SPACE PATROL GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGA red plastic version of the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. Blister carded with four plastic spacemen targets. Dart shooting action. Shoots missile tipped darts.Jul 05, 2014
ZIP ZIP SPACE GUN - MAKER? - USAA die cast metal space gun dating from the early 1950s. The slender grey metal gun has delightful fcooling fin details on the body and a swept back front sight, also with fins.

This is probably an unfinished prototype. There is no firing mechanism.
Jul 05, 2014
FLASH GORDON SPACE SET - MAKER?A blister carded set of seemingly authorised if rather cheaply constructed Flash Goldon related merchandise including a white plastic space gun. This is another apperance of the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. Bar coded. 1980s?Jul 05, 2014
DICK TRACY SILENT RAY GUN - MAKER? - USAA large angular black plastic raygun. Marked American Silent Ray. This is a battery operated flashlight gun that accompanied a rotating electric target. Photoelectric cells in the target could register hits from the gun. Though this is a Dick Tracy detective toy it is evidently one of the earliest electronic space guns. Date? Jul 05, 2014
AUTOMATIC DART GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA large plastic multi-barrelled (four barrel) space gun. Blue handle, silver body holding a number of barrels. Dart firing action. Shoots rubber tipped darts. Blister carded. Manga graphics on the card. Date?

Variations of the gun have been made by Knickerbocker, Co-Ma, Picolo and Selcol
Jul 05, 2014
S ECRET ULTRA GUN - MAKER? - TAIWANA white plastic space pistol. The gun has a magazine and a distinctive radar dish that fits over the barrel. Cap firing and dart firing action. Bagged with header card. Jul 05, 2014
THE ATOMIC RAY GUN - AIRFIX - ENGLANDA white plastic battery operated flashlight gun. This is clearly based on the Norton Horner style of flashlight gun: angular design with a large red lens cover. There is a small rear sight but otherwise this is an unambitious copy of the American guns of the time. Better image? Date? c1950s.

Image courtesy
Jul 05, 2014
SPACE WATER PISTOL - COMA? - ITALY?Little is known about this stylish small red hard plastic space water pistol. It is based on the Tudor Rose clicker version of the gun but has been altered to allow it to shoot water. It was first located in Italy and the Coma has been suggested as a maker. 6 ins. 1950s.

Details? Box? Packaging? Maker?

Jul 05, 2014
SUNSTAR SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANAn early tin lithographed friction space gun. The small oval green gun is embossed with red stars. In the sides is a circular decoration showing a Sumo wrestler. SUNSTAR pressed into the front of the gun. Friction action with spark. 1950sJul 05, 2014
P30 STAR GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA black painted tinplate space gun. This gun has some interesting features: a space rocket embossed on the sides, a large brass nozzle and a ring pull at the back. The serial no P30 is pressed into the barrel. I believe this is a water pistol. Maker? Date?Jul 05, 2014
SPARKLING PISTOL SPACE NAVIGATOR GUN - NOMURA - JAPANSmall early blue, red and yellow tin lithographed space gun. Angular pistol shape with a picture of a spaceman and space rocket on the handle, Space Navigator wording. Friction noise and spark. Plain brown box with paper label - probably. Box? Better image?

Several litho versions of this early 1950s gun are known. Image:
Jul 04, 2014
SPACE SQUIRT GUN - SPAINSmall hard clear plastic space water squirt gun with rubber bulb. The gun has a traditional revolver shape with an unmistakable space shaped barrel. Maker? DetailsJul 04, 2014
OKA SPACE GUN - OKA - JAPANA simple, early lithographed Japanese tinplate space rifle. The blue painted gun has tin litho panels with space themes. Pop gun acrtion with wooden components. Shoots corks. Box? Early 1950s.

Also shown is a red version of the gun.
Jul 04, 2014
RAY MATIC TARGET PISTOL - MAKER? - USA?A large red plastic space gun with an angled feeder magazine on top. Plastic balls are loaded into the hopper and are fired from the gun. Blister carded. Details?Jul 04, 2014
UNDERDOG SPACE GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGThis is an economy release of the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. A white plastic space gun with green trim. Telescopic sight. The spring loaded gun shoots darts tipped with little figures that have parachutes attached. Blister carded. Jul 04, 2014
SONIC SPACE LASER - CRESCENT - ENGLANDThe Sonic Space Laser gun is based on Lone Star's Cosmic Jet Gun: the earlier design has been adapted to use electronic components. A large blue plastic battery operated space pistol. The unusual design has a large body at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins. Paper decal detailing. 12 in, 31 cm. Produces five electronic sounds.

See also the Space Hero 500-X Laser Gun.
Jul 04, 2014
SPACE GUN EXPLORER SERIES 1 - MAKER? - JAPANA white plastic space gun that combines a flashlight action with dart firing. The bulky design has a large central flashlight section with a red window at the sides. On top is a second barrel that fires the runner tipped darts. Large trigger guard. Maker? Comes with alien targets.Jul 04, 2014
SPACE AGE SIREN SIGNAL GUN - MAKER?This is a late appearance of the Siren Stan space gun. Blue and white plastic battery operated flashlight raygun with siren. Maker?Jul 04, 2014
SPACE GUN WITH SPARKLING - NOMURA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate friction space machine gun. The simple early style of machine gun has a silver body with a wood effect stock. The broad barrel has spark windows set into the sides, with a small nozzle at the end. Friction action with noise and spark. Rosko importer logo. Jul 04, 2014
SPACE PISTOL - GONHER - SPAINA silver grey hard plastic battery operated space gun. The 19 inch gun has red plastic attachments and a clear red plastic barrel tip. The gun runs on a 9 volt battery: as the trigger is pressed, it actuates a reciprocating system, that activates a ratchet hammer (making the sound) and slides a light bulb-tipped rod, back and forth inside the clear red barrel. Date?

Pistola de juguete a resorte
Jul 04, 2014
CAPTAIN SCARLET ANTI MYSTERON RIFLE - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA very long space cap firing rifle. At the heart of this gun is the diecast metal pistol. Plastic components have been added at either end to make this imposing gun. The body is red metal with a side grip, at the front is a silver plastic nose assembly and at the rear is black plastic handle. 1968.

Gerry Anderson
Jun 28, 2014
UNIVERSAL SPARKING RAY GUN - METTOY? - ENGLANDA simple tin lithographed wind up space machine gun. Bright early style graphics. Perforated black barrel. The top of the gun depicts WWI soldiers shooting at tanks with the gun.

Wind up action with noise and spark. 1950s. Possibly Wells or Mettoy.

This is a copy of the early Japanese Universal Gun. Marked Made in Gt Britain.
Jun 28, 2014
ASTRO-PHASER ELECTRONIC SPACE GUN - MARX - USAMade by Louis Marx Co. The Astro-Phaser is a large, black box-shaped plastic battery operated space gun that produces three electronic sounds. Decal detailing Identical to the Sound O Power gun. 12 inches long.Jun 28, 2014
XZ-39 LEATHER HOLSTER FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-38 SPACE GUNLeather holster with a diamond shaped hole. Marked Buck Rogers 25th Cent. Soldd with 30-inch plain belt with plain buckle for the XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol. Unboxed.

Also sold in a box with the XZ-38 gun as item XZ-40
Jun 28, 2014
XZ-36 LEATHER HOLSTER FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-35 SPACE GUNA leather holster with a futuristic styling. Circular hole. Designed to hold the smaller 1934 Wilma Deering ZX-35 space gun. Sold loose, no box. Sold with a belt.Jun 28, 2014
XZ-33 SUEDE HOLSTER FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-31 SPACE GUNThe suede holster was sold separately. Came with a belt.Jun 28, 2014
33 REPEATER SPACE GUN - WYANDOTTE - USARed pressed metal space gun space gun. This is a red painted pressed steel cap gun with rings pressed into the body. Flared muzzle with a large front sight and a telescopic sight. 7" 17cm Pop gun action. Made by All-Metal Products (1936, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA).

This plain muzzle (or non-litho tip) version of the gun is featured in a 1936 catalog. (See inset).

In 1941 Wyandotte released the Z-Z litho tip version of this gun; it has been dated to 1941 in an A&P Food Store advertisement.
Jun 28, 2014
BUCK ROGERS XZ-35 WILMA ROCKET PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the second Buck Rogers space gun. Identical to the ZX-31 in all but size. This is appreciably smaller than its predecessor and is called the Wilma Deering gun. Pressed steel pop gun action. Released in 1934, shortly after the success of the ZX-31. The box is the same, except that it carries the ZX-35 wording. Jun 28, 2014
BUCK ROGERS XZ-31 ROCKET PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the first ever toy space gun. The gun is manufactured from heavy gauge blued steel, a fact that explains why so many have survived. The gun has Art Deco styling with a flared barrel tip and distinctive double ring structure on the top. Pop gun action. Available in plain steel and blued steel versions, though the latter usually loses its finish. Released for Christmas 1934. The gun was a very popular item and stores soon ran out of stock. 9.5" long.

The gun was designed to produce a loud report without firing a cork.

The patent for this gun was granted in July 1935.
Pat No. 2006741
A second more detailed patent was filed soon after
Pat No. 2055900
The inventor was Charles F Lefever
Jun 28, 2014
SPACE PATROL COSMIC SMOKE GUN (SMALL RED VERSION) - US PLASTICS FOR RALSTON - USASpace Patrol Smoke Gun. Red plastic, 4.5". The gun came preloaded with talc and produced a smoke effect. This was the first, smaller version offered by Ralston in 1952. Note the much shorter barrel than the later version. This was posted in a plain mailing box.

The gun made an appearance in an early episode of "Space Patrol", the powder was supposed to put enemies to sleep.
Jun 28, 2014
AGENT ZERO-M SONIC BLASTER - MATTEL - USAA very large black plastic bazooka. This was perhaps inspired by the success of the Wham-O air blaster. The bazooka-like air gun is hand-pumped until full, placed on the shoulder, and then fired. It release a concentrated burst of air toward spring-loaded targets accompanied by a booming sound. The gun was considered capable of producing high decibel levels and is now considered dangerous. 1964 Borderline space.Jun 27, 2014
SUPERSONIC AIR GUN AIR-FIRING HIP GUN - AIDS INC - USAThis is a variation of Aids Incs Outer Space Air Ray Gun. A silver plastic air blaster space gun. Marked Supersonic on the top rear fin. Essentially the gun has had an extension of the nozzle, presumably to intensify the air blast. See also the Air-Firing Shoulder Gun variation.

This is one of the second generation of such guns and is a reworking of the design first used by Budson in the 1940s.

The advert dates to 1958. Box? Packaging?
Jun 27, 2014
ATOMIC OUTER SPACE AIR RAY GUN - AIDS INC - USAA metallic gold plastic variation of the Budson original air blaster gun design. You cock the gun by raising and lowering the fin on top, this draws back a metal disk in the center of the rubber. When you pull the trigger, the disk releases and the volume of air in the chamber is compressed through the narrow barrel delivering a formidable invisible blast. Date? Box?

Aids Inc produced several variations of this design. The gun appears in the Miles Kimball catalog for 1958.

Made by Aids Incorporated, out of El Segundo, California

A patent was granted in 1949 Pat No. 154516 Inventor Thomas M Shelton
Jun 27, 2014
FLASH GORDON AIR RAY GUN - BUDSON CO - USAA large and very distinctive red painted metal air blaster space gun. Flash Gordon decal above nozzle tip at front. There is a wide silver metal band around the nozzle. The top lever is cocked and a blast of air fired from inside. Made by Budson Company in 1948.

This is the first generation of air balster guns. The patent was filed in 1946.

Still on sale in a Miles Kimball catalog for 1950.
Jun 27, 2014
SUPER AIR ZAPPER - WHAM-O MFG - USAThis is an economy reissue of the Wham-O Air Blaster. Blue plastic with white muzzle. The design has been simplified: a plunger at the back is pulled out and the trigger pressed to release the jet of air. Sold in a bag with header card.Jun 27, 2014
WHAM-O INVISIBLE AIR BLASTER - WHAM-O - USAThis distinctively shaped plastic air blaster first appeared in 1965. This is the second generation of such guns and is a reworking of the design first used by Budson in the 1940s.

A pump lever is used to pull back the diaphragm. When the trigger is pulled the gun discharges a powerful jet of air. Despite the lack of space themes on the gun or on the packaging the toy is sought by space gun collectors.

The gun remained in production for many years and several cosmetic changes were made to the gun and the packaging.

Black (top left): 1963 - came with a gorilla target printed on the box

Blue/white: 1968

Black with red muzzle: 1978
Jun 27, 2014
MIRRORMAN HERO GUN - T.T. - JAPANThis is a later style machine pistol space gun. The blue plastic gun has an extra grip at the front, a large red plastic spark window and a flared red plastic muzzle tipped with silver plastic. It also has a characteristic small plastic antenna, little more than bead on a wire. Friction action with noise and spark. Superhero. Date? Takatoku.Jun 27, 2014
MIRRORMAN JET LAUNCHER SPACE GUN - T.T. - JAPANA character specific release of the Matsushiro Jet Launcher gun which in turn is a knock-off version Lost in Space Roto-Jet Gun. This is large silver plastic modular space gun. It has a glossy silver finish, a long telescopic sight, a spark panel and a large trigger guard. The box has particularly impressive art work. Date?
superhero, Takatoku TT. There is a link to Matsushiro.
Jun 27, 2014
DELUXE SUPER LIGHTAN SPACE RAY GUN - SANYO RAITO - JAPANA large bulky chrome silver plastic raygun with a white lens cap. Battery operated flashlight combined with a dart shooting action. This is the more imposing version of the Super Lightan gun, with the silver finish and the larger box. Japanese market.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
Jun 27, 2014
MAZINGA SPACE GUN AND HOLSTER SET - GINPEL - SPAINA white plastic battery operated space gun with a slender gold barrel. that emits a loud siren noise. The gun has a prominent circular perforated disk on the side for the siren effect. Sold with gold holster, belt and pouch. 1979.Jun 27, 2014
SPACE INVADER STAR GUN - MAKER?A purple tinted clear plastic pistol style space gun with visible gears. Friction action with spark. Red clear plastic nozzle. A much copied gun from Yoshiya. A reissue of the Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version. Cashing in on the success of the Space Invader video game the friction sound is described as a laser effect and the gear wheels are asteroids. Date?Jun 27, 2014
SAVER PISTOL-301 - NN - HONG KONGA black plastic pistol with a silencer attachment and a telescopic sight. Gold plastic panels in the handle. Cap firing action. The gun does not have a space look, but that is made up for by the attractive box artwork. Date?Jun 26, 2014
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