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GALASSIA SPACE GUN - BFG - ITALYA red plastic space gun, though the styling is not obviously space based. This gun is designed to blow bubbles, The box, however, establishes this as a space gun with a depiction of the Italian version of the Phantom in a red costume. (l'Uomo Mascherato). Made by B.F.G. International Plastics S.p.A. MilanoMar 24, 2014
CLICK-FEU MARTIEN SPACE GUN - RJ - FRANCEThis green plastic space gun is a close copy of the American Ranger Steel Cosmic Ray Gun.

7 1/2 ins long. Trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. In this case there is a metal flint holder instead of the US plastic version. In addition the nose assembly is clear red plastic.
Mar 24, 2014
HYDRO-JET PISTLO - NU-DELL - USARed plastic angular space water pistol with muzzle rings ana a small rocket shaped sight. Hydro Jet Pistol molded in the sides. 7 ins. There are two distinct version: one with the water tank attached by a tube (the yellow tank has a shoulder strap) and a later tankless version which holds its own water supply.

Made in the 1950's by Nu-Dell Plastics Corp. Chicago, Ill, USA
Mar 24, 2014
UFO 4 SPITFIRE GUN - MUPI - ITALYLight blue plastic space gun with an open plastic stock. Visible plastic gears. Small red telescopic sight. Paper decals. Friction action with noise and spark. 1970s.Mar 24, 2014
Patrulla Estelar Lanza Discos - Airgam - SpainGrey plastic space gun. Angular skeletal design. Shoots disks from a cylindrical magazine. Mar 24, 2014
COSMONAUT 6 SET SPACE GUN - HONG KONGAn unlicensed copy of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol. The blister carded plastic space gun shoots darts. The gun has a plastic molding instead of the red control knobs of the original. In addition the telescopic sight has been reversed. The backing card includes artwork taken from the box of the Lone Star Space Ranger gun; the gun depicted bears no resemblance to the toy in the packaging.

Jan 13, 2014
GUARDIANES DEL ESPACIO - GONZALES - SPAINSpanish version of the Thunderbirds series. Plastic space gun finished in gold chrome. There is a prominent red plastic cap on the muzzle. Cap firing action. 22cm long. Packaging? Box?
Dec 24, 2013
ZETARAY SPACE GUN - PIFCO - ENGLANDPlastic battery operated fashlight space gun. Rounded shape with rear fins and a knurled molding at the back. Seen in metallic gold and metallic blue. Some examples reveal "ghost" traces of the Raydionic Resonator Beam Space Gun wording indicating that it is an adaptation of the Raydionic mold. Date still uncertain.

Dec 19, 2013
EXPLORER SPACE GUN - MOLGORA - ITALYThis is an angular pistol-like space gun made of metal and tin. The barrel is tipped with two nozzle and a distinctive trigger guard bar connects the stock to the muzzle. The muzzle has a small red sight at the tip. The 23 cm long gun has a silver bare metal finish with red panels. The action is primitive but ingenious: pulling the trigger (a lever along the handle) turns a plastic gear whose teeth snap a thin plate of plywood making a “pop” noise. Explorer Pistola Spaziale. Believed to date from the 1950s.Dec 12, 2013
MSMG Martian Screaming Missile Gun - Tudor Rose - EnglandA large plastic bazooka style gun. Multi-function: shoots spinners and a whistling grenade missile. The spinners act as targets. Elevating sight on the top. Two color combinations are known, black-blue and black-red. The design formed the basis of the Dalek gun. 31" c late 1950sNov 17, 2013
MASTER GUN - GEYPER - SPAINPlastic spring driven space gun, Planet Gun variant shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. The gun has Master Gun molded on the sides and has a distinctive finned muzzle. The box art and name are similar to the Geyper Master Flying Gun.

Based on the Park Plastics design.
Nov 03, 2013
ZIRO-ZIP SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANThis is a variation of the Siren Stan for the Japanese market. Red and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren - the box shows a blue and white version. The Tomy trademark is molded into the side of the gun. There is a red light at the top front of the gun. 7.5" 19cm Tomy also released the Ultra Space Gun version of this gun.Oct 26, 2013
NEVADA SPACE GUN - COMA - ITALYA transparent plastic space water gun. The gun has futuristic styling with a slightly bulbous body ringed barrel. Nevada is molded into the sides. The most interesting feature of this gun is the rear dome which contains a small spaceman. Date? Box? Co-MaOct 16, 2013
AUTOMATIC GUN - TADA - JAPANA large metallic blue battery operated tinplate space rifle with a wood effect stock. The barrel is perforated with orange plastic spark windows. The gun has the word AUTOMATIC prined on the side but no space graphics. The box, however, has a most impressive space battle scene. Oct 09, 2013
PONG REPEATER PISTOL - PONG REPEATER PISTOL CO - USAThe Pong Repeater Pistol is a painted pressed metal space gun which shoots up to five table tennis balls housed in the upper section. 10" long 7" high. Seen in silver and red versions. Dated to 1950 Box?

Generally considered a space gun because of its unusual styling.
Oct 06, 2013
SPACE POLICE ATOMIC JET GUN - STEVENS - USASilver die-cast metal cap firing gun. Marked SPACE POLICE on one side, ATOMIC JET on the other. A letter S is marked on the handle. There is a small telescopic sight mounted on the top.

The barrel has distinctive rings around the barrel and vertical moldings on the body that continue this ringed effect. There is a front sight that curves backward. Box?


Oct 06, 2013
PYROTOMIC DISINTEGRATOR RIFLE - SIROLITE - PORTUGALThis is a Portugese version of the Pyrotomic Disintegrator Rifle originally made by Pyro. Large (20 inch) hard plastic space rifle, classic futuristic styling in a rather cheap two colored plastic. A number of the moldings have been created as individual components and glued in place. There are three vents near the front, unlike the four vents of the Pyro original. (Examples with four vents have been seen.) Numerous color combinations are known. Turning the crank causes the reciprocating barrel to recoil with a loud noise. Shipped in plain cardboard boxes.

The Pyro original featured in the May 1953 issue of "Chain Store Magazine".
Sep 30, 2013
GET SMART HEADQUARTERS SIGNAL RAY GUN - MARX - USAA Get Smart TV related release of the Marx ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE. This is a blue hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun.

The handle has an Agent 86 decal

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. The gun is marked Super Beam Signal Ray. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm The card carries the date 1966.
Sep 10, 2013
PATRULLA DEL ESPACIO PISTOLA ATOMICA (SPACE PATROL ATOMIC PISTOL) - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA Mexican release of the Marx ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE. This is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun. Made by Plastimarx, the Mexican Marx subsidiary.

The handle has no markings.

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. The gun is marked Super Beam Signal Ray. Seen in red. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm
Sep 10, 2013
SPACE SQUIRT GUN - ITALY?Small hard plastic space water squirt gun with rubber bulb. Intricate molding with fins and decortive trigger. Probably Italian. Colors include red and yellow.Aug 31, 2013
MARZIANA SPACE PISTOL - COMA - ITALYHard metallic plastic space gun water pistol with impressive retro style detailing including a domed back with arched extensions and ring molding around the barrel. The gun is very similar to the Coma Astrale gun, but the detailing is quite different.

Co.Ma Pistola Spaziale Coma Co-Ma
Aug 29, 2013
SPACEMAN WATER GUN - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDThis is a UK copy of the US Park Plastics Squirt Ray Water Gun packaged in a small card box with early space graphics.
A 5-1/2" 13cm bulbous plastic water gun. It has a rubber stopper and brass tip. The trigger is fully enclosed. There is a distinctive flat top with a small rear fin. Lightning flash molded in the sides.

This must postdate the Park's original, the earliest sighting of which is in the Park's Catalog for 1957. (inset)
Aug 29, 2013
SPACE POLICE GUN - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDA small red hard plastic space clicker gun. The gun has an angular box-shaped ribbed with body with a slender barrel with a round tip. Marked Space Police. Saturn, stars and comet moled into the handle. 1950s Box?Aug 10, 2013
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE - MARX - USABlue plastic flashlight space gun with sight.

The handle is marked Space Cadet.

This is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun. The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Available in a range of colors: gold, silver, red, blue. 8" 20cm long. Comes with a small packet of red and green lens filters to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. Date? 1952? Tom Corbett. This gun clearly did have batteries included, and they're customised. flashlight
Aug 03, 2013
SPACE PROJECTILE GUN - MAKER? - ENGLANDA blue hard plastic space gun with rounded lines. This gun has a distinctive globe shaped barrel with a flared trumpet shaped yellow muzzle. There's a fin running the length of the top and a small solid sight at the back. The gun shoots darts. 1950s. Jul 22, 2013
SPACE CONTROL GUN - RELIABLE - CANADAThis is a copy of the Pyro gun but it does not have the small fin on the top. (It's possible that this catalog photo is not an accurate representation of the gun)

5" (12.5cm) hard plastic clicker gun with distinctive futuristic styling. Available in a range of colors. The wording SPACE CONTROL is molded into the side along with stars and Saturn. The handle has a backward sweep, there is plenty of rib detailing but according to the photo there is no tiny fin above the trigger.

This gun appears in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes.
Jul 21, 2013
WASSERSPRITZPISTOLE SPACE WATER PISTOL - GEOBRA - W GERMANYA tansparent plastic space water pistol. This gun appears to be based on thr Rex Mars Planet Patrol by Marx. It also has features seen on the Mars water gun by Mak's, H.K. The gun has a classic shape with with rings on the barrel, fins on the muzzle and lines on the body. A small telescopic sight is mounted at the back.

Picture? Box? This gun features in the Geobra 1957 catalog.
Jul 21, 2013
SIREN GUN - RELIABLE - CANADAThis is the same gun as the Man O Mars Screech Gun by Ideal. It is not clear if this is one of Reliable's own creations or a resale of the Ideal model. A version with a Reliable logo has not been identified.

A futuristic style hard plastic space gun. There's a distinctive cylindrical structure on the top which holds the friction driven siren mechanism 7" Produced in several colors. Sold in trade boxes.

First sighting in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog.
Jul 21, 2013
ATOMIC WATER GUN (BICYCLE WATER PISTOL) - RELIABLE PLASTICS CO - CANADAA hard plastic brass tipped space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. The gun has a ball lever extending down in front of the trigger. This would fit into a clamp and allow the gun to be fixed to a bicycle's handlebars. There is an R in a circle molded into the side. There are several color versions.

First sighting is currently in the 1954 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. The gun is an adaptation of the Atomic Water Pistol that came out the year before. Sold in a polythene bag with a header card.
Jul 21, 2013
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL - RELIABLE - CANADAA hard plastic space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. There is an R in a circle molded into the side and black detailing of parts. There are several color versions.

First sighting is currently in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes.

Jul 20, 2013
ULTRA ACE SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANThis is a variation of the Siren Stan for the Japanese market. Blue and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren. Window box with Ultraman graphics. The Tomy trademark is molded into the side of the gun. There's also a cord or lanyard attached to the handle. There is a light at the top front of the gun. Tomy also released the Ziro-Zip version of this gun.Jul 19, 2013
MAGIC RAY GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGAnother version of the Magic Gun but without the red light in the sight, and with a siren. This gun has a dial set into the bottom of the handle. The box has a Morse Code guide. Probably made by W in a Circle logo company.

Black plastic battery operated flashlight space gun. Red plastic lens housing and a large red plastic rocket shaped sight. White knob on side. Comes in a shaped box.

Space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray. Without fins.

The first sighting so far is in the 1969 M.W. Kasch Distributor Catalog
Jul 18, 2013
GOLDEN PLASTIC SPACE OUTLAW GUN - GOLDEN PLASTIC - ITALYA hard plastic space gun based on the BSM Space Outlaw design. Shoots darts. 13" 17cm Marked Golden Plastic Milano Box? Date?

Jul 18, 2013
PILOTO DEL ESPACIO REVOLVER SUPER SONICO - SH - ARGENTINAThis is an Argentinian release of the English Space Pilot 3-Colour Super-Sonic Gun by Merit. The big difference is the silver grey color of the plastic. The box is also a straight copy with just a translation of the wording. Grey plastic space gun with flared red plastic lens assembly. Battery operated flashlight with three color lens. The gun has a distinctive red rocket shaped telescopic sight. There are also plastic rocket shaped attachments on either side. Plastic prongs at the back of the barrel. The box attributes many spurious functions to various moldings on the toy. SH Logo.

Argentine space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray.
Jul 18, 2013
ATOMIC INTERPLANETAIRE JUNIOR - MAKER? - FRANCEThis is a French copy of the Stevens Jet Junior Space Cap Gun. Silver metal cap firing gun, 6" 15cm long. The left grip swings away to reveal the cap chamber.

The box title makes ambitious claims about the electronic. It is the same box as the one for the other version of this gun.
Jul 10, 2013
SENSACIONAL PISTOLA LANZA BOLAS - MAKER? - SPAINA yellow plastic space gun. The name translates as Sensational Ball Shooting Gun. The gun has a magazine on the top that accepts a number of the plastic balls and a hinged red end cap holds them in place. The balls drop into a flared muzzle and a spring loaded mechanism allows them to be fired. The box has particularly attractive vintage space graphics of rockets and flying saucers flying over a space landscape.Maker? Date? Jul 10, 2013
LE PISTOLET COSMIC - JADALI - FRANCESpace graphics just don't come better than on this French Cosmic Gun. Black plastic raygun with a large bulbous red plastic lens housing on the end of the barrel. This contains red and green filters to alter the color of the beam. Red telescopic sight. Two sets of jagged fins are molded into the barrel. Rayon Sideral "Cosmic" is molded into the side. A belt clip hole is molded into the handle.

There is a version with a yellow lens molding.

Battery operated flashlight action. Based on the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun. Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray. The closest gun to this one is the Lone Star Sonic Beam Gun: it employs the same double set of fins on the barrel, giving a sawtooth appearance.
Jul 10, 2013
MASTER FLYING LA SUPERPERFORADORA DEL ESPACIO - GEYPER - SPAINA delightful and unique combination of flying saucer and space gun. The gun comprises a circular plastic flying saucer with a central dome. Inside are two astronauts and antennas. The saucer has a plastic handle attached to the base so that it can be held in the hand. The saucer has two large engines which accept spring loaded spinners. Seen in grey and light blue versions. The box has Dan Dare inspired artwork which adds to its charm. Geyper's advertising dates this to 1954-6. Superperforadora translates loosely as "Super Punch".Jul 10, 2013
ATOMIC INTERPLANETAIRE - FRANCELe Pistolet Atomic. L'Atomic Interplanétaire. Le pistolet électronique moderne a ailerons. This is an 8" 20cm diecast cap firing space gun with rings on the barrel, side fin and a basic telescopic sight. It is a copy of the Stevens Space Police Neutron Blaster cap gun, but this one is in gold and it lacks the sight on the barrel tip. The casting is rather crude. The ailerons are fins. The box is the same as used for the Junior version. It claims that the gun is electronic but this is clearly not the case.

Silver die-cast metal cap firing gun. 8 ins long.
Jul 10, 2013
SATELLITE GUN - US PLASTICS CO - USAThis is an ambitious variation of the traditional flying spinner gun. The yellow and red plastic space gun has a double action. In the first instance a very large plastic spinner is attached to the top of the gun and a pull on a string sends it into the air. Then a standard spring loaded spinner attached to the front of the gun can aimed at the target. U.S. Plastic Co., Pasadena, CA.

Currently the earliest sighting is in the Weyland Store Toy Fair catalog for 1959.
Jul 08, 2013
PISTOLA OVNI ESPACIAL (UFO SPACE GUN) - JYESA - SPAINLarge green and white plastic space gun with a chrome silver front cover. Battery powered with siren. Based on the Lincoln Siren Stan design but with the telescopic sight removed. Jyesa have been rather careless in that they have reused the box art for the lighted version despite the fact that there is no light. The artwork shows a red light on the top but this is not present on the actual gun: there's a hole but no wiring. You can see that a light would prevent the toy from fitting into its display tray.

This gun was also sold with the red light feature as the Pistola Spacial Luminosa.

This is the same gun as the Lincoln Siren Stan, though the sight has been removed.
Jul 08, 2013
FLASH RAY GUN - MAKER? - USAThis is a simple pistol shaped aluminum flashlight gun but in the 1950 Miles Kimball catalog it is described as a ray gun emitting "Death rays to Buck Rogers fans", in the words of the advertisement. 5.5" 14cm Battery operated flashlight action. very basic tubular barrel with the same screw cap fittings on the light retainer at he front and battery compartment at the rear. Maker? Box?

Jul 06, 2013
STAR TREK JET DISK TRACER-SCOPE - RAYLINE PLASTICS - USAGold plastic space rifle with white handle. The machine pistol design has a short telescopic sight with sighting ring on the barrel. Shoots a number of small plastic disks. Blister card mounted, Star Trek graphics. Date?Jun 23, 2013
KING SPACE GUN - JAPANEarly small black painted tinplate space gun. Angular pistol shape with a rocket molded into the side with the word KING. 1950s. Water pistol. Probably sold in trade counter boxes. Maker?Jun 17, 2013
ATOMICO SPACE GUN - SPAINPlastic space gun with simple clicker action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun though the muzzle is much larger than the Pyro. Marked ATOMICO on one side but with no maker's mark. Available in a wide range of colors, some with hand painted detailing. Maker? Box? The same gun was also produced in Argentina. 5" (13cm)
Jun 11, 2013
SPACE GUN WITH TELESCOPIC SIGHT - MAKER? - USAThis hard plastic clicker space gun is clearly influenced by the Pyro Space Control Gun but significantly different; the breech is cylindrical, there's a large telescopic sight on the top and the molded details include a rocket. Details? Maker? 5in 14cm. Seen in a range of colors.

There is a Hong Kong version of the gun marked 555 on the handle. It has a different trigger design.
Jun 11, 2013
ZAP GUN - MEGO - HONG KONGClear plastic gun with red plastic barrel. Visible motor. Friction sparking action. A Mego release of the KO Yoshiya Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version.Jun 06, 2013
SPACE GUN - HSIN? ZEE INTERNATIONAL - HONG KONGA plastic space cap gun with the retro styling reminiscent of the Lone Star diecast gun. Egg shaped back, sleek barrel with rings and a characteristic copper tip. Imported by Zee International and the gun is maked Space Gun. . See Hsin gunsJun 01, 2013
SPACE DISINTEGRATOR GUN - FETHALITE - AUSTRALIAThis is an Australian version of the B&W Plastics Tommy-Ray Space Gun. It is a large 23 inch plastic tommy gun style space machine gun. Battery operated "magnetic vibrator" noise and flashlight action. Sold with matching helmet. Details taken from the 1954 Pierwood Plastics advert. Available in red, green and yellow. Photo? Box? Jun 01, 2013
ASTRO BOY SPACE MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANLarge 18 inch tinplate lithographed space machine gun. Wood effect stock, ribbed red plastic spark window at the base of a smooth plastic barrel with red tip. Astro Boy / Mighty Atom litho on the stock and the body. Friction action with noise and spark. Box? Date?May 24, 2013
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