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LUNAR EXPLORATION - ANANAIDES - GREECEA tin and plastic space transport vehicle. The boxy vehicle has a blue metal base and a large square plastic cover. Inside are four seated astronauts. In the centre is a set of interconnected colored plastic gears that link to the antenna. Two lights are situated on the dashboard. Battery operated with flashing lights and rotating circular silver plastic antenna. 8.5" 21cm.

This is Greek version of the Masudaya original but does not have the remote control, and the antenna is different.
Jun 27, 2016
LUNAR TRANSPORT - MASUDAYA _ JAPANA tin and plastic space transport vehicle. The boxy vehicle has a blue metal base and a large square plastic cover. Inside are four seated astronauts. In the centre is a set of interconnected colored plastic gears that link to the antenna. Two lights are situated on the dashboard. Battery operated remote control with flashing lights and rotating grey plastic antenna. 8.5" 21cm.

First sighted in the 1970 Asahi catalog.

Jun 27, 2016
COMANDOS DEL ESPACIO 76 - EGE - SPAINA large lithographed tinplate and plastic space vehicle. 35cm. Pilot inside a square plastic canopy. The truck-like tracked vehicle has two large orange plastic doors on the top. These open to reveal a pair of red plastic guns. Battery operated bump and go action with lighted firing gun. This appears in the 1977 Ege catalog, though the name clearly suggests a 1976 date. Jun 27, 2016
EXPEDICION LUNAR - EGE - SPAINLarge red and white lithographed tin battery operated vehicle with tracks. Flashing green light on the top. H Drive, a lever at the back for forward, left and right and backwards, left and right. 35cm

Based on the Masudaya Lunar Expedition original, but the Lunar expedicion is slightly different: it has a clear EGE maker's mark, a NASA logo and has circular green plastic windows in sides and rear. (The Masudaya version has lithographed windows).
Jun 19, 2016
SPACE SCOOTER (PROTOTYPE) - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue and silver lithographed tinplate vehicle has a large NASA logo on the hood. Marked Space Scooter. There's a large plastic dome on top containing a tin astronaut working the controls. This 6" 15cm toy has a friction crank operated mystery action. KO Box?

This is featured in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog as #1085 SPACE SCOOTER., though there is no evidence that it was released.
Jun 10, 2016
JET SPORTS CAR - YOSHI - JAPANBlue and yellow lithograhed tinplate space car with a tin driver. The car has two tailfins and a red spark window positioned between them . Marked JET SPORTS. Friction action with spark. About 7". Date? Box? Marked Y in Diamond, Yoshi?May 24, 2016
ATOM SPACE CAR - MAKER? - JAPANBlue and red tinplate four-wheeled space car with star detailing. Cockpit with canopy at the front, pilot head inside. Wings are set in the sides with vertical fins in each wing. Spark window at the back. Marked ATOM on the nose. Friction action with spark. 7" 18cm Box? Date? May 16, 2016
RAY GUIDE SPACE SHIP X-2 - RAY-O-MATIC - HONG KONGA blue plastic Thunderbird 2 knock-off spaceship with a transparent green hatch on the top. The box depicts a traditional green Thunderbird 2 spaceship but the toy in the box is bright blue. Battery operated action with flashing lights in the rear engines. The toy can also be strated by shining a torch (provided) onto the light sensor in the nose. 25cm Possibly 1970s.

Gerry Anderson
Apr 05, 2016
CHAR LUNAIRE - FJ FRANCE JOUETS - FRANCEA French packaging variation of the Hungarian Holdauto Space Car. Tin battery operated styrofoam ball blowing vehicle with non stop action. The flat car shaped vehicle has a rear tail fin and a clear plastic canopy containing a pilot. A tube emerges from the middle and a stream of air supports the styrofoam ball. 32cm
Mar 24, 2016
SUPER GIANT SPACE MOTORCYCLE - BANDAI - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin friction motorcycle. Circa 1950's. Advances with engine noise. Motorbike. Red plastic rider with a white vinyl cape. Saturn graphic on side. The tail has a red plastic spark cone and a spark window along side. There is a small rotating dish antenna above the front wheel. A working compass is mounted between the handlebars. This is a variation of the Space Patrol Super Cycle and probably came in the same box.

bike supercycle. Date?
Dec 18, 2015
SPACE JEEP - TAKATOKU TT - JAPANBlue tin friction jeep with space litho. A goofy looking space boy is printed on the roof. Space Jeep printed on the hood. Tin canopy. Friction action. Marked T.T. Box?Sep 03, 2015
FLYING ROBOT CAR - MAKER? - JAPANSmall blue tin lithographed car. The hood and roof have Flying Robot graphics - the red T-28 style robot with the large ears. Box?Sep 03, 2015
JUPITER SPARKLING SPACE CAR - ASAHITOY - JAPANAn early red and cream lithographed space car. Distinctive single rocket engine in the middle of the trunk. Tin driver head, tin windshield. SWIFT wording on the hood. Friction action with sparks from the rear motor. Brown box with paper label. 6.5" ATC

1950s Date?
Aug 14, 2015
SPACE CRAFT 7 - KO? - JAPANA larger 9" long version of the ATC lithographed tinplate space helicopter design. Tin lithographed spaceship with spaceman under a plastic screen. Marked Spacecraft 7. Tin rotor spins. Friction action. Aug 10, 2015
MAGIC COLOR SPACE EXPRESS - TPS - JAPANA brightly lithographed tin and plastic battery operated train. White magic color dome at the front and an orange plastic motor at the rear. Four visible gears inside a window on each side. Rotating plastic antenna on the top. Bump and go action with train noise and flashing lights. See the Moon Express version.

Aug 09, 2015
BATMAN TIPPER TRUCK - MAKER? - JAPANRed tin friction tipper truck with Batman logo and retailing on the tipper. Japan 1960s.Aug 09, 2015
CAPTAIN BOAT - MITSUHASHI - JAPANA brightly lithographed tinplate speedboat. 25cm Crank action drives the plastic propeller. A tin pilot head emerges from the top of this speedboat. A closer look reveals its Captain Scarlet connection: the letters SPV on the side, the circular Spectrum logo on the top and the name, Captain. Made by Mitsuhashi (M in a triangle) in the 1960s. Aug 07, 2015
ROCKET RACER RRX - MASUDAYA - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate space car with a tin pilot's head behind a plastic windshield. The pilot sits in an unusual open raised cockpit with litho of a steering wheel. Rear fin. White body with orange, red and blue details. Friction action: non-fall, the third wheel alters the direction when the car reaches the edge. The underside has two wheels with a third wheel at right angles towards the center. One wheel has a rubber tire, the other does not. Marked Rocket Racer RRX. The pressing is the same as the Space Rocket Car X.

Date? 1950s Box? R.R.X.
Aug 03, 2015
SPACE RADAR JEEP - DAIYA - JAPANA military green jeep with a GI driver. The space component is a brightly lithographed space radar screen mounted at the back. Friction powered with rotating antenna.

Jul 10, 2015
NEW ROCKET RACER - MARX - USA"The Car of the Future". A lithographed tinplate racing car in the shape of a rocket. Bright red with blue, yellow and green details. A driver sits in an open cockpit behind a yellow metal windscreen. (There are red windscreen versions). Tail fins and the wording ROCKET RACER emphasise the space theme. 16" long. Wind up motor. On sale in Woolworths in 1935 at 25c. A popular, long-lived item.

Jun 30, 2015
BUDDY "L" ROBOTOY TRUCK - BUDDY - USAA large 21" pressed steel truck. Red and green paint. Electric powered, it connects to the mains and runs off a transformer that plugs into the roof. Actions include forward, reverse, raising and lowering of the dump section and working headlights. Not obviously a space toy but this truck has a litho panel in the window depicting a robot driver, making it one of the earliest toys to have a robot theme.

Described as new in a 1932 catalog.
Jun 25, 2015
STAFF CAR JEEP - MAKER? - JAPANA military jeep, green with a star on the hood and USA 1500487 on the side. It's space credentials depend on the fact that it was included in the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal. Advertised in 1959. Jun 25, 2015
ROBOT BULLDOZER "US BUILDERS" - MARUSAN - JAPANA lithographed blue tin bulldozer with a red robot holding a flag in his hand. US BUILDERS is marked on the engine cover. Friction powered, the robot raises and lowers the flag in hand when pushed. 7" 17cm

Newspaper ads date the yellow version to August 1958.

There are two versions of this bulldozer both having the same box.
1 Yellow with a black robot. 2 Blue with a red robot
Jun 24, 2015
ROBOT BULLDOZER "ROBBY" - MARUSAN - JAPANA lithographed yellow tin bulldozer with a black robot holding a flag in his hand. ROBBY is marked on the engine cover and DIESEL on the sides.

Friction powered, the robot raises and lowers the flag in hand when pushed. 7" 17cm

Newspaper ads date this to August 1958.

There are two versions of this bulldozer both having the same box.
1 Yellow with a black robot. 2 Blue with a red robot
Jun 24, 2015
CRAGSTAN ATOMIC JET PLANE - SN - JAPANA large white tinplate plane with very small wings positioned at the back. The plane has a "jet action" which consists of small colored springs moving in and out of the engine ports. Pilot under a clear plastic cockpit. Friction action. Date? SN in a Circle logo.

May 04, 2015
FIREBIRD 1 - ALPS - JAPAN A red and white tinplate concept car. Rocket car shaped. Four wheels, side wings and a tailfin. Pilot under a clear plastic canopy. Red plastic rear engine cover. Firebird logo on the side. Friction action with spark. Probably mid 1950s. May 02, 2015
FIREBIRD - ALPS - JAPANRed/pink tin lithographed cross between a rocket and a car. The four wheel friction vehicle has small side wings, a white tail fin with the number 4 and a pilot under a clear plastic canopy. Firebird logo on the nose and Firebird wording on the tires. Box? 1950s.May 02, 2015
THUNDER JET 55 - MSK - JAPANA futuristic lithographed tin friction racing car. Blue body with orange trim. Tin pilot under a clear plastic canopy. Number 55 and Thunder Jet printed on the sides. on tail fin. With driver under canopy. Japan. Compare with King Jet 8 and Meteor. MSK Logo. Box?Feb 05, 2015
SPACE PATROL CAR - ICHIKO/ROYAL - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing on the hood, Space Patrol on the trunk. Saturn graphic on the roof. 5.5" long. Much of the litho detailing is identical to that on other Ichiko space cars.

At least two variations are known: one has two divisions in side windows, the other has four; the litho also varies slightly.

Marked Japan. There is a license plate 2884 on the back.

Possibly sold as a bin toy. Sold as part of the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal, a group of space toys in October 1959.
Jan 04, 2015
JET CAR - CRAGSTAN - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate Japanese space car. Marked Cragstan on the side. 4" 10cm Friction drive. Predominantly blue with red and yellow details. Marked JET CAR and Cragstan.

This is the same pressing as the King Jet Space Car. 1950s. Probably sold in trade boxes.
Aug 28, 2014
JET CAR - MAKER? - JAPANAn early lithographed tin space car. The grey and red four wheeled car measures 5 1/2" 13cm. There is a pilot head at the front behind an open tin windshield. Marked JET on the tailfin. A metal device containing a spring is pushed into the back of the rocket and the trigger pressed to send the car running forward.

Box? Date?
Aug 01, 2014
SPACE SCOOTER, SNOOPY - AMICO/MASUDAYA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin and plastic battery operated space scooter. The scooter is ridden by a large tinbeagle with vinyl helmet and backpack. This is a Snoopy from Peatnuts knock-off. Unauthorised, making use of the existing boy astronaut version of the toy. Bump and go mystery action. First released by Masudaya, later by Amico.

There are two color versions of the spacesuit: yellow and blue.

Inspiration for the design came from the Fireball XL5 Jetmobile.

Listed in the 1971 Azrak Hamway International catalog.
Jul 26, 2014
SPACEJET CAR - MAKER - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Blue, red and yellow litho with white a rocket printed on the roof. SpaceJet wording on the front. Space cockpit litho detailing. See also the Atom XZ-7 version of this toy.
Jul 26, 2014
ARCTIC MISSILE TRACKING STATION - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPANA large pressed metal Arctic explorer vehicle. This complex vehicle is a massive half-tracked truck with a forward cockpit and an assembly of equipment on a rear platform, including a satellite dish and a jet engine styled attachment on wires. Unusually the front wheel consists of one long roller, presumably to avoid sinking into snow.

Battery operated forward and backward motion.

This is a borderline space toy but its futuristic appearance appeals to many space toy collectors.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.
Jul 25, 2014
BC 63 SPACESHIP - MAKER? - COUNTRY?Tin lithographed wind up spaceship. This is an unusual cross between a jet plane and a spaceship, The deep sided red metal body is capped with a brightly lithographed jet plane top. The plane has two rear wings, two smaller front fins and a tail fin with Saturn graphics. . At the front is a large clear canopy containing a yellow-green tin astronaut driver, similar to the Yoshiya astronauts. The wings are marked B.C. 63 Bump and go action with noise and spark. BC63

Maker unknown. Box? Date? Probably 1960s.
Jun 09, 2014
APOLLO A-1 CELL CONTROL TOY - ASAKUSA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tinplate spaceship. The spaceship has a rounded design with a large clear canopy on the top surmounted by a blue plastic structure incorporating a tail fin. Two other angled fins are fitted at the rear. The vehicle is controlled by using a cine camera-like remote control to shine a light at the sensor emerging from the cockpit. Marked Space Patrol Apollo A-1.

Image courtesy Morphys Auction.

Size 16.5 ins 40cm
Jun 06, 2014
A-1 CAR SPACE PATROL - ASAKUSA - JAPANThis is a very large low profile, rectangular tin lithographed space vehicle. The red and cream car has two rear fins at the sides and a tail fin. At the front is a clear plastic dome containing a tin astronaut. The astronaut sits behind a cylindrical red plastic cockpit light. A small chrome front bumper contains two amber lights. Marked A-1 Car at the front and Space Patrol on the sides. Battery operated bump and go action with a flashing red light in the cockpit.

An early example carried the Emperors date 40-9-8 which is eight of September 1965.

Jun 05, 2014
SPACE CAR 135700 - MAKER? - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate space car with pilot head behind an open windscreen. There is a rotating machine gun attached to the hood. Marked USA at the rear and NO135700 at the sides. Mar 24, 2014
X NO 2 CAR - ISHIZUKA? - JAPANA small blue lithographed tinplate space car with a driver's head behind an open windscreen. Marked X Car X.2

Wind up non fall action provided by a third wheel at right angles to the driving wheels. Box? Date?
Mar 24, 2014
SPACE PATROL CAR - YOSHIYA - JAPANRed tinplate space car with a large clear plastic dome containing a light blue tinplate astronaut driver. The pilot has the female looking face of other Yoshiya toys. Inertia friction drive, a crank is wound underneath the car. A metal four armed spinning antenna protrudes from the dome. The automobile is a reworking of a much used design with distinctive futuristic wings at the back. KO Box? Early 1960s. Mar 24, 2014
FLYING AIR FORCE JEEP - DAITA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate hovercraft style space jeep. 7" 18cm The jeep has two fans set into the body. A detachable plastic spinner fits over the front fan and flies off when the toy is pushed. On the box art the spinner is shown as a torus space station. Two tin astronaut pilots sit in the middle behind a clear plastic windshield. Marked AIR.FORCE on the sides. See the Daita X-3 version of this jeep. Friction action. Date?Jun 10, 2013
SPACE PATROL CAR - BANDAI - JAPANFuturistic silver battery operated space car. The 12 inch open top sports car has two white plastic astronaut drivers, each behind a small plastic windscreen. The back of the car has a red plastic engine cover. A rotating red plastic antenna is positioned in the center of the hood. Two small machine guns are fitted to the front headlamp positions. Bump and go action with noise, rotating antenna and flashing visible engine.

This toy is featured in the 1968 Bandai catalog.
Jun 09, 2013
R.K.T. SPACE CAR - NIKKO - JAPANA small 7" blue lithographed tinplate space car. Unusually, this is a three wheeled car. Star litho detailing. R.K.T. presumably a play on "rocket" is printed on the sides. Red plastic spark window at the back. Tin side fins with flame detailing. NK in circle logo: Nikko Japan. 1950s Box? RKTMay 29, 2013
BATMAN CAR WITH SIREN - YANOMAN - JAPANA small six inch red lithographed tinplate car with a large vinyl figure of Batman. The car has copious litho detailing including bat logos and a pattern of concentric circles with a design that I can't work out on top of the car. Batman is manufactured in green vinyl with a blue cape. The car bears a resemblance to the S-17 Space Scout shape though it is much smaller. Friction action with siren noise. Featured in the 1970 Yanoman catalog where it is described as a new item. bat man.

May 24, 2013
SPACE PATROL - LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate friction space car with large square robot pilot. Coiled antenna. Marked Space Explorer S-3. Imitation tracks at rear. This space car was also sold in a boxed set with the astronaut version of the toy.

Image: Christies. Better photo?
May 04, 2013
SPACE EXPLORER SET - USAGIYA FOR LINEMAR - JAPANA boxed set of two Linemar space cars, the astronaut Space Explorer S-3 and the robot version also marked Space Explorer S-3.

Coiled spring antenna
May 04, 2013
AIR CAR - TOY MASTER - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate borderline space car, hovercraft style. Low profile with four fans set in the corners of the car. Green plastic canopy. Pegasus wording on the side. Friction action, fans turns with noise. Low profile car

Advertisement dating October 1962

Apr 08, 2013
FORD FRICTION SPACE CAR - HTC - JAPANLarge silver two door convertible tinplate Ford car with a robot driver and passenger in the rear seat. 12 ins. There is a space themed TV monitor with a rocket scene in the other rear seat. Friction action with siren. Name? Box?

Tentatively "The Friction Robot Car (E.T.Toys, Japan, 1958)".
Feb 20, 2013
SPACE PLATFORM with Realistic Spaceman - LINEMAR - JAPANCylindrical shaped vehicle. Grey vinyl spaceman pilot, spinning radar dish. Tin bump and go battery operated action. USAF 113251 . Based on the Pawnee flying platform first flown in 1958. A futuristic jeep.

See also the Flying Jeep. Marked Army.

Feb 07, 2013
COMMANDER TANK - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPANA large pressed metal space tank in military green. Battery operated forward and backward motion. Operating lights. Missiles fit into magazines and are fired using a rear trigger. This example is missing its aerials. This is a bordeline space toy but its futuristic appearance appeals to many space toy collectors.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.
Dec 05, 2012
UZAY TANKI SPACE TANK UZ 707 NE-KUR - TURKEYBlue tin hovercraft style battery op vehicle with turret. Red plastic windows in the turret. Bump and go action. Rear fins. The design is the same as used on the Flash Space Patrol Z-206 including the plastic propeller on the turret. There is at least one other Turkish variation of this pressing with a red light on the turret instead of a rotor. Turkish. Date?Oct 01, 2012
FIREFLY XYZ MARK III SPACESHIP - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic friction spaceship. Futuristic vehicle with two fins and a a pilot under a central clear plastic dome. Small rotating plastic antenna at the back. Seen in a variety of colors. The styling owes much to the Space Pioneer design. Hong Kong 1960sAug 03, 2012
SUPERCAR - REMCO - USAPlastic battery op model of Gerry Anderson's Supercar. Cams inserted into the mechanism provide a variety of programmed movement. Two box versions shown: the early plain box and the blister packed version.Jan 17, 2012
SPACE SLED - REMCO - USAA re-release of Remco's original Gerry Anderson's Supercar design on the back of the Land of the Giants serial. Plastic battery op space ship with wings. Pilot under canopy. White body with clear blue plastic dome. Cams give different movement patterns.Jan 17, 2012
SPACE RADAR CAR 5 - CHINAWhite tinplate space car with a plastic base. The wind up space car has two pairs of hinged legs that turn to create a walking action. The silver radar dish acts as the winding key. Marked Space 5 on the top. MS-883

The disk and plastic base can be in either green or red, giving a total of four possible combinations.

. 6" 15cm
Jan 17, 2012
MOON SCOUT - SELINAKATOS - ALPHA - GREECEGreek version of the Nomura multi-legged plastic battery op space vehicle.Jan 17, 2012
FRICTION SPACE ROBOT PATROL WITH SPARKLING ATOMIC GUN - ATC - JAPANRed tin friction Mercedes style car with golden robot driver and large blue gun. No wording on the car. Car advances and sparks appear in the hood mounted gun. Cragstan logo on shown box version.Nov 10, 2011
SPACE SHIP WITH SPINNING BALL COCKPIT - YANOMAN - JAPANYM logo. Tin friction space ship with spinning ball cockpit. The detailing looks like the production version of the S-15 prototype. Serial No 5513 The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back. 6.5"Nov 02, 2011
ROBOT CAR WITH FIRING GUN & NOISE - SPACE PATROL R-3 - HOKU - ATC - JAPANWith Firing Gun and Noise. Tin friction Mercedes style car with red robot driver and large gun. Mercedes style car with red tin robot driver advances with ticking sound as rocket moves in and out of the hood mounted gun. Cragstan logo on some box version. The box carries a HOKU manufacturers logo. The car was advertised in September 1958.

Also shown is the ATC Asahi box version.
Oct 31, 2011
COMMAND CAR - EXELO - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed in friction space jeep. "Sparkling Friction Toy". Metal wheels. The tin driver is a military figure with white helmet rather than a spaceman. Gun mounted on the hood. Television wording on the back and TVN on the hood. Robot logo on the sides. Early style brown box with label, though there is no maker's mark on the box. The jeep is marked EXELO at the back. 16cm

Note that the litho indicates that a battey operated version may have been planned. The well at the back of the jeep could have held batteries.
Oct 27, 2011
SCOOTER ESPACIAL - EGE - SPAINTin and vinyl battery op space scooter with boy astronaut. Bump and go mystery action. Based on an original Masudaya Space Scooter design. This appears in the 1977 Ege catalog.

Inspiration for the design came from the Fireball XL5 Jetmobile.
Oct 24, 2011
FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 GREEK VERSION - ANANIADIS - GREECEBlue lithographed tin hovercraft style battery oeratedp vehicle, bump and go action. Red plastic windows. Chrome silver plastic antenna. Very similar to the Japanese FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 by TPS on which it is based. GreeceOct 24, 2011
MERCURY EXPLORER, VERSION 2 - ANANIADES - GREECERed tin and plastic battery op hovercraft style vehicle. Tin top, plastic base. Blue plastic collar (some versions have orange) and blue fins. Mystery color dome and large antenna. Based on the earlier TPS version, with the same box art, but different litho detailing and a different antenna. Produced in 1970 in Greece by a company named Ananiadis (after the owner). See also the Z-206 version which uses the same box art. The box shows "Space Ship" wording at the front but the Greek version of the actual toy has no wording.

Oct 24, 2011
MOON SCOUT M.S.8 - NOMURA - JAPANPlastic battery operated eight legged vehicle. White and red plastic with orange windscreen. Alternate stepping action. Decal details. Art box (earlier) and picture box versions shown. Oct 22, 2011
RADIO CONTROLLED MOON PATROL - GAKKEN - JAPANTin battery op radio controlled spaceship. Pilot under front dome. This vehicle uses the same pressing as the bump and go Moon Explorer.Oct 21, 2011
SPACE PATROL FRICTION CAR WITH SIREN - ICHIKO - JAPANTin friction space car with siren effect. Blue lithography with space detailing. Square robot head driver. Based on the Ichiko Dream Car. Open top car with headrest. Note that this is the correct head: the robot head in the Kitahara collection is an inexact replacement. Date.Oct 20, 2011
FRICTION SPACE PATROL WITH FLASHING STEN GUN X-5 - ICHIKO - JAPANTin battery operated space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing. Open top car with windshield. Tin astronaut driver holding a gun. Swivelling red plastic gun is attached attached to hood. The car has a large dish antenna. The gun swivels and lights with firing noise. Marked X-5 at the back.

Friction and battery operated versions of this brightly lithoed tin space car are known.

Oct 20, 2011
FRICTION SPACE PATROL - CRAGSTAN BY ICHIKO - JAPANTin friction open top space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing. Open top car with windshield. Tin stronaut driver holding a gun.

Friction and battery operated versions of this brightly lithoed tin space car are known.
Oct 20, 2011
UNIVERSE BOAT ME 767 - CHINALarge box shaped tin space vehicle. Half dome of white platic at front. Fin structure at rear with four rocket motors. Large antenna on top of superstructure. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Chinese. Boat is the translation of ship. Gyro action.
A long production run. Three box versions (at least), ordered by age - oldest at the top.
Oct 16, 2011
SPACESHIP UFO - CHINATin and plastic battery op space vehicle. Ligthographed uppe, plastic base with small wings. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Zeus Forces UFO wording on side. Dish antenna. Bump n go action with red lights in the tail and rotating lighted radar dish. Pilot moves around under the clear dome. This is reworking of the UNIVERSE RECONNAISSANCE BOATOct 16, 2011
UNIVERSE BOAT ME 605 - CHINATin battery operated hovercraft style boat. Blue tin with pilot under clear plastic dome at front. SFTF initials. The ship has prominent red and yellow lights at the front: the box art accentuates these. Propeller behind rear fin. Non fall action (a rocker arm in the base prevents the ship from falling off the edge of a table) with lights and turning propeller. Oct 16, 2011
MOONMOBILE - TRIANG - ENGLANDOdd battery operated plastic vehicle with helicopter style body, opening clear plastic visor with pilot and controls, red plastic wheels, swivelling rocket launcher to top of cockpit, with spare rockets in the cab. Triang UKOct 16, 2011
UNIVERSE RECONNAISSANCE BOAT ME769 - MAKER? - CHINATin and plastic battery operated space vehicle. Brightly lithographed tin upper, white plastic base with small wings. Lighted red plastic engine at the rear. The spaceship has a complex rotating antenna with a built in light. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Chinese Boat is the translation of ship, as in space ship. Battery operated bump and go action with noise and flashing lights. ME-769Oct 16, 2011
UNIVERSE CAR - CHINATin battery operated space car with lithographed body and white dome. Bump and go ction with colored light dispaly on the dome. Chinese. 1980s Long production run.Oct 16, 2011
UZAY TANKI UZ TANK 707 - NE-KUR - TURKEYThe UZ is short for Uzay or "Space". Blue tin hovercraft style battery op vehicle with turret. Bump and go action. Red plastic exhaust pipes. The body is the same as used on the Flash Space Patrol Z-206 though the propeller has been replaced by a red light.

There is another Turkish variation of the 707 with a propeller. The same box seems to have been used for both versions.

Turkish. Date?
Oct 15, 2011
BATTERY OPERATED BULLDOZER - YOSHIYA - JAPANOrange/yellow tinplate battery operated bulldozer with a blue-grey tin robot driver. ther bulldozer has working rubber tracks and a litho engine panel in the side. Shovel at the front. Marked KO. Forward and backward movement "With automatic shovel action". The robot's eyes light and he works the levers. 7" long. tractor

The bulldozer appears in a 1956 Western Smallware catalog.
Oct 14, 2011
SPACE EXPLORER PLANET CRUISER UN 751 - S&E - JAPANLilac colored tinplate battery operated vehicle. The angular tank design has a central tin cockpit with a plastic windscreen. Behind is a red plastic engine dome. Two rear tailfins. Large rotating white plastic dish antenna. Takes three batteries. Bump and go action with flashing lights and smoke.

The vehicle is marked U.N. 751 Space Cruiser though the box is marked Space Explorer Space Ship and depicts a green version with significant differences from the production model.
Oct 14, 2011
TRACTOR No 3 - NOMURA - JAPANSimply called Tractor. Red tin battery operated tractor with black robot driver. Marked No.3 "With Visible Lighted Piston Action". Mystery bump n go action. Japan. Date?Oct 06, 2011
MOON BUS, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGCentury 21 plastic battery operated lunar bus with mystery bump n go action. It has a blue domed cockpit and an Astrodome full of cool flashing lights. A rotating radar scanner completes the picture. The Century 21 Toys symbol ( 21 in the circles) appears on the base, along with Made in Hong Kong. Variations do exist in the base seal either screwed on or heat sealed. The box is the two part oblong with thick base and thin card cover. It's 'Star Features' are ' Battery Operated, Mystery Bump' n 'go action, variable lighting effects, blinking rear lights, rotating radar scanner.' Also stated is 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. The cover and side artwork portrays in paint the Bus rolling along the Moon's surface with the Earth clearly visible in the background. The Bus has a clear cockpit on the picture. The captain badge and Manual are shown as being inside. Again, the Astronaut is missed off the badge list. The operating instructions on the two long sides depict the location of the on- off switch and the battery hatch.
Oct 04, 2011
MOON RANGER - CENTURY 21 TOYS - HONG KONGCentury 21 plastic battery operated space bulldozer. It has forward and reverse action on caterpillar tracks. There is a large clear dome cockpit with driver, a rotating radar and a front- shovel. 'Made in Hong Kong' appears on the plastic base. The box is the oblong two parter - thin top and harder inner. The artwork depicts a painted Moon Ranger - blue and yellow - charging over a rocky landscape with a shovel- full of lunar rocks. The 'Star features' are ' Battery operated, forward and reverse control, powerful climbing action, operating shovel, flashing rear light, two headlights, rotating radar scanner'. It also states that it is 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. The Captain badge and Manual are shown on the front as being inside. The 'Operating Instructions' on one of the long sides shows the battery positioning and the forward- reverse switch at the base of the vehicle. 1967
Oct 04, 2011
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