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SPACE PATROL - LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate friction space car with large square robot pilot. Coiled antenna. Marked Space Explorer S-3. Imitation tracks at rear. This space car was also sold in a boxed set with the astronaut version of the toy.May 04, 2013
SPACE EXPLORER SET - LINEMAR - JAPANA boxed set of two Linemar space cars, the astronaut Space Explorer S-3 and the robot version also marked Space Explorer S-3.May 04, 2013
AIR CAR - TOY MASTER - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate borderline space car, hovercraft style. Low profile with four fans set in the corners of the car. Green plastic canopy. Pegasus wording on the side. Friction action, fans turns with noise.Apr 08, 2013
AEROMOBIL - OMNIA - CZECHBlue oval tinplate lithographed battery operated space vehicle with pilot under a small clear plastic dome at the front. Two cylindrical mock engines. Large rear tailfin with plastic engine assembly at top. Battery operated. CSSR. Czech. Two wire antennas with beads.Jan 03, 2013
Commander Tank - Sears Bandai - JapanLarge pressed metal space (borderline) tank. Battery operated forward and backward motion. Operating lights. Missiles fit into magazines and are fired using a rear trigger. This example is missing its aerials.Dec 05, 2012
UZAY TANKI SPACE TANK UZ 707 NE-KUR TURKEYBlue tin hovercraft style battery op vehicle with turret. Red plastic windows in the turret. Bump and go action. Rear fins. The design is the same as used on the Flash Space Patrol Z-206 including the plastic propeller on the turret. There is at least one other Turkish variation of this pressing with a red light on the turret instead of a rotor. Turkish. Date?Oct 01, 2012
FIREFLY XYZ MARK III SPACESHIP - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic friction spaceship. Futuristic vehicle with two fins and a a pilot under a central clear plastic dome. Small rotating plastic antenna at the back. Seen in a variety of colors. Hong Kong 1960sAug 03, 2012
SUPERCAR - REMCOPlastic battery op model of Gerry Anderson's Supercar. Cams inserted into the mechanism provide a variety of programmed movement. Two box versions shown: the early plain box and the blister packed version.Jan 17, 2012
SPACE SLED - REMCO, USAA re-release of Remco's original Gerry Anderson's Supercar design on the back of the Land of the Giants serial. Plastic battery op space ship with wings. Pilot under canopy. White body with clear blue plastic dome. Cams give different movement patterns.Jan 17, 2012
SPACE RADAR CAR 5 - CHINATin wind up space car with walking action. Orange plastic disk on top with radar antenna.Jan 17, 2012
MOON SCOUT - SELINAKATOS - ALPHA - GREECEGreek version of the Nomura multi-legged plastic battery op space vehicle.Jan 17, 2012
SCOOTER ESPACIALTin and vinyl battery op space scooter with boy astronaut. Bump and go mystery action. Based on an original Masudaya Space Scooter design. Oct 24, 2011
FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 GREEK VERSION - ANANAIDES - GREECEBlue lithographed tin hovercraft style battery oeratedp vehicle, bump and go action. Red plastic windows. Chrome silver plastic antenna. Very similar to the Japanese FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 by TPS on which it is based. GreeceOct 24, 2011
MERCURY EXPLORER - VERSION 2 - ANANIADES, GREECERed tin and plastic battery op hovercraft style vehicle. Tin top, plastic base. Blue plastic collar (some versions have orange) and blue fins. Mystery color dome and large antenna. Based on the earlier TPS version, with the same box art, but different litho detailing and a different antenna. Produced in 1970 in Greece by a company named Ananiadis (after the owner). See also the Z-206 version which uses the same box art. The box shows "Space Ship" wording at the front but the Greek version of the actual toy has no wording.

Oct 24, 2011
MOON SCOUT M.S.8 - NomuraPlastic battery operated eight legged vehicle. White and red plastic with orange windscreen. Alternate stepping action. Decal details. Art box (earlier) and picture box versions shown. Oct 22, 2011
UNIVERSE BOAT ME 767 - CHINALarge box shaped tin space vehicle. Half dome of white platic at front. Fin structure at rear with four rocket motors. Large antenna on top of superstructure. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Chinese. Boat is the translation of ship. Gyro action.
A long production run. Three box versions (at least), ordered by age - oldest at the top.
Oct 16, 2011
SPACESHIP UFO - CHINATin and plastic battery op space vehicle. Ligthographed uppe, plastic base with small wings. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Zeus Forces UFO wording on side. Dish antenna. Bump n go action with red lights in the tail and rotating lighted radar dish. Pilot moves around under the clear dome. This is reworking of the UNIVERSE RECONNAISSANCE BOATOct 16, 2011
UNIVERSE BOAT ME 605 - CHINATin battery operated hovercraft style boat. Blue tin with pilot under clear plastic dome at front. SFTF initials. The ship has prominent red and yellow lights at the front: the box art accentuates these. Propellor behind rear fin. Non fall action (a rocker arm in the base prevents the ship from falling off the edge of a table) with lights and turning propellor. Oct 16, 2011
MOONMOBILE - TRIANG - ENGLANDOdd battery operated plastic vehicle with helicopter style body, opening clear plastic visor with pilot and controls, red plastic wheels, swivelling rocket launcher to top of cockpit, with spare rockets in the cab. Triang UKOct 16, 2011
UNIVERSE RECONNAISSANCE BOAT - CHINATin and plastic battery op space vehicle. Ligthographed uppe, plastic base with small wings. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Small antenna. Chinese Boat is the translation of ship, as in space ship so this isn't strictly a boat.Oct 16, 2011
UNIVERSE CAR - CHINATin battery operated space car with lithographed body and white dome. Bump and go ction with colored light dispaly on the dome. Chinese. 1980s Long production run.Oct 16, 2011
UZAY TANKI UZ TANK 707 - NE-KUR - TURKEYThe UZ is short for Uzay or "Space". Blue tin hovercraft style battery op vehicle with turret. Bump and go action. Red plastic exhaust pipes. The body is the same as used on the Flash Space Patrol Z-206 though the propellor has been replaced by a red light.

There is another Turkish variation of the 707 with a propellor. The same box seems to have been used for both versions.

Turkish. Date?
Oct 15, 2011
MOON BUS - PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21Century 21 plastic battery operated lunar bus with mystery bump n go action. It has a blue domed cockpit and an Astrodome full of cool flashing lights. A rotating radar scanner completes the picture. The Century 21 Toys symbol ( 21 in the circles) appears on the base, along with Made in Hong Kong. Variations do exist in the base seal either screwed on or heat sealed. The box is the two part oblong with thick base and thin card cover. It's 'Star Features' are ' Battery Operated, Mystery Bump' n 'go action, variable lighting effects, blinking rear lights, rotating radar scanner.' Also stated is 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. The cover and side artwork portrays in paint the Bus rolling along the Moon's surface with the Earth clearly visible in the background. The Bus has a clear cockpit on the picture. The captain badge and Manual are shown as being inside. Again, the Astronaut is missed off the badge list. The operating instructions on the two long sides depict the location of the on- off switch and the battery hatch.
Oct 04, 2011
MOON PROSPECTOR - PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21Century 21 – large battery operated plastic toy vehicle with flashing coloured lights and bump ’n’ go action. Big, blue and round, it came boxed with the Sword manual and the Sword badge. A stunner! The century 21 symbol of the 21 inside the concentric circles appears on the base of the vehicle.
The first box(top left) is a rectangular two parter with the familiar thinner lid and the sturdy base. The lid's artwork is shows a silver and yellow Prospector amid an alien landscape. The 'star features' are ' Battery operated, mystery bump'n'go action, rotating radar scanner, flashing lights and working searchlight, sound effects.' It states that it's 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited.' The Captain badge and the Manual are advertised on the cover as 'inside. The list of badges misses out the Astronaut for some reason, although the space is there for it. As on some of the other toys, operating instructions appear on the box - on the longer sides - showing the position of the two batteries and the on- off switch on the base of the craft.

The second box (top right) is the later photo version. Also shown (bottom row) is the non-Sword version with the T in a circle logo.
Sep 23, 2011
DYNA-SOAR - PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21Century 21 – a futuristic stealth- like blue plastic space jet. It is friction driven and has a see- through cockpit with seated golden astronaut. 'Dyna - Soar' appears in white lettering on both sides of the fuselage. Two hard- wire antennae can be retracted from the wings. Cool. That strange diamond and MR initials appears on the base of the craft, along with the number 202 and the words ' Made in Hong Kong'. 1967Sep 23, 2011
SCRAMBLE BUG - PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21Futuristic battery op plastic lunar roving vehicle can climb over most things. It has six huge wheels and a central domed cockpit. Flashing lights add to the battery – op magic. On the base of the vehicle appears the manufacturers symbol of JR21 Toys (?)or Jack Rosenthal Toys Ltd - the symbol is a diamond with the initials J and R inside it. The initial M could also be said to be part of the jumble. Also next to this symbol is 'no.6'.
The box is a large rectangular two parter. The lid is thinner card with brilliant painted artwork of the Bug going over lunar terrain. The box has a sturdy card base. 'Star features' are ' battery operated, forward control, powerful climbing action, universal linking joints, flashing lights, official Sword decals'. Also stated is 'Made in Hong Kong for century 21 Toys Limited'. The smaller sides , amongst other text, carry the line 'Scramble bug , Command vehicle for the Project Sword Series'. The Commander badge is advertised as being inside, along with the Official Manual.
Sep 23, 2011
SPACE SHIP KX 2000 - SLJ FranceLarge plastic battery op remote control space ship with central dome. Yellow top red base. French 1960sSep 13, 2011
SPACE PACER - NOMURA - JAPANESE BOX VERSIONEight legged battery op plastic space vehicle. Claw grabbers at front. Pilot at front behind clear screen. Radar dish.Sep 13, 2011
SPARKING MOON EXPLORER - LINCOLNSmall plastic wind up tracked spaceship. Blue plastic with clear red nose section. One of Mini Wind Up series.Sep 10, 2011
GAMA 3600Plastic battery op domed rover vehicle. Clear plastic dome. One in related series of space vehicles. 1970sSep 10, 2011
Space Car with Astronaut - Hong KongPlastic astronaut sitting in a plastic chair with large wheels. Apollo wording on base. Battery op mystery action. Hong Kong.Aug 21, 2011
Space Ship XZ-7 - ATCTin friction space helicopter. Tin lithographed spaceship with pilot under a plastic screen. Tin rotor spins.
This toy was also released as the XY-07 Space Ship. Asahi Japan. The XZ-7 has a soldier for a pilot and the toy lacks the same space feel.

Again, the box art depicts a slightly different piece - the rotor has been replaced by an antenna and the serial number absent.

The XZ-7 appears in the ATC Asahi catalog for 1968
Aug 15, 2011
SPACE SHIP XY-07 - ATCTin friction space helicopter. Tin lithographed spaceship with spaceman under a plastic screen. Tin rotor spins.
This toy was also released as the XZ-7 Space Ship, though this version is more space like with porthole litho. Asahi Japan.
The box art depicts a slightly different piece - the rotor has been replaced by an antenna and the serial number is different.

The XZ-7 appears in the ATC Asahi catalog for 1968
Aug 15, 2011
SPACE SERIES ELEGANT MINIATURES - LINEMARBoxed set of six diecast space vehicles from the Linemar Elegant Miniatures series. 1960s? Jul 27, 2011
PLANETOXO - GREECEPlastic battery op bump and go space vehicle. Green top, white base. Pilot under clear dome at rear. Spring antenna. Greek Maker? Date? The name is written in Cyrillic script.Jul 26, 2011
LE CYBERCAR - FRANCESimplistic blue plastic space vehicle with two tiny figures under a clear canopy. Spring antennas at opposing corners. Battery op. Date? Action? Maker?Jul 25, 2011
GAMA A-9 - GAMA GermanyPlastic battery operated remote control space vehicle with forward grab arm. Orange body with a large bubble clear plastic dome. Monsieur Tap-Tap A9 Jul 15, 2011
REMOTE CONTROL MOON CARPlastic battery op space vehicle controlled by "magic wand". Rotating "magic eye" under a clear plastic dome.Jul 15, 2011
VEHICULE SPATIALE RAUMFAHRZEUG - REEL - ITALYTin battery op tracked vehicle with orange plastic gizmo under a clear plastic dome. Silver with lithographed panels depicting astronauts at front. Marked 5 BASE ANTI UFO 5. Tne box is designed for German and Italian (or Romanian?) markets.Jul 15, 2011
CRUISER - CHINABlue tin wind up space vehicle with three-arm rotor on top. Clear plastic window at rear with visible gears. Blue top, red base. Clockwork action. Number MS 881 MS881 Apr 10, 2011
MOBILE MISSILE SET - MARXA military set but of interest because of the tin and plastic rocket launcher truck. Marx OntarioApr 10, 2011
SPACE ROCKET CAR X - MASUDAYARed tin friction space car with litho details. The friction car has a non-fall action: if the front drops over a surface a wheel positioned at right angles turns it back. " Neither Slipping Nor Tumbling Off" Box also has a four leaf clover logo in addition to the Masudaya logo.

Jan 17, 2011
UNIVERSE STUNT CAR - CHINATin and plastic battery op space ship with wings. Pilot under canopy. Based on Gerry Anderson's Supercar design. Cams give eight movement patterns. Two distinct box versions shown, and there are slight differences in the vehicle design.Dec 05, 2009
B17 FLYING SPACEMAN FRICTION WITH SIREN, ATOM SUPER CYCLE - BANDAI - JAPANRed lithographed tin friction motorcycle with siren. Circa 1950's. Advances with engine noise. Motorbike. Green plastic rider with a white vinyl cape. Atom wording on side. There is an S logo that clearly relates to the Superman theme of this bike. B17 marked on the box. The box depicts a Superman-style rider wearing a clear cylindrical helmet that is missing from this example. This version has a litho compass rather than a real one. bike supercycle. Date?

See also the Space Patrol Super Cycle B-557
Dec 05, 2009
LUNAR EXPLORER - ALPSTin and plastic battery op vehicle. Blue and yellow explorer with detailing, radar to top, blinking lights, go and stop action, opening and lowering front module. Large wheels.Oct 30, 2009
ATOM XZ-7 - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Litho detailing.

Smith House Auctions
Oct 21, 2009
FRICTION SPACE BUS - VERSION 2 - MUIRA/SHIMAZAKIThe non-Robby version of the brightly lithoed tin friction space bus.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
Sep 23, 2009
FULGUR VIREVOLTE MYSTERE - CHR FRANCEBattery op plastic spaceship with bump and go action. Appeared in a 1959 Christmas catalog from Ancienne Maison Foucault Paris. CHR. Red and blue versionsSep 23, 2009
FLYING MAN - SY JAPANTin wind up robot like man in car swings back and forth as his mouth opens and closes. Lucky. Flag has Play Land wording. 27cm high. Date?Sep 18, 2009
SPACE RACE CAR - YANOMANTin friction S-10 space car with spiral candy stripe litho cylinders on either side. Possible Usagaya connection? S10

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
Sep 17, 2009
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