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BABY MACHINE GUN OK-20 - MASUDAYA - JAPANAn early crossover piece. A metallic blue lithographed space machine pistol with a short barrel. The trigger guard is incorporated into the design. Small top sight. Red plastic spark window at the base of the barrel. Friction action with noise and spark.

The box shows the gun being used by a cowboy but the design is clearly space inspired. Made at time when manufacturers were keen to retain the cowboy interest while experimenting with space guns. Date? Western crossover.
BABY SPACE GUN - DAIYA - JAPANA small (6" 15cm) blue and red tin lithographed space gun with spark windows at base of barrel. Serial no 577001. Friction action with sound and spark. There is a large green Space Rescue spaceship printed on the side of the gun.

There are two versions of this gun:
Top: lighter blue with three long oval spark windows on each side of the barrel. Usually seen in the box with the astronaut with Z-7 on his helmet and the gun held at an angle. This is most likely the earlier version.
Bottom: darker blue with one circular spark window (and a dummy one) on each side of the barrel. Usually seen in the box with much simpler artwork and with the astronaut holding the gun horizontally.

The first sighting is currently the 1960 Eaton's Christmas catalog.

The spaceship litho on the side of the gun is a direct copy of the spaceship on a Dan Dare trading card made by Calvert.

BALL SHOOTING SPACE GUN - SELCOL - ENGLANDA clear plastic ball shooting gun. 7" 18cm The transparent plastic gun has red detailing. It holds five balls in a cylindrical upper chamber. These drop into the lower barrel and are fired by cocking the mechanism and pulling the trigger. Distinctive hoops on the barrel and a vertical sight at the back. An Australian advert shows this gun design, dating it to no later than December 1955.
ping pong


This is the same basic design as the Sensacional Pistola Lanza Bolas and the Pongo Pistol.
BATMAN BATGUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA later variation of the much used Lone Star pressing, a light blue plastic space gun with a diecast cap firing mechanism. The gun has a distinctive circular cross-hair site on the top and a bat logo on the handle. 7.5 ins 1966

The first version was sold on a header card complete with a vinyl holster. The later version came in a display box.
Batman Bubble Gun - GI or CI LogoLight blue plastic gun with white nozzle. Simple bubble blowing action. Blister carded.
BATMAN ESCAPE GUN - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL - USASmall angular plastic pistol that shoots both darts and spinners. (Bat Darts and Flying Gadgets) There is a very basic paper Batman decal on the side. Blister carded. Red and black versions. 1966
BATMAN FREEZE RAY GUN - LINCOLN and BARAVELLI - USABlue and white plastic flashlight raygun, battery operated with siren. Two versions shown: one by Lincoln, USA and one by Baravelli of Italy. A much copied gun.

Two box versions shown: the plain window box and the space scene. Blue and red versions. (See also the Pistola Spacial Luminosa Spanish version.) c1966

BATMAN FRICTION MACHINE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA large brightly lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The yellow stock has a large graphic of Batman and Robin. The gun has red spark window and long black barrel. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
BATMAN FRICTION MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANA large brightly lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The red stock has a large graphic of Batman firing a machine gun. The gun has a blue barrel with a red spark window at the join with the body. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
BATMAN FRICTION RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate machine pistol. The gun has a angular shape with a tinplate magazine. There is a red red plastic barrel with a yellow plastic tip. Batman graphics on the stock and on the side. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
BATMAN POP GUN - AOSHIN - JAPANA lithographed tinplate revolver with Batman graphics. Also shown is the holster for the gun. Pop gun action. 8" 20cm c1966. A crossover western-cowboy item repurposed. Image courtesy Hake's. ASC
BATMAN RAY GUN - TKK - JAPANA bulky red plastic battery powered space gun with yellow lens cap and fin. The gun combinines flashlight with dart shooting action. Japanese market release. Batman decals on the sides.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
BATMAN ROCKET GUN - BARAVELLI - ITALYA red plastic battery operated space machine gun. The barrel lights up and gun makes noise via trigger at rear grip. Shoots rockets via a spring loaded mechanism and the trigger is on the front grip. "Batman" wording in gold lettering. There is a large folding site on the top. Approx. 22" long.

The toy was distributed by Baravelli of Italy though it may not have been made there,
BATMAN WATER BLASTER - MARX - USABlack plastic machine pistol water gun. Telescopic sight. Paper decal decorations on the sides. Card mounted. This is a prototype superhero gun.

Picture courtesy Hakes.
BATMAN WATER PISTOL - LINCOLN - USAHard plastic space gun water pistol. Card mounted. Batman molded into the side of the gun. "BATMAN" printed on the side. The dome on the side where the spark window was on the original has a stepped effect. The gun was produced in black and purple versions.

Similar to the Anti-Dalek Gun, though there are significant differences, most obviously the elaborate trigger guard. This is another gun based on the Space Outlaw gun by BCM. The dome where the spark window of the original was has a stepped effect and the telescopic sight is much longer.
BATO WESTERN SET (BATMAN REVOLVER) - PDK - JAPANA basic western Colt style click action revolver with a Batman graphic on the handle. Typical of many Japanese releases which were based on simple restyling of existing toys with little relevance to the theme. Sold with a holster and belt. Bagged with header card. Crossover

BATRAY WATER GUN - PARK PLASTICS CO - USATo cash in on the 1967 Batman craze Park Plastics repackaged a number of their space guns.

A black bulbous hard plastic space water gun with added paper Batman decal. The gun itself is the basic space water gun used in many of Park's gun sets. This is a Batgun by virtue of its paper Batman sticker added.

Sold in trade counter boxes.
BATTERY POWERED SPACE PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANBlack and silver tin lithographed space gun. There is an angular green plastic window protruding from the tip of the barrel. The word "SPACE" is printed on the side. Battery powered noise and flashing light. Triangular box. 7.5" long

Appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961
BATTERY POWERED SPACE PISTOL - ROSKO/NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin battery operated pistol raygun Light and sound. Clear angular plastic window bay at front. Japan. Rosko importer logo. White star. Atomic wording. With Flashing Light and Noise.

The similarity to the Battery Powered Space Pistol by Nomura would suggest that Nomura is the maker.
BATTLE OF THE PLANETS CLICK-RAY PROJECTOR GUN - GORDY - TAIWANLight blue plastic space flashlight projector gun. Bulky design with white barrel. Paper decal on the handle. Projects small images held on removable slides. Made in Taiwan for Gordy. Blister carded. Dated 1978.

Battle of the Planets is the US name for the Gatchaman anime character.
BATTLE OF THE PLANETS SIGNAL RAY GUN - GORDY - TAIWANLight blue plastic space flashlight gun. Plain design with paper decal on the handle. Marked Flash Gun on the sides. Made in Taiwan for Gordy. Blister carded. Dated 1978. Takes AA battery.

Battle of the Planets is the US name for the Gatchaman anime character.
BATTLE OF THE PLANETS SPACE WATER GUN - GORDY - TAIWANClear plastic space water pistol. Copious rings around the barrel. Made in Taiwan for Gordy. Blister carded. Dated 1980. Red and blue versions.

Battle of the Planets is the US name for the Gatchaman anime.
BATTLE OF THE PLANETS WIND 'N' SHOOT GUN - GORDY - TAIWANBlue plastic space gun with yellow spinner assembly. Shoots red and yellow spinners. Paper decal on the handle. Made in Taiwan for Gordy. Blister carded. Dated 1979.

Battle of the Planets is the US name for the Gatchaman anime character.
BELL GUN - BEE-VO - USARed plastic space gun. Made of hard plastic measuring about 6.5" by 4" and containing a glass marble Pull the trigger and the guns shoots a marble up a clear plastic tube into a bell that is in the honeycomb end of the gun. This rings the bell in the barrel tip. Boxed and bagged version shown.

The earliest sighting is in an Xmas photo dated Dec 1956.
BEST WATER PISTOL - BEST BRAND - JAPANTinplate space water pistol. This early gold nickel plated metal space gun has a crimped construction. There is a small tailfin and a jet plane/rocket is pressed into the handle. Best wording on the side. 8cm Sold in trade boxes of twelve guns. 1950s
BIG X MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANConventional shaped light blue machine gun with folding stand. Big X graphics on the sides. Battery operated noise and flashing light action. The gun has a brass color bullet that moves to give the effect of the gun being fed ammunition. 21" 52cm

The same pressing as the Atom Boy Smoke Machine Gun

BIG-X MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANLarge tin lithographed space machine gun with wood effect handle. There is a long green plastic spark window along the top. Battery operated noise and flashing light. Big-X head and shoulders graphic on the side. 21" 54cm

This is the same pressing as the Tada Electric Wave Gun

edd, superhero
BIG-X MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANLithographed tin machine gun. Battery operated with firing noise and flashing light as it vibrates. Big-X character graphic on both sides of the gun. 23" 57cm


BILLY BLASTOFF BUBBLE P_OPPER WATER GUN - BANDAI? FOR) ELDON - JAPANPlastic space water pistol with red upper and white lower. Comes with bottle of soap solution. It's an exact replica of little Billy's signature red and gray gun. Made by Eldon in 1968, this gun has a unique selling point: it has a wand on the tip of the barrel to allow you to blow bubbles, then you can shoot them with the water gun. Blister card mounted. Two versions shown.

Probably made by Bandai, Japan.
BLAKE'S 7 NEUTRON SPACE RIFLE - JOYSTAR - HONG KONGAn unusual gold plastic space gun. The angular pistol design has a long site addirion on the top. It also has a black arc shaped support. Ball shooting action with a spring loaded arm at the side. Copyright 1978.

The gun has a paper decal with POP-O-MATIC RIFLE wording. It is unclear if this was on the specific Blake's 7 gun or on an unlicensed version.
BOOMERANG RAY GUN - MOULDED PRODUCTS - AUSTRALIAA red plastic six-shooter revolver. The gun has a vertical protrusion from the bottom of the barrel that is puled back to cock the mechanism. When the trigger is pulled the gun fires a coil of plastic covered paper that returns to the barrel. 9.5" 24cm. The name and box art clearly establishes its target space audience. The barrel is marked PLAYMATE BOOMERANG GUN. Playmate was a range of toys made by Moulded Products.

Advertised in late 1953 in an Australian newspaper

This is a variation of the Tigrett Zoomerang gun, a Hopalong Cassidy themed conventionally shaped plastic revolver with a slightly flared barrel.

western crossover
BUB-L-GUN - HASSENFIELD BROS - USAAn angular blue plastic space gun. Machine pistol shape. The gun has a telescopic sight that acts as a bubble blower. The water pistol gun can then be used to shoot the targets.
Advertised as the Bub-L-Buster in 1957.
BUB-L-ROCKET GUN - KENNER - USAA 7-1/2" plastic bubble blowing gun in the shape of a rocket. The gun came in a boxed set and mounted on a display card as the Captain Space Bub-L-Rocket. Available in yellow, red, blue with 2 accent colors.

Blowing the end of the gun produces a stream of bubbles. The gun has an auto feed system and came with soap solution "rocket fuel" in a glass jar. A long-lived product.

One of the first sightings is in a newspaper ad: The Mason City Globe Gazette Fri Nov 19, 1948

BUBBL-JET - KENNER - USAA small clear red plastic space gun. Bubble-blowing action, using patented bubbl-tablets. The gun has a mouthpiece at the back to blow the bubbles. Blister carded, dated 1965.
BUBBL-MATIC - KENNER - USAPlastic bubble blowing space gun. This is the later vrsion of Kenner's gun of the name. This version is plastic with a cone shaped nozzle and long trigger built into the handle. The main feature of the gun is the no-mess use of soap tablets to create the bubbles. Blister packed on card. Red and blue versions.

Advertised in the Arizona Republic July 1965.
BUBBL-MATIC GUN - KENNER - USAAn angular unpainted aluminium gun with a distinctive extra cylinder mounted above the barrel. This holds the soap solution cartridges which were available separately. This was the first toy manufactured by the newly formed Kenner company in 1947. Considered a space gun by collectors.

Earliest sighting is in The Galveston Daily News, Nov 7 1947

Point of sale display also shown.
BUBBLE GUN - ALAMEDA TOYSClear red plastic space gun (though there is no space content of gun or packaging). Bubble solution reservoir at the front of the barrel. Adjustment wire at the side. Friction fan bubble blowing action.
BUBBLE GUN - EXELO DAIYA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin space gun. This friction action gun has a plastic reservoir at the front. The plastic wheel dips into this and passes the soap solution in front of the air blowing nozzle to produce bubbles. Comes with a small container of bubble solution.

There are two versions of this gun: the left hand one is by Exelo and has a predominantly blue color scheme; on the right is the Daiya version which has much more red. The Exelo version uses traditional tab construction while the Daiya version is crimped.

Note: the Daiya version marked SPACE is a fake.
BUBBLE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLithographed tin friction bubble blowing space gun. The gun has an odd stocky shape with a liquid reservoir and bubble mechanism at the front. Pulling the trigger produces the air flow for bubbles. The gun has no space litho but the box art depicts a space landscape. Marked Bubblegun on the handle Date?
BUCK ROGER LIQUID HELIUM PISTOL XZ-44 (RED/YELLOW VERSION) - DAISY - USAThis is the fourth of Daisy's Buck Rogers space guns. Produced in 1936 this 7-1/4" red and yellow lithographed steel gun is a delightfully extravagant piece.

The bulbous pressed metal gun has a vibrant yellow and red color scheme with lightning bolts. Water gun action with an internal leather bladder "25 shot repeater". The gun carries a small picture of Buck Rogers along with plenty of copyright information to ward of competitors.

The gun was also produced in a copper finish.

XZ44 cedd,cmee
BUCK ROGER XZ-38 DISINTEGRATOR PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the third of the Daisy Buck Rogers space guns, produced in pressed steel with either a copper or a nickel finish. For the first time we see the appearance of the space styling that was to become a standard feature of most space guns. The Art Deco styling is enhanced with the flared nozzle, cooling fins, molded handle and the raised spark window. 9-3/4". The gun combines a pop gun action with sparks.

The gun was sold in stores but was also available as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939.

BUCK ROGERS COCOMALT RAYGUN & HELMET KIT - COCOMALT - USAA 1933 premium from Cocomalt. Comprises a card space gun and helmet. Packed in an envelope.
BUCK ROGERS ROCKET PISTOL - COCOMALT - USAThis is the first of the paper Buck Rogers guns. Made for Cocomalt promotion-1934. There are no markings indicating Buck Rogers but at the time there was no risk of confusion.

9-1/2" cardboard. Came in mail away set with helmet

BUCK ROGERS RUBBER BAND GUN - J F DILLE - USAThe second of the Buck Rogers paper space guns, John F. Dille Co. -1940. Offered a sales promotion for Onward School Supplies.

The 4-1/2" multi-colored paper gun card comes with with two cut out targets. Function - Punch out gun. Assemble and pull trigger to release rubber band
BUCK ROGERS SONIC RAY GUN - NORTON-HONER - USABlack plastic battery operated flashlight space gun that also makes buzzing sound-7-1/2". This is the first appearance of this long-lived space gun design. The gun had a long run. In 1953 other colors were introduced: red, yellow and green with knobs and lens covers in various color combinations from this range. Two box variations are shown; the die-cut version is also a 1953 innovation. Maker's name varies: some are Norton-Honer Mfg. Co., others are Commonwealth Utilities Co. Box. The gun has been seen in a Buck Rogers comic strip for 9/22/1948.

Some examples have a brass adjustment knob fitted at the back. It is thought that this would silence the buzzer to save battery life.

First seen in a newspaper ad in September 1948. A patent for the design was registered in 1946 in the name of John F. Dille.

BUCK ROGERS SPACE GUN TARGET SET - FLEETWOOD - ?White plastic raygun. Shoots darts. Blister carded.
Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray Gun - Norton-Honer - USABased on the success of the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun, Norton-Honer released an upgraded SUPER version: a much larger flared barrel and a redesigned rear that replaces the telescopic sight. The back of the gun is now has a distinctive hump containing a compass-like dial. The telescopic sight has gone and the lens housing has become a large plastic assembly that dominates the gun.

The plastic battery operated flashlight gun has three changeable lenses, makes buzzing sound. 7-1/2" Later guns had single non color lens. The main color is black with color accents. The gun was also made in all green and red. Supersonic.

The gun was on sale in 1955.
BUCK ROGERS U-235 ATOMIC PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the fifth and last Buck Rogers space gun produced by Daisy in 1945. The name Atomic on the box and stamped into the sides and reflects the popular fascination with the new science. Uranium 235 was widely discussed in 1945. The gun was on sale in late 1946. The gun is 10.5" and was available in either a silver colored steel or a black finish steel. Yellow and black box.

The new feature of this gun was its ability to repeatedly make a loud pop and produce a spark simply by pulling the trigger. No cocking of the gun was necessary.

Function: Pop gun action with spark effect.

A patent for this version was filed as early as 1935 and published in 1937.
Pat No. 2077763. Inventor: Charles F Lefever
BUCK ROGERS U-238 ATOMIC PISTOL AND HOLSTER SET - DAISY MFG - USAMfg. by Daisy 1946. A combination of a gold version of the U-235 space gun, leather holster and belt. Sold in a red and black box. This was a mail-away boxed set for Christmas 1946. 10" long gold colored steel

BUCK ROGERS XZ-31 ROCKET PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the first ever toy space gun. The gun is manufactured from heavy gauge blued steel, a fact that explains why so many have survived. The gun has Art Deco styling with a flared barrel tip and distinctive two-ring structure on the top. Pop gun action. Available in plain steel and blued steel versions, though the latter usually loses its finish. Released for Christmas 1934 and certainly on sale as early as July. The gun was a very popular item and stores soon ran out of stock. 9.5" long.

The gun was designed to produce a loud report without firing a cork.

The patent for this gun was granted in July 1935.
Pat No. 2006741
A second more detailed patent was filed soon after
Pat No. 2055900
The inventor was Charles F Lefever
BUCK ROGERS XZ-35 "WILMA" ROCKET PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the second Buck Rogers space gun. The XZ-35 Rocket Pistol is smaller than the XZ-31 7.5" as opposed to the 9.5" of the XZ-31. In addition the XZ-35 barrel nose is black right to the end and has no collar. Called by collectors the "Wilma" gun. Pressed steel pop gun action. The box is the same, except that it carries the ZX-35 wording.

Released in 1935.
CADET SPACE GUN - TSL - ENGLAND?Metallic silver green painted metal space gun. Simple pistol shape with partial rings pressed into the back. CADET and TSL embossed on the handle. Clicker action. Maker? Date? Early 1950s, possibly England.
CAP PISTOL ROCKET GUN F-703 - DAH YANG DY - TAIWANA stylish light blue plastic space gun with a brown handle insert. Cap firing. Bagged with header card. DAH YANG F703
CAP ROCKET GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic pistol that combines a rocket launching action and cap firing. Shoots a large plastic rocket. Bagged with header card.
CAP SHOOTING TOMMY GUN (RADAR RAIDER) - ARLISS - USAA large plastic space machine gun. Rings on the barrel and muzzle. Large telescopic sight. Drum magazine. "Cap Firing Tommy Gun". Molded dial detailing in the side and lightning flashes on the stock. Marked Radar Raider on the sides.

Available in a range of colors including red, black and grey. 18"

A water pistol version of this gun was advertised in 1955. Arliss Co Premier Plastics Division.
CAPITAN MARTE - CAPTAIN MARS GUN - SPAIN?Large plastic space rifle, red body, white stock, yellow barrel. XL5 decal on the sides. The unusual stock is flat in design with a battery housing in the middle. Battery operated with noise and flashing lights in the barrel.

Capitan Marte is the Spanish Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL5

This is the same design as the Tada Tommy Kick gun.
CAPITAO ESPACIAL SPACE GUN - ESTRELA - BRAZILBlue and red tin lithographed bulbous space gun with a clear red plastic barrel containing "lipstick" inserts. Elaborate litho detailing of a space station and delta wing on the body. Marked Capitao Espacial. Friction noise and spark. Brazilian version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun 9.5" 24cm Box?

CAPTAIN ATOM PROJECTOR PISTOL - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAMail-away space gun based on Captain Atom, the comic book that featured the Australian equivalent of Superman in the late 1940s. A metallic blue diecast pistol. The angular pistol shaped gun has a distinctive V design on the grip. Battery powered projector gun with six film strips featuring such Australian-drawn comic characters as Captain Atom, Flynn of the FBI, The Grey Domino and The Lone Wolf. Early 1950s

Sold in a fairly plain blue box. The gun is based on the American Auto-Magic Space Viewer by Stephens.

CAPTAIN METEOR HOLSTER SET - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USABoxed set comprising the Ranger Cosmic Ray Gun and silver holster on a black belt.

A second, more colorful holster in red, black and white is known (bottom) but a maker has not been established. Date?
CAPTAIN SCARLET ANTI MYSTERON RIFLE - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA very long space cap firing rifle. At the heart of this gun is the diecast metal pistol. Plastic components have been added at either end to make this imposing gun. The body is red metal with a side grip, at the front is a silver plastic nose assembly and at the rear is black plastic handle. 1968.

Gerry Anderson
CAPTAIN SCARLET DART GUN - CENTURY 21White plastic dart shooting space gun, using the same mold as the water pistol version of the gun. Blister carded with three flat Mysteron target figures and three darts. Authorised Gerry Anderson.
CAPTAIN SCARLET GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDDiecast metal cap firing gun based on the Gerry Anderson series. An angular red metal design with yellow plastic handle inserts. The tapered barrel has concentric rings. Released in 1967.
CAPTAIN SCARLET GUN AND HOLSTER - TAKUTOKU TT - JAPANA basic black plastic Colt style western revolver marked Giant. The gun has a simple click action. Vinyl holster with Captain Scarlet image. The leather belt is made of a series of interlocking leather segments. Gerry Anderson
CAPTAIN SCARLET HOLSTER SET - LONE STAR - ENGLANDWhite plastic cap firing space gun, using the same mold as the water pistol version of the gun. Blister carded with plastic holster. Authorised Gerry Anderson.
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