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BUBBLE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLithographed tin friction bubble blowing space gun. The gun has a stocky shape with a liquid reservoir and bubble mechanism at the front. Pulling the trigger produces the air flow for bubbles. The gun has no space litho but the box art depicts a space landscape. Marked Bubblegun on the handle Date?
7-1/4" red and yellow lithoed steel-boxed
Variation-all copper color

A bulbous pressed metal gun in a vibrant yellow and red color scheme with lightning bolts. Water gun with inside bladder. The gun carries a small picture of Buck Rogers along with plenty of copyright information to ward of competitors.
9-3/4" copper colored steel-

Function-popping sound with spark

XZ39- XZ38 boxed

XZ40 Combat Set-XZ38 boxed with holster
BUCK ROGERS ROCKET PISTOLMade for Coco malt promotion-1934
No markings indicating Buck Rogers

9-1/2" cardboard
Came in mail away set with helmet

Function-flip out to make pop

4-1/2" multi-colored paper gun card
with two targets

Function-Punch out gun, assemble and
and pull trigger to release rubber band
BUCK ROGERS SONIC RAY GUN - NORTON-HONER - USABlack plastic battery operated flashlight space gun that also makes buzzing sound-7-1/2". This is the first appearance of this long-lived space gun design. First seen in a 1949 Miles Kimball advert (botton right). The gun had a long run. In 1953 other colors were introduced: red, yellow and green with knobs and lens covers in various color combinations from this range. Two box variations are shown; the die-cut version is also a 1953 innovation. Maker's name varies: some are Norton-Honer Mfg. Co., others are Commonwealth Utilities Co. Box. The gun has been seen in a Buck Rogers comic strip for 9/22/1948, so it may be earlier than 1949.

Some examples have a brass adjustment knob fitted at the back. It is believed that this would silence the buzzer to save battery life.

BUCK ROGERS SPACE GUN TARGET SET 1979 - FleetwoodWhite plastic raygun. Shoots darts. Blister carded.
Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray Gun - Norton-Honer - USABased on the success of the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun, Norton-Honer released an upgraded SUPER version: a much larger flared barrel and a redesigned rear that replaces the telescopic sight. The plastic battery operated flashlight gun has three changeable lenses, makes buzzing sound. 7-1/2" Later guns had single non color lens. The main color is black with color accents. The gun was also made in all green. Supersonic. The gun was released in 1957.
Buck Rogers U-235 pistolMfg. by Daisy 1945

9-3/4" silver colored steel or black finish
Not sold with holster

Function: pop sound with flint spark
Buck Rogers U-238 Pistol and holsterMfg. by Daisy 1946

9-3/4" long gold colored steel

Function: Pop sound and flint spark
Buck Rogers XZ-31, XZ-32 AND XZ-33Gun XZ-31, Gun and holster combat set XZ-32 , holster with belt XZ-33

Mfg. by Daisy 1934

9-3/4" gun metal and chrome

Function- gun cock and make pop sound

Note: holster is suede.
Buck Rogers XZ-35, XZ36 and XZ-37Gun XZ-35, holster XZ-36 and both in combat set XZ-37 boxed

Mfg. by Daisy called Wilma Deering gun 1935

7-12" gun metal steel and chrome

function: gun cocks and makes pop sound
C 900 RAKETEN PISTOLE - GERMANYThe Rocket Pistol. Hard red plastic space gun that shoots darts. This is based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Dart Gun with some alterations to the design, giving it a stockier look. Marked "Raketen Pistole" on one side and "Rocket Gun" on the other. The gun does not have the rear pull cocking action.
Sicherheits Raketen

Sold on a header card with a target space graphic. There are several color variations.

Marked DBGM angem, Made in W Germany
CAP PISTOL ROCKET GUN - DAH YANG - TAIWANA stylish light blue plastic space gun. Cap firing. Bagged with header card. DAH YANG F-703
CAPITAN MARTE - CAPTAIN MARS GUN - SPAINLarge plastic space rifle. Action? Capitan Marte is the Spanish Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL5

This is the same design as the Tada Tommy Kick gun.
CAPTAIN ATOM PROJECTION PISTOL - AUSTRALIAMail away space gun based on the Australian equivalent of Superman in the late 1940s. A metallic blue plastic pistol. Captain Atom. Battery powered projector gun with six film strips. projection, projector

CAPTAIN METEOR HOLSTER SET - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USABoxed set comprising the Ranger Cosmic Ray Gun and silver holster on a black belt.
CAPTAIN SCARLET DART GUN - CENTURY 21White plastic dart shooting space gun, using the same mold as the water pistol version of the gun. Blister carded with three flat Mysteron target figures and three darts. Authorised Gerry Anderson.
CAPTAIN SCARLET GUN - LONE STARDiecast metal cap gun based on the Gerry Anderson series. Red metal with yellow plastic handle inserts.
CAPTAIN SCARLET HOLSTER SET - LONE STAR - ENGLANDWhite plastic cap firing space gun, using the same mold as the water pistol version of the gun. Blister carded with plastic holster. Authorised Gerry Anderson.
CAPTAIN SCARLET SUPER ESPACIAL DART PISTOL - BALTASAR - SPAINBlue plastic pistol. Spring darts shooting action. Gerry Anderson. Bag with header card. Baltasar, Spain. Accurate shape, but the color is not accurate. Comes complete with a trade card. Possibly unauthorised.
CAPTAIN SCARLET WATER PISTOL - CENTURY 21 TOYS - ENGLANDAuthentic design white plastic water pistol raygun. Bag with header card. Gerry Anderson. 7 1/2"
CAPTAIN SPACE SOLAR SCOUT RIFLE - MARX - USALarge 26 inch hard plastic furturistic battery operated space rifle with telescopic sight. The sleek gun's principal feature is the large flashlight mounted on top of the barrel: it has a color changing action activated by a switch. When the trigger is pressed the gun makes a sound and the light shines.

The rifle was produced in a wide range of colors including red, blue, silver, gold, white and maroon. The gun has a colored nozzle tip in various colors.

First sighted in a 1955 George Worthington catalog where it is shown as a two-tone version called Space Ray Gun. No such two-tone version is known. The technical drawing is dated 1954.
CAPTAIN VIDEO SECRET RAY GUN PREMIUM - POWERHOUSE CANDY - USAMail away premium. Red plastic gun, battery operated flashlight action. Based on the popular radio series, the gun was sold as a premium by Power House candy. 4 ins long battery operated gun. Came in a plain box with a "Luma-Glo" card that produced glowing messages when the gun was pointed at it.
CENTURY 21 SPACE GUN - STALCO _USAA most unusual red plastic space gun. The sleek, futuristic rifle gun has two stocks. The gun first shoots plastic spinners and these become targets for the darts which are fired by a pump action. The official toy of the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle.
CHROME SPACE GUN - FRANCEChrome space gun. Maker? Details? Box?
CINE COLT - KOSEISHA - JAPANBlue plastic battery operated angular space gun. This is a projector gun designed to accept film strips and project them on flat surfaces. Japan 1950s? projector projection
CLICK-FEU MARTIEN SPACE GUN - RJ - FRANCEThis green plastic space gun is a close copy of the American Ranger Steel Cosmic Ray Gun.

7 1/2 ins long. Trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. In this case there is a metal flint holder instead of the US plastic version. In addition the nose assembly is clear red plastic.
CLICKA BUBBLE SHOOTER - Ranger Steel Products Corp - USAMfg. by Ranger Steel Products Corp. , N.Y.

Plastic 7-1/2" plastic gun.
Versions: yellow body with red barrel and blue trigger
blue body with red barrel and yellow trigger

Comes with bottle of bubble liquid; blows bubbles when trigger pulled
COMET GUN - TY - TAIWANLarge green plastic space pistol with yellow muzzle and red antenna. Shoots darts and fires caps. Cap firing. TY in a crown logo. Sold in bag with header card
COMET MACHINE GUN - KO - JAPANLarge tin lithographed pace machine gun. The gun has a clear plastic top containing a set of the colored plastic gears found in their robot range. Wood effect stock with spaceman's head. Clear green plastic barrel with a yellow tip. Friction noise, spark and turning visible gear action.
CORK FIRING SPACE GUN - LIMIT - ENGLANDPressed steel metal space gun. Side pull spring-loaded pop gun with wire trigger. Metallic blue. "Spaceman" wording embossed on handle. The gun's shape is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun, though it is much larger.

There is also another pop gun version with a short barrel.
Cosmic Jet Gun - Wes-Ko Products - USAMfr: Wes-Ko Products - USA

Size: 5 inches

Year: 1953

Material: Plastic

Function: Water Pistol

Color Variations: Red w/ Yellow Muzzel, Green w/Yellow Muzzel

Featured in a 1953 trade ad in Toys and Novelties magazine.
COSMIC JET PISTOL - LONE STARWhte plastic water pistol raygun based. England
COSMIC PISTOL No K-4 Biotsiot GreeceRed plastic water pistol with blue nozzle.
COSMIC RAY GUN - ALPS - JAPANBlack tin space gun with a horse printed on the handle. Friction action with spark. There is also a distinctive cylindrical siren mounted underneath the muzzle: it sounds when the trigger is pulle. Another example of a gun trying to suit all occasions: police, cowboy and, thanks to the name, space.
COSMIC RAY GUN - DAIYA - JAPANSilver grey tin lithographed space gun. Pistol shape. Battery operated "with noise and miracle flash". Transparent plastic barrel tip has a rotating coloured light effect. Angular cutout with red inserts in one side. Batteries fit into the handle.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
COSMIC RAY GUN - DAIYA - JAPANMetallic blue plastic space gun with tin panel on the side. The panel reads "COSMIC RAY GUN". The barrel tip is clear plastic with a ligh. Battery operated noise and flashing light action.
COSMIC RAY GUN - RANGER STEEL PRODUCTS - USAMulticolored pressed steel space gun with transparent orange plastic barrel, the base of which is visible through a slot in the side of the gun. Marked "Cosmic Ray Gun" Small yellow site. Friction sparking action. 8 1/2 ins. The partially recessed nature of the barrel is reminiscent of some of the early Japan space guns.

The gun is featured in the Monygomery Ward catalog for 1952.
COSMIC RAY GUN = BELL TOY - ENGLANDA version of the American Electra Ray Gun. The mold has been altered to remove the Electra wording from the side and the gun generally lacks the fine detailing of the original. Red plastic with a yellow trigger. Saturn image on the handle. Clicker and flashlight action. 5 1/2 ins.
COSMIC RAY GUN NO 249 - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USAPlastic raygun. Plastic barrel. 7 1/2 ins long Made by the Ranger Steel Products Corporation. Trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. Red and blue versions.
COSMIC RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANMfg. by TN trademark-Japan 1960s

16" blue tin lithographed space machine gun.

Battery operated with noise and rotating flashing light in the clear plastic panel near the muzzle.

Image: Smith House Auctions
COSMIC RAYS GUN - SHUDO - JAPANLarge lithographed tin space gun. Spark window in center. Friction noise and spark action. 30cm

There is also a Korean version of this gun which is identical except for the letter "A" on the stock. It is believed that there must be a link between Shudo and some Korean factory bexcause there are a lot of Shudo space guns produced in Korea with no differences except the logo
COSMIC SPACE SET - PARK PLASICS CO - USASet comprises two of the familiar spinner-shooting rayguns and a pair of microphones. This guns in this boxed set have a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the Parks original design. Probably Park Plastics.
COSMIC WATER GUNMfg. in Hong Kong-1970s

17" plastic-has space graphics
Came in various colors

Function-Unique water gun with two triggers
Clicker pistol and water gun
COSMISK STRALE MARS PISTOL - BAMBOLA - SWEDENGold plastic raygun with flashlite action.

The handle has a star in a circle.

This is a hard plastic classic shape space gun. The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Seen in gold. A star is molded into the handle. The gun comes with an alternative lens cover.

Battery operated. Comes in a box with a pair of space goggles. Sweden. Based on the design for the Tom Corbett Atomic Pistol and the Space Patrol Atomic Flashlite Pistol both by Marx. "Cosmic Ray Mars Gun" Swedish flashlight 8" 20cm
COSMONAUT 6 SET SPACE GUN - HONG KONGAn unlicensed copy of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol. The blister carded plastic space gun shoots darts. The gun has a plastic molding instead of the red control knobs of the original. In addition the telescopic sight has been reversed. The backing card includes artwork taken from the box of the Lone Star Space Ranger gun; the gun depicted bears no resemblance to the toy in the packaging.

COWBOY ON HORSE SPACE GUN - JAPANEarly small blue and yellow lithographed tin space gun. This angular gun has two wavy lines cut into the sides of the gun with red plastic liners. Friction noise and spark.There is a picture of a mounted cowboy on the handle.
Name? Box?
Western crossover
CRACKER JET SPACE GUN - METTOY - ENGLANDAn English version of the Renwal INTERPLANETARY PLANET JET CLICKER WATER GUN. Unlike the American version this is made of metallic green plastic with yellow sight, trigger and nozzle. The toy was sold on a small backing card similar to Renwal's. Pressing the trigger pushes on an internal bladder and squirts water with a click sound. Marked Mettoy Made in England on the round boss above the trigger and Crackerjet on the handle.

Featured in the Mettoy catalog for 1954.
CRAGSTAN DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANRed tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. Copious litho detailing. Double-barreled gun: two clear green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Condor logo and elaborate heraldic styled detailing. Same pressing as the Super Jetter Space Gun and the non-Cragstan Atomic Gun. Plain white box with a picture of the gun.
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