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DREAM JET MARS - ALPS? - JAPANAlps (assuming it is by them) didn't have to look far for the inspiration for this space rocket. It's a direct copy of the Pyro X-100 Space Scout.

A yellow lithographed tin friction rocket plane. It is a cross between a rocket and a jet plane with rocket motors mounted on the wing tips. Dream is printed on one wing, and Jet on the other. Mars is printed on the sides. The cockpit is covered a red plastic spark window. Friction action with noise and spark.

This is a litho variation of the Alps Space Scout X110 and is likely also to be by Alps, though this is still unconfirmed. Nomura has also been suggested as a maker.

Mars Dream Jet
Space Jet X100
Mars X-300 Rattan Air
FLYING SAUCER AEROPLANE NR 132 - WESTERN GERMANYTin friction plane with spinner. Forward motion launches the disks. Box art of plane with flying saucers. W. Germany. DPs Maker?
GE-270 PLANE - EINFALT TECHNOFIXBorderline space. A tin friction plane with two propellors.
HELICOPTER ME-632 - CHINAThis is considered to be one of the finest of Chinese space toys. This is a dark blue lithographed tinplate battery operated space helicopter. This unusual spaceship is a flying wing, with two large helicopter rotors. The brightly lithographed ship has a picture of itself in flight. Two plastic structures hold the rotors and there is a forward plastic control center with two pilots. The spaceship has a two stage action: first it advances with spinning rotors and flashing lights, then it stops and two flaps on the wing open to reveal litho characters beneath. The box has a superb illustration of the toy flying through space. ME632
HK-555 PLANE - HUKI, W. GERMANYTin friction(?) rocket plane. The wings are articulated, allowing a variety of shapes. Huki - West Germany, 50s. Another version exisiting with different litho and colors
METEOR HWN-XC7 - HWNBordeline space plane. Drive? W Germany
MOON PATROL HELICOPTER - MOON SCOUT - MARXTin wind up space helicopter. Two rotors. Litho details. An example of a toy given a space theme despite the absurdity of the science.

Image courtesy Smith House auctions.
ROCKET PLANE ST-1 - CHINATin friction rocket plane. Silver body with four red engines. Delta wings. MF 101 Box? MF-101
SPACE BUS - BANDAITin battery op helicopter space toy.
SPACE GLIDER - PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21Century 21 ā€“ plastic battery operated space jet. It has mystery bump ā€˜nā€™ go action, a clear cockpit, flashing tail- lights and a frontal antenna. The rear light housing doubles as the on- off switch. Colour variations exist ā€“ grey and orange. The jet noise is way out. On the base of the vehicle appears the diamond with M and R initials inside it.
The box is triangular. There are two versions, the art version and a later picture box. It comes in 2 parts - thin card lid and thicker card base. The 'Star Features' are ' Battery operated, Bump'n go action, jet sound effects, tail light, nose antenna'. The standard 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited' appears on the lid. The Captain badge and Manual are shown as being inside. Unusually, the full badge list appears including the astronaut. The cover and side artwork shows a wonderfully painted white, red and blue craft gliding through space. The operating instructions appear on the two long sides depicting the battery and switch positions.
SPACE GLIDER - PROJECT SWORD - PHOTO BOX - CENTURY 21Photo picture box of the Space Glider. See art box version.
SPACE PATROL PLANE - EnglandTin wind up litho'd plane with space litho. Dan Dare style graphics.
SPACE PATROL PLANE - METTOYTin plane with space graphics. England. Dan Dare 1950s
SPACE ROCKET SR-1007Tin lithoed friction rocket with jet plane styling. Japan. Maker? See also the Moon Rocket X-1105 and the M-201.
SPACE SHIP X-100 - ASAHI ATC - JAPANTin friction space helicopter with tin rotor, three rear fins and a clear plastic forward canopy. Marked Space Ship X-100. A variation of the ATC space helicopter. ATC Asahi, but box carries an EO in a diamond logo. Other boxes carry an LEOA, or no logo. Date?
SPACE SHUTTLE HELICOPTER - JAPANESE BOX ATC?Japanese market version of the friction powered tin lithographed spaceship with spaceman under a plastic screen. Tin rotor spins.
Asahi Japan. As usual the box art depicts a slightly different model than that in the box - the serial number and litho detail is different. XY-07 XZ-7
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