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SPACE PATROL - LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate friction space car with large square robot pilot. Coiled antenna. Marked Space Explorer S-3. Imitation tracks at rear. This space car was also sold in a boxed set with the astronaut version of the toy.

Image: Christies. Better photo?
SPACE PATROL 713 WITH CRANK SIREN - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin friction space car No 713 with vinyl pilot head. 32cm. Crank activated siren at rear. One of a series of cars based on the same pressing. Crimped construction.

Image courtey of Smith House Auctions.
SPACE PATROL 713? WITH CRANK SIREN - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery op car with vinyl driver head and siren. Details? Box? TM Japan This looks like a metallic blue variation of the red Space Patrol 713. Crimped construction,
SPACE PATROL CAR - BANDAI - JAPANFuturistic silver battery operated space car. The 12 inch open top sports car has two white plastic astronaut drivers, each behind a small plastic windscreen. The back of the car has a red plastic engine cover. A rotating red plastic antenna is positioned in the center of the hood. Two small machine guns are fitted to the front headlamp positions. Bump and go action with noise, rotating antenna and flashing visible engine.

This toy is featured in the 1968 Bandai catalog.
SPACE PATROL CAR - DAIYA - JAPANPlain white open top tin friction car with two astronauts. There is also a red version of this toy.
SPACE PATROL CAR - ICHIKO/ROYAL - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing on the hood, Space Patrol on the trunk. Saturn graphic on the roof. 5.5" long. Much of the litho detailing is identical to that on other Ichiko space cars.

At least two variations are known: one has two divisions in side windows, the other has four; the litho also varies slightly.

Marked Japan. There is a license plate 2884 on the back.

Possibly sold as a bin toy. Sold as part of the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal, a group of space toys in October 1959.
SPACE PATROL CAR - MAKER? - JAPANTin friction space car. Two tone blue lithographed tinplate space saloon car covered in space scenes: Saturn, rockets etc. Friction. Maker? Box?
SPACE PATROL CAR - NOMURA - JAPANLight blue tinplate battery operated space car with a large red tinplate Robby style robot driver. The robot sits at a large gun held in a circular clear plastic mounting. Various engine detailing has been added to the car, including a cylindrical disk on the front grille. There is a mismatch between the rather sleek, dark colored car on the box art and the more rounded lines of the actual space car. Based on a Studebaker design.
SPACE PATROL CAR - YOSHIYA - JAPANRed tinplate space car with a large clear plastic dome containing a light blue tinplate astronaut driver. The pilot has the female looking face of other Yoshiya toys. Inertia friction drive, a crank is wound underneath the car. A metal four armed spinning antenna protrudes from the dome. The automobile is a reworking of a much used design with distinctive futuristic wings at the back. KO Box? Early 1960s.
SPACE PATROL CAR R-10 - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue, silver and red tin battery operated Volkswagen Beetle. VW convertible with tin astronaut driver. There is a large plastic rocket engine at the back. Wire antenna at rear. The car advances with engine noise, flashing rear light (working), and moving light in the plastic panel. TN R10

The car appears in the 1968 Nomura Catalog.
SPACE PATROL CAR WITH LIGHTING GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA conventional shaped blue and white lithographed tinplate car with an oversized red tinplate astronaut firing a large red tipped gun. The astronaut has two clear plastic air tanks on his back which contain a red liquid. The gun is a large cannon fitted to the car's hood. Bump and go action, the gun moves with the astronaut's hands attached, flashing lights and noise. Marked Space Patrol on the side. The box art depicts a red and white car. TN.

Advertised in the Salt Lake Tribune October 1962
SPACE PATROL CAR WITH RADIO OPERATOR - ATC - JAPANSilver and grey lithographed tin friction action spaceship boat with wheels. Blue underside. This is not intended to float. Astronaut pilot under a clear plastic dome. Metal rod antenna. Large rear fin. Porthole litho detailing. Friction action with clicking sound. Asahi Toy Company Date?

The same pressing as the boat version, the SPACE SHIP WITH MOVING RADAR
SPACE PATROL CAR XX-01 - AOSHIN - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed tin battery operated vehicle. This is a Lincoln Ventura Batmobile knock-off design. The car has an opaque orange canopy with antennas molded in place and tipped with metal ends. A red plastic engine cover is positioned at the rear. There are two tailfins with XX-01 lettering. A white plastic bird or bat style rocket is mounted in the center of the hood and can be fired by pressing a button. Bump and go action with noise and flashing engine light.

1966 or later.
SPACE PATROL FRICTION CAR WITH SIREN - ICHIKO - JAPANTin friction space car with siren effect. Blue lithography with space detailing. Square robot head driver. Based on the Ichiko Dream Car. Open top car with headrest. Note that this is the correct head: the robot head in the Kitahara collection is an inexact replacement. Date.
SPACE PATROL FRICTION POWERED - MASUDAYA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin battery operated vehicle, bump and go with a blue and red light lights on either side. Oblong body with a single rear fin and a relatively large clear plastic dome at the front containing a head and shoulders tin astronaut. NASA logo on the fin. The same pressing as the Masudaya vehicles. 7 ins

Friction action with a space siren noise. Two plastic light covers, one on either side. These covers have been seen in red and blue: they are evidently designed for the battery operated version (PADAR RADAR SCOUT PIONEER ) of this pressing but here are decorative.

The Masudaya number suggests a date in the late 1960s.

Masudaya number 3521
SPACE PATROL MOTORBIKE X5 - USAGIYA - JAPANTin friction motorbike with orange vinyl astronaut.
SPACE PATROL ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANTinplate battery operated rocket with bump and go action. The rocket has an oversized Snoopy style dog astronaut vinyl head in a clear dome. The dog is pointing a TV camera with lights and movement.

See also the earlier child version of this toy with gun. Date?

Animal, knock off
SPACE PATROL SUPER CYCLE B-557 - BANDAI - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin friction motorcycle with spark. Circa 1950's. Advances as the antenna turns. Motorbike. Green plastic rider. Working compass on handlebars. Red plastic tail light and spark windows above the rear wheel. Silver antenna over front wheel. The box depicts a rider wearing a clear cylindrical helmet that is missing from this example. B-557 Space Patrol printed on the sides. Japanese and English box versions.

A newspaper ad dates this to November 1958.

See also the red B17 Flying Spaceman version.
SPACE PATROL WITH ONE ASTRONAUT, SPACE JET - ATC - JAPANA light blue lithographed tinplate boat-shaped spaceship. This battery operated space car has a clear plastic dome with a red light and, as the box makes clear, one astronaut, with a yellow helmet. There are two yellow tail fins at the rear. The shape is vaguely similar to the other ATC boat designs such as the Florida Air Boat, though the sides are much larger. Bump and go action with flashing light. Date? Asahi
SPACE PIONEER - MASUDAYA - JAPANA metallic blue and silver lithographed tin battery op space ship. The space ship has large tubular side engines topped with fins. A pilot sits under a clear plastic canopy. Bump and go mystery action. The toy has a fan powered siren which changes in tone, swannee whistle style. "Super Sonic". It is featured in the 1963 Masudaya catalog.
SPACE PLATFORM with Realistic Spaceman - LINEMAR - JAPANCylindrical shaped vehicle. Grey vinyl spaceman pilot, spinning radar dish. Tin bump and go battery operated action. USAF 113251 . Based on the Pawnee flying platform first flown in 1958. A futuristic jeep.

See also the Flying Jeep. Marked Army.

SPACE RACE CAR - YANOMAN - JAPANTin friction S-10 space car with spiral candy stripe litho cylinders on either side. Possible Usagiya connection? S10

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
SPACE RADAR CAR 5 - CHINAWhite tinplate space car with a plastic base. The wind up space car has two pairs of hinged legs that turn to create a walking action. The silver radar dish acts as the winding key. Marked Space 5 on the top. MS-883

The disk and plastic base can be in either green or red, giving a total of four possible combinations.

. 6" 15cm
SPACE RADAR JEEP - DAIYA - JAPANA military green jeep with a GI driver. The space component is a brightly lithographed space radar screen mounted at the back. Friction powered with rotating antenna.

SPACE RADAR PILOT - ASAKUSA - JAPANPlastic battery op vehicle with bum and go action. Billy Blastoff knock off. One of a range of similar vehicles: Space TV Pilot, Space Guard Pilot, Space Radar Pilot. TV camera.
SPACE RADAR SCOUT PIONEER - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed and white lithographed tin friction spaceship. Instead of the usual fin, this version has two circular plastic radar dishes mounted in the rear which turn as the spaceship is pushed along. Oblong body with and a relatively large clear plastic dome at the front containing a head and shoulders tin astronaut.

Yellow tin pilot under a clear dome.
SPACE RANGER - MARX - USAPlastic battery op remote control orbiting spaceship. Tethered flying action.
SPACE ROBOT CAR, GOLD ROBBY- YONEZAWA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin space car. This large space car has a gold tin lithographed Robby robot driver sitting at the wheel. Behind him is a cylindrical turret covered with a clear green plastic dome. The gun turret pans from side to side as the gun tips move in and out as a firing sound is emitted with flashing lights. Battery operated with a stop and go action. 9.5" 25cm

This space car uses the same pressing as the Space Car with the red Robby driver. The box carries a FLARE importer's logo.

Date? c1955

SPACE ROBOT PATROL CAR - ASAHITIOY - JAPANSilver tin friction Mercedes style space car with gold robot driver advances with siren and sparking gun. Blue gun. ATC

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions.
SPACE ROCKET CAR 75 - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery op space car "With Action of Jet Propulsion" - flashing rear red light.

See also the Junior Jet 27 version of this toy.
SPACE ROCKET CAR X - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed tin friction space car with litho details. The friction car has a non-fall action: if the front drops over a surface a wheel positioned at right angles turns it back. " Neither Slipping Nor Tumbling Off". One wheel has a rubber tire, the other does not. The box has a four leaf clover logo in addition to the Masudaya logo. The pressing is the same as the Rocket Racer RRX.

SPACE ROCKET PATROL CAR - COURTLAND - USARed and yellow lithographed tin friction space car with long undulating red plastic canopy. Litho detailing of engine exhausts. "Long running friction motor". Marked Space Rocket Patrol. USA

The earliest sighting of the space car is in a Toy fair catalogue for 1952-3.
SPACE SCOOTER (PROTOTYPE) - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue and silver lithographed tinplate vehicle has a large NASA logo on the hood. Marked Space Scooter. There's a large plastic dome on top containing a tin astronaut working the controls. This 6" 15cm toy has a friction crank operated mystery action. KO Box?

This is featured in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog as #1085 SPACE SCOOTER., though there is no evidence that it was released.
SPACE SCOOTER - MASUDAYA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin and plastic battery operated space scooter. The scooter is ridden by a large tin boy astronaut with helmet and backpack.

Bump and go mystery action. Later released by Amico. Inspiration for the design came from the Fireball XL5 Jetmobile.

Listed in the 1971 Azrak Hamway International catalog.

SPACE SCOOTER, SNOOPY - AMICO/MASUDAYA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin and plastic battery operated space scooter. The scooter is ridden by a large tinbeagle with vinyl helmet and backpack. This is a Snoopy from Peatnuts knock-off. Unauthorised, making use of the existing boy astronaut version of the toy. Bump and go mystery action. First released by Masudaya, later by Amico.

There are two color versions of the spacesuit: yellow and blue.

Inspiration for the design came from the Fireball XL5 Jetmobile.

Listed in the 1971 Azrak Hamway International catalog.
SPACE SCOUT S-17, WHITE DOME - YANOMAN - JAPANA light blue lithographed tinplate battery operated space vehicle. The vehicle resembles an inflated mattress with long tin fins mounted on the rounded side sections. A yellow tin astronaut pilot sits under a large clear plastic dome and controls a clear plastic lighted gun. At the front is a white dome over a rotating light. Space Scout wording on the sides. There is a metal ring antenna at the back that rotates.

This is the most common version of the toy. A red dome version has been recorded (below). First sighted May Co California, Toy Treasures newspaper supplement, Nov. 24, 1963

There is evidently a connection between Yanoman and Yonezawa. The body of the S-17 is the same pressing as that found on the Rendezvous 7 8.
SPACE SCOUT X-5 - SUZUKI AND EDWARDS - JAPANTin friction space vehicle. Transparent green plastic canopy with pilot head. S&E Japan. Cragstan logo on box.

low profile air car
SPACE SERIES ELEGANT MINIATURES - LINEMAR - JAPANBoxed set of six diecast space vehicles from the Linemar Elegant Miniatures series. 1960s?
SPACE SHIP EXPRESS - IRWIN - USAAn early and unusual design of rocket ship; at its heart is a circular design with motors extending to form a sort of horseshoe shape. The plastic friction space ship has two oange dials, one to choose the destination planet and the other to chose the propulsion mode (Atomic, Stratos or Atmos) Friction action with sparks. USA There are several color combinations.

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog.
SPACE SHIP KX 2000 - SLJ - FRANCELarge plastic battery op remote control space ship with central dome. Yellow top red base. French 1960s
SPACE SHIP SS-18 - SUZUKI & EDWARDS - JAPANSuzuki and Edwards tin friction space car. A simple friction powered lithographed tinplate vehicle. Litho engine detailing. Clear green plastic canopy over a pilot's head. Also seen with a blue canopy.

Two box versions: one marked S&E (top) one with an NA logo (middle) and one by Mitsuhashi, M in Triangle (bottom).
Low profile car.
SPACE SHIP WITH MOVING RADAR - ATC - JAPANSilver and grey lithographed tin friction crank action spaceship boat with propeller. Intended to float. Red underside. The boat has two hydrofoils at the front and a large rectangular rotating plastic antenna. Large rear fin. Porthole litho detailing. Friction crank action. Asahi Toy Company Date? Similar to the ATC FLORIDA AIR BOAT REGULUS
SPACE SHIP WITH SPINNING BALL COCKPIT - YANOMAN - JAPANYM logo. Tin friction space ship with spinning ball cockpit. The detailing looks like the production version of the S-15 prototype. Serial No 5513 The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back. 6.5"
SPACE SHIP X-200 - YANOMAN - JAPANA red and white lithographed tinplate battery operated space vehicle. The vehicle resembles an inflated mattress with long tin fins mounted on the rounded side sections. A tin astronaut pilot sits under a large clear plastic dome and controls a clear plastic lighted gun. At the front is a red dome over a rotating light. X-200 and Space Ship wording on the sides. This version does not have the metal ring antenna. This is a later revision of the original S-17 Space Scout vehicle with a cylindrical red front light instead of the usual white dome, and no metal antenna.

Featured in the 1970 Yanoman catalog where it is described as a new item. The toy pictured i the catalog has the dome shaped light and the metal antenna of the Space Scout and as such may be a photo of a prototype. The late date probably accounts for its rarity.
SPACE SHIP X-8 SCOUTING - TADA - JAPANLithographed tin battery powered vehicle with bump and go action, flashing lights and rotating antenna. This flat, round-nosed vehicle has a large clear plastic dome at the front containing a tin astronaut pilot. There are two large vertical fins at either side of the rear. In the center, behind the dome, is a large cylindrical green plastic flashing light. The start/stop switch is located towards the lower left of the dish. Under the clear plastic dome is a helmeted, goggled space pilot sits behind a conical spring steering wheel. 8.5" long, 8" tall.

Two lithogrpah variations of the X-8 are known:
1. Red and blue litho (top)
2. Red and grey (bottom)
They have the same box art. X 8 X8
SPACE SHIP XY-07 - ATC - JAPANTin friction space helicopter. Tin lithographed spaceship with spaceman under a plastic screen. Tin rotor spins.
This toy was also released as the XZ-7 Space Ship, though this version is more space like with porthole litho. Asahi Japan.
The box art depicts a slightly different piece - the rotor has been replaced by an antenna and the serial number is different.

The XZ-7 appears in the ATC Asahi catalog for 1968
Space Ship XZ-7 - ATC - JAPANTin friction space helicopter. Tin lithographed spaceship with pilot under a plastic screen. Tin rotor spins.
This toy was also released as the XY-07 Space Ship. Asahi Japan. The XZ-7 has a soldier for a pilot and the toy lacks the same space feel.

Again, the box art depicts a slightly different piece - the rotor has been replaced by an antenna and the serial number absent.

The XZ-7 appears in the ATC Asahi catalog for 1968
SPACE SHOOTING RANGE = AUTOMATIC TOY COMPANY - USATinplate wind up shooting range. Spaceship targets with score values. Automatic Toy Company. Working. Beautiful lithography to toy. When wound, tin space ships move across shooting range and mounted gun shoots balls at them. Box is marked 'No. 372 Space Shooting Range' On sale in 1952.

A slightly different litho version of this toy was released by Codeg in UK.
SPACE SIGHT SEEING BUS - MASUDAYA - JAPANWhite and blue lithographed tin friction space vehicle. This rather box shaped space car has two long red fins on either side. At the front is a large clear plastic dome containing a tin astronaut driver. Astronaut under clear dome. There are two round plastic lights at the back, red and green. 17cm.

Two versions are known:
Top - Typo on toy: SPACE SIGHT SEEIG BUS
Bottom - Correct spelling, but a non-sparking toy.

This is one of a range of Masudaya vehicles based on the same oblong pressing.
SPACE SLED - REMCO - USAA re-release of Remco's original Gerry Anderson's Supercar design on the back of the Land of the Giants serial. Plastic battery op space ship with wings. Pilot under canopy. White body with clear blue plastic dome. Cams give different movement patterns.
SPACE SURVEY JEEP - TOYMASTER - JAPANBlue lithographed tin friction space jeep with large gun-like telescope. The jeep has a yellow tin astronaut driver. The telescope which has plastic glass on the ends moves side to side as the jeep moves, and lifts up and down manually. Large blue plastic rotating antenna. 7" (17cm) long. Marked "Toymaster Made in Japan."

A newspaper advertisement dates this to October 1960.
SPACE TRAIN SFTF ME960 - CHINABlue tin battery operated futuristic train. Rounded streamline design with a tailfin. Rotating red plastic antenna. China
SPACE TV PILOT - ASAKUSA - JAPANPlastic battery op vehicle with bum and go action. Billy Blastoff knock off. One of a range of similar vehicles: Space TV Pilot, Space Guard Pilot, Space Radar Pilot. Rotating antenna.
SPACE TV UNIT, SINGLE LENS VERSION - NOMURA - JAPANThis is an impressive space toy consisting of a metallic blue tracked vehicle with a large TV camera mounted on top. A green astronaut with a clear plastic helmet sits at the controls. Battery operated, mystery action, rotating antenna, flashing lights.

This is the rarer variation of the Mobile Space TV Unit. The main differentiating features are:
The driver is a green astronaut with plastic helmet, the camera has one lens and its support is much thicker, the tracked base is much deeper, there is a serial number A196X on the seat, and the trailer is different.

This version appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961.
SPACE VEHICLE - MAKER? - HONG KONG?Plastic battery op space vehicle with color dome. Bump and go action. Hong Kong?
SPACE WHALE SHIP PX-3 - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue and red lithographed tin wind up whale. The hooped antenna is moved forward to start the action. The whale moves along with a gentle up and down motion. Slowly his mouth opens wide and suddenly it snaps shut. Sparks are emitted from behind the red panel on his back.The eyes are rolling plasti balls inside clear plastic enclosures. KO Pioneer wording on the tail.

There are two box versions.

Newspaper adverts currently dated to November 1960
SPACEJET CAR - MAKER - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Blue, red and yellow litho with white a rocket printed on the roof. SpaceJet wording on the front. Space cockpit litho detailing. See also the Atom XZ-7 version of this toy.
SPACEMOBILE AND PILOT - YOSHIYA - JAPANA green tinplate astronaut with red backpack sits astride a blue tin rocket. He holds a small plastic steering wheel, At the back is a red plastic rocket engine surrounded by a wire cage. Friction action with spark. 7" 18cm long. Date?

On the right is a prototype version of the Spacemobile.
SPACESHIP UFO - CHINATin and plastic battery op space vehicle. Ligthographed uppe, plastic base with small wings. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Zeus Forces UFO wording on side. Dish antenna. Bump n go action with red lights in the tail and rotating lighted radar dish. Pilot moves around under the clear dome. This is reworking of the UNIVERSE RECONNAISSANCE BOAT
SPARKING MOON EXPLORER - LINCOLNSmall plastic wind up tracked spaceship. Blue plastic with clear red nose section. One of Mini Wind Up series.
SPARKLING SPACEMAN CAR SP-1 - USAGIYA for LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate friction vehicle with square robot head. Coiled spring antenna. Unusually this vehicle has forward and rearward facing fins. Marked with the Usagiya (rabbit head logo) on the side. Manufactured for distribution by Linemar. Space Man Car
Coiled spring antenna
STAFF CAR JEEP - MAKER? - JAPANA military jeep, green with a star on the hood and USA 1500487 on the side. It's space credentials depend on the fact that it was included in the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal. Advertised in 1959.
STAR SPACE JEEP - ICHIMURA - JAPANTin friction space jeep. 10cm Predominantly brown. Cylindrical structure at rear. See J.87 Space Jeep. Details? Box? J87
SUPER GIANT SPACE MOTORCYCLE - BANDAI - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin friction motorcycle. Circa 1950's. Advances with engine noise. Motorbike. Red plastic rider with a white vinyl cape. Saturn graphic on side. The tail has a red plastic spark cone and a spark window along side. There is a small rotating dish antenna above the front wheel. A working compass is mounted between the handlebars. This is a variation of the Space Patrol Super Cycle and probably came in the same box.

bike supercycle. Date?
SUPER JETTER WITH ROBOT - DAITO - JAPANJapanese cartoon character vehicle with a robot riding in the back seat. Friction mechanism. 12inches long.
SUPER MOON PATROLER - JUNIOR TOY - JAPANTin and plastic battery operated vehicle Circa 1970s. Advances with mystery stop-go action and engine sound as lights flash. It stops, the hatch opens, and the top part of the patroller spins.

Moon Patroller
SUPER RADAR TRACTOR T-27 - ICHICO? - JAPANSeal logo. Tin battery op with robot driver and dish antenna.
SUPER RADAR TRACTOR T-27 - ICHIKO - JAPANA red and silver tin battery operated tractor with a silver metal robot driver. Bump and go. Distinctive circular rotating metal antenna dish at the back. Marked T-27 Seal logo.
SUPER SPACE PATROL, MARS 107 - NOMURA - JAPANThis is a large tin battery operated space ship. The red and grey rocket has a boxy shape with a rounded nose. At the front is a large double barrelled pop-pom gun. At the back are two fins. There is a long metal on-off switch.

This is a pilotless vehicle. Mystery action with swivelling firing guns. Mars-107 The box art is misleading in that it depicts a much more sophiscticated vehicle.

This pressing also forms the basis of the Nomura Sky Patrol and the Yonezawa Sonar Space Patrol

Pictured in the 1962 catalog of the 1st Japan International Toy Fair, but with the addition of US Navy wording on the sides.
SUPERCAR - REMCO - USAPlastic battery op model of Gerry Anderson's Supercar. Cams inserted into the mechanism provide a variety of programmed movement. Two box versions shown: the early plain box and the blister packed version.
SUPERCAR - YOSHIYA - JAPANRed and white tin friction space car with Mike Mercury under a clear plastic canopy. Based on Gerry Anderson puppet TV series.

First sighted in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog, item #2033
SUPERCAR PLAY SET - CECIL COLEMAN - HONG KONGEngland. Supercar TV serial. Plastic space car with five figures. Jimmy, Mitch, Mike Mercury, Prof Popkiss and Dr Beaker.
SWINGING BABY ROBOT - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANTin wind up robot on a swing. Copious litho detailing. One of two litho variations. Reproduced recently.
THUNDER JET 55 - MSK - JAPANA futuristic lithographed tin friction racing car. Blue body with orange trim. Tin pilot under a clear plastic canopy. Number 55 and Thunder Jet printed on the sides. on tail fin. With driver under canopy. Japan. Compare with King Jet 8 and Meteor. MSK Logo. Box?
TRACTOR No 3 - NOMURA - JAPANSimply called Tractor. Red tin battery operated tractor with black robot driver. Marked No.3 "With Visible Lighted Piston Action". Mystery bump n go action. Japan. Date?
TRACTOR WITH VISIBLE LIGHTED PISTON MOVEMENT 1200 - NOMURA SHOWA - JAPANTin battery operated tractor with silver robot driver. Open sided with a moving plastic engine. Forward movement with lighted engine and moving pistons. A tow attachment is fitted at the back. Colour versions include fawn and blue.

Eaton's catalogue 1957
TV SPACE PATROL CAR - TAIYO TEKKIN - JAPANA metallic blue and white tin friction space car with a tin astronaut driver holding a TV camera under a clear plastic dome. Pilot and camera spin around. Two rear fins. The front headlight covers are plastic cones.

No maker's logo on toy or box. This toy appears in an exporter's magaziner dated 1964 and is attributed to the Taiyo Tekkin Company.

Thee Furure Car, an identical pressing, has the name Meiko on the box. Based on the 1954 Ford Atmos Concept Car. Japan. Date?
UNIT 5 AREA RADIATION TESTER - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPANA large red painted pressed steel sled-like toy. This battery operated vehicle has opening cargo doors and raising gantry. Sold exclusively by Sears. Working. When in operation, space vehicle runs with mystery action while two lights on rear illuminates. Next the vehicle stops, the back canopy opens, armature with a radar detector raises up, and smoke is emitted from the back of the canopy. The scale of the toy is designed to create the impression of a massive vehicle. 50cm

Currently the first sighting of this toy is in the Sears 1961 Christmas Book.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.
UNIVERSAL TRUCK - HAYASHI - JAPANTin friction truck with space litho details. Space Rocket V5 printed on truck bed. A H logo on the door indicates this is by Hayashi though Marusan has also been suggested.

Red and blue versions known. 20cm
H in diamond logo.
UNIVERSE BOAT ME 605 - CHINATin battery operated hovercraft style boat. Blue tin with pilot under clear plastic dome at front. SFTF initials. The ship has prominent red and yellow lights at the front: the box art accentuates these. Propeller behind rear fin. Non fall action (a rocker arm in the base prevents the ship from falling off the edge of a table) with lights and turning propeller.
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