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AEROMOBIL - OMNIA - CZECHBlue oval tinplate lithographed battery operated space vehicle with pilot under a small clear plastic dome at the front. Two cylindrical mock engines. Large rear tailfin with plastic engine assembly at top. Battery operated. CSSR. Czech. Two wire antennas with beads.
AIR CAR - TOY MASTER - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate borderline space car, hovercraft style. Low profile with four fans set in the corners of the car. Green plastic canopy. Pegasus wording on the side. Friction action, fans turns with noise.
ALPHA 7 SPACE VEHICLE 3500 - GAMAPlastic battery op remote control lunar explorer. West Germany. One in related series of space vehicles. 1970s
ARCTIC EXPLORER SLED - BANDAIFor Sears. Catamaran style tin battery op vehicle with wings and propellors. Blue pressed steel with a red central platform. Rotating dish antenna. Borderline space.
ATLAS MISSILE LAUNCHER - ISI - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin battery operated A-198 rocket launcher. This boxy tank-like tracked vehicle has a red launching structure containing a yellow tube which holds the wooden rubber tipped missile. The missiles are stored in clips along the side. Marked ATLAS on one side, A-198 on the door. Radar screen lights and launcher raises and fires missile as vehicle advances. Date?
ATOM SPACE CAR - MAKER?Cross between a car and plane style spaceship. Tin friction.
ATOM XZ-7 - JAPANSmall tin friction space car. Litho detailing.

Smith House Auctions
B17 FLYING SPACEMAN FRICTION WITH SIREN, ATOM SUPER CYCLE - BANDAI - JAPANRed lithographed tin friction motorcycle with siren. Circa 1950's. Advances with engine noise. Motorbike. Green plastic rider with a white vinyl cape. Atom wording on side. There is an S logo that clearly relates to the Superman theme of this bike. B17 marked on the box. The box depicts a Superman-style rider wearing a clear cylindrical helmet that is missing from this example. This version has a litho compass rather than a real one. bike supercycle. Date?

See also the Space Patrol Super Cycle B-557
BATTERY OPERATED SPACE SHIPTin battery op styrofoam ball blowing (original of Holdauto) vehicle.
BUCK ROGERS LEAD FIGURES - BRITAINSHollow cast lead figures include Buck Rogers, Robot, ???. England 1930s
CAPTAIN ROBOT - YONEZAWAPlastic battery op robot and separate six-wheel vehicle. Docking action. 21st Century Space logo.
Commander Tank - Sears Bandai - JapanLarge pressed metal space (borderline) tank. Battery operated forward and backward motion. Operating lights. Missiles fit into magazines and are fired using a rear trigger. This example is missing its aerials.
CRAGSTAN SPACE MOBILE, LUNAR PATROL - maker?Tin battery op vehicle. Bump and go action. Roar R R noise. No manufacturer's mark. Cragstan were a distributor. Clear square turret with pilot. Rectangular antenna.
CRUISER - CHINABlue tin wind up space vehicle with three-arm rotor on top. Clear plastic window at rear with visible gears. Blue top, red base. Clockwork action. Number MS 881 MS881
DAN DARE WALKIE TALKIE SET - MERIT RANDALL - ENGLANDMerit England, plastic electronic walkie talkie set.
DELTA 55 LUNAR EXPLORER - YONEZAWA - JAPANPlastic battery op long legged Lunar Explorer space vehicle. Rotating antenna and flashing lights. 21 Century Space Series. See also th LM Commander. Also pictured is the Japanese market version of the box.

Featured in the 1969 M.W. Kasch Distributor Catalog
DELTA 8 GAMA 3560 - GAMAPlastic battery op remote control space buggy vehicle. Tracks. Large rear wheels. West Germany. One in related series of space vehicles. 1970s
DELTA BIRD - NOMURA - JAPANTriangular grey battery operated spaceshio wuth two rear fin and a central plastic cylindrical dome. Bump and go action with flashing lights. 21 cm Red and green dome versions shown. 1970s. Decal details 7 Delta Bird
DYNA-SOAR - PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21Century 21 – a futuristic stealth- like blue plastic space jet. It is friction driven and has a see- through cockpit with seated golden astronaut. 'Dyna - Soar' appears in white lettering on both sides of the fuselage. Two hard- wire antennae can be retracted from the wings. Cool. That strange diamond and MR initials appears on the base of the craft, along with the number 202 and the words ' Made in Hong Kong'. 1967
EL SUPER ROBOTMagic Robot game. Small plastic robot in the center is a Dux Astroman.
FIREFLY XYZ MARK III SPACESHIP - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic friction spaceship. Futuristic vehicle with two fins and a a pilot under a central clear plastic dome. Small rotating plastic antenna at the back. Seen in a variety of colors. Hong Kong 1960s
FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 -TPS - JAPANTin hovercraft style battery op vehicle, bump and go action. Green plastic windows. The body is the same as used on the Mercury Explorer but the turret is a tin construction. Plastic prop. This is the first of the line of similarly styled TPS vehicles. Currently dated to 1968. Toplay
FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 GREEK VERSION - ANANAIDES - GREECEBlue lithographed tin hovercraft style battery oeratedp vehicle, bump and go action. Red plastic windows. Chrome silver plastic antenna. Very similar to the Japanese FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 by TPS on which it is based. Greece
FLYING AIR CAR - TPS - JAPANLightweight aluminum hovercraft style vehicle. Battery op remote control. A fan raises it off the ground. Dish antenna. Same pressing as Luna Hovercraft. Also sold simply as Hover Craft. Toplay
FLYING MAN - SY JAPANTin wind up robot like man in car swings back and forth as his mouth opens and closes. Lucky. Flag has Play Land wording. 27cm high. Date?
FLYING POLICE - DAIYATin battery op space police vehicle. Fan in front. Bump and go action. With Tati Tati noise.
FRICTION PLANET PATROL TANK - YANOMAN - JAPANDark blue lithographed tinplate vehicle with red and yellow fins, yellow astronaut and large gun. The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back, though it is considerably smaller than other versions. The transparent plastic gun is the same as used on the S-17 but is fixed in place. There is a particularly attractive and detailed space landscape printed on the hood of the vehicle. Wind up / friction mystery action with noise. 15cm.

The yellow tinplate astronaut is relatively large and alters the scale of the piece. Marked Planet Patrol Tank on the sides.

The box art differs considerably from the toy: it depicts a domed tank with a long barrelled gun.

Note that there are two versions of this tank: one is wind up with a fixed key on the left side. The other is a friction version - the box shown here has the word "Friction" printed at the top left. BATMAN CAR WITH SIREN pressing.
FRICTION SPACE BUS - ROBBY VERSION - MUIRA/SHIMAZAKITin friction bus. Highly litho'd with Robby detail on roof.
FRICTION SPACE BUS - VERSION 2 - MUIRA/SHIMAZAKIThe non-Robby version of the brightly lithoed tin friction space bus.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FRICTION SPACE CAR WITH SPARK SP-1 - USAGIYA - LINEMARTin friction space vehicle with spark. Two wheels. Erratic action. A more realistic working of the Easel Robot head version of this toy. Complex nose and tail features and a turret with spark windows. Manufactured by Usagiya (Rabbit head logo) for Distribution by Linemar. The box carries the serial number J2650
FRICTION SPACE EXPLORER S-3 - LINEMAR - JAPANTin friction space car with large red astronaut pilot. The pilot's hands move. Imitation tracks at rear. Also sold in a boxed set with the robot headed version. No J-4333

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
FRICTION SPACE PATROL - USAGIYATin friction space vehicle with large robot head. Easel back robot head. Rabbit logo.
FRICTION SPACE PATROL CAR - MITSUHASHI - JAPANThis is a variation of the Mitsuhashi Atomic Race Car. This is a quaint little three wheeled rocket car from the little known Mitsuhasi company. Red and blue tin friction space car with plenty of space graphics. A tin pilot head sits behind a windshield. The car has a large rear tail fin with a torus space station image and two smaller fins alongside. Space Patrol is marked on the sides. Box?

M in triangle logo. 13cm
FRICTION SPACE TRAVELLER WITH MOVING HEAD - ATC - JAPANVTOL 3. A red tin lithographed boat style space ship. In fact the pressing was used for ATC space boats such as the FLORIDA AIR BOAT REGULUS. This more childish version is a wheeled spaceship, not intended to float. The body is brightly lithographed in red, blue and white with porthole details and a rear fin. On top, altering the whole scale of the vehicle, is a child driver with a large vinyl head. He sits behind a clear plastic windshield. Friction action with moving head. Asahi. Date?
FULGUR VIREVOLTE MYSTERE - CHR FRANCEBattery op plastic spaceship with bump and go action. Appeared in a 1959 Christmas catalog from Ancienne Maison Foucault Paris. CHR. Red and blue versions
GAMA 3600Plastic battery op domed rover vehicle. Clear plastic dome. One in related series of space vehicles. 1970s
GAMA A-9 - GAMA GermanyPlastic battery operated remote control space vehicle with forward grab arm. Orange body with a large bubble clear plastic dome. Monsieur Tap-Tap A9
GOLDEN SONIC -TIGRETTPlastic battery op spaceship 'remote controlled by sound'. USA
HOLDAUTO - LIM, INTERKOSMOTin battery op styrofoam ball blowing vehicle. Blue
HOLDAUTO - LIM, INTERKOSMOTin battery op styrofoam ball blowing vehicle. Red.
HYDROGEN POWERED SERVICE STATION - LINEMARTin friction inertia toy - Fire Department version. The car is inserted into the station and a crank is turned in the back. The car has a siren that works as the station is cranked. When up to speed the button on the top is pressed and the car takes off with the siren sounding.
INDIAN SCOUT AT_11 - AMARTOY - INDIA Light blue lithographed tinplate battery operated vehicle. Bump and go action with astronaut sitting at a large green gun with clear plastic barrel. Magic white color dome at the front. The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back. This is an Indian knock-off version of the Yanoman Space Scout S-17. The serial AT_11 is printed on the inner sides. AT-11. Made by Amartoy of Dehli.

Closer examination has shown that this has not been produced from the same mold but has been designed to resemble the original Japanese piece. The Indian version is slightly smaller and it does not have the rotating antenna. The fins stand vertical, the litho detailing is different and the battery box is plastic rather than tin. Date? Asia
INTERPLANETARY SPACE FIGHTER, SUPER JET V-7 - NOMURATin battery op vehicle with bump and go action. Astronaut with large gun.
JET CAR - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin friction space car. Open top lithographed sedan car with windscreen. Minimal space detailing: Saturn, etc. Plain card box with paper label. 1950s Japan
JET RACER SPACE CAR - TKK - JAPANSimilar to King Jet 8. A tin friction futuristic Racing Car - green and yellow tin printed cockpit and exterior with driver. TKK is printed on the base of this toy. (Kitahara attributes this to Yonezawa.) The box carries a substantial Cragstan logo. 30cm
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