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ATOMIC BOAT X-90 - ET CO - JAPANRed and white lithographed tin speed boat with robot driver. Silver block head robot with coil on his head. Crank action friction engine. The boat has an unusually positioned plastic prop at rear, pointing upward, in addition to the main screw. Two rear fins. Friction crank action. See also the Marusan Robot Speed Boat No 7 Box?

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FLORIDA AIR BOAT REGULUS - ATC - JAPANLithographed tinplate battery operated space boat, intended to float. This silver, white and blue boat has litho detailing of windows with astronauts and portholes along the side. Red tin hull with two hydrofoils at the front. The boat has a substantial rear assembly that holds the electric motor and propellor. A switch is positioned at the front. Regulus wording on the side. Similar body to ATC SPACE SHIP WITH MOVING RADAR. Hydroplane, prop drive. Date?
MECHANICAL SPACE CHALLENGER X-300 - ASAKUSA - JAPANAn unusual tin lithographed wind up space boat. The catamaran or hydrofoil boat comprises of a central oval shaped red and silver k tin body resting on a yellow tin platform. On either side are mounted two long red plastic flotation cylinders. A vinyl astronaut sits in the cockpit. X-300 is printed on the sides held in place by metal bands. The wind up toy has four rather simple plastic wheels underneath which double as paddles, so the toy can run on land or on water. Two are driven directly from the motor, the other two are connected by rubber band. The astronaut shown here is not the correct one but is a close fit. His head turns from side to side when the toy runs.

The artist has taken liberties is designing the box; the artwork depicts a much more sophisticated design than the actual toy.

The box has the ATD Asakusa Toys & Dolls logo.

Toy photo Mark Bergin Toys.
ROBOT BOAT RB-300 Maker?Plastic robot in boat. static - water pistol?
ROBOT BOAT - SPEED BOAT NO 7 - MARUSAN - JAPANTin friction speedboat with robot driver. Crank action inertia engine. Silver block head robot driver with no antenna. Called Robot Boat on the box, but Speed Boat on the toy. Two fins at the rear. Variations exist. See also the ET CO version.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions.
ROBOT BOAT, SPEED BOAT NO 7, AND R7 VARIATION - ET COFriction crank action tin boat with robot. Version exists without the robot. See also the Atomic Boat X-90. Silver blockhead robot driver with no antenna.
ROBOT TORPEDO - MARUSAN - JAPANA red silver lithographed tinplate torpedo with a red robot driver. Friction inertia crank action. 29cm Circa 1950's. Crank operated torpedo with turning prop. Rubber nose. There should be a clear plastic canopy covering the robot. Marked 60 on the nose and Robot Torpedo on the sides. A black rubber plug forms a safety tip.

There is a version called Jet Torpedo with a human driver; it has the same box art depicting a robot pilot but the wording is different

Image Smith House Auctions
ROBOT WAR BOAT R-7 - ASC"With shooting missile gun". Tin friction boat on wheels. Missile shooting and siren. Crank action. Aoshin. The nissiles are wooden with rubber tips.
SPACE SHIP WITH MOVING RADAR - ATC - JAPANSilver and grey lithographed tin friction crank action spaceship boat with propellor. Intended to float. Red underside. The boat has two hydrofoils at the front and a large rectangular rotating plastic antenna. Large rear fin. Porthole litho detailing. Friction crank action. Asahi Toy Company Date? Similar to the ATC FLORIDA AIR BOAT REGULUS
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