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APOLLO - TECHNOFIX 1971 - WEST GERMANPlastic track toy consisting of a blue base depicting the Earth and the Moon. The wind up plastic Apollo USA module orbits in a figure of eight while spark emerge from the rear. A press of one of two buttons allows the module to orbit the Earth or the Moon separately. West Germany 1971
APOLLO LUNAR LANDER TOY - K LOGO KOKYUK Logo. Tin wind up Apollo capsule and lander orbit the moon. The lithographed tinplate toy comprises a square base with a hemispherical red and yellow moon surface. From the center of the cratered moon surface two wires extend, one with an orboting Apollo space capsule, the other has a lunar lander. Wind up rotating action. Japanese box version.
DOCKING APOLLO - MASUDAYA - JAPANBrightly lithographed tin and plastic spacecraft and plastic lunar lander. The two craft travel around a figure of eight track with a detailed picture of a moon landing. Tin battery op track toy with Apollo capsule and plastic lander. An imaginative attempt to capture the intricacy of the Apollo moon landing operation.
EARTH AND SATELLITE TOY - NAME? MAKER?Tin and plastic wind up? Earth ans satellite orbitin a conical stand. West German ?

Image courtesy of Smith House Toys
ESTACION ESPACIAL SPACE STATION - GOFAR - SPAINA most unusual battery operated tin and metal space toy consisting of a 48cm cast metal rocket which acts as a central turret. A bar is suspended from the turret with a plane at one end and a counterweight at the other. A battery control box allows the plane to circle at variable speed. The box art is particularly attractive. Manufactured by Gofar Producciones SA Valencia.

Image BCNToys
FLY TO THE MOON BY SPACE CAPSULE - Maker?A tin and plastic space moon globe. A detailed lunar globe is encased in a light green plastic sphere. It stands on a tin and plastic base with space scenes. A white and red Apollo spaceship is attached to a track on the side of the globe and travels around the moon. Battery operated.
GLOBE AND SPUTNIK Nr 1000 - J.G.Sch West GermanyTin wind up lithographed globe with orbiting sputnik, Made by Johann Georg Schopper GmbH & Co (J.D.Sch) 1960s Michael Seidel is also from Zirndorf. It´s possible that those toy companies - Schopper/Fuchs/Seidel - changed toy parts, not unusual for German toy producers.
GLOBE EXPLORER BANK - W TOY - JAPANTinplate battery operated savings bank in shape of a globe of the Earth on a cylindrical base. Rocket and flying saucer attachments. Box depicts orbiting Sputnik satellite. Japan
GLOBE WITH ORBITING SPUTNIK AND SAUCER 2000 - MS WEST ERMANYW Germany. Tin clockwork globe with orbiting flying saucer and sputnik. MS Chamois Logo 2000
Made by Michael Seidel. Founded 1881 in Zirndorf near Nuremberg. Schopper is also from Zirndorf. It´s possible that those toy companies - Schopper/Fuchs/Seidel - changed toy parts, not unusual for German toy producers.
I.C.B.M. LAUNCHING STATION - HORIKAWATin friction rocket launching ramp. Turn crank on base to turn the friction motor on the missile then push the button on the base. The two stage missile is released. When the missile hits the end of the ramp a button automatically triggers the rubber tipped rocket to release. 45cm assembled. ICBM

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
MAN-MADE SATELLITE - Swallow Toys/HokuTin battery op Circa 1958. Earth turns as the satellite spins above, Mars spins and the rocket light blinks. Beautifully lithographed base with a lunar landscape on one side and space rockets on two other sides. Is this Hofu?
MAN-MADE SATELLITE BANKTin lithographed bank: satellite attached to Earth globe hemisphere. Wheels on the base. When the toy is pushed along the satellite rotates. Swallow logo, Hoku? Japan 1950s Friction. See the battery op version of this toy.
MECHANICAL ROCKET EXPRESS - LINEMARTin wind up orbiting train and satellite. Two rocket trains marked SP sit on either side of a central disk rotating on a blue base with space lithography. When wound the trains move round, passing under a tunnel and through a station. A Sputnik satellite orbits above. Honeymoon Express style. 1950s?
MECHANICAL SPACE MOBILE - MARX - JAPANTin lithographed battery operated space train rolls backward and forward over a tinplate lunar style track. Space-Mobile. Track dismantles for storage in box.
MOON'S STATION - ANANIADES - GREECETin wind up Honeymoon Express style train travelling around Earth. The two carriage train is fixed to a central disk. As the disk turns it takes the train around, through two tunnels. Saturn. rocket and jet lithography. A rocket and Sputnik style satellite on a wire orbit the central Earth hemisphere. Greek. Possibly by FINO?.
Name? Detail? WEST GERMANY1950s tin loop the loop track toy with rocket.
RAKETEN BAHN - SPACE ROCKET TRACK - VOITH - WEST GERMANYTin track toy. Tin litho launch station propells tin rocket around the track. West Germany. Fritz Voith Zirndorf
REMOTE CONTROL SATELLITE - ARNOLD - FRANCEHand cranked tin satellite with spinning propellors. Serial No. 5030/295 Sputnik style. Marked Made in France (not Germany)
ROCKET CONTROL CENTER - KANTO?K logo Kanto? Tin battery op arcade style steering toy with rockets and saucers.
ROCKET CONTROL CENTER - OHTA/AHIOhta/AHI battery-operated Rocket Control Centre, endless rotating grey plastic conveyor belt with fixed rockets and Moon Launchers with magnetic moveable rocket, space scenes on base and illuminated green control panel --33cm K Logo
ROCKET EXPRESS - TECHNOFIXBrightly lithoed tin wind up space toy. Small rocket cars orbit a track arond the Earth against a space port scene. Based on the Terre Lune pressing. West Germany
SATELLITE - MAKER?Tin battery op toy. Batteries housed in central globe. The magnetic satellite spins around the track, lit by power from the central globe.
SATELLITE IN ORBIT - HORIKAWA FOR CRAGSTANTin battery op space toy. The world turns and a styrofoam ball floats on the stream of air created by the blower. Made in Japan for Cragstan by Horikawa. Serial no 40225
SATELLITE ORBITING EARTH - GNK - WEST GERMANYA tin and plastic toy depicting a rocket orbiting the Earth. The base of the toy is a white plastic cone containing a clockwork motor. A globe of the Earth is attached and rotates on a spindle. A rocket on a wire in turn orbits the Earth. The rocket has an image of a dog, a clear reference to Leica, set inside. The box has space graphics but has no wording other than the initials GNK. Wind up. Height 11cm
SKY ROCKET - ARNOLDTin wind up space toy. Two levers control the movement of a rocket approaching a docking station. W germany
SPACE AGE - GLOBE WITH SATELLITES MAKER? JAPANBrightly lithographed tin globe with orbiting satellite and two rockets. Wind up. Possibly Masudaya MT.
SPACE TRIP - MASUDAYA - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed tin battery operated track toy. Rotating space station lifts tin rockets and sends them around the track. When turned on and the two sided cars are placed on the top portion of the track, they race to the left where they drop and flip over transferring to the bottom inside section of the track. They then jump over a ramp and disappear into a rotating space station that rotates moving the cars to the top section to repeat the action. During operation a space sound is heard.
SPACE-SATELLITE - Phillip Neidemeyer (PN)Tin wind up toy. Tin litho toy has overall size of 4x13x5.5" tall. 1960s by Niedermeier, Western Germany. Center unit of the toy which has lever is domed globe showing continents along with large images of a jet plane and ocean liner. Attached to this by rods are a 3.5" long spaceship and 2" diameter satellite both featuring images of the Sputnik 2 dog Laika at windows. Toy works and spins to give appearance of the spacecraft rotating the Earth.
SPUTNIK BANK - USSR RussiaBlue lithographed tinplate bank with space scenes. The tin bank has a globe set into front with a channel surrounding it. A miniature space capsule orbits when a top lever is pulled. Russia 1950s
SPUTNIK THE MAGNETIC SATELLITE - MAKER?Tin battery op spinning toy. Central globe holds batteries. Magnetic satellites spin around the outer track, lit by power from the center.
STRATO-COPTER - VERSION 2 - HUKI WEST GERMANYGerman, 1950s, tinplate wind up toy. Helicopter orbits with flying saucer around a central tower on a building rather than just a tower. Excellent box art. HK-560 on helicopter corresponds with serial number on box art. Helicopter has separate wind up motor for its rotor. See box other version. Stratocopter
STRATO-COPTER MZ-560 - WEST GERMANYGerman, 1950s, tinplate wind up toy. Helicopter orbits with flying saucer around a central tower. Excellent box art. HK-560 (proably HUKI) on helicopter which has separate wind up motor for its rotor. See box other version.
TERRA LUNA with antenna - Technofix - WEST GERMANYTin windup track toy. Circa 1953. Early version of the toy that has two satellites spinning in circles as two 1.75" long tin cars are shot around the track. Beautifully litho'd toy has illustrations of space ships on both sides.

Image Smith House Auctions
Terra Lune No 262 Meteor Express - TechnofixHighly lithoed track toy. Two versions, one with additional spinning rocket antenna
TICK TACK EXPRESS - Phillip Neidemeyer (PN) WEST GERMANYTin wind up track toy. Two wind up cars travel from end to end via a central Station. Technofix style. Space graphics on the box, not on the toy. Borderline space toy.
UNIVERSE TRAVELLER - MASUDAYAWind up tin track toy. Brightly lithoed tin. Two tin rockets move along Technofix style as the wind up mechanism raises and lowers the track. Large rotating antenna.
UNIVERSE TRAVELLER - MasudayaLitho'd tin wind up track toy. Simple clockwork mechanism lifts the track and allows the cars to roll from end to end. An antenna rotates. The same design of toy also appeared as the Dragon Ride circa 1952/3.
ZOOMING SATELLITE - GAMA - W GERMANYAn unusual lithographed tin wind up space toy comprising a tin Earth globe sitting on a metal tripod. A satellite, or plastic ball, is attached to the globe and the whole assembly spins. The satellite starts next to the Earth then moves away to its full extent then returns. I'm not aware of any other space toy that has anything like this action. This appears as item number 825 in the 1958 Gama catalog.
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