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ATOMIC BULLDOZER - PMC HONG KONGPlastic battery op space tank with articulated robot driver. Spiral pattern spinner under clear dome. Bump and go action. Hong Kong. See also the Space Controlled Tractor
BATTERY OPERATED BULLDOZER - YOSHIYA - JAPANOrange/yellow tinplate battery operated bulldozer with a blue-grey tin robot driver. ther bulldozer has working rubber tracks and a litho engine panel in the side. Shovel at the front. Marked KO. Forward and backward movement "With automatic shovel action". The robot's eyes light and he works the levers. 7" long. tractor
BULLDOZER WHICH A ROBOT OPERATES - BOX VERSION 1 - KKS JapanTin battery operated bulldozer with robot driver. This is an earlt version of Robotrac. See the other KKS (Komoda Shoten) box. This looks to be the earliest version. No reference to Robotrac on the box art. Bulldozer wording on the toy. Box depicts the blue version of the bulldozer.
BULLDOZER WHICH A ROBOT OPERATES - VERSION 2 KKS JAPANA second box version of his battery operated bulldozer with robot driver. This has the KKS (Komoda Shoten) logo in a diamond. Bulldozer wording. Later issued as Robotrac,
BULLDOZER WITH HORN & LIGHT, ROBOTRAC - LINEMARName on box: Bulldozer with horn and light!
Name on toy: Robotrac
Manufacturer: Linemar, Japan
Dimensions: Length - 9.5" Width - 5.75" Height - 6.5"
Timeline date: 1957
Power source: 2 "D" cell batteries
Actions: Bulldozer moves in bump and go fashion as steering levers move back and forth creating the impression that robot driver is controlling the direction. The rear rubber tread wheels roll along the ground, which in turn cause the front tread wheels to turn, creating the impression that the bulldozer is being propelled by the rubber treads. Intermittently, the horn will sound and the light atop the robot's head will light.
Additional info.: Photo above depicts the yellow color variation. There is also a blue color variation. Variations to the lithography of the robot operator also exist. Stamped into the center of the bump and go plate on the bottom of the toy is the Linemar Toys logo and the word JAPAN.
bulldozer tractor with robot driver. back and forward action.
This is a variation of the Bulldozer Which a Robot Operates by KKS.
Details?Plastic bulldozer tractor.
ELECTRIC TRACTOR - RUSSIAPlastic battery op tractor with bump and go action. Light on the engine. Plastic robot driver. Paper decal engine details. The box indicates a date of 1984-1988. Made by a Russian company with the stylized AM logo identified as the Leningrad Metalware Factory. Note the square or "boxy" shape of this version, compared with the rounder version.
LUNAR BULLDOZER - NOMURAPlastic battery op space dozer with pilot under clear canopy. Mystery bump and go action. Lighted engine. Brightly coloured plastic. The shovel is controlled manually. A late Nomura item.
MARVELOUS MIKE BULLDOZER - SAUNDERSPressed steel battery op bulldozer tractor withot driver. USA
MOON RANGER - CENTURY 21 TOYSCentury 21 plastic battery operated space bulldozer. It has forward and reverse action on caterpillar tracks. There is a large clear dome cockpit with driver, a rotating radar and a front- shovel. 'Made in Hong Kong' appears on the plastic base. The box is the oblong two parter - thin top and harder inner. The artwork depicts a painted Moon Ranger - blue and yellow - charging over a rocky landscape with a shovel- full of lunar rocks. The 'Star features' are ' Battery operated, forward and reverse control, powerful climbing action, operating shovel, flashing rear light, two headlights, rotating radar scanner'. It also states that it is 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. The Captain badge and Manual are shown on the front as being inside. The 'Operating Instructions' on one of the long sides shows the battery positioning and the forward- reverse switch at the base of the vehicle. 1967
RADAR TRACTOR - ICHIKOTin battery op tractor with robot driver. Bump and go action with lighted engine. Large antenna (incorrect one here). See also the T-27 Tractor. Seal logo Frankonia
RADAR TRACTOR MYSTERY ACTION - ICHIKOTin battery op tractor with robot driver. Dish antenna. Notice also the box variation with the misspelling "RADOR TRACTOR"
ROAD CONSTRUCTION ROLLER - DAIYATin battery op road roller with tin Robby driver. Forward and backward action with flashing lights. Road roller in metallic green with a maroon Robby at the controls. Visible moving pistons. 25cm
ROBERT THE ROBOT AND HIS REMOTE CONTROL BULLDOZER - REMOTE CONTROL VERSION - IDEAL USABlue plastic remote control bulldozer with red plastic robot driver. Battery fits in robot to power light in head. Wire operated remote control as used in the Robert the Robot robot. Trigger controls direction and crank provides drive. Serial No 4064 No firm date yet but c 1954. Compare with the wind up version No 4063.
Name on toy: Ideal Diesel Tractor
Nickname: (Wind up version)*
Manufacturer: Ideal Toy Corporation, U.S.A.
Dimensions: Length - 9.5", Width - 6.5", Height - 6.5"
Timeline date: 1956 (Milway of Milwaukee Wholesale catalog)
Power source: Wind up motor/1 "AA" battery
Actions: Vehicle moves forward with a whistling sound, then backs up. Robert's hands sit atop the steering levers which move back and forth as the dozer changes direction, giving the impression that the robot is actually operating the controls. The robot's head lights up by means of a "AA" battery inside the driver's body. The shovel can either sit up off the ground, resting on the front lip of the bulldozer, or it can scrape along the ground to actually move objects.
Additional info.: *There is also a remote control/hand crank version. It uses the same remote controller and cable unit that Robert the Robot came with. Permanently attached, metal wind up key. Battery fits beneath hat.
ROBOT TRACTOR - RUSSIAPlastic battery operated tractor with rounded profile. Large rear tin lithographed wheels.Plastic robot driver. There is small switch on the top of the tractor and a plastic antenna at the back. Two versions, at least: green with white robot; red with light green robot. Russia. Comes in a plain box marked simply "Tractor"
ROBOT BULLDOZER - TOMYPlastic battery op radio controlled tractor with robot driver. Forward and reverse, lifting shovel. Red and yellow versions shown.

Image Smith House Auctions
ROBOT BULLDOZER - YOSHIYATin battery op remote control bulldozer with robot driver. Rubber tracks. "Six actions" Forward, reverse; green and red lights. . Box marked KO on end panels.
ROBOT BULLDOZER WITH BLINKING LIGHT - FLARETin battery op bulldozer tractor with robot. Blinking lights. When you push the lever on the right forward, the tractor moves forward, the pistons move up and down and the light on top of the robots head flashes on and off. Pushing the lever backwards reverses the action. The pistons have a distinctive design: they are tin rockers that emerge from the side of the lithographed engine. The robot has a rounded shape

Marked "United Pioneer Company No 115" on the back and "United" on the front.

SPACE CONTROLLED TRACTOR - PMC HKPlastic battery op tractor bulldozer with articulated robot driver. Bump and go action.
SUPER RADAR TRACTOR T-27 - ICHICO?Seal logo. Tin battery op with robot driver and dish antenna.
SUPER RADAR TRACTOR T-27 JapanTin battery op tractor with robot driver. Bum and go.
TRACTOR No 3 - NOMURA, JAPANSimply called Tractor. Red tin battery operated tractor with black robot driver. Marked No.3 "With Visible Lighted Piston Action". Mystery bump n go action. Japan. Date?
TRACTOR WITH VISIBLE LIGHTED PISTON MOVEMENT 1200 - NOMURA SHOWA - JAPANTin battery op tractor with robot driver. Colour versions include fawn and blue.
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