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The War of the Worlds Playset - Archer Plastics 1953

Released to coincide with George Pal's classic 1953 movie. 31 parts in its original die-cut box.

The set includes the following:
•10 Plasticraft GI's - Hard styrene metallic green plastic each figure is different.
•6 Archer "Men of Mars"- Hard styrene plastic molded in metallic bronze, silver, green and purple. "...the most exquisitely designed space men ever produced. Their space suits are adorned with large epaulets on their shoulders, cuffed boots and gloves, and Romanesque helmets....".* Each has 1/16" wide glove slots to hold their vinyl weapons and astro-pacs.
•6 Martian Weapons - Soft red vinyl plastic. Includes paralyzer, atom rifle, neutralizer, force gun, ray gun, and disintegrator.
•6 Martian Astro-pacs - Soft mustard colored plastic. Includes space-scope, first-aid kit, space dust, radio, Geiger counter, and ammo case.
•1 Martian Commander - Hard styrene bronze colored plastic with original halo.
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