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Azrak, Nagasakiya & Mak's

13 September 2014 - 09:51 PM

I recently picked up these three 60's-70's pistols. The Mak's is a classic gun covered here several times, most recently under Alessandro's post; My Barbarella Ray Gun:  http://danefield.com...rella-ray-gun/. A 9 inch hard plastic water gun.


Attached File  IMG_7153.jpg   24.23K   4 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7159.jpg   11.6K   6 downloads


The second is a nifty little cubist pistol, made by Azrak-Hamway in 1978. They made a few decent guns, I have two other in my collection as well. I like the sparse clean lines and the little flip-up sight at the back. A 4.5 inch water pistol in hard plastic.


Attached File  IMG_7154.jpg   20.97K   1 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7156.jpg   33.27K   2 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7158.jpg   22.82K   1 downloads


The last gun is also kind of neat, in that it was made by the musically-named Japanese company, Nagasakiya, which, coincidentally, is the name of a large department store chain in Japan as well (possibly one in the same). This has a very nice barrel, reminiscent of the Ranger Steel guns, it also has the largest scope I've ever seen on a gun this small (it actually does work, by the way). A 6 inch water pistol in hard plastic.


Attached File  IMG_7155.jpg   25.62K   2 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7157.jpg   17.41K   4 downloads


They are not big-ticket guns, but I like them just the same.

I Get Scammed, So You Don't Have To.

06 September 2014 - 06:13 PM

If you like detective stories, then this post is for you.


I'm an idiot! :frustrate:


I figured that was a good place to start; it seems I consistently fall for big ticket ray gun scams. I fell for the fake Pyrotomic Disintegrators, and now the Mexican Planet Jet guns. :blush:


However, by getting sucked into these shady deals, I inadvertently provide a public service by blowing the lid off of these fakes, and providing a good study of the guns themselves so none of you need lose all your money...like me.


*Sigh*...so, let's get started. First, let me say that if this batch of guns coming out of Mexico are indeed fakes, they are exceptionally well made. Unlike the Pyrotomic guns, the "tells" are much less obvious. Now, again, I am assuming it is not authentic, but they could just be a foreign copy that sprang up...dunno.


As I said, these are exceptionally well made. The gun is cast from hard plastic, not resin, which is good, and the mold seams fit together perfectly, but the surface is immaculately clean and shiny (suspicion 1).


Attached File  IMG_7113.jpg   14.1K   4 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7114.jpg   16.34K   5 downloads


The molds were well detailed, every point is sharp. The action of the trigger matches the originals; the trigger clicks loudly, and the rocket moves forward smoothly.


Attached File  IMG_7117.jpg   39.89K   4 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7124.jpg   30.1K   3 downloads


The words Planet Jet appear on both sides, whereas the known guns have this only on the right side of the grips (suspicion 2).


Attached File  IMG_7118.jpg   14.14K   2 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7119.jpg   14.06K   4 downloads


The removable cap has no hole in it; you can't squirt water without that (suspicion 3).


Attached File  IMG_7121.jpg   15.27K   2 downloads


The interior does indeed have a petrified rubber bladder inside, looking very authentic, however, having never actually seen one up close, I must defer to you who own these to confirm this or not.


Attached File  IMG_7122.jpg   26.68K   3 downloads


And, of course, the cap is the wrong color too (suspicion 4).


So, there you have it...oh wait, I have it. Am I the victim, or the lucky owner of a rare toy? :scratchhead:  :pigsfly:


:blush: Only you can tell me that.

The Jefe Multi Pistola

09 August 2014 - 06:33 PM

I already had a Jefe pistol in my collection, but this model has a bit more of a cool factor to it.


Attached File  IMG_7052.jpg   42.84K   6 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7053.jpg   43.43K   5 downloads


The gun is roughly 7 inches long and is a dart gun. The design is fairly simple; a steel tube with a long spring anchored at the back, and a trigger catch inserted into the bottom to hold the dart. This is sandwiched between two dense high impact plastic body halves.


Attached File  IMG_7054.jpg   25.33K   5 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7057.jpg   25.36K   5 downloads


I like the scope and sight ball on the tip of the barrel. The scope even has "cross hairs" of a sort at the front.


It has the words "Multi Pistola" and "patentado" molded on both sides, and "JEFE Valencia Espana" on the grips.


And, if you squint your eyes a little bit, it looks even more like a space gun.


Spanish "zoomer" Pistol

09 August 2014 - 01:23 AM

This very unusual space pistol arrived from Spain and I had never seen one of these before.


Attached File  IMG_7035.jpg   22.93K   6 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7036.jpg   27.09K   5 downloads


It is a "zoomer" style gun that fires a transparent celluloid coil.


Attached File  IMG_7038.jpg   32.12K   5 downloads


 It is a harlequin style; red on one side and yellow on the other. The only particular space design element, other than its odd shape, is a lightening bolt on both sides. It measures 5 inches long, and has a wonderful red transparent trigger.


Attached File  IMG_7037.jpg   18.62K   5 downloads


The way this works; you push in the trigger, which pushes a firing rod out the back of the gun.


Attached File  IMG_7039.jpg   17.25K   4 downloads


When it reaches a certain point, it releases the spring loaded rod, which hits a similar plastic tack, with a wide head, attached to the center of the coil. The coil ejects from the barrel with lightening speed about 2 inches, then returns instantly, you can barely see it fly, however, it gives the impression of a red flash from the barrel that is most effective.

The Pistola Espacial "wireframe" Gun

07 August 2014 - 11:46 PM

I have been intrigued by this odd gun ever since I saw one in Doc Atomic's collection. So now I have an example of my own.


Attached File  IMG_7028.jpg   17.63K   4 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7029.jpg   16.6K   6 downloads


Measuring barely over 9 inches long, it is molded in a dense, high-impact, iridescent blue plastic. It came from Spain, but was crafted in Argentina by the Everlindo company. The only actual mention of the name is on the left side of the trigger guard.


Attached File  IMG_7030.jpg   15.4K   2 downloads


However, there are several tiny smile-shaped phrases cast into both the trigger guard and the barrel muzzle which, under extreme magnification, spell out "Industrial Argentina".


Attached File  IMG_7031.jpg   11.13K   2 downloads


The gun came with one original rubber tipped dart, resembling a rocket with fins at the rear. There is a red cap at the butt and a red plastic plunger in the barrel with a steel rod anchored into it.


Attached File  IMG_7033.jpg   25.92K   2 downloads


Attached File  IMG_7034.jpg   34.24K   3 downloads


I'm really glad I could finally find one of these unusual guns.