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The Rocket Control Gun

Yesterday, 10:58 PM

I recently acquired this neat little gun with the name Rocket Control on the left side...


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It is roughly 5.5 inches long...


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Ah, but when you turn the gun over, the name becomes very clear...


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It is a "Rocket" control, for a toy, most likely a robot. So, what robot, or space toy did this little gun control? :scratchhead:


At least 3 of you probably knows the answer to this one. :biggrin:

My Grail is For Sale - Pyrotomic Pistol

20 June 2014 - 08:01 PM

Well, normally when I find something this important, I tell no one, so I can keep it to myself :angry: (yeah, right). :biggrin: However, it has already jumped above my level of the food chain :frustrate: ...so for those of you with deep pockets, have at it! :blush:


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My Fireball XL-5 Robert robot replica

11 June 2014 - 11:04 PM

Two days ago a very special parcel arrived at my house, which came all the way from the UK, it contained an item I have waited years to get, and took over three months to commission. I am now the proud owner of my very own replica of the Fireball XL-5 Robert the robot marionette!
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This amazing item was hand crafted by a professional prop artist named Vaughan Herriott, and a nicer, honest and professional businessman you would be hard-pressed to find.
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He has his own website Supermarionettes.com : http://supermarionettes.com/ where he manufactures full-sized replicas of all the Gerry Anderson puppets.
This all started quite some time ago when I noticed he had put up a commission offer on eBay for a Robert replica. At that same time I made a post here on Alphadrome about Robert and the unfortunate lack of toys in his likeness. After my post, I discovered that many Alphadromers were also big fans of Robert, and one member in particular; Eagle, decided to build his own. As talented as he is, I'm quite sure his Robert will be nothing short of perfection, as he is attempting to build an exact, historically accurate replica, made from all the original materials used by the Anderson studios.
As I do not have the skill or tools to take on such a task, I decided to have Vaughan create one for me. Now, whereas Eagle's will be an exact replica, mine is a reasonable facsimile; that's not to say mine isn't accurate, but the internal parts in mine are hand made to resemble the original materials. I could not have afforded the time, or cost that would be needed to find all the elements which were originally culled from old radios (resistors, tubes, rectifier screens and other bits).
Robert measures in at 21 inches tall to the top of his antenna. It stands on a very heavy Perspex base that contains a battery box and switch in order to light up the eyes like the original.
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It is mounted on a steel stand and the arms, legs, and neck are bendable.
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He is also jointed at the waist and the claws open and close. There were some surprises with this, as there were details that I didn't recognize on the original puppet, so I asked Vaughan why he made some of choices he did.
First, I noticed the shape of the feet and the odd openwork metal plate on the bottoms.
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He told me that to begin with, there were two different Roberts used in production, and they were not exact copies of each other. He was working from a very good color photo of the one mine was modeled after. The feet are egg-shaped, and he said this was verified by archival photos, as is the rectifier screen soles on them. He said there was a scene in one of the shows where Robert was pushed into a trash chute where the bottoms of the feet are clearly visible.
My next question was about the head, which I assumed to be clear like the rest of the body, but mine is lightly frosted.
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He said that this is also incorrect; the original head was the same type of  frosted plastic drink cup the the prop man was drinking from, which eventually became Robert's head.
Although this is not a historically accurate marionette (and Eagle, I can't wait to see how nice yours will come out! ), I am very happy with this fantastic replica. :biggrin:
Now for a public service announcement...if you are interested, Vaughan will make a Robert for you as well, you can contact him on his website and tell him I sent you!

Leftover souvenir robots from Botstock XI

06 June 2014 - 07:36 PM

Well, Botstock XI is all but a pleasant memory now, but there were many of our fellow brothers and sisters who couldn't make it this year and expressed an interest in getting one of the official Botstock XI mold-A-Rama robots. I still have 8 of the red robots, and 10 of the black ones left.


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Each is emblazoned with colorful graphics on the bottom marking this historic event...


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I will offer them on a first-come-first-served basis for $5 each. Please email me through the Alphadrome mail to make payment and shipping arrangements, and don't forget to include your mailing address.


Hurry, this is a limited time offer!! :biggrin:

Botstock XI...a view from the bridge

02 June 2014 - 09:37 PM

Another Botstock is behind us, and although it was intense and tiring, I wouldn't have missed this for the world. :biggrin:


As Joe K.'s understudy, and co-host, I first want to thank all who attended this year for making it the best event I have been to so far (yes, this was only my second Botstock, however, it was the best). I can certainly appreciate the effort that goes into one of these, and I only had to worry about one day out of three!


Botstock is not about toys, it's about friendship...well...ok, it is about toys, but it's the friendship that keeps me coming back; Alphadromers are the best part of this hobby.


I had a blast having everyone over to my place to share our hobby...that's what it's all about. Again; kudos to Joe K., Doc Atomic, and Robot Hut for their contributions and unfailing support of this annual event, as well as Perry's Toy Exchange, Robot Island and Big Bang for bringing their wares for all of us to see, and purchase,  Toy Memories for the one-of-a-kind display items, as well as Tinman, Morbius and Altaria for sharing their toys, Robot Nut for the cool contraband, and finally, Doc Atomic, Robot Hut, Phil R., Electric Robot, Andyman and Kennetzel for their artistic talents...if I missed anyone, I apologize but it's due to my Old-timer's disease. :blush:


The room sales were full of really cool toys!


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As was the "garage" sale.


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The dinners were great; the food and the company.


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However, since this post is coming a bit late, and many of you have already put up your photos, instead of repeating what has been covered, I thought I'd offer a rare glimpse of the inner working of the Alphadrome secret society, and their late nite ritual meetings! :eeek:


All gathered out behind the Blackhorse Inn, at the pavilion late Saturday night for a mystical candlelight ritual (yeah, we couldn't find the light switch). The members arrived and lit the candles before drinking the ceremonial beverages.


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The grill altar was decorated with the sacred shovel and cigar....


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So, you thought it was the Illuminati that runs the world eh? No, it is the Alphadrome high court!! :lecture:


Bring on the ceremonial beverages!! :cheers:


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Wait...our Grand Wizard speaks!!! :ohmy:


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...Grand Wizard, we await your words of wisdom! :ohmy:


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Ummm...Grand Wizard...? :scratchhead:


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Oh, never mind. :blush:


:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: