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The Wyandotte Hydro Jet Pistol

20 April 2014 - 06:12 PM

I know I haven't been exactly "active" here on Alphadrome lately...more like an opinionated lurker, I suppose. Mostly it is because I've had nothing exciting to write about; but now I do.


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I have been searching for a Hydro Jet water pistol for many years, although not exactly rare, they are uncommon. I recently purchased this one off "The Bay", and it is in fantastic condition.


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These were produced by Wyandotte in the late 50's, and its a very unusual design.


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Cast in a beautiful ruby red transparent plastic, it is fairly small; only 4.5 inches long. It has the prerequisite brass nozzle of the period, and the designers gave it a very industrial look with rows of deep vanes molded into the sides and under the barrel tip. However, other than a somewhat abstract comet design on the grips, there is little that says ray gun about it.


Its a lot of power packed into this tiny weapon that now has a special place in my collection.

The Official Souvenier of Botstock 11

19 April 2014 - 08:24 PM

A few weeks ago there was a post on the wax robots produced in Mold-A-Rama machines. Well, I fell in love with this figure and contacted the online site that owns one of these machines, in an effort to see if I could get one of the Space Robot figures produced. Then, a thought came to me; why just keep this to myself, I bet all the Alphadromers would want one of these. So, I made arrangements with the proprietor to create a one-time run of 30 Space Robot figures just for Botstock.


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It will be a run of black figures made from the original mold.


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The cost to produce these is $5 each...so, I am going to offer them to all of you at cost, of course, so everyone can have their own lasting memento of this year's event. Now, with that having been said, I am also trying to get a run in red as well, possibly 15, as they are a bit more expensive at $10 each, however, I am trying to get the cost of the red ones down, more to come on that later. So, there you have it...well, not yet you don't, you'll need to attend Botstock to get one! :biggrin:

Tomi Gun Electro-Klik box

27 March 2014 - 08:51 PM

I was just trolling my favorite online auction website and noticed this item... :ohmy:


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I cannot recall ever having seen a box for the Tomi Gun. :scratchhead:  So...here it is. :biggrin: It's only the shell, as the end flaps are missing, but for something this uncommon, it still might be worth having in a collection.

Ray Gun Art

09 March 2014 - 10:18 PM

Yes, yes, I know we already have a section for art, but I honestly felt this would be appreciated more here, by the gun enthusiasts. :blush:  I stumbled upon this painting of a google-eyed boy and his favorite space guns...one of which seems to work far better than the manufacturer intended (must be fresh batteries). The title of this charming slice of life is "You'll never make sense of Arnie", painted by artist Joe Scarano.


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The kid obviously has good taste in weapons, he's brandishing a blue Tommy-Ray rifle, and for backup, he has a pistol hanging from his side...the neighborhood is safe with this kid around...or are they? :eeek:

Pistola Lanzacohetes...Space toy or Police Gun?

31 December 2013 - 10:07 PM

Yes indeed, this very plain, unassuming Italian toy gun has a double life, and I'm about to tell you why. :lecture:


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The name means "rocket launcher gun", the shape of the gun is smooth and without any real style, with the exception of an enigmatic design on the grips.


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If you look at it one way...it could be the Sputnik sending out a signal into space, or...it could be a lightening bolt leading to a bullet hole! :ohmy:


But how can you be sure? Well, it depends on which side of the box you are looking at. :scratchhead:


Obviously, the makers of this gun wanted to ride the wave of space toys, without alienating their loyal cops and robbers customers, this covers all the bases.


One one side of the box is a somewhat "Fred Flintstone-ish" astronaut stepping out on a foreign world ready for action.


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However, if you flip the box over, you get a gaslight crime fighting design, complete with a police helmet and whistle, and the lamp outside the station.


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Hmmm...I wonder if the strategy worked? :blush: