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In Topic: Surprise On Tv!

30 October 2014 - 11:18 AM

I can't recall that one Fineas, I'll "Youtube" it later! :biggrin:

In Topic: Probably The Most Rare Spacetoy?

28 October 2014 - 10:51 AM

What a fabulous example, even minus the rockets ( and it's not even worth mentioning the box as we all know that it's almost the stuff of legend ) I'm also excited about the Space Pilots as I still have an example waiting to be (lightly) restored, Marco promised a dome, which is all it needs....it then may be for sale!



In Topic: Smithhousetoys Auction 82

13 October 2014 - 11:33 AM



Am I missing something here? $19,000 for the Ice Cream Vendor??? :scratchhead:

In Topic: Robot Coffee Table?

28 September 2014 - 11:44 PM

Woah!! :eeek:

In Topic: Smithhousetoys Auction 82

27 September 2014 - 02:48 AM

Thanks for the link Marco, here's a new one on me?