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Today, 05:29 PM

I also have been on hiatus. My wife and daughter lived away for 4 months while she went to school so half the income with 2X the expenses was not conducive to collecting. Next, my robot collection has gotten far to large and I am laboring to reduce it mostly by trying to sell off the least desirable pieces through ebay which really isn't a lot of fun. Ebay is not helping as they appear to be doing all they can to piss me off. I pretty much stopped all buying and selling during the summer because I just had too many things going on around the farm to spare time for sitting at a computer. And Now (drum roll please) the main reason I have not been on Alphadrome (this is so stupid I know): I usually like to follow all the posts but when I get behind a couple of days then I need like an hour to "view all new posts" and I need to do it all in one sitting or that option goes away and I miss some posts. If I put it off until I have more time then I need even more time... So I guess I will just have to resign myself to not reading every word that gets said here.

In Topic: Our First Robots

Today, 04:57 PM

Mine was a brown attacking martian. I still vividly remember laying on the floor, eye level with him, staring at the red lights flash in his chest guns. About 10 years ago my brother asked me what the best Christmas present we ever got was and the answer was unanimous: the Mattel Thingmaker (it was a toy that made toys and it doesn't get any better than that). So I acquired several thingmaker sets and made creatures of plastigoop with my kids. I then reminisced of my other toys and the next favorite was the robot and so I bought one of those and discovered that it had variations which had initially confused me as to which one I had owned but shortly became rewarding in that I enjoyed the variations immensely. It has been great fun collecting the toys of my youth as well as the toys I wish I had, then there is the stuff that was just too cool to pass up.

In Topic: Botstock XI...a view from the bridge

03 June 2014 - 03:53 AM


In Topic: Botstock XI: Poster Contest

03 May 2014 - 04:24 PM

Put me down for a couple of this years BS posters. The BS9 poster was approx 16 X 22

In Topic: Wind Up AlphaBot project

03 May 2014 - 04:22 PM

Congrats John! Shame I can't make BSXI as I would have loved to have added this Alphabot to stand next to the cool Rampwalker.
Let me know if there is a 2nd production run!!!
(btw nice box artwork too - Ken)