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Chinese Spacewalk Man Stamped Japan On Ebay

04 October 2014 - 11:11 AM

I saw this robot on ebay advertised as being made in JAPAN.#111477097234.Could be embarrassing if I am wrong but I have never seen one crudely stamped onto the battery door like this one, it should be stamped into the metal. Also the quality and finish etc isn't there.I am 99.9% it's Chinese.It's not as they they are asking much for it but it has a bid on it. No seasoned collector would get fooled but a newbie just might pay too much for it.I sent the seller a message but had no reply yet.

Started Buying Robots...again!

03 October 2014 - 01:23 PM

As is usual with me, I go mad on buying for a while then sell them some time  later, regret selling and start again! A habit I wish I could stop! Never seems to be enough £'s to go around, so many nice bass guitars to buy, bills to pay and my family expect to be fed, I know,its outrageous!

Anyway, I bought these few pieces over the last month, I cant resist a bargain. The paddle wheel was just £20 sterling,it looked like the feet were damaged but it took a few mins to fix it. Then the little plastic ray robot, mint with a fair box,just £9.99 inc post! The R1 which is mint boxed was £11, another bargain I thought. Then the TTT Thunder  I got for £50,has to be good? The plastic Space Monster was also £20, did not work properley, it does now. The sparky robots  I had to pay a bit of duty on but I am pleased with them,I like sparky's. The winky was the most money but still a good buy I think.Damn it, I had 2 a while back and sold them!! Can someone drop me a line occasionally and remind me to keep my robots? Anyway, not everyones cup of tea but each to their own I say.


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Sparky Has Cosmetic Surgery!

26 September 2014 - 04:34 PM

I have a spare repro sparky so decided to give him a new look. Eyes from the wind up smoking spaceman and the nose and mouth I sawed out from the original sparky face mask followed by a polish.Boy does it take some polishing.I quite like it if  I say so myself. I always remember when henk looked at a robot I had altered years back and him saying "minimal effort but maximum result"!  It's something to do eh! I am sure my wife could find me more worthwhile jobs to do.He still needs a bit more polishing,I need to buy more pendant mops, its really hard to get in to polish around the mouth.
Whoops,Brian,can you move this to customised robots when you can,sorry!
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Sparky Has Had A Hard Life!

20 September 2014 - 06:42 PM

I felt sorry for this sparky, bottom left and decided to buy him and give him a home.He needs an arm,ears and the poor blighter has had his eyes gouged out,or maybe put in was the previous owners intention? Also check out the Tucher & Walther robot, T 239 Roboter made in Germany,obviously. Its a real weird piece,I would like it better without the umbrella and I think he needs some trousers!! :ohmy:  Limited to 1000 pieces,thank god I hear you say! I also really like the Astro and TV spaceman,nice little pieces, Just adding one photo first incase they are too large.


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Palaprin advertising robot/statue

28 April 2014 - 11:02 AM

Nothing too exciting but I just found this whilst sorting out some boxes. I have had it for a while but had forgotten about it. Apparently 'PALAPIN' is an anti inflammatory medicine. Has anyone one else other robots or things like this that promote a product? Straight away the ARM with CWS on it springs to mind for one. I have to say that this is quite nicely made.


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