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In Topic: Is this piston pug robby 100%?

Today, 08:52 AM

HaHa piston action..



In Topic: Is this piston pug robby 100%?

Today, 08:39 AM

The body is right.I just looked at photo of the underside of a repro pug and its different.Maybe your theory is correct Morbius!

In Topic: Sparkling Mike numbering

Today, 06:06 AM

Doh! I haven't seen the box for the robot with no number for a few years,it's packed away.That box won't be marked schylling then? I'll have to find it now!


I just found a post I done in June 07 when my sparkling mike repros came out,.The boxes are marked schylling and the robot with no number is from then,June 07. Maybe it got missed or they didn't start numbering them until later? Dunno!

In Topic: Over The TOP-olino

15 April 2014 - 08:13 PM

Congrats oz, a nice robot!

In Topic: RARE 'W' ROBOT Noguchi

15 April 2014 - 08:49 AM

If you look at the lithography rivets at the bottom and line them up on each version,then they look the same size to me.At first it looks like the Lego version is smaller but as you look closer it seems to be a little wider at the back than at the front.