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Toysmith Retro Spaceships (4)

22 September 2011 - 12:52 AM

I found a great little set of 4 individually carded plastic retro spaceships at Boo Radley's today, but you can also order them from Amazon.com:


I'm posting this from my phone, so If anyone can grab and upload the photos here, that would be greatly appreciated.

Take a catalog of your collection with you!

11 September 2011 - 11:20 PM

As some of you know, I am an obsessive collector of many things, including Vintage Tin Toys, Foreign Paper Money, Mineral Specimens, Movie Memorabilia, Pop Culture Collectibles, Diecast Cars, Comic Books, LEGO Minifigures, and more.
So, when I got my iPhone last month, one of the first apps I went looking for was one that would enable me to carry a photo and description of everything in my many collections for quick reference, show-and-tell, and insurance claims in the event of theft/fire/flood or whatever. "iCollectStuff" is EXACTLY what I was looking for; it has a clean, classy interface, is customizable to my specific needs, has a search cabability, handles multiple collections simultaneously, includes a free-form notes field for each item, and it's worth four or five times the 99 cent asking price!


Here's the developer's description of his application, taken from the site linked above:

***** Introductory Price! *****
In celebration of the launch of iCollectStuff, you can grab iCollectStuff for just 99 cents! Download fast, because the sale is for a limited time!

iCollectStuff allows you to catalog up to 10 collections. These collections have no limit to how many items you can add. You can even customize the look of each collection with a different color theme. Each collection has 5 fields that you can customize to be whatever you want. Whether itís where you found your item, how much you paid for it, a date, color, grade, or condition. You name it. With iColletStuff, you can customize each collection to fit your needs. You can also add an image from your Library, and take one with your camera.

You can search within any of your collections, or flag an item as a favorite that you can then view in the "Favorites View".

So, whether itís baseball cards, rocks, poker chips, thimbles, spoons, antiques, vintage gear, comic books, or whatever, Iím sure youíll find that iCollectStuff is a great way to catalog your collection.

Marauding Robots And An Alien Autopsy!

02 September 2011 - 04:45 AM

The Benjamin-Benjamin Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon is doing
an art show (Sept. 1-14) featuring work inspired by video games,
and the artist line-up includes Eric Joyner (robots and donuts!),
and my friend John Padlo- who did this magnificent painting:

Attached File  robots.jpg   113.1K   119 downloads

I also picked up this "Alien Autopsy" print by Chris Rowson:

Attached File  Alien Autopsy.jpg   119.96K   31 downloads

Is this stuff cool, or what?!