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In Topic: Czech Rocket "Luna"

31 March 2012 - 08:31 AM

Welcome, Arturo. Than ship turns up occasionally on Ebay. We don't have much information on these Soviet era pieces and we could do with an expert to help out.  The Luna is marked CSSR, and that's Czechoslovakia. It was probably simply made for the Czechs, why wouldn't they target the home market? It's probaby 1960-70s.  As for price, condition is all important (unless it's a Robot 5) . Your version is unboxed, a little worn and missing a piece, so I can't see it fetching too much. These Eastern European toys are an acquired taste. The Luna is probably one of the better efforts. With the exception of some robots I find their space toys devoid of charm but there are plenty here who like them. De gustibus ......

Many thanks for the info. Perhaps then it will become a taste I acquire; after all, the Czech Republic is just across the border ....