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Bergdorf Goodman Window Displays - Robots, Of Course

17 September 2014 - 06:02 PM


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More here:


and here:



1959 - Space Cannon, Space Bagatelle Target Game, Moon Shot Bell Targe

31 August 2014 - 06:19 AM


As seen in this 1959 Santa's Wonderland catalog:

Attached File  1959 santa's w date.jpg   3.6K   2 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's wonderland cat cov.jpg   12.73K   7 downloadsAttached File  1959 santa's w int target.jpg   14.24K   8 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's w int two page.jpg   30.39K   10 downloads

Space Bagatelle Target Game by Park Plastics:

Attached File  1959 santa's bagatelle cu.jpg   12.28K   11 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's bagatelle desc.jpg   5.82K   8 downloads

Salvo Rockets and Moon Shot Bell Target Game, both by Park Plastics (with a better image of their logo):

Attached File  1959 santa's salvo moonshot.jpg   17.76K   6 downloadsAttached File  park plastics logo 2.jpg   10.7K   4 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's salvo moonshot desc.jpg   14.49K   4 downloads

Count Down Rocket Launcher by Nylint:

Attached File  1959 santa's countdown.jpg   18.17K   6 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's countdown desc.jpg   6.74K   7 downloads

Rockets To The Moon by Wolverine and Space Cannon by Knickerbocker Plastics:

Attached File  1959 santa's rocket to the moon and.jpg   38.5K   7 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's rocket desc.jpg   5.5K   6 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's space cannon.jpg   7.5K   2 downloads

NEW to the Timeline are the Space Bagatelle Target Game, Moon Shot Bell Target Game and Space Cannon.

Here's the completed auction listing:


Thunderbird Special 100 Shot Multi-Directional Water Pistol

30 August 2014 - 07:34 PM


Attached File  thunderbirds water pistol.jpg   32.58K   6 downloads

This packaging photo from the Database:
Attached File  THUNDERBIRDS_WATER_PISTOL_-_ROSENTHAL.jpg   42.99K   3 downloads

And Phil R's Hong Kong copy, the Rota-Matic Special:

Attached File  rota-matic.jpg   7.21K   2 downloads

as seen in this thread:

http://danefield.com...rds +water +gun


Recognize This?

29 August 2014 - 07:50 PM


I found this one inch tall lapel pin a few weeks ago. Anyone know what it is?

Does the "QE" refer to Queen Elizabeth? Might it have something to do with the Medical Clinic?

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Space Cannon By Knickerbocker Plastics

27 August 2014 - 04:00 PM


1959 Space Cannon by Knickerbocker Plastics.

Attached File  1959 space cannon cu.jpg   19.75K   5 downloads

Attached File  1959 santa's space cannon.jpg   7.5K   4 downloads

Anyone have it? A picture of the box, perhaps?