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In Topic: Martian Bloon Gun!

Yesterday, 07:47 AM

Yeah, and there's a tin gun on the cover of Ray Gun -- but I don't see people clamoring for it. I agree that there's SOME cache from being on the cover but I don't think it plays that much of a roll. (A reverse example: the pyro isn't on any covers and it still brings huge money.)


Yesterday, 03:39 AM

Beautiful toy. I love that it still has that old price tag!

In Topic: Horikawa Piston Robot Factory Prototypes

Yesterday, 03:38 AM

Oh yeah, definitely unique. And in this case, nice looking, too. I just quibble with their being called prototypes. Not disagreeing with anything else.

In Topic: Martian Bloon Gun!

Yesterday, 02:38 AM

You've got a good point, Fin -- the economy vs desirability. The reality of being able to shell out. Clearly no one's grabbed this baby yet, and as you say, it might not be for lack of wanting.

But then again, we know the big spenders are out there. No less than FOUR Renwal Planet Jets (well, three plus a British Cracker Jet) have sold for crazy, crazy prices in the last few months. More than one person's tossing cash around.

I also know there are a number of really high end collectors out there who could drop this kind of money if they wanted to -- but I bet they already have one. I'm NOT a big spender and I've already got two, so I'm sure those really big sharks have theirs, too!

This is really fascinating. Those Renwals were snatched up like THAT. This is as rare a gun -- maybe rarer? -- and it's just sitting there. Pricey but not insanely so. Bit of a head scratcher.

In Topic: Horikawa Piston Robot Factory Prototypes

Yesterday, 02:31 AM

Yeah, every time I see one of these things listed as a prototype I cringe. Prototype of WHAT? Not something that ever went into production. So... Unproduced prototype? That'd be a fair assumption since of course prototypes for toys that never made it to market exist.

But these robots were made to be sold. So they're not prototypes, they're production pieces. Limited edition, sure. But let's not try to make them into something they're not.

Prototypes are important because they're part of the process -- not because they're rare, or they're variations, or anything like that. They're steps in a journey that ultimately leads to the toys we love; they provide insight into the toy making process; they give us history and context and further increase our understanding of these toys. Some of them -- sculpts, models, hand-made pieces -- are literally works of art.

Yeah, it's fun that they're rare -- no doubt about it. But that's not what really makes them so cool. The companies that put these things out and call them prototypes, they don't understand any of that. They're just looking for an easy marketing angle.

Sorry! Couldn't help the little rant! Just ignore me, I'm being crotchety! ;)