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In Topic: Oddities from the vault

23 July 2014 - 08:25 PM

These are the only pics i have from the Gold Star spaceship:

In Topic: Alps Mr. Robot Vs Strenco St-1 Round 2

23 July 2014 - 08:17 PM

:biggrin: My only hope is, that JOE would be able to find the Mechanical Brain catalog add of 52/53  very soon, JOHN!

In Topic: Nando il robot telecomando pneumatic robot from the 1950's

23 July 2014 - 04:04 PM

Fantastic work on the NANDO, JOHN! Great movie and thank you so much for sharing!

In Topic: Alps Mr. Robot Vs Strenco St-1 Round 2

23 July 2014 - 01:43 PM

What is your assumtion, BRIAN. Why did the ST1 have these ugly ball hands? Because the designers have been blind? Or because we don't have bulbs in Germany?

(Please remember - the CART was first! Earlier then ST1 and Mechanical Brain! It was already sold as EXPRESS CART from the former Streng & Co Company HÖRNDLEIN!)


And if you are correct, let us say the Mechanical Brain was first, what was the Intention of bulbs instead of hands?? The ST1 has its "ugly" ball hands for pushing the cart. But bulbs instead of hands - sorry that's complete nonsense to me. Very nice...I also love the Mechanical Brain robot... but bulbs instead of hands, I can't find any reason for that.


And please, have also a look at his arms BRIAN. The arms of the ST1  also look very poor. There is no reason, why the arms had been formed in this shape, in one part with the Body, no other reason, than to push something like a cart... What a coincidence, if STRENG found the Mechanical Brain one day, with that poor arms and hands, but everything was already best designed to push the cart, he already had. Only thing was, to screw out the bulbs... Sorry Brian, this Body was designed to push something and Zoomers and Mech. Brain are the copies of that shape. ( + later on also the KO High Wheel Robots).


Also try to answer KLAUS question. If you want to close a battery door and give the batteries enough contact, just use a spring. A flat spring above the head - done! Why do they use a spring in shape of a coil? To give the robot ... hair?


My assumption is that the coil shape has had no function. The coil + antenna was only designed to give the Imagination of radio control. (Is it the correct word in english.... Funksteuerung?). ..please see the Transmitter coils, I posted above...


The only function could have been to cover the sharp edges on top of the ST1 head (Klaus Theorie). But that makes no sense, if Mech. Brain was first. He has no sharp edges on top of his head... On the other Hand - If the spring coil was only a functional element, designed for the battery compartment of the Mechanical Brain, why did Streng use it for the ST1? There is no battery door above its head - and so there is no need for a spring coil anymore, if you skipped also the complete battery head! Today we see the coil as a design element on many robots - still EMIL has it. Why? Because it had been a functional element on the Alps Robot? Just an element to give the batteries inside his head a better contact? The anwers is NO, and that brings us back to my assumption. Thank you!


Next Point is the "closed chest window" on the Mechanical Brian. For what was this designed? Did the japanese maker knew, before they knew of the existance of ST1, that the Mechanical Brain would be copied by the Germans later and they would need a window in the stripe to place a flintstone inside the chest? ...hmmm... Or have they constructed a robot with a batterie compartment head, to place a flintstone in his chest - later ...hmmm... Or did the Japanese built the ST1 first, donate it to Germany and then they create Mechanical Brain as a second try... I don't get it!


And for your pleasure. Have you seen, that the ST1 constructors had have problems with the walking mechanism in 1954. The legs did not cover the Walking feet mechanism completly, and the prototypes show an extra "wing" down the legs from behind. These problems had been resolved in 1955. If the ST1 is only the copy from the Mech. Brain, why having these problems, if the Robot with its walking mechanism was already constructed / finished before...?

In Topic: Alps Mr. Robot Vs Strenco St-1 Round 2

23 July 2014 - 07:12 AM

Right Klaus! ... and if you make the ask like this, the only possible conclusion is: The Mechanical Brain is a design copy of the ST1. Quod erat demonstrandum!