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Joe K.

1972 - Busy Cart Robot By Horikawa

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Guest Brian

Yes, Joe, time to do some updating. I'll do the honours this week. Thanks to all of you who have been keeping their eyes on the sources.

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Harldy to see but this is definitively the Horikawa Busy Cart Robot.

I do not know if we have dated him already.


This Eaton Christmas catalog is from 1972


So finally not a toy from 50s or 60s.


But there are several versions of the Busy cart: Long feet and short with or without Lithos on legs, two different helmets, and a japanses version with japanese letters on the helmet.


This one seems to be the short feet version. Joe you have sharp eyes (or magnifying glasses ?)


Here is the Link and the picture#





I wish they would all show the offered catalogs with robots and space toys like this....




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Joe K.

This 1972 Eaton's Christmas catalog has finally come 'round again:

1972 eaton's cat date 2.JPG

1972 eaton's cat cov.jpg1972 eaton's cat int.jpg

1972 busy cart robot.jpg1972 eaton's cat int desc.jpgBUSY_CART_ROBOT_horikawa.jpg

This time the image is clear enough to determine that it is the version, as described in the Database listing,

with "a plain hat with a wider brim", "a plain leg" with "short foot", and plastic cart.

busy cart robot db.jpg

Now, to find the other variations!



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