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Metalrobotheads Selection

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9 hours ago, Ultrarobotman said:

Long time between posts, great collection, a few hard-to-get horikawas. Is that display case illuminated?


8 hours ago, Martian Gil said:

Dynamite group - the cabinet looks fantastic! 

 Thanks guys, cabinet is illuminated doesn't show too well in photo, here are some closer shots of the shelves. I will be buying another cabinet to house some of currently stored away robots in their boxes due to work going on in the house. 

3-new ikea 007.JPG

1-new ikea 002.JPG

1-new ikea 005.JPG

2-new ikea 006.JPG

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Now you're talking.

With the cabinets illuminated the collection looks brilliant.

I like the way these days with  led's it all stays cool.

No chance of frying a cherished robot.:eeek:


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