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Tobor On Captain Video Tv Show 1949 To 1955

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Tobor on captin video

Captain Video

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The Video Ranger and Captain Video in space suits at

the controls of the X-9Captain Video and His Video

Rangers was an American science fiction television

series. It was broadcast on the DuMont Television

Network, and was the first series of its kind on

American television. It aired between June 27, 1949

and April 1, 1955.


"Tobor" the robot was an important character on the

program, and represents the first appearance of a

robot in televised science fiction.

So do any of you guys have the shows with TOBOR in them? They would have to be the last two years of the show 1954 and 1955 since TOBOT the GREAT was not released until 1954.

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It's not the same "TOBOR" and it's older.

Week of November 2, 1953 "I, Tobor"

A little girl is determined to wipe out the Rangers.

Week of November 9, 1953 "I, Tobor"

Captain Video and the Rangers continue to face the machinations of a beastly girl and the eight foot tall robot she controls. (Dave Ballard, professionally tall, plays Tobor the Giant Robot. Former child star Dickie Moore is Ranger Hillary.)

Week of November 16, 1953 "I, Tobor" continues

Week of November 23, 1953 "I, Tobor" continues

Week of November 30, 1953 "I, Tobor" continues

Week of December 7, 1953 ""I, Tobor" continues

The names of the conspirators in a plot to attain world power are made known.


Week of December 6, 1954 "The Return of Tobor" by Carey Wilbur


We learn that on a secret asteroid, Captain Video's most formidable enemy, Tobor, is about to be revived with dire consequences. and/or Captain Video pieces together the wrecked robot (played by 7 foot 6 inch actor Dave Ballard).


Captain Video gains knowledge of a catastrophe that will cause the inner planets to fall into the sun.and/or Captain Video controls Tobor with a super-sonic thinking ca


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Interesting! I have ordered some of the TV shows from two dealers on Ebay in the hopes they have the robot on them and also the 15 serial movie version of the TV show also made in the 1950's in the hopes it might have the robot or robots in them. Will keep you posted as to what I find out, if anything.

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Is there a way to get a better picture of that Robot?

Maybe one with a full front view, although anything would help to clearly see it.

I like these old movie style robots, you just don't get to see enough of them!

I would like to try and scratch build them if I have enough pictures of them as well.

Any help here would be appreciated.

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If there are robots in the shows that I have ordered then I will be able to get frame grabs . So once the shows get here I will know more. Maybe next week. But they did not have video recorders like we do now days you know back in 1949 to 1955 and this was a live TV show on 5 days a week, not shot to film! so the quality will be poor most likely.

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OK I got the Movie serial Master of the Stratosphere that was based on the Captain Video TV show. The move has the old cardboard robots from the 1935 serial The Phaton Empire, the robots are called ROBOTS. They kept the name TOBOR in the serial but it is now used to discribe a scientist Dr. TOBOR. Still waiting for the TV version of Captain video there were Kinescopes of the TV show until the late 1950's when in a cost saveing m,ove they dumped them all in the New York Harbor. It is said that fewer than 3 dozzen of the TV episodes survived so here is hopeing that sone or one of then will show the robot from the TV show. I do know that the RObot TOBOR in Captain video TV show was played by 7 foot 6 inch Dave Ballard.







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