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Moldex spaceman

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I recently acquired some more Moldex spacemen to round out my collection.


So in the hard plastic I have various figures with the rarest being the robots. I have two robots including a blue one which I didn't find until I was putting everything back. I also have two rows of gold figures because the goods are two different shades.


In the soft figures the robots are better represented but I only have a complete set in the lighter green. There's a second row of green as they're a darker green.


Last but not least I now appear to have 10 figures that are duplicates (9 soft plastic, 1 hard plastic) which I now have to decide do I hold onto them or sell them.





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Nice stuff! :thumbs:  

Are you interested in trading the figures you have double?



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I'm thinking about letting the doubles go. One thing you might be interested in, is there are 7 Moldex spaceman up for auction on EBAY.

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