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This is not at all related to robots, but as many of us have broader interests, I thought I'd share some good news. 


As some of you might recall, I write stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres (i.e. speculative fiction). Over the past seven years (still a newbie), I've had two novels and about a dozen short stories published with more on the way. A few of you who have attended Botstock have purchased my books (and I thank you for your support!). Despite a number of interruptions, disruptions, eruptions, and other -uptions in my writing life this year, I do have a few exciting announcements. 


Firstly, Maryland-based Firebringer Press has accepted my paranormal mystery novella, Like Mother, Like Daughters, which continues the adventures of psychic-medium single mom Miranda Lorensen from my first two novels (also published by Firebringer). The new novella is slated for release next year. We're still tweaking the cover, but I attached it here just for show and tell. Since it's a short novel, it will be paired up with a vampire novella by longtime friend and fellow writer, Steven H. Wilson, owner of Firebringer Press. The book will be formatted in the style of the old ACE double novels of the 1950's -1970's You read one story, then flip the book over to read the other one. I know many of you are familiar with those and I love the idea.  


Secondly, Delaware-based Written Remains Writers Guild and Smart Rhino Publications have just accepted my paranormal thriller story, "Bottom of the Hour" for their 2018 anthology, A Plague of Shadows. This was a major victory for me as some of the other writers in this collection include Edgar Allan Poe award winner Graham Masterson and Edgar Allan Poe and Bram Stoker nominee Billie Sue Mosiman. In the past, Smart Rhino has also published such multiple award-winning veterans as William F. Nolan (co-author of Logan's Run and about 2,000 other stories, essays, articles, etc.).  It's an honor to be in such excellent company.


Lastly, I have two free short stories that are available online right now. You can click on the titles below to read them:


"So Hungry..."  took Honorable Mention in a writing contest in Bethlehem, PA back in May. When a married couple hikes up Starvation Peak near Las Vegas, New Mexico, they encounter a jarring phenomenon, one that just might be related to legends of cannibalism from the days of the early settlers.


"The Celestials" is a free story posted on my own website. The death of a reclusive fiction writer in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware attracts some bizarre "characters."


That's it. Thanks for letting me share. Happy Holidays! 

Plague of Shadows small.jpg

Like Mother Like Daughters.jpg

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Wonderful new to hear about your mystery novella Like Mother, Like Daughters and great to hear how well you are doing with your stories!!

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