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Henk Gosses Twitch

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I am restoring an art/robot piece made by Henk Gosses , i think from around 1995 for his family .
The wire chassis measures 0.50x0.50x0.50 m , or around 2x2x2 feet , it is hard-soldered together .
In the center a rubber black painted mask is suspended by springs and connected by wires via
pulleys to a row of 8 electro-magnets , these are controlled with 8-fold camshaft switch .
The camshaft runs continuously with an electromotor making a random crackling switch sound .
Sofar nothing else happens , but when you make a hard noise , the electronic handclap switch
energizes the camshaft switch and the electro-magnets start pulling the wires , in a semi-random
pattern , twitching the rubber mask with a lots of sound from the clicking magnets reverberating
throughout the wire frame .
It is almost a scary experience for the unsuspecting onlooker , so a real Henk Gosses trademark !!!
On the website of Henk there are more pictures of another Twitch version , so i think he made at
least 2 Twitches .  http://www.danefield.com/alpha/misc/sfx/robots.html
I have also another wire mounted rubber mask piece to restore , but this one rotates the face , but
this one i still have to research how it (should ) work .







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