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For Sale: Fully-functioning GOLD Horikawa ATTACKING MARTIAN

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My fully-functioning and rare GOLD version of Horikawa's ATTACKING MARTIAN robot will be appearing on eBay later this week.


Originality and provenance is guaranteed, as this was bought for me as a birthday present in the late 1960s.


It is Horikawa's rarest Dark Metallic GOLD version with the more collectable non-tapering arms, as well as having the preferred translucent green on/off switch and has the better brass pinion gear.  


This robot has just been expertly serviced: internal inspection, lubrication (using specialist model lubricants), as well as receiving a tune up; so should perform well for the foreseeable future. You may notice that its front tabs are still open as the photograph was taken during servicing. All functions are working: head swivels (manual positioning) and he marches to the attack with arms and legs swinging in unison (arm swinging often being the first casualty on these robots). The robot then stops, its chest doors fly open and the chest cannons mechanism shoots forward with an incredibly load sound of cannon fire and flashing red lights from the two cannons. After the target is destroyed, the robot retracts its cannons, closes its doors, and commences marching on to its next target. All incredibly noisy and fun!


Externally, the robot's condition is very good -- being conservative, I'd say an 8/10 -- although there are some blemishes that I'll fully describe in the eBay listing. Mostly, these are very small/minor paint chips, and the ubiquitous corrosion and surface rust in the chrome plating. I've not attempted cleaning or polishing, as collectors have their own opinions on how to do this.


Anyhow, if this is the Horikawa robot you're looking for, please watch eBay later this week.


Thank you - Rick (Gatethorn)



attacking martian.jpg

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This toy sells for around $375 loose . Wth a Mint Box you can get $650 .

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Horikawa 'Attacking Martian' (Gold)


(previously offered as "or Best Offer")


New eBay # 112645686551.


Auction Commenced 17th November.

Probably your last chance to grab this robot before someone snaffles it...

Auction Ends at 20:11 HRS (GMT) on Friday 24th November 2017.


Full detailed description on eBay listing, plus, please check out the 2 videos on youtube.


[ Jonydroid's post about his interesting Horikawa "Gear Robot" appears to be a posting glitch. Not sure whether he's wanting to sell. Whatever's happening, it's great to see another nice Horikawa robot! ]


Hopefully, my rare Attacking Martian is what someone's looking for to complete their collection. Also hope you like the following rather dramatic photograph of him, taken on Friday 17th (feel free to download if you'd like a copy). 


Thank you for looking - Rick (gatethorn)




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