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Daleks & Monsters of Dr Who

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Up next the Colony Sarff who was a servant loyal to Davros comprised of one large and many small snake-like creatures. By working in unison, the snakes were able to mimic a single humanoid individual. However, each snake could act independently and the colony made decisions as a democracy.



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We now come to The Foretold who looks like an ancient, terrifying mummy - the kind of creature that has featured in scary stories and creaky horror movies for generations… But facts about the bandaged terror were scarce as the only ones who could see it were its victims, and a sighting of the creature meant only one thing for the witness: death!


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We now come to The Robot Knight!



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Another really bad monster who loved body parts!


The Half-Face Man was a Clockwork Droid assigned to the SS Marie Antoinette sometime in the 51st century with the mission of finding a fabled realm of paradise. At one point, the ship crashed on Earth in prehistoric times and remained stuck on the planet for millions of years. For aeons afterward, lacking the proper technology to keep itself pristine, it stole replacement parts from the environment around it, some of which were taken forcefully from living creatures.

Eventually, it had added such a large mixture of biological parts into itself with its machine components that its appearance was half-man, half-machine. Consequently, it gained vestiges of emotion and personality, letting it recognise that it was committing murder and working towards fulfilling an empty goal.



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The evil Hydroflax  who was a merciless conqueror and pillager whose subjects included the people of Mendorax Dellora and the Shoal of the Winter Harmony. He was infamous as "the Butcher of the Bone Meadows", who ate his enemies after battle, alive or dead. He consisted of a cybernetic head and a massive robot body with an autonomous computer. His bodyguards were warrior monks genetically engineered with anger issues and armed with sentient laser swords.



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Here come The Mire who are one of the deadliest warrior races in the galaxy – a terrifying and technologically advanced army that is feared throughout the cosmos!

Fact title

Home Planet:


The Mire augment their abilities with stolen technology from every race they conquer. They are heavily armoured with tech such as plasma cannons, holographic heads up displays and scanners, most of which is crammed into their helmets...

But tech isn’t the only thing they steal from their conquests - by extracting testosterone, adrenaline, and other powerful human hormones from the Vikings, the Mire create ‘nectar’ (or ‘warrior juice’ as Clara calls it) which they carry in clear vials on their helmets and consume at high points of battle. Their helmets are therefore their biggest strength, and their biggest weakness.

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Up next The Fisher King who was an alien warlord who conquered Tivoli in the 20th century and ruled the planet for ten years until the planet was liberated by the Arcateenians.

He apparently died and his body was transported to Earth in 1980 in a hearse by the Tivolian funeral director Albar Prentis. However, he was still alive and planned for his people to recover him by turning people into ghosts transmitting coordinates to Earth and then waiting inside a stasis chamber.


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Far in the future come the Emojibots who when human technology has become super advanced and humans are living in small colonies on distant planets, it's no surprise that they have built artificially intelligent robots to do their work for them and keep everyone happy. And how do humans communicate with them? What aspects of human language might have survived over thousands of years? That's right, emoji!

These charming little droids are the user-friendly interface between humans and the Vardy: the flocking robots out of which the entire city of Erehwon is built. But don’t be fooled by their smiley badges and their thumbs-up icon 👍. These Emojibots might seem sweet, serving up delicious blue cubes of jelly and making sure your every need is attended to 🍴. They even give you a hug if you're feeling sad…. Oh, wait.

The Emojibots have been designed by humans to keep the colonists happy – interacting by Emoji badges on the backs of all colonists, so they can keep an eye on everyone's mood. But something has gone wrong. Very wrong. When grief struck Erehwon and the Emojibots were unable to compute the alien emotion, they did the kindest thing they could. They just switched the humans off 😢.

Before a peaceful understanding was reached, the colonists were forced to keep smiling, no matter what, otherwise these cute robot minions would turn them into skulls! 💀 💀 💀




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The 12th Doctor brings the monster Cybermen back again from the beginning with the return of the Cybermen in their original design for the first time since they were introduced in 1966 and their first formal appearance since Death in Heaven. The episode depicted a fourth alternative account of the genesis of the Mondasian Cybermen.



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As they evolved.

Mondasian Cybermen

There are many different forms of Cybermen. Wherever there are people – Earth, Telos, Planet Fourteen – the Cybermen always get started. Wherever humanity is struggling to survive, and the technology exists, becoming a Cyberman is the ultimate upgrade. The pinnacle of human evolution… and the end. The Cybermen were once human, but gradually began to replace their bodies with metal and cybernetic components.


Home Planet:



Cybernetic Human

First Appearance:

The Tenth Planet

Latest Appearance:

The Doctor Falls

Specifically, the Mondasian Cybermen were designed and created by the humans of the planet Mondas, some of which became trapped on a giant colony ship contained within the gravity well of a black hole. Experiments were carried out over a period of years on ‘patients’ at a hospital facility which slowly perfected the process of conversion. The conversion process was clearly very painful, but the head unit worn by completed Cybermen was specially designed to negate this.

You will become like us

Once enough people had been converted into Cybermen, their basic programming demanded that they seek out more humans for upgrading. Children were easier to convert, which is why a small army of Cybermen escaped the lowest levels of the colony ship and began to attack a band of humans that had settled on a solar farm in another part of the vessel. In a direct confrontation with the Doctor, the Cybermen were defeated, the Time Lord using the ship’s power systems as weapons against them. However, no one could be sure that all the Cybermen on the ship had been destroyed permanently.

And of course, wherever else there are humans with the technological capability, the rise of the Cybermen may yet begin again


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The monster Iraxxa of Mars.


The body of an Ice Queen, but the heart and stomach of a fearsome Ice Warrior! Her home planet was Mars she is known as the Ice Warrior!

Thousands of years ago, Iraxxa, Empress of Mars, ordered her hive into hibernation at the peak of a brutal civil war. Her hope was to wake when the war had ended and her planet - and its people - were ready to rebuild. Iraxxa sent loyal warrior ‘Friday’ out as a lone sentry, patrolling the skies to warn of any impending attack on the hive - but all did not go to plan. 'Friday' (and the hive) stayed in stasis much longer than intended and 'Friday's' malfunctioning ship crashed to Earth. By the time 'Friday' managed to return to Mars, the hive had laid buried and forgotten on the surface of a now dead planet, far longer than Iraxxa could ever have anticipated.

Rise, my Ice Warriors! Rise!

When the soldiers uncovered Iraxxa’s sarcophagus, and revived her, she considered the human expedition to be a hostile invasion force, intent on ravaging the resources of her planet. Bound by duty and a strict sense of honour, the intelligent but stubborn Iraxxa refused to accept that the world she had known was dead; the atmosphere had all but evaporated and the surface was lifeless. Instead, she vowed to fight until every human had been wiped out, and then on to reclaim her planet and empire.



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We now have Friday from Mars who is a lone soldier of a forgotten war, 'Friday' is the last of his kind… still awake.


Ice Warrior 'Friday' - so called because he reminded Colonel Godsacre of Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe – was found injured and alone in a crashed spaceship on Earth in the 19th century.

The war… all that we fought for… is less than the dust now.

Having been involved in a brutal civil war on Mars, the Empress Iraxxa ordered her hive into hibernation, waiting for a time that it was safe to emerge from the scars of war to rebuild their proud world. 'Friday' (also in stasis) was sent into space to orbit Mars as a lone sentry, guarding the hive from invasion. But a catastrophe befell 'Friday’s' ship and it plummeted to Earth, to be found by Godsacre in the middle of the South African veldt.

'Friday' needed help to repair his ship and get back to Mars, so he lured Colonel Godsacre and his men, with false promises of great riches on Mars. 'Friday' appears forlorn and devastated by the loss of his people and is subservient to the British soldiers. The Doctor cannot understand why 'Friday', as a proud Ice Warrior, doesn’t resist even the most menial of tasks.

Once on the 'Red Planet', the soldiers dug for rich mineral seams in the rock, even utilising Ice Warrior technology to help, unaware that the only thing they were ever going to find was the entrance to 'Friday’s' hive and his Queen…



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