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Twin rockets

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This is another case of who copied who?


I had the JR 21 Space Rocket with Launcher for quite a while.





Then I noticed this other ship popping up on eBay now and again, so I picked one up.





This other rocket was sold as "made in Poland"; it is a friction drive with wonderful white rubber wheels. The plastic is brittle and breaks easily, most of the examples I've seen had broken, or missing top fins.


The resemblance between the two is more than coincidence. The fins, body and capsule are very similar, as are their size.










So, if I were to guess (and I'm always really bad at this) I would say the Hong Kong toy was made after the Polish version. We all know how prolific Hong Kong was as copying other toy designs.


If anyone has more information on this unmarked rocket, please let me know.









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