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Changing Prince is Alive

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As this project is more or less wrapped up wanted to post print times 

from the Prusa I3 MK2. This is only what I printed which was the bulk of the long 

prints like the body , arrms etc .


Total time on my end was 31 days 6 hours & 42 minutes or 750 hours & 42 minutes 

That was a lot of NOISE in the middle of my house for about 2 months of summer !

This doesn't include what John printed & a Body Marco Printed on a Ultimaker 2 ( which is double the run time on his settings ) 

So safe to say well over 1000 hours total print time 

probably the most 3D print time of any of the limited 3D printed robots we're aware of .

Of course this doesn't include the time john spent tearing down the smokers & rebuilding , programing etc 


Painting also was extremely time consuming between coats & drying 

More or less I could get 2 robot bodies printed & painted in about week +

not including the head 


Body Rear - 25 hours & 16 minutes

Body Front- 18 hours 26 minutes 

Body Braces - 1 hour

Arms- 10 hours 19 minutes

Rear Head - 4 hours 5 minutes

Head - 5 hours 13 minutes


Speaker Grill-

internal rods-

Other Misc parts didn't time 



body front time.jpg


arms time.jpg


face time.jpg


Total Print time.jpg

body back.jpg

body back time.jpg

head time.jpg

head smoothed.jpg



Total Print time.jpg

Total Print time.jpg

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Here is the final Box design 

I am working out the details on printing 

because this is very oversized requires some strategy on construction






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Oz, the arrangement of the box art and the fonts chosen look great! Can't wait to see a finished box.

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