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Joe K.

1979 - Moon Strollers by Tai Fung (Hong Kong)

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As seen in this 1979 Hong Kong Toys catalog:

1979 hkt cat cov 1.JPG 1979 hkt cat int 10 monn strollers.jpg

1979 hkt cat int 10 monn strollers (2).jpg1979 moon strollers.JPG

The ad copy reads:

We are a leading manufacturer of all kinds of toys such as wind up walking MOON STROLLERS with automatic turn around action and rotating radar, pull-back action JET PLANE, wind up EMERGENCY VEHICLE with spinning and sparkling action. 4 styles, FIRE ENGINE, WRECKER TRUCK, RESCUE SQUARE and RADAR CAR. There are free wheel of SUPERMARKET CONTAINER TRUCK and CIRCUS VAN etc.

The above is only part  of our range, for our complete products line, please write for catalogues.

Your specific design is cordially welcome.



Not to be confused with the earlier, harder to find, Japanese versions by Hero Toy:


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Details of the display box







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