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Space Commando Auction - Copy Cards Out There

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A running auction, but there's some doubt about the authenticity of the card. It was sold a few months ago but returned because it was not original.


Space Commando


 I can shed some light on its history. Some years ago I bought an original from a dealer. He freely admitted that he had made some copies and had sold all of them, ten or so,  but he guaranteed mine was kosher.   I won the Ebay auction but it was a copy. Credit to the seller: he was most apologetic, said he'd bought it from a dealer as genuine and gave a no quibble refund. But there's enough wriggle room ("I'm told by others that this is original." ) in this new listing to encourage optimists to bid, and its already at a substantial $120. Fine for a shelf filler with four original figures, but now you know. You pay your money, you take your chance.



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