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Space Safari - Miniflex - Hong Kong -1970

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When Daktari collides with Major Matt Mason you've got Space Safari!

The mission of our proud astronauts is to capture extraterrestrial species for earth zoo. I not sure they are all animals as one of those is dressed. Well, we should forget the moral aspect of their mission.:biggrin:


I recently bought this nice set. The man I bought it from, told me that his mother (nicely)  painted the astronaut. I guess parts of the E.T.either. It's battery operated. Unfortunately, the engine (the block with the spinning antenna) doesn't work.



IMG_0559 (Copier).JPG

IMG_0560 (Copier).JPG

IMG_0558 (Copier).JPG

IMG_0551 (Copier).JPG

IMG_0556 (Copier).JPG

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