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Joe K.

1936 - Buck Rogers Lead Figures by Diller/Britains

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Here is the robot, unfortunatly I cannot post the actual catalog pic as the gremlins of the drome say it is the wrong file. :huh:

I found this in the wayback machine

Photo copyright Christies

Coming up at Christies, London at the end of November, this prototype robot from the Buck Rogers serial. In fact I don't think there was a robot in the series, but Britains, the lead soldier company, made a rare Buck Rogers set that included this figure (complete with long curving arms that are missing on this example). This prototype is evidently a 1930s piece. Unfortunately it never made it into production. Thanks, Paul, for the info.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is a true prototype? Hmmm?

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Fineas J. Whoopie

The robot that Plasticaugie is refering to I believe is in the group in the middle of the page on the right.


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That photo you tried to post is not the lead figure.

It looks too big for that and you can see the body

can probably move back and forth.

It is probably based on the same figure though.

I wonder what the arms looked like ?


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