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Robot kits... Show your best... Educate me.

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Question - how many versions of Big X V-3 did Imai release?   Anyone know, by chance?


Here are two that I have;

The bodies are the same - the dark gray graphite painted V3 (with orange box) came with gearbox, wiring, and pins for walking and arm swinging.

The lighter colored kit is just the body - but is molded the same and could fully function if you could get the hardware.

I did a mix of paints with a flat coating - no decals on the eyes, but I added leds.


At first glance, I thought that the version I have on the right is the same as Tinplate6's from the late '90's, but there are differences.    


Regardless - they are fun kits.  The pin walker really hauls with fresh batts in him!





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MG what can I say except

I love 'em.

You are indeed a very talented model maker/painter.


Let's hope for your wife's sake there are not too many variations.😉 😂 🚀 

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