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Royal Tot Space Cap Bombs.

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Does anyone out there have any good information on Royal Tot Mfg. Co. of Brooklyn?


I've found a couple of cool, little S-4 Space Bombs and I have a few other versions on my way.


I did find a couple threads by Tinman & Renmarx about Royal Tot cap bombs / space rockets - with some great pics - that purple rocket is a gem.


I'm curious if anyone knows dates and how many types were made - I know color varieties will be numerous... I hope!


By Monday, I should have 3 different models - in various colors.   And a couple other mystery bombs.   I'll post some pics when I'm able.

Any info or other pics would be appreciated - these little toys have a great look to them!  They should be great little fillers.


Thanks - Kirk



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Here are two of the Royal Tot cap bombs - for size, referenced with a couple key chain puzzles.

I have a couple more flavors in the mail.


If this should be moved, please feel free.



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I don't know much about them and thought I had other pics for reference...I'll have to keep looking.  Here are a few I have in my collection; the yellowed-white one came on the card with one of it's fins slipped through the slot.  The purple one IS a beauty and still has the hard-to-find plastic tip which probably fell off after it's first use...this one looks like it never took a flight.  I'm not sure why they were called "bombs"...bombs usually don't have spacemen in them.




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Thanks Tinman - I wondered about the Dr. Strangleove-like theme going with these rockets / bombs.  

None of these astronauts bear a resemblance to Slim Pickens though - that would have been a deal breaker - lol.


All 3 bombs that you've shown are in great shape - great looking toys.   And a bit easier on the wallet - nice little chasers!



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